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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/22/20  (358)
Remember when Tiger Woods won the masters    01/22/20  (7)
*Al Pacino voice* When I see a naked lady's crotch    01/22/20  (139)
Why did Bernie suddenly decide to seek the Presidency at 75 years old?    01/22/20  (18)
Luis, the other night this PERSIAN babe was quite nice    01/22/20  (2)
You can legally fuck chix In many Afrikan countries born in 2009    01/22/20  (4)
Boalt tuition hike to $75,500    01/22/20  (66)
So on the elevator at Goldman today    01/22/20  (64)
Bernie Sanders Doesn't Want To Win    01/22/20  (41)
not much new here dad just jafarthreading    01/22/20  (12)
Latest generic congressional poll is a major warning to democrats    01/22/20  (3)
Virus caused by chinks harvesting animals in cages in a seafood market    01/22/20  (7)
Talking in "baby talk" to kids is probably really bad for them    01/22/20  (3)
Incel only thread. Chads and marriageCucks keep out!    01/22/20  (10)
Adele albums were pure concentrated emotional pain of fat woman    01/22/20  (1)
Spaceporns hairline megathread    01/22/20  (73)
He already had his hand in the proverbial cookie jar    01/22/20  (2)
Are any of you actually happy with pitney bowes?    01/22/20  (9)
Luis what do you think of Calistoga    01/22/20  (3)
J.D. Vance weighs in on "The New Class War"    01/22/20  (31)
it's so fucking 180 that spaceporn got completely chased off the bort    01/22/20  (21)
Yo chandler and CSLG I don't think I can make it for a beer this Sat    01/22/20  (1)
Countdown until China nukes Wuhan    01/22/20  (1)
Jesus Christ is 180    01/22/20  (4)
“I did it as a goof.” - God, discussing your inability to relate to others    01/22/20  (4)
Already have $870,576.71 in my operating account (CSLG)    01/22/20  (48)
a lot of thought control going on within xo currently    01/22/20  (2)
180 trash the sticky til it gets deleted    01/22/20  (6)
'philosopher' reaches age 97, realizes he is scared shitless of death, disowns    01/22/20  (26)
hr lady calling ggtp's 1st reference, asking to speak with Mr Assfaggot    01/22/20  (4)
Bloomberg: law teen craze real. Starry eyed teens hope to follow lawyer idols    01/22/20  (2)
Two Dukes of Sussex    01/22/20  (1)
"Pajama Boy" can you please stop fucking my wife now    01/22/20  (2)
(tracy chapman voice) you got a pisssworm    01/22/20  (97)
Everyone needs to believe in something. What do you believe in?    01/22/20  (1)
Trump: "If you vote for Democrats they'll impeach me" Voters: "hehe"    01/22/20  (23)
Escape from Wuhan    01/22/20  (1)
Dems are fucking morons if they trade Hunter Biden for Bolton testimony    01/22/20  (70)
i am out of the office rediscovering the treasures of my rich inner world    01/22/20  (7)
Hi I'm with the Department of National Equity. I'm calling about your posting.    01/22/20  (3)
Are Reptile you could make decent $ on arbitrage with loosies at the bodega    01/22/20  (3)
ATE reptile gets mugged walking from the bedroom to the hallway    01/22/20  (1)
Seriously jesus is God    01/22/20  (12)
Dam. Delonte West is a homeless street junkie now?    01/22/20  (6)
Cross emoji    01/22/20  (5)
not now babe, im reading poetry    01/22/20  (15)
ARE Reptile's wife being HARASSED by nigs in flatbush    01/22/20  (2)
Day crew is 180    01/22/20  (2)
luis what are the pros and cons of living in Sunnyvale    01/22/20  (16)
Turd sandwich googling how to say "burn the doughnut" in Nigerian    01/22/20  (1)
Obeezy, whatever happened to that chick you were taking language classes from?    01/22/20  (128)
Healthcare up 20%? No prob, Apple added a third camera. No inflaion (BLS)    01/22/20  (12)
I'm old    01/22/20  (2)
Are Reptile how often do impromptu "street ball" games break out in ur street?    01/22/20  (1)
Women are EIC at the 16 Most Elite Law Reviews    01/22/20  (27)
reminder: cuck "mods" CANNOT censor text you enter in the subject line    01/22/20  (20)
10 million, but you can never earn another dime.    01/22/20  (18)
Just didn't go to work today. Lmao at employers    01/22/20  (3)
Secret service tackling Biden during first debate    01/22/20  (2)
Nuts Exiled Virgin Incoherent Lush Left-wing Ego    01/22/20  (1)
Extremely SORE from my workout yesterday. Rate my lifts (DTP)    01/22/20  (28)
jorge "luis" borges    01/22/20  (1)
Anyone use massagers/massage guns to help with muscle recovery?    01/22/20  (3)
Wuhan doctors arrested after leaking that coronavirus corpses "walked out" of mo    01/22/20  (2)
Babies born today you can legally guck fuck in 2036    01/22/20  (3)
My (29M) wife (37F) is nearly 400 pounds    01/22/20  (13)
People who lived just long to see Trump becum POTUS    01/22/20  (1)
New Tinderella is a dirty talker during sex. Ruins the whole thing for me.    01/22/20  (37)
So easy to get dates on apps, makes committed relationships impossible    01/22/20  (2)
Idea: change name to "Natural Causes" then become serial killer    01/22/20  (11)
#ImpeachmentSoWhite: lack of DIVERSITY is dooming effort to hold Trump accountab    01/22/20  (12)
Terry Jones, underrated Monty Python member, RIP    01/22/20  (8)
Aus Open Court 2 Renamed "1573 Arena" After "Guojiao 1573" Chink Liquor #tennis    01/22/20  (8)
TS Amanda Boomer    01/22/20  (5)
Would any of you fags wear these shoes as everyday walkers?    01/22/20  (16)
Call me Boomer you little faggot    01/22/20  (4)
25 OCI screeners wondering why you can only make the Adam lanza facial expressio    01/22/20  (3)
In South Korea, even trannies don’t want to be chaebong hyung    01/22/20  (1)
A 120 year old male can get chick pregnant 50 years after his death    01/22/20  (2)
Luis, why didn't you invest in Gold and Silver instead of fake internet coins?    01/22/20  (6)
"worth it" (Adderall induced Parkinson's tsinah learning about his 155 lsat)    01/22/20  (7)
Good morning! Coronavirus death rate now in line with 1918 Spanish Flu!    01/22/20  (33)
Here's a video of one of the guys licking hot sauce out of necrotic leg holes    01/22/20  (2)
So me and my cool friends, no birdshits or chinks, were chillng in Laos and all    01/22/20  (2)
Xo Tulsi sues Hillary Clinton for $100 million    01/22/20  (15)
Bitches born in 2003 taking creampies from chad shitting out babies 👶    01/22/20  (5)
CSLG can you spot me a few hundred grand to go solo?    01/22/20  (4)
BIDEN belongs in a nursing home (vid)    01/22/20  (2)
Had a knock down drag out shitlaw trial today. Screaming in court. Exhausted    01/22/20  (31)
How many times throw woman down stairs reliable abortion    01/22/20  (4)
HELP: I'm a chill drinking bro in Asia. But recently there's this weird turd who    01/22/20  (1)
Whether I follow jesus depends on whether compatiblism is true    01/22/20  (1)
I gOoFeDeD uP    01/22/20  (4)
Hmmm, it appears that I, uh, have completely wasted my youth    01/22/20  (6)
Don't forget - BLM are paid by Clintons, who bought black supporters in 2007 too    01/22/20  (7)
So uhhh the entire city in China just got quarantined.    01/22/20  (2)
"and a pitcher of apple cider vinegar for the table"    01/22/20  (5)
America becoming more lucrative for losers at your expen$$e!-    01/22/20  (2)
10 Billion but you could never leave the Hawaiian Islands    01/22/20  (52)
ITT: your biggest dating app profile pet peeves    01/22/20  (45)
why was it so important for libs to scrub 2016 colbert special from internet?    01/22/20  (8)
Kobe: WNBA players can play in the NBA (link)    01/22/20  (5)
(spritezero) "...and thats what i think about women" *female court reporter cryi    01/22/20  (12)
Darwin Finklestein, I know you post here.    01/22/20  (2)
"and basically, that's how I feel," finished Lawman as his therapist dialed 911    01/22/20  (1)
Voodoo Child and see you on the western sky driving Henry Aaron to a stash house    01/22/20  (1)
women THRIVE in biosciences PhD programs    01/22/20  (69)
young man, we can put that thread in a money-market mutual fund and reinvest the    01/22/20  (1)
Mad @ God tp    01/22/20  (5)
On the Biological Bases of the Netflix GF    01/22/20  (49)
Women are so fat    01/22/20  (1)
Would you consider this home "tacky" ?    01/22/20  (33)
Nick Sandmann suing Philadelphia Flyers for $100m after being punched by Gritty    01/22/20  (2)
Any other poster make an ass of himself as consistently as Obeezy?    01/22/20  (4)
I watch drawings made by Asian men    01/22/20  (1)
post ITT if you've never posted on a pumo or an alt    01/22/20  (12)
TMF & MND hosting weekly salon of intellectuals & artists in their Yonkers home    01/22/20  (202)
Bernie Sanders tops new CNN poll. When will they haul out Obama to bash him?    01/22/20  (13)
Assfaggots handsome face on Apple cider vinegar bottles like Paul Newman    01/22/20  (8)
smells like tikka masala tp    01/22/20  (1)
MY apple cider vinegar. MY sterilized needle. MY cryotherapy.    01/22/20  (5)
Chinese scientists baffled virus matches chemical composition of Oumuamua (link)    01/22/20  (1)
America is a joke! Fraudulent tax system fraudulent all around!    01/22/20  (3)
just paid $100 for 5-year warranty on fridge that cost $350    01/22/20  (4)
i fucking hate black niggers. they're the absolute worst.    01/22/20  (7)
Billions watching on TV as first Indian astronaut openly defecates on the moon    01/22/20  (24)
What Nutella actually looks like ITT    01/22/20  (17)
Remider: your nescac GF wants a meac stud    01/22/20  (2)
*scans Apple cider vinegar at Walgreens**self checkout machine sighs*    01/22/20  (5)
Holy shit China is planning on nuking its own city (link)    01/22/20  (1)
Reports that city of Wuhan "cratered" by Chinese bombers. Virus still spreading    01/22/20  (1)
xo isn't half the forum it was when Horse Cum Blast was here    01/22/20  (1)
Lol, found a video of an XO poaster and "real doll" sex doll    01/22/20  (1)
“Wuhan” means “Raccoon City” in Mandarin    01/22/20  (8)
Never thought this wld happen to me, but I met this chick on SA and fell for her    01/22/20  (24)
Money 💰 $olve$ every problem that is $olveable=hard fact    01/22/20  (5)
America! What a fucking joke?    01/22/20  (1)
Chill SHARIA law cop just asked me if I'm MUSLIM in 180 Asia juicejuicejuice    01/22/20  (13)
GOAT female mountain climber died falling down her own stairs    01/22/20  (3)
jafar I have questions    01/22/20  (1)
Remember when xo coined "LOL"    01/22/20  (8)
if you support anyone other than Trump or Bernie, LJL at you    01/22/20  (13)
China catapulting coronavirus victims over enemy walls    01/22/20  (3)
Yes bartender Ill have a GGTP. *bartender mixes peanut sauce and of counsel off    01/22/20  (5)
Doorbell cam video of an armed robbery in California:    01/22/20  (56)
anyone watch the Joe Rogan episode with Matt Taibbi yet    01/22/20  (12)
Nickleodon was an entire channel dedicated to shooting bodily fluids on kids    01/22/20  (7)
Obeezy, are you having a watch party for the impeachment trial?    01/22/20  (11)
$100,000 but you must listen to CSLG brag about his wealth for 2 hrs/day forever    01/22/20  (61)
<puts bucket of shit on doorstep, waits for libs to come smell lick & eat it>    01/22/20  (2)
app request: "making love out of nothing at all" plays when u see a luis poast    01/22/20  (1)

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