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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/18/20  (357)
What kind of fucking idiot still supports Elizabeth Warren?    01/19/20  (72)
Wait so The Box is dating a nigger?    01/19/20  (44)
$343,000,000.00 up for grabs Wednesday    01/19/20  (14)
Best and easiest market to quickly bed chicks?    01/19/20  (9)
why is it everyone named Aaron is into drugs and/or gay?    01/19/20  (4)
XO Poa (a poem)    01/19/20  (14)
The year 2034 wa$ year$ ago    01/19/20  (6)
Would most men still deal with women if sex were removed from the equation?    01/19/20  (2)
Should I leave “gaming” off my dating profile?    01/19/20  (14)
Red Scare: based and redpilled femoids    01/19/20  (2)
Suggestions for name of the inevitable Harry & Megan Markle reality show?    01/19/20  (5)
You can tell when you’re out of the loop    01/19/20  (6)
Are Jews more entrepreneurial? Is that why they have more $$?    01/19/20  (7)
Just bet $1000 on Packers vs 49ers in Super Bowl    01/19/20  (18)
Ok I’m not meeting that chick(Boom)    01/19/20  (9)
New Jersey really?    01/19/20  (14)
The opposite of what haters say on xo is happening to me hmm    01/19/20  (3)
Just pummel current life and start fresh=cr? It's what I'm doing    01/19/20  (8)
Is Instacart Legit?    01/19/20  (5)
reminder: luka doncic is dinaric alpine master race    01/19/20  (4)
Best NBA player in world = blond dude & best soccer player = blond too    01/19/20  (47)
US Academic gang raped in Papua New Guinea; husband forced to wa    01/19/20  (20)
Benzo let’s get rich together    01/19/20  (9)
Media tech/science stories are basically advertisement for Jewish startups    01/19/20  (117)
Texans to Chiefs: "now turn around while I finish on your face"    01/19/20  (22)
No gay $ex with men today! Made big bux on Chiefs today    01/19/20  (2)
Amtrak employee asks black woman to change seats, Rosa Parks hysteria follows    01/19/20  (63)
any jury I sit on against a white, I will stay on not guilty    01/19/20  (2)
FUCK pigeons who don't wear tiny hats    01/19/20  (5)
Weird. Feds had McVeigh’s OKC Ryder truck in their possession months earlier    01/19/20  (11)
Moldbug & the basis of freedom    01/19/20  (3)
DBG fingering his of counsel asshold dreaming about CSLG    01/19/20  (3)
What is it like as a male nurse?    01/19/20  (25)
honiara: i for one we.... Bernie: yeah good ok    01/19/20  (12)
We Don't Bash Extroverts Enough On This Bort    01/19/20  (19)
Do you know anyone that dated/married a girl with the same name as their sister?    01/19/20  (4)
Mandela effect fucking sucks    01/19/20  (8)
TT will you represent me for my reparations against amerikkka TT?(Boom)    01/19/20  (9)
MSG in Chinese food isn’t unhealthy, you’re just racist (CNN)    01/19/20  (14)
Why are the Dem presidential candidates so bad?    01/19/20  (16)
CSLG, do you meditate or do practice in focus/perception?    01/19/20  (10)
Trumpmo logic: "Fuck globalism, except for our elections, Russia, China ur in"    01/19/20  (5)
XO Chiefs    01/19/20  (13)
Have $50k cash - thinking seriously of putting it all in Uber and waiting 5 year    01/19/20  (19)
Puerto Rico government found sitting on huge warehouse of hurricane relief goods    01/19/20  (3)
This CSLG fellow makes my skin crawl    01/19/20  (68)
Rate this broke college student    01/19/20  (97)
Will Joe Burrow be an NFL bust?    01/19/20  (1)
How come NEITHER party iris talking about how BROKE our country is?    01/19/20  (50)
Is Luka Magnotta a board hero?    01/19/20  (9)
Zero SEC quarterbacks played in aN NFL playoff game this year    01/19/20  (6)
no one in the UK respects or cares about the royal family    01/19/20  (11)
CSLG & chandler are life altering poasters    01/19/20  (14)
Check out these unhinged boomer FCC complaints    01/19/20  (2)
Why did Disney go so cheap on California adventure when it came out    01/19/20  (5)
CSLG just post here to get cases, this is work for him, guys.    01/19/20  (1)
Fears over race relations affected police probe into child sex grooming gang, re    01/19/20  (2)
Andy Reid: 146 IQ offensive mind, nevertheless elects to punt on 4th & 1    01/19/20  (1)
*spends 30k on speakers* *listens to Steely Dan and The Who*    01/19/20  (7)
Amtrak is one of Biden’s issues. He’ll have to weigh in on Rosa Parks the 2    01/19/20  (2)
The most shocking thing in Aaron Hernandez doc was his excellent penmanship    01/19/20  (11)
I’ve only got 1,970 more weeks left to wagecuck    01/19/20  (22)
Andy Reid's career is fucking done    01/19/20  (29)
To win black support, Bloomberg acknowledges white privilege    01/19/20  (7)
should i learn to code    01/19/20  (6)
Buying property via trust?    01/19/20  (9)
I have $20k should I quit my job and drive around the country for a year at all    01/19/20  (5)
Monday Virginia 2A rally: prepare for FBI false flag operation    01/19/20  (6)
'I say, old boy, you do look frightfully jewish!'    01/19/20  (4)
Can still hear Big Papa Pump saying “Obeezy”    01/19/20  (8)
Beware of "mansplaining" which is a new attack women use against men @ work    01/19/20  (3)
Now we remember why Tannehill is shit pure shit    01/19/20  (1)
Last 3 days I've recieved 73% of daily calories from Condensed Milk    01/19/20  (3)
Kanas City bros RUN xo    01/19/20  (1)
Gay nigger, you’re taking the easy way out. Gay nigger, you’re taking the ea    01/19/20  (2)
Most effective thing Bloomberg could do to be pres is limb lengthening surgery    01/19/20  (1)
You prefer taking the girl's clothes off slowly or getting naked all at once?    01/19/20  (13)
i'm really attracted to 30+ travel shrews who like wine and have MASTERS degrees    01/19/20  (101)
Why did we never hear about “deep state” until Trump was elected?    01/19/20  (13)
Missing idiot Ohio 14 yo found dead in neighbors chimney, dies horrible death    01/19/20  (41)
FAANG coders make as much or more than doctors. Hilarious    01/19/20  (6)
We are minutes away from the Packers not making the Super Bowl again    01/19/20  (1)
🚨 Scott Steiner IRL cuts a promo on Obeezy (cameo.com link) 🚨    01/19/20  (67)
Holy shit this is such a 180 way to die    01/19/20  (5)
Who's the most likeable jew on xo?    01/19/20  (13)
I’m 37, an Oncologist and my asshole is glued permanently to jinx’s cock    01/19/20  (5)
Lmao refs throw flags on every throw over 25+ yds    01/19/20  (1)
Chiefs by 18 think they’re gonna cover -7 gonna make big bux today lol    01/19/20  (2)
When does it make sense to liquidate your 401k    01/19/20  (15)
Hate niggers even more now that I heard about The Box    01/19/20  (10)
Spent more that $200 on brunch today    01/19/20  (27)
had a dream last night where i shot a nigger in the face    01/19/20  (1)
If you won the lottery, what would you buy?    01/19/20  (24)
Yas, dey naming aircraf carrier after Cuba Gooding Pearl Harbor character    01/19/20  (1)
Padma Lakshmi    01/19/20  (13)
Meghan Markle's father GOES OFF    01/19/20  (4)
I met my girlfriend in the comments section of a lofi video    01/19/20  (3)
Tannehill is garbage    01/19/20  (7)
Lol at box calling that wizard tsinah "creepy"    01/19/20  (6)
"The Confirmation" on Netflix is a depressingly vivid depiction of America    01/19/20  (6)
Why is Adrianne Lenker hot    01/19/20  (1)
If you were forced to commit suicide in the gym what would be the most painless    01/19/20  (25)
TMF what cities gave the best whores in your opinion?    01/19/20  (3)
Montage of blacks on blondes set to Wagner's "Twilight of the Gods"    01/19/20  (1)
TikTok is just jews convincing blue eyed 16yos to sing about getting fucked    01/19/20  (45)
WTF happened in 1971?!?? (Chart)    01/19/20  (46)
so jmaw died and no one cared?    01/19/20  (5)
$2 million dollar house (no mortgage) and $1 million in investments    01/19/20  (30)
St Johns College (MD and NM) now offering 60K coding bootcamp for its grads    01/19/20  (6)
MA in Eastern Classics from St Johns -- CR way to turbo charge career earnings?    01/19/20  (37)
Warren lies again: i'm the only one with executive experience    01/19/20  (13)
Obama being president really fucked up America's collective psyches. Drove libs    01/19/20  (1)
The truth is, sex with niggers`    01/19/20  (1)
T/F: Bill Clinton should be prosecuted for MURDER in relation to the Waco siege    01/19/20  (3)
PS5 reveal is set to take place in early February.    01/19/20  (26)
It’s painfully obvious that TMF sees escorts, and that he prefers young ones    01/19/20  (148)
It’s started - China reports 17 new cases of mysterious virus    01/19/20  (1)
15 men confess what it's REALLY like to be a male nurse    01/19/20  (7)
why are (((they))) doing this to us?    01/19/20  (2)
Man visits dead wife's body at morgue, finds male nurse having sex with it    01/19/20  (33)
how the hell does pepito always know about the deaths of various poasters?    01/19/20  (1)
Being a male nurse is a serious profession, which is why Ben Stiller played one    01/19/20  (2)
Trump on track to secure male nurse vote in 2020, study finds    01/19/20  (2)
faggy spaghetti    01/19/20  (1)
Crazy woman texted me and called (boor)    01/19/20  (4)
First time poster. Can anyone give me the lay of the land? Barb    01/19/20  (7)
We have an XO slack for options traders    01/19/20  (1)
Being a male nurse is actually a masculine profession, here's why    01/19/20  (1)
Finance bros, what's the deal with gold as an investment?    01/19/20  (38)
GC in fight of their lives for next two weeks to get people to watch super bowl    01/19/20  (1)
Petition to strip Henry Aaron of mod power    01/19/20  (6)
Weed and anime is an incredibly power cocktail. It’s basically an elixir    01/19/20  (1)
So, rate me as a new poster to the board. [Poo Dood]    01/19/20  (5)
Is it prole to buy DAVE’S KILLER BREAD?    01/19/20  (21)
Libs who list their pronouns when they're obviously straight    01/19/20  (1)
wtf. alzheimers chasers forum. jfc.    01/19/20  (50)
Bernie spreads doctored video accusing Biden of trying to cut social security2*    01/19/20  (5)
Indians make Jews looks like Santa Clause    01/19/20  (4)
Do kids these days even go outside to play anymore? make forts? play in creeks?    01/19/20  (29)
Anyone else notice that Indians are doing well w/ white women?    01/19/20  (94)
In a bar in Europe watching NFL    01/19/20  (7)
Wife does this thing now where she shits a poop marble in bed sometimes.    01/19/20  (25)
GF wants to have sex in a Uber. Is that a crime?    01/19/20  (2)
*smokes weed, realizes solution to everything is smoking weed all the time*    01/19/20  (7)
TMF peeling out in junker used BMW as shitpit bites his dick off    01/19/20  (22)
Costa del Sol is full of Mexicans now. It’s really sad    01/19/20  (1)
What a time to be alive! *smokes weed, browses Reddit*    01/19/20  (10)
Some childhood photos (CSLG)    01/19/20  (93)
But lawyer Ken Starr made different arguments for a different client!    01/19/20  (2)
libcrusher180 is a DE Shaw insider    01/19/20  (6)

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