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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/15/20  (388)
45 members of this choir were infected with COVID from one rehearsal    03/30/20  (6)
CSLG, I want to bang that new staff member of your firm. The Latina.    03/30/20  (5)
“Game recognize game” Peterman said with a wet spot in the ass of his pants    03/30/20  (13)
I for one am proud of my work trying to drive TT off the bort forever    03/30/20  (29)
when shit opens back up maybe people will respect personal space more    03/30/20  (5)
Look I dont need this medical mumbo jumbo, just give me the landscapers findings    03/30/20  (1)
*5'6 CSLG working out to girls just wanna have fun* "look how buff I am guys!"    03/30/20  (9)
2017-18 flu killed 80,000 in US    03/30/20  (3)
rate my landscaper's coronavirus infection model    03/30/20  (7)
quotemo's landscaper to give 10 am briefing on his infection model tomorrow FYI    03/30/20  (2)
econometrician, unsure of what RNA stands for, confidently presents COVID guess    03/30/20  (1)
can someone translate landscaper coronavirus model? I don't speak Spanish.    03/30/20  (3)
Rate my retired doctor dad's analysis of COVID-19 infection rates    03/30/20  (112)
wtf is even going on anymore    03/30/20  (4)
Lebron James updates guidance on hydroxychloroquine, weighs in on ICU capacity    03/30/20  (1)
🚨 🚨 LMAO the real R0 is OVER 10 — new paper    03/30/20  (26)
STICKY: the following words are now banned: gay, lifting, covid-19, coronavirus    03/30/20  (1)
All-Stars of Gayness    03/30/20  (1)
lifting is so fucking retarded and homosexual its insane    03/30/20  (11)
Thoughts on this body armor? (CSLG)    03/30/20  (49)
parametrizing your model without consulting with a subject matter expert is    03/30/20  (9)
Trump won two biggest counties in NH and majority of counties but still lost    03/30/20  (2)
Trumpmos: virus is a fraud, not deadly. Also Trumpmos: 21 million died in China    03/30/20  (7)
Anyone date a chick with really small tits? Was she self-conscious about them?    03/30/20  (8)
Anyone else feel like they are fucked w/r/t Layoffs because of cultural marxism    03/30/20  (32)
anyone have a good home gym set up    03/30/20  (10)
Crypto bros get ITT    03/30/20  (15)
Trump: 'It's about DEATH, ok? It's... death.'    03/30/20  (1)
We're already at 1.5% death rate even with mortality lag.    03/30/20  (30)
Business idea: Rescue local bars and restaurants for ownership % (CSLG)    03/30/20  (33)
Why are stock futures green?    03/30/20  (6)
Wikipedia's list of notable persons who have died of WUHAN FLU thus far:    03/30/20  (11)
I beat up a chomo    03/30/20  (14)
Karl Pauper    03/30/20  (1)
Huge increase in Mass Maritime applications    03/30/20  (1)
Post ITT if you have Morgellon's.    03/30/20  (1)
Devastating statistics from SUNY Maritime    03/30/20  (1)
Really, really want the gym to open bros    03/30/20  (11)
BREAKING: Fordham Law Review Cancelling Symposium on 19th Century Admiralty Law!    03/30/20  (5)
im still gay    03/30/20  (7)
lol at ur puny $3.5mm nest egg following 2045 usd HYPERINFLATION    03/30/20  (7)
ITT: list of virus-bad vs fraudvirus poasters    03/30/20  (239)
asians are the worst race without a fucking doubt    03/30/20  (36)
Is long hair going to be the norm now? I hate this shit.    03/30/20  (27)
JFC, I can't stand listening to Andrew Cuomo.    03/30/20  (1)
haha guess i can't go to the gym now! (quarantine bloodacre)    03/30/20  (1)
SUMMON BALDMOS: i am losing my hair    03/30/20  (31)
What does Larry Summers write about Corona from his motel in Arkansas?    03/30/20  (1)
Are we not all but whokebes megapoasting on this great shitboard of life?    03/30/20  (2)
XO Richard Epstein predicts that Virus will get weaker with time, like GRIDS    03/30/20  (15)
evan39 now that your market value has 99xed, are you getting a rai$e?    03/30/20  (6)
We gave up all our rights in 2 seconds because of a bad flu. JFC at Americans    03/30/20  (27)
Evan39 people don't get that $porttt and entttertttaonmenttt FRAUD is a di$tract    03/30/20  (13)
watched 98 yo quadriplegic w covid stand and walk out of ER after chloroquine    03/30/20  (8)
Really miss coffee & beer    03/30/20  (2)
WSJ comes out HARD in favor of Hydroxychloroquine    03/30/20  (81)
The only cure is for everyone to wear masks for three months    03/30/20  (9)
UVT is still welded inside the apartment his parents bought him    03/30/20  (12)
🎵another one🎵 (dj kalid voice montage of of jizz loads spraying tsinahs ba    03/30/20  (5)
I'm starting to seriously worry about global supply chains for mesh shorts    03/30/20  (2)
biz idea: Biglaw Chew bubblegum    03/30/20  (5)
Do you even get what this corona frraud is? Its fucked up humans fucking with sh    03/30/20  (1)
Why are futures up right now    03/30/20  (1)
So US futures are green despite oil falling even more?    03/30/20  (1)
spritezero lives in imperial county, ca.    03/30/20  (6)
whokebe chose to live as a parasitic xo entity for the rest of his days    03/30/20  (12)
NEW **Zoom Invite - 9:00 am 3/30/2020 - Re: Performance Evaluation**    03/30/20  (8)
Uvt taking ?'s on Coronavirus and China    03/30/20  (2)
🚨 3/29/2020 Members of the Coronavirus 🦠 Task Force Hold a Press Briefing    03/30/20  (99)
Can't wait to see the lib contortions this week over chloroquine    03/30/20  (4)
scholarship tp, how are your lungs?    03/30/20  (18)
What's the point of sending people who havent lost their jobs money?    03/30/20  (3)
RIP Anthony Yarde's dad died of coronavirus    03/30/20  (1)
Will be 180 when fraud state/local govt pensions are pwned    03/30/20  (15)
This is the most faggoty histrionic and paranoid message board on the internet    03/30/20  (14)
who here is buying ABT?    03/30/20  (2)
How's it possible to be a biglaw partner and be married w/kids?    03/30/20  (2)
Libs do you realize your dreams of gun control are fucking done here forever?    03/30/20  (9)
Fraud $oiety    03/30/20  (23)
international human entertainment rights lawyers    03/30/20  (3)
fraud enTTTerTTTainmenTTT    03/30/20  (8)
Lol at huge spike in corona cases in Japan now that Olympics are cancelled.    03/30/20  (3)
FDA authorizes hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine for covid    03/30/20  (11)
pro sporttt and entttertttainmentttt industttry such a sham lol    03/30/20  (6)
ljl at the shit products, services and entttertttainment you slave for    03/30/20  (52)
Steely Dan voice - You ate bat, Jap, chew it again, till you fall to the ground    03/30/20  (13)
ljl at the "entttertttainmenttt" industttry    03/30/20  (18)
In case there was any doubt Trump is building the wall    03/30/20  (8)
not flame i contemplated a laptop purchase on xo for over 6 months    03/30/20  (3)
Going to see a doctor has become a fucking pain    03/30/20  (44)
Wake Forest Law: worth it?    03/30/20  (21)
Chinese thermometer association: Make fake thermometers for Americans    03/30/20  (24)
Jimmy Buffett placed on ventilator as deaths mount in Margaritaville (link)    03/30/20  (19)
Doctors/clinics refusing Covid patients is nonsense    03/30/20  (3)
Chicago Econ Prof: Unregulated internet will eliminate all pornography    03/30/20  (29)
this whole thing is starting to feel like a massive power/$$ grab by the elites    03/30/20  (56)
NBA players dusting off their "I can't breathe" shirts    03/30/20  (4)
NYT: China is hoarding all the N95 masks the world needs    03/30/20  (88)
still g.a.y.    03/30/20  (1)
FACT CHECK: Trump said it was a nice day out but our reporter confirmed a cloud    03/30/20  (1)
Quarantined infant on death's door baptized in fish aquarium, fully recovered    03/30/20  (5)
oh sweet i have a bunch of whale tank/rsf bathtub cleaner (me wheezing on vent)    03/30/20  (5)
Have been diagnosed with coronavirus twice in last 3 weeks. Taking Qs.    03/30/20  (5)
NY docs are refusing to prescribe chloroquine just to spite trump e    03/30/20  (4)
what are the best languages for web scraping/doing shit with data    03/30/20  (10)
Trump claimed, without evidence,    03/30/20  (1)
remember when reptiles acted like Ebola was as bad as corona?    03/30/20  (1)
itt, post: industry, yrs of experience, whether u expect to be laid off    03/30/20  (14)
bright lights big titties (rsf self published autobiography)    03/30/20  (7)
me & uspo watching when harry met sally, syncing our menstrual cycles    03/30/20  (1)
I know women, it is insane they not making babies and are expected to flounder    03/30/20  (3)
DEBUNKED!    03/30/20  (2)
"He said he didn't like diapers," *flips page* "and you said: 'hehe'"    03/30/20  (9)
im going to start worshipping satan    03/30/20  (1)
"here's $1200, in exchange you need to be alone" luis: lmao    03/30/20  (12)
Norm Mcdonald releases song about bats    03/30/20  (3)
Doctor here. Want some pain meds? Who has pain?    03/30/20  (1)
should I invest in a pulse oximeter?    03/30/20  (1)
mr.jinx, I would like to experience rape (whok)    03/30/20  (1)
it's so fucking absurd nyuug claims to live in a first world country. not close.    03/30/20  (13)
This kinda looks like russiagate 2.0    03/30/20  (5)
PREP (HIV prev.) drugs account for 22% of drug industry profits in 2019 (link)    03/30/20  (1)
Things get advertised to me on Snapchat and I come here to poast them.    03/30/20  (2)
Wifey doesn’t know about recent gun purchases. What to do?    03/30/20  (14)
so tell me about the company culture. *casually lights up TuTu pipe*    03/30/20  (68)
Fauci was a AIDS propagandist in the 80s    03/30/20  (17)
What is this mental illness?    03/30/20  (33)
Rate Politico's HOT TAKE on Drumpf's debunked chloroquine conspiracy theory    03/30/20  (9)
'80s celebrity PSAs recommending 'mutual masturbation' to avoid HIV    03/30/20  (1)
My guess is that we will have a short window to buy the dip - heres why    03/30/20  (46)
Trumpmos, u doing MAGA rallies in spring or what?    03/30/20  (9)
wake forest is 180    03/30/20  (2)
How are you all preparing for the impending currency crisis    03/30/20  (3)
How you treat NPCs in RPG games says a lot about the type of person you are    03/30/20  (8)
Spaceporn: worst PR debacle since "I'm with her?" (repost #4)    03/30/20  (25)
rate this pic of an early xo meetup    03/30/20  (13)
Will the CASINO INDUSTRY go bankrupt?    03/30/20  (3)
If you don't have an AR-15, Glock 19 and bugout bag ur literally insane    03/30/20  (16)
My [21M] flatmate [20M] keeps giving me lil kisses when he thinks I'm asleep. Ho    03/30/20  (9)
loan relief excludes PAYE    03/30/20  (6)
Mayor: New Haven asks for coronavirus housing help; Yale says ‘no’. Lmfao li    03/30/20  (1)
Ass-ify the person and personify the ass. Voila!    03/30/20  (2)
I need, Don Corleone, all of those pumos that you carry aroun in your pocket,    03/30/20  (104)
Guys: Are you wearing any underwear right now?    03/30/20  (9)
What does tp mean in xospeak    03/30/20  (17)
So ljl= let's just laugh (newb guide to xo lingo)    03/30/20  (70)
Brooklyn hospital video    03/30/20  (7)
If 2020 Tennis Season Cancelled, Which Of Fed / Lance / Djoker Is Hurt? #tennis    03/30/20  (10)
Baltimore nigs flashing their N95 gold grill as they rape your sister    03/30/20  (1)
interviewer: "do you have any questions for us?" luis: "u gen?"    03/30/20  (7)

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