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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/22/20  (358)
Lev Parnas has recordings of Trump directly ordering Ukraine meddling.    01/24/20  (2)
Trumpmos, just remember that you brought all of this on yourselves    01/24/20  (34)
Help my pregnant, black wife get her college transcript from evil state school    01/24/20  (68)
China dumping mounds of dirt to block highways to prevent virus spread    01/24/20  (16)
Corona/Clorox capitalizing on virus scare w "find ur bleach" billboards in Wuhan    01/24/20  (2)
lol Lev Parnas tape recorded Trump instructing staff to fire Ukraine Ambassador    01/24/20  (9)
Goldman to refuse IPOs if all directors are straight, white males    01/24/20  (98)
market down is this beginning of the Great Crash as fortold by Prophet Julia    01/24/20  (2)
Shannon Hoon sang backup on GNR's "Don't Cry" and absolutely killed it    01/24/20  (3)
business idea: issue Certificates of Verified Homosexuality to board members    01/24/20  (4)
Anyone here drink a soylent type product for lunch    01/24/20  (9)
Biden: "I said you're not getting the billion dollars. I'm leaving here in 6 ho    01/24/20  (49)
Best way to make good $$ online?    01/24/20  (1)
Please rate these #hotgirlsforbernie (pics)    01/24/20  (8)
What is value of SAHM in coastal city    01/24/20  (37)
Announcing TWO upcoming cheatmo adventures. Here we go bros. Been a while.    01/24/20  (66)
Trumomos u realize theres no way Trump wins WI/MI/PA again if Bernie is the nom    01/24/20  (11)
libs seem to think that marriage is about living life w ur best friend    01/24/20  (5)
emailed animal shelter abt adopting dog, they just asked for my height and NW    01/24/20  (1)
Skadden building "clean room" in NY office to ensure continuity during Corona    01/24/20  (8)
I have finally perfected my algorithm to dynamically archive all TSINAH poasts    01/24/20  (1)
wuhan moon?    01/24/20  (4)
rate my living room (MPA)    01/24/20  (8)
luis ur boss left me a voicemail. is everything ok?    01/24/20  (2)
China catapulting coronavirus victims over enemy walls    01/24/20  (7)
fuck my ass    01/24/20  (212)
Biden: "I grabbed a chain and said you're not gettin the billion dollars Cornpop    01/24/20  (5)
when are we going to just get rid of the gooks?    01/24/20  (1)
Remember when Adam Schiff said "MORE THAN CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence" of collusion?    01/24/20  (8)
did anyone read the hotelconcierge blog    01/24/20  (9)
The monikers here are the best on the Internet    01/24/20  (10)
Chinese shrew cheats virus screening to eat at French restaurant    01/24/20  (28)
"my weakness? well, my sluggish cognitive tempo" *interviewer sips coffee*    01/24/20  (33)
2019 Law Firm Financials    01/24/20  (2)
So did Tim Tebow finally get laid?    01/24/20  (15)
Why yes, I did go to an AboveTheLaw.com Top 10 Law School.    01/24/20  (1)
BIGLAWYERS: at what level of mass death from wuhan virus would you abandon post?    01/24/20  (1)
SCHOLAR claims IQ GAP is GENETIC in new paper, HILARITY ensues    01/24/20  (27)
Wuhan doctor announces virus "all in check"    01/24/20  (7)
Make your WUHAN CORONAVIRUS predictions in this thread    01/24/20  (9)
Fucking retarded losers getting all the credit fir 🌲 shit    01/24/20  (1)
Sanders embraces Joe Rogan’s endorsement —> libs apoplectic    01/24/20  (2)
Goddamnit    01/24/20  (1)
Scientists forget to fall back, Doomsday clock hits midnight    01/24/20  (5)
EVERYBODY WUHAN TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    01/24/20  (1)
Country singers with no talent nascar frauds with no talent all retarded    01/24/20  (1)
This is how I imagine 39 y/o Diamond Dallas looks like after gym session (DTP)    01/24/20  (1)
The fucking retards you’ve put on top are really fucking retarded    01/24/20  (4)
Rate: My buddy’s weird girlfriend    01/24/20  (6)
Quarantine all Asian poasters to the garbage forum    01/24/20  (9)
China would gladly nuke Wuhan if it stops the virus. No one knew about Wuhan    01/24/20  (3)
How long til we get Chinese zombies out of this?    01/24/20  (1)
Any of my hater$ nay$ayer$ are the retarded fraud$(Boom)    01/24/20  (5)
Chink posters, how are yalls families handling the quarantine in China?    01/24/20  (2)
Buttigieg and Warren collapsing, Yang starting to gain ground (Emerson)    01/24/20  (13)
lol @ people freaking about this coronavirus shit    01/24/20  (1)
All 13 scientists in NASA's asteroid surveillance team found dead (link)    01/24/20  (1)
I honestly don’t see the relevance of psychiatry    01/24/20  (1)
You fight for yourself, you fight for yourself! Don't empty the gun!    01/24/20  (1)
how many muscle ups can you do in a row?    01/24/20  (1)
why was it so important for libs to scrub 2016 colbert special from internet?    01/24/20  (66)
2020 is going to be the "golden year" of autoadmit    01/24/20  (12)
WaPo Headline: Impeachment Managers blah blah! Below: Pandemic spirals out of c    01/24/20  (3)
Welp I’m the third confirmed case of coronavirus in US    01/24/20  (79)
Should Eli Manning be in the HOF?    01/24/20  (27)
we can all take solace that Biden's corruption is only 1/10 as much as Hillary's    01/24/20  (1)
Looked up a chick I knew from freshman year in college    01/24/20  (6)
What are your "we won't get along" tells?    01/24/20  (10)
*28yo shrew wears absurd Golden Girls glasses* "oh my gosh I LOVE ur glasses!"    01/24/20  (1)
Shocking Coronavirus reloaded same time as Netflix pandemic    01/24/20  (1)
Google Flights: Fly to Wuhan for $250 (No Return)    01/24/20  (7)
in junior high, i convinced my teachers my friend was depressed/suicidal    01/24/20  (16)
"Glad u maxxxed ur 401k daddy" giggled ur undetected metastatic chest tumor    01/24/20  (70)
why the FUCK is beef JERKY so cot damn EXPENSIVE    01/24/20  (16)
Just looked at the "live food" wikipedia page :(    01/24/20  (1)
mig how u doin    01/24/20  (3)
Most Americans deserve better than this    01/24/20  (10)
Just flew to SF from HK. No screening at airport whatsoever. USA is fukt    01/24/20  (1)
GOY tp had all the tools to become the next dane cook    01/24/20  (6)
Trump tweets pic of Obongo the Cat Burglar Spy at Trump Tower    01/24/20  (1)
Rate this pregnancy progression selfie    01/24/20  (14)
Roosh: 8 Personal Defects That Allowed Me To Worship Fornication For 18 Years    01/24/20  (86)
What are xo's policy arguments against a Bernie presidency?    01/24/20  (53)
rach i need u to mail xo server to wuhan CN    01/24/20  (4)
IMO, Nutella should stop eating bats. Just my opinion.    01/24/20  (1)
Need an opinion on this nose. Semite or not?    01/24/20  (1)
Will New York City be hit with CORONAVIRUS?    01/24/20  (20)
Q: [to women's rights protester]: define "woman." A: "that's a trick question"    01/24/20  (13)
in hindsight being TAUGHT by FEMALES was lolzy    01/24/20  (20)
Going 2 die laughing when the Extinction Virus comes from a Walrus    01/24/20  (10)
Hey reptles,how's that Obama-caused US Ebola epidemc working out    01/24/20  (17)
I wore the same pants everyday for a year. Here’s what I learned    01/24/20  (4)
Someone needs to create a site to document the kooky shit Chinese do    01/24/20  (1)
only a moron POTUS would call military "incompetent" and "fuck ups"    01/24/20  (11)
hummingbird hawk moth populations rebounding as wuhan virus clears out humans    01/24/20  (1)
Whats the most 180 thing about America in your opinion?    01/24/20  (146)
Govts cried wolf too many times over flus, I don’t believe any of their shit    01/24/20  (5)
Why do libs want all women to be just like men? Whats the end game of androgyny?    01/24/20  (1)
China releases student who mocked Xi (twist)    01/24/20  (5)
people with soft tooth at "increased risk" of dying from wuhan virus    01/24/20  (1)
Growing huge goatee to overcompensate for incredibly weak chin    01/24/20  (3)
undetected tumor crying, losing hope as wuhan virus kills you first    01/24/20  (3)
Wuhan, Huangang, pretty much anywhere we want    01/24/20  (2)
Death 💀 to Amerikkka and Israel 🇮🇱! Burn juice 🥤    01/24/20  (5)
Meticulously shaving your chin strap beard hoping it distracts from double chin    01/24/20  (1)
Extremely SORE from my workout yesterday. Rate my lifts (DTP)    01/24/20  (41)
Who gives a shit, honestly?    01/24/20  (9)
Accidentally ran over my shitpits with my new cyber truck (TMF)    01/24/20  (2)
🐵🎾 TS Serena Loses At AO To Chink She Beat 60, 61 At US Open 🎾🐵 #ten    01/24/20  (3)
i took dmt first time last night.. anyone wanna talk about it?    01/24/20  (75)
love how dorks here who bench like 225 LOL about someone's lifts    01/24/20  (1)
"metasize two more what? Exhibits?" No, you're tumor is metastizing    01/24/20  (1)
Shitlaw boss makes us sing "We Are the Lawyers" to Kraftwerk    01/24/20  (24)
I love Bbooommm...anyone else?    01/24/20  (11)
POLITICO: NYT Article on Trump Tax Evasion is DESTROYING His Support Among Middl    01/24/20  (12)
So Trumpmo gun rally accomplished nothing?    01/24/20  (11)
let the record show that plaintiff is a bald fraud and a "mean one"    01/24/20  (2)
Colt in chefs hat and apron under Congress Ave bridge at dusk    01/24/20  (4)
Father berates Warren over student loan forgiveness (video)    01/24/20  (62)
Only poor people would vote for Bernie, right?    01/24/20  (32)
Is all $hit men=women women=men now Ljl    01/24/20  (1)
TMF furious. XO Trump cracking down on emotional service animal fraud    01/24/20  (28)
Yeah fuck amerikkka off street corner in big city to passing cars    01/24/20  (1)
what are the TOP 5 most prestigious federal district courts in the country?    01/24/20  (10)
Amerikkka=vile $hithole! Wor$t food ever in world fuck amerikkka 🥤 juicejuice    01/24/20  (3)
Apparently Biden's kids do shitload of cocaine...how did I not know about this?    01/24/20  (18)
Freak weather all over the country (BOM)    01/24/20  (1)
Lol at ever listening to anything other than Kraftwerk. Just lol.    01/24/20  (16)
Wuhan 1st responders, sick & weakened, now must face Alabama in 2020 week 8    01/24/20  (4)
Dirte where's the thread where some woman drives up to your house in an rv    01/24/20  (2)
Charlie Sheen, reading Hunter Biden articles: “haha wow. Holy shit!”    01/24/20  (9)
Cops who arrested Stormy Daniels in Ohio in 2018 FIRED    01/24/20  (1)
This frauds the masses worship can barely string a simple sentence together    01/24/20  (5)
Mark Chmura's accusers hot tub pics.    01/24/20  (1)
California man successfully leaps the San Joaquin River during police chase:    01/24/20  (47)
I'm a liberal and I will campaign for Trump to stop student loan forgiveness.    01/24/20  (12)
GC is hindering ur cultivation of rich inner life in ways you cant even fathom    01/24/20  (5)
The boxing photos CSLG make me think he is a scrappy fighter for the lil guy    01/24/20  (2)
"my head is killing me. think it's coronavirus" (JJC wasted after 2 corona light    01/24/20  (14)
Nice retort, RETORT... that’s the most RETORTED thing I’ve ever heard    01/24/20  (2)
“This is dangerous bloody rubbish!” (J Peterson on Goosebumps books)    01/24/20  (2)
Oh yeah I'm *never* sarcastic. I just *hate* sarcasm.    01/24/20  (1)
Lazy Houston cops to Houston residents "plz pick up stray body parts thx"    01/24/20  (4)
Halford's EBOLAPiG Craigslist ad    01/24/20  (88)
Would you bang this genetic female long distance runner with Down’s syndrome?    01/24/20  (11)
So random! Racist 70s Bernie Sanders remarks suddenly emerge randomly!    01/24/20  (41)
WTF is happening to the stock market    01/24/20  (2)
The cost of law school keeps rising, but lawyers generally aren’t making more    01/24/20  (23)
You need to be a complete Fraud to accomplish anything in amerikkka and retarded    01/24/20  (1)

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