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Video: Lawyer wears Under Armor to first day of Trial, Judge’s reaction    07/05/20  (1)
ITT: poast the funniest racist “jokes” you know    07/05/20  (11)
Please stop supporting George Conway    07/05/20  (16)
Chances that Deloitte SLOOT is sucking WHITE TRUMP SUPPORTER COCK?    07/05/20  (1)
I have a girlfriend and a boifriend    07/05/20  (1)
is everyone luis now lol    07/05/20  (13)
Best states to hide during the Second Civil War?    07/05/20  (4)
Should I move to Southern California?    07/05/20  (6)
when do women actually hit the wall?    07/05/20  (5)
interesting history of the left's censorship of the 'far right' in the '60s/70s    07/05/20  (6)
"I'm autistic and gay" (to U2 its a beautiful day)    07/05/20  (159)
Anyone else have parents that have never left the country?    07/05/20  (1)
no mazars decision today, cucks    07/05/20  (2)
pretty cool that the usa is getting its own cultural revolution    07/05/20  (40)
I believe STRONGLY in this country of fat women niggers and kikes    07/05/20  (1)
Do libs think theres anything wrong with black culture?    07/05/20  (6)
kenny is 180 just for being a big Peter Gabriel fan alone    07/05/20  (12)
A Stonewall Jackson statue is det:    07/05/20  (26)
My wife watched John Wick 3 by herself last night after I passed out    07/05/20  (5)
The American Dream is now the American Nightmare    07/05/20  (9)
Unfortunately we're not going to see a Chinese-like Cultural Revolution    07/05/20  (39)
Lib here. Sorry. For everything. Full stop.    07/05/20  (2)
digging into the operations of Antifa    07/05/20  (3)
the freaks are wandering around with masks again    07/05/20  (1)
Covid case fatality rate hemorrhaging badly. Now below 4.5%    07/05/20  (2)
Researchers around the world prepare to #ShutDownSTEM and ‘Strike For BLM'    07/05/20  (5)
Italian Americans surrounded the Columbus statue to save it?    07/05/20  (28)
What will happen when it's 1,000 new cases a day in US?    07/05/20  (67)
Wife gave my $1300 synth to Goodwill, I asked for it back & they have refused.    07/05/20  (18)
vid of pre cocaine lindsay lohan    07/05/20  (1)
Which WOMAN would you pick: 50th, 85th, or 99th percentile?    07/05/20  (79)
What are some books you've read recently?    07/05/20  (14)
high intensity interval diarrhea    07/05/20  (24)
whokebe, if I could, I would srsly donate at least 50 IQ points to you    07/05/20  (14)
Predict dow this week    07/05/20  (5)
Dupa and Bloodacre competing for COCK    07/05/20  (1)
My small company is MANDATING we all read White Fragility    07/05/20  (46)
I literally just had sex with Nikita Dragun was absolutely amazing    07/05/20  (24)
how much should u tip in a pandemic? 50% minimum    07/05/20  (21)
The US is in for an amazing, transformative decade in 2020    07/05/20  (34)
Rank: Book of Five rings, Art of War, The Prince, 48 Laws of Power    07/05/20  (5)
Update: US = 1,323 cases. 8 recovered. 38 det. (JHU Tracker)    07/05/20  (48)
Rapetiles: do you admit you lost fair and square?    07/05/20  (4)
National parks are systemically racist    07/05/20  (40)
State U: Holding values of BLM is "non-negotiable condition of enrollment“    07/05/20  (41)
PSA: Singer Rosalia is NOT Latinx, according to US racial grouping (vid)    07/05/20  (10)
In - N - Out burger is the fucking best shit ever    07/05/20  (1)
lol if you still give a shit about living or dying    07/05/20  (6)
How fucked is the US and when will it be unlivable?    07/05/20  (21)
hey bros, when will it happen?    07/05/20  (17)
Lincoln cancelled too    07/05/20  (14)
wow lmao    07/05/20  (7)
Lots of little kids are getting gunned down in the recent urban violence    07/05/20  (4)
Rate fast food places    07/05/20  (7)
im starting to think deep state or some globalist cabal is gonna move at trump    07/05/20  (1)
Long term after Covid is over, will nightlife culture die out    07/05/20  (4)
im cousin greg    07/05/20  (5)
"I sees a runnin' look in yo' eyes, chile" (kindly of counsel in the elevator)    07/05/20  (2)
Julia and Luis (a poem)    07/05/20  (8)
The real problem with Trump isn't his actual politics    07/05/20  (30)
What will Trump's campaign slogan be in 2020?    07/05/20  (21)
if nyuug won't stop spamming then just ban him and be done with it    07/05/20  (1)
ok whats up new here first day    07/05/20  (1)
Nike REMOVES all Redskins gear from website & will refuse to sell any Skins item    07/05/20  (52)
Changed my mind. Everyone who can should leave America    07/05/20  (85)
Holy shit. The END GAME is very close    07/05/20  (13)
*tsinah throwing his toupee at jason mraz like they're panties at a white snake    07/05/20  (186)
Reminder: the United States has nothing to be ashamed of    07/05/20  (175)
Shitlibs have canceled George Washington.    07/05/20  (9)
my dumb wigger cousing thought HIIT was just HIT    07/05/20  (3)
Kanye selecting OJ Simpson as his running mate    07/05/20  (1)
je suis luis    07/05/20  (3)
Foreign born azn girl Senator calls for tearing down GW statues    07/05/20  (15)
go balls deep long market tomorrow on 6.15.2020    07/05/20  (41)
diarrhea luis    07/05/20  (1)
ITT: history's greatest i told you so's    07/05/20  (31)
TSINAH's decades long love affair with Jason Mraz    07/05/20  (76)
"pro" softball team quits when GM tweets their patriotism to Trump    07/05/20  (2)
The DEFINITIVE List of NYUUG Predictions ITT (v2):    07/05/20  (1)
An Atlantic Coast Pipeline project is det:    07/05/20  (2)
Frederick Douglass statue taken down lmao    07/05/20  (20)
Is the nyuug shitmod taking a nap or something?    07/05/20  (1)
What happened to Amazon one-click?    07/05/20  (1)
Reasons to be cheerful about the current Cultural Revolution    07/05/20  (54)
sometimes i fantasize about doing a fast food road trip across america    07/05/20  (1)
So Ted Cruz tp stole Boom's girl?    07/05/20  (1)
what will replace neoliberalism/what sort of ideologies will rise from its death    07/05/20  (7)
If a billionaire invited me to an island to party and there were 17yos there....    07/05/20  (1)
So much SJW rhetoric is about how white men must find WOC attractive    07/05/20  (3)
computer problem: shuts off every 15 - 20 minutes or so    07/05/20  (20)
Cop absolutely levels a bitch at Miami airport (vid)    07/05/20  (38)
Oh, you're a woke WOC? Name 5 white men you've slept with    07/05/20  (1)
CharlesXII here, rating posters as images from a banned Oregon Trail sequel    07/05/20  (199)
should i do HIIT after drinking a pot of coffee and taking vyvanse?    07/05/20  (3)
"outcry" on showtime has convinced me that all police stations need firebombed    07/05/20  (1)
im latinx    07/05/20  (1)
Spent 6 hours today watching marble racing youtubes.    07/05/20  (3)
Just watched “The English Game” best movie in history (5 out of 5)    07/05/20  (1)
Flash Poll: Are you DEPRESSED?    07/05/20  (63)
F500 CEOs telling middle class families to "give up their privilege"    07/05/20  (10)
they’re Satanists    07/05/20  (2)
Czechoslovakia & Korea both split up. What chance does the US have?    07/05/20  (5)
Fuck you all women will be put in place no one fucking on me(Boom)    07/05/20  (1)
who wouldn't want to read a mediocre 18 year old's livejournal?    07/05/20  (4)
"gotta eat" luis deadpanned to his wife after "top or bottom?????" clickbait vid    07/05/20  (1)
Nurses are hero’s! Lmao    07/05/20  (4)
NYUUG: you could seriously get on this girl's livestream - live    07/05/20  (3)
should i buy michael o's childhood apartment?    07/05/20  (1)
I now think the USA must die for "America" to live    07/05/20  (4)
should i buy jackie o's childhood apartment?    07/05/20  (17)
Alt-righters plow through protests in fleet of Cyber Trucks (vid)    07/05/20  (1)
was there a 'gamer' culture pre video games? like magazines abt marbles and shit    07/05/20  (12)
tucker condescendingly asks "is it because they're shaped like africa?"    07/05/20  (5)
some high strung, type a shrews have to be taken out for runs, like dogs    07/05/20  (5)
MPA what is your take on Peter Gabriel-era Genesis?    07/05/20  (2)
weird when your parents start needing you more than you need them    07/05/20  (95)
Will there actually be a line on the ballot that says "WEST, Kanye"?    07/05/20  (1)
The GOP is a bandaid that stops whites from waking up. It must die    07/05/20  (3)
Fighting Over Masks in Public Is the New American Pastime [NYT]    07/05/20  (2)
Sorry boom. Your girl is mine.    07/05/20  (6)
Dragged Across Concrete is almost 3 hours    07/05/20  (1)
HYPO for racist Trumpmos: u can send all AA's to Africa but Indian Trumpmos must    07/05/20  (4)
I'm a gay black nigger with AIDS and I live in a jungle in Africa    07/05/20  (71)
Rank by IQ of group: King Crimson, Peter Gabriel early Genesis or Yes?    07/05/20  (7)
i don't give a shit about anythign non-white male related    07/05/20  (1)
the fact is that biglaw is a form of SLAVE labor    07/05/20  (1)
18000000 PIG headquarters in georgia destroyed    07/05/20  (1)
Ohio cop kicks handcuffed man in the face    07/05/20  (23)
Can someone repost Prateek’s home address?    07/05/20  (7)
When does Soros pull a Jack Nicholson Joker and just gas everybody?    07/05/20  (5)
Why is there no Jewish art?    07/05/20  (92)
DBG's Son and PDDJ on a "Passover Egg Hunt" at the Local Church...    07/05/20  (3)
Some mentally ill midget Indian named Prateek is spamming again    07/05/20  (15)
fyi susan rice will be vp    07/05/20  (15)
Florida now averaging more covid infections than NY on its worst day    07/05/20  (2)
OldHLSdude do you eat breakfast cereal, if so what kind, skim milk, soy, or whol    07/05/20  (2)
PSA: PaulieP's blogspot from his senior year of HS is hilarious    07/05/20  (25)
In Playgirl magazine did dudes have boners or were they flaccid    07/05/20  (2)
Benzo filed his attractive nuisance lawsuit against a diesel truck    07/05/20  (1)
🚨🚨KANYE IS RUNNING FOR POTUS 2020🚨🚨    07/05/20  (51)
*Henry Aaron, drooling, enlarged eyeballs, rage posting for 44th straight hour*    07/05/20  (4)
Xo Kevin Spacey’s lowest moment (video)    07/05/20  (10)
Henry Aaron drowning in cum: “blow one last load on my face before I die.”    07/05/20  (7)
highest IQ: sacha baron cohen, ina garten, or christopher nolan    07/05/20  (15)
Mormon mommy-blogger's long insta post about breastfeeding should be censored    07/05/20  (15)
Pop Smoke YEAHHHHHH    07/05/20  (1)
azn girl professor at LSU wants to blacklist students who use "hate speech"    07/05/20  (55)
rate this 21 year-old on the ACLU's Board of Trustees    07/05/20  (7)

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