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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/18/20  (357)
SAUDI CROWN PRINCE was the guy who HACKED JEFF BEZOS    01/22/20  (34)
UCLA's admissions rate is now 12% lmao    01/22/20  (8)
Hillary Clinton on Bernie: "Nobody likes him!"    01/22/20  (103)
hey benzo this radioactive dude is gonna drill ur butthold    01/22/20  (1)
"You know why I'm here" - luis walking into a sweetgreen    01/22/20  (21)
it takes 67 votes to remove trump. There is ZERO chance of that happening. Why a    01/22/20  (3)
Why are Peter North (pn) and Tommy Turdskin (tt) beefing exactly?    01/22/20  (6)
Deranged Penguin, how many Trumpmos has your wife cucked you with?    01/22/20  (1)
Why did Lev Parnas flip on Trump and Giuliani so quickly?    01/22/20  (41)
faggots like you write about guys like me    01/22/20  (1)
Tessa Majors killer hops out of cop car, goes free    01/22/20  (86)
HOOLY SHIT I had a once in LIFETIME movement, almost KILLED someone, FUK TRUMP    01/22/20  (124)
Low IQ = low impulse control = violence. Solutions?    01/22/20  (7)
I always poop when I pee    01/22/20  (2)
Savings needed to retire early and live in a favela?    01/22/20  (5)
Just weighed myself. Took a shit. Weighed self again. 4 lbs lighter.    01/22/20  (4)
Doorbell cam video of an armed robbery in California:    01/22/20  (27)
benzo, who would win in a fight?    01/22/20  (1)
Brooklyn woman experiences diversity up close    01/22/20  (96)
The good news is when Asians take over the world they'll solve the nig problem    01/22/20  (4)
She has to go back, but Latina goes off on "urban youths" re. LA mall shooting    01/22/20  (39)
looking good luis    01/22/20  (4)
is it ever acknowledged that the david character on schitts creek is clearly gay    01/22/20  (1)
what city has the world's hottest guys?    01/22/20  (8)
In a peaceful first world homogeneous patriarchal society with feminine women.    01/22/20  (35)
Dems are getting gaped in senate impeachment proceedings    01/22/20  (6)
group of furries intervene, stop assault (cnn)    01/22/20  (1)
Gamers are smashing every storefront in Brooklyn rn    01/22/20  (2)
rate this faggot    01/22/20  (1)
Sad video about infant Alzheimer's. (Link)    01/22/20  (4)
3-year-old boy accepted into largest international high IQ society    01/22/20  (3)
πŸ¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸŽΎ AUSTRALIAN OPEN Official Thread πŸŽΎπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ¨ #tennis    01/22/20  (61)
Haha I'm teh motherfuckin pockle rick! Love vaping! Sons fuckhole is a disaster    01/22/20  (144)
GOY tp throwing slicing Lids flatbrims around a bar mitzvah like Oddjob    01/22/20  (7)
"it's still technically lifting" (jafar curling a can of campbells soup)    01/22/20  (1)
$1,077,705    01/22/20  (5)
Simglitch: Chrome tells me "semite" should be capitalized but not "jew"    01/22/20  (1)
Newest carrier to be named after black man    01/22/20  (8)
my biggest problem is im impulsive.    01/22/20  (1)
feel worried about warren/sanders now that im about to be rich    01/22/20  (1)
what show should i watch    01/22/20  (3)
Man fakes broken ankle to score a free upgrade to business class    01/22/20  (1)
would honestly out most people here for fun if i could    01/22/20  (1)
LA poas, come ITT. Seeking advice. (Mance)    01/22/20  (2)
Aaron Hernandez will be back in nfl very soon    01/22/20  (21)
xo McGregor praises “Phenomenal President”    01/22/20  (2)
taking questions on what Calishitlawguru CSLG is like IRL. no outable info. Go!    01/22/20  (56)
Thick Haze of thinking blocking living. What do?    01/22/20  (2)
Starting to worry my wife wants to “swing w/ Kenny & his wife (CSLG)    01/22/20  (2)
found dark web site where all jobs for litigators with 2-5yrs exp are poasted    01/22/20  (2)
Bernie shoulda flatly responded "I did" when Warren asked if he called her a lia    01/22/20  (1)
LOL at there being a gay mafia inside the NFL. This world is in a nosedive.    01/22/20  (1)
Best Sushi in LA... Go's Mart (CSLG)    01/22/20  (13)
Lifestyles of the V100--A poem in the style of Johnsmeyer (by MPA)    01/22/20  (17)
Sup Bros, its me again (GGTPs State Street cover letter)    01/22/20  (5)
80+ year old Senators awake at 1:45am. BIGLAW is a spa.    01/22/20  (3)
best part of 2019 was the Tom Hooper fraud hackery finally being exposed    01/22/20  (3)
ggtp getting face slashed by azn gf he leaves behind like Comedian in Watchmen    01/22/20  (3)
GGTP's illegitimate Singapore son playing with Happy Meal toys in shanty    01/22/20  (4)
So all investment firms do is spin to clients?    01/22/20  (5)
PN rapes CSLG defenders so badly here jfc    01/22/20  (17)
Some bay area high schools are 80% Asian?    01/22/20  (103)
France: Renaud Camus convicted for criticizing immigration    01/22/20  (3)
120k in Pittsburgh vs. 200k in Seattle    01/22/20  (10)
Drunk driver rams dude and kills in in NYC; released WITHOUT BAIL:    01/22/20  (2)
Aaron Hernandez standing in front of his new home ~Dec 2012, new daughter in his    01/22/20  (4)
Watched Aaron Hernandez documentary. Did Hernandez and Tebow have a gay thing?    01/22/20  (6)
that feeling of deceit you get when you rlz he bumped his 328 poast thread 8x    01/22/20  (1)
Tow driver fraud.. you want to be dissolved in acid or fed to pigs?    01/22/20  (31)
"haha, classic Johnsmeyer!" the moribund lawyer tapped out joylessl on his phone    01/22/20  (12)
   01/22/20  (1)
BOM we need you to comment on the$e Chicago tow fraud$    01/22/20  (21)
CSLG you want to come to the RAMMSTEIN show in LA?    01/22/20  (12)
LJL at Ta Nehisi Coates' speaking style...    01/22/20  (42)
i am out of the office rediscovering the treasures of my rich inner world    01/22/20  (2)
RSF is why Abraham founded the faith. Now Jews must Disavow bc he makes his Bir    01/22/20  (1)
burn the coal pay the toll    01/22/20  (1)
ur old - Mckayla Maroney is now a DECADE past her prime    01/22/20  (4)
GOY how often do nigs str8 up bumrush u at footlocker    01/22/20  (4)
TT RATE This ATP Dubs Turd DIJIV SHARAN, Who Married A Brit Tennis Chick #tennis    01/22/20  (5)
ur str8    01/22/20  (3)
RSF Got Banned From FlyerTalk    01/22/20  (16)
*JJ Jr. swapping wife’s bottle of poo pouri for hand soap*    01/22/20  (1)
Dated the tiny pool of trans in my town. Move to new town?    01/22/20  (29)
Outback Joins The Dark Web, Registers Bloomin.Onion    01/22/20  (2)
Damn daddy can I still "sound off" on luis' plump rear end?    01/22/20  (1)
Already have $870,576.71 in my operating account (CSLG)    01/22/20  (42)
MoreDoughi is a wierd kike freak    01/22/20  (7)
lol the Russian Navy still has a ship built in 1915    01/22/20  (6)
The entire darknet relies on one web site to keep running    01/22/20  (19)
Is Alaska worth visiting?    01/22/20  (3)
Arianny Celeste - rate her    01/22/20  (6)
chandler - can we hang out at the galaxy opening game tailgate    01/22/20  (1)
I’ve enjoyed lawmans ascension to “wise elder” status on xo    01/22/20  (1)
If you were forced to commit suicide in the gym what would be the most painless    01/22/20  (26)
Doom Eternal gameplay looks amazing, like classic Doom    01/22/20  (2)
The Killers - When You Were Hung    01/22/20  (2)
Amazon now narcing on sellers to the Feds    01/22/20  (6)
litigation is how jews reproduce    01/22/20  (43)
10 Billion but you could never leave the Hawaiian Islands    01/22/20  (34)
How is Seattle in July?    01/22/20  (11)
get a boner every time I picture a guy with a flat top    01/22/20  (1)
'what was johnsmeyer trying to say here?' (lit T.A. sitting on chair backwards)    01/22/20  (17)
doobs dresses like norman bates    01/22/20  (1)
you in the khakis and those french braids--what do u want to be when u grow up?    01/22/20  (4)
Do people who suicide know they're going to do so in advance?    01/22/20  (27)
Reminder average crack head off street get 9-12k tax “refund”    01/22/20  (23)
Just inherited a $35mm farm how do I manage it?    01/22/20  (102)
So, the Coronavirus is about as dangerous as the common cold. Got it.    01/22/20  (8)
New poem: "Big Law Partner"    01/22/20  (12)
10 Billion but you could never leave your biglaw office    01/22/20  (2)
cant stand reading things on a screen for more than 5 minutes lmao    01/22/20  (8)
Trump enters GOP convention to the Beastie Boys' 'Sabotage'    01/22/20  (11)
I think Anyone that has ever even sat in tow truck needs to be brutally killed    01/22/20  (37)
What the credited watch in the $500 -$750 range?    01/22/20  (27)
This is my fight song take back my life song blah blah *blows brains out at desk    01/22/20  (126)
Cast Away but ggtp & pillow gf have been stranded in Asia biglaw for 20 yrs    01/22/20  (2)
Allen Edmonds (A Poem)    01/22/20  (38)
Yes bartender Ill have a GGTP. *bartender mixes peanut sauce and of counsel off    01/22/20  (4)
40 year old ggtp trying to remember the "bad thing" (10 years of 144A)    01/22/20  (10)
CFB transfer portal error sends Oregon running back to Perkins Coie    01/22/20  (5)
The Beastie Boys shout Kick It! as ggtps resume goes in the shredder    01/22/20  (6)
ggtp getting dragged out of in-house interview by ICE    01/22/20  (7)
goinhouse.com listing "GGTP getting hired" as a 'material risk' on its 10-Q    01/22/20  (3)
The Dobby Club but its me and ggtp uniting over our John Hancock in-house dings    01/21/20  (5)
Inspired by CSLG, Im going to start a business just to give ggtp an in-house job    01/21/20  (6)
Are Reptile's schtick would collapse upon itself were his Phenotype revealed    01/21/20  (21)
ggtp alone in singapore nursing home.framed pics of schwab index funds on table.    01/21/20  (4)
Damn ggtp, the Chinese guy got his shit pushed in.    01/21/20  (2)
*ponytail luis beating on restaurant window good will hunting style* "im gay"    01/21/20  (34)
ggtp sneaking into RSF's carry-on in attempt to get back to USA    01/21/20  (8)
Ggtp absorbing RT talking points while getting ghosted by 4s, recruiters    01/21/20  (4)
Odd ca$e! Very intere$ting! Off to pig 🐽 pig 🐷 pig πŸ– farm has u go!    01/21/20  (137)
68y/o of counsel GGTP being brought back to Hong Kong for One Last Deal    01/21/20  (4)
I admit defeat (GGTP putting down down payment for shitbox condo in Singapore    01/21/20  (12)
ITT I educate you on DOUBLE-CUCKOLDRY    01/21/20  (4)
"A Rach Summer"(poem)    01/21/20  (18)
Hey tow truck driver fag I want to rearrange your face with a tire iron    01/21/20  (72)
Pu$h tow truck$ into ditch with 18 wheeler    01/21/20  (26)
evan39 should tow drivers and repo frauds be beaten at every chance    01/21/20  (24)
The Secret Diary of Whokebe    01/21/20  (27)
Would anywhere from $400,000,000.00 to $4,000,000,000.00 be good outside US?    01/21/20  (2)
How much do Democrats regret this impeachment BS?    01/21/20  (2)
NYC Millennial Chick (a poem)    01/21/20  (17)
S-S-R-I, you don't need no alibi, you crazy! yeah, yeah, you crazy!    01/21/20  (2)
post-women men    01/21/20  (2)
Agent Jenkins giving an agency-wide presentation on "doobs"    01/21/20  (26)
Go live in Ala$ka where you’re paid to live!    01/21/20  (6)
I’ve only seen three of these, but is Bumblebee the best Transformers movie?    01/21/20  (1)

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