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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/14/19  (346)
not enough people changing their names anymore    11/17/19  (35)
Ford vs. Ferrari    11/17/19  (12)
Conservative radio host criticizes Trump; fired mid-show    11/17/19  (9)
benzo playing catch with tsinah's toupee, tsinah unable to catch a single time    11/17/19  (18)
What’s really going on with Trump’s health? Mysterious “physical” today?    11/17/19  (10)
are there any legit print magazines left? i tried The Atlantic & it was garbage    11/17/19  (15)
Washington Post gives "first husband" Chasten Buttigieg glowing profile    11/17/19  (24)
Boorstin destroys the concept of modernity with this passage    11/17/19  (5)
INCREDIBLE TENSION in DC dating scene between Bernie and Warren supporters    11/17/19  (46)
Beto officially launches his 2024 POTUS campaign (link)    11/17/19  (1)
[Slate] Is Pete Buttigieg Just Another White Male Candidate, or Does His Gayness    11/17/19  (11)
Washington teachers: All differences in outcome are because of a broken system.    11/17/19  (46)
Trump administration is extending protections from deportation to more than 200k    11/17/19  (12)
No baby the compression socks are kinda sexy keep em on    11/17/19  (2)
Rate this Plaid Cymru Welsh nationalist    11/17/19  (1)
libs freaking the fuck out over WSJ expose of shitlib google    11/17/19  (20)
Kurt Cobian would be 60 years old now.    11/17/19  (20)
Matt Damon tells Trump supporters don't watch my new movie, "stay in your truck"    11/17/19  (8)
👖 How High Can High-Waisted Pants Go? 👖    11/17/19  (7)
** 11/16 Official Louisiana Governor Election Results Thread **    11/17/19  (51)
TikTok sweet spot compilation: vote for your favorite one    11/17/19  (47)
Explainer: Why Thai Hookers dislike Indian Men    11/17/19  (26)
God is flame: 54 million year-old gecko preserved in amber but no dinosaurs    11/17/19  (7)
Tell the owners to slap a 2nd front door in this house and they've got a buyer    11/17/19  (1)
Shortmo baseball umpire abandons game cause female specator insults his height (    11/17/19  (2)
"Honey, who is 'Mr. Silly'??" u nervously ask after seeing ur wife's texts    11/17/19  (5)
RATE the level of autism on the "English Language & Usage" StackExchange    11/17/19  (1)
So Michael Stipe fucked Natalie Merchant for a while then decided he was gay?    11/17/19  (6)
The premise of Bull Durham is kind of absurd    11/17/19  (15)
Family Ties reboot starring Nick Fuentes as Alex, Britney Venti as Mallory    11/17/19  (8)
XO MORRISSEY refuses to cuck    11/17/19  (30)
if you're not using duckduckgo instead of (((google))), welcome to 2012    11/17/19  (1)
Out to dinner with wife. Suggest some topics for discussion ITT.    11/17/19  (10)
The Neon Gook (1998)    11/17/19  (1)
remember that 'Butterfly Kisses' song?    11/17/19  (2)
"this is a CONTRACT of ADHESION," TSINAH screamed at the Burger King cashier    11/17/19  (10)
Adam Schiff morphing into a giant cartoon rat in Disney Trump-themed x-mas movie    11/17/19  (1)
Adam Schiff is such a disgusting piece of SHIT    11/17/19  (9)
*tsinah confidently cruching on ruffles after missing half the LSAT questions*    11/17/19  (5)
Apple iMac bros, do you use a trackpad?    11/17/19  (26)
Heterosexuality without Women    11/16/19  (2)
Gay teen streaming channel startup raised $60 million    11/16/19  (8)
remember insane cultural low-point when 'Last Kiss' by Pearl Jam went to #1?    11/16/19  (10)
whok, have you ever exonerated a poaster of their misdeeds?    11/16/19  (1)
a human puppet that doesn't know it's a puppet    11/16/19  (1)
TT I’d love to meet you $ometime.. life i$ what you want it to be    11/16/19  (9)
10-Year-Old Transgender Boy Starting Dating Website for Trans Children    11/16/19  (1)
All Hollywood leading men are gay or trannies    11/16/19  (11)
LONELY HUNTER, give us updates on your life ITT.    11/16/19  (8)
hey fulano can you fuck my ass? it's for a project    11/16/19  (41)
What could fed govt do to repopulate interior of the US?    11/16/19  (77)
Don't bring me no coffee    11/16/19  (1)
PS4 ff7 remake looks amazing    11/16/19  (3)
Is this the greatest scene in movie history? - video    11/16/19  (1)
   11/16/19  (14)
Water i$ weird    11/16/19  (3)
Haven't had any booze for 2 weeks. Really bored    11/16/19  (13)
DescriptionWater is a transparent, tasteless, odorless, and nearly colorless che    11/16/19  (2)
POD - Youth of the Nation    11/16/19  (1)
You’re damn right I ordered the code red! Jim Jordan: Hearsay! *fingers in ear    11/16/19  (4)
Jalen Hurts will lead this comeback    11/16/19  (19)
Elise Stefanik makes libs really irate.    11/16/19  (10)
"damn daddy..." said 6 y/o damn daddy as his father OD'ed on the floor    11/16/19  (63)
Why did WWE let godless CM Punk takeover?    11/16/19  (3)
I never played super Mario rpg. Did I miss out    11/16/19  (5)
Going to get a bowhead whale 🐳 a$ a pet will live 200+ year$    11/16/19  (1)
Nothing hotter than seeing a chick bend over and seeing her twig and berries    11/16/19  (2)
Bill Cosby infected unsuspecting white women with coz loads    11/16/19  (35)
does 'Pearl Jam' have an active following in 2019?    11/16/19  (1)
lol damn faggy now needs shitmods to protect his feelings    11/16/19  (19)
"Is mommy's corpse crying? Oh thats just a glob of cum" (Rudolph    11/16/19  (26)
damn daddy's father: "you want to be a winner, right??!" *opens vaseline*    11/16/19  (8)
How fucked is a woman if she is 40 and alone?    11/16/19  (3)
Imagine walking back out into Waco after blowing that lead.    11/16/19  (2)
🐻 CORNELL SHOCKS #12 DARTMOUTH 🐻    11/16/19  (1)
Guess the politician (easy)    11/16/19  (1)
Baylor 28 Oklahoma 3 hmmm    11/16/19  (7)
Imagine being Richard Jewell after the Atlanta bombings    11/16/19  (6)
*damn daddy riding his dad reverse cowgirl in hospital bed synced to EKG rhythm*    11/16/19  (29)
How many current poasters remember Earl alt-f4 incident?    11/16/19  (3)
Twitter suspending accts for “I hired Trump to fire people like Yovanovitch”    11/16/19  (38)
ABC airing 3-hour "Holiday Tree" episode with First Gentleman Chasten Buttigieg    11/16/19  (2)
whok, how do I compare to mr. jinx?    11/16/19  (5)
CFB fraud exposed again, Baylor proving they belong    11/16/19  (9)
Star Trek TNG was the last gasp of a positive lib vision for the world    11/16/19  (2)
Marvel scrapping villain character "The Morgellon" due to Chinese pressure    11/16/19  (1)
Gonna give Idris a beef curtain sandwich as his midnight snack    11/16/19  (7)
Jim Jordan: But YOU didn't hear Hitler order the HOLOCAUST, did you? HEARSAY!    11/16/19  (28)
Honestly don't know what I regret more niggerthreads or anti-Lebron James thread    11/16/19  (38)
*Rudolph hooking his mom's corpse up to a car battery*    11/16/19  (30)
Rewatching American History X - wow    11/16/19  (6)
OhIo State/LSU in the Superdome will be a pretty good championship game    11/16/19  (1)
Oregon Ducks reappearing in 2019 cfb playoff picture    11/16/19  (38)
NIGGERS    11/16/19  (2)
Justin Herbert has really poor accuracy    11/16/19  (1)
5'6 🕎🌈 (whoa cr friends tinder bio)    11/16/19  (29)
Man is born free, and everywhere he is in diapers.    11/16/19  (50)
Whok, would you collaborate on a cover with me?    11/16/19  (28)
increasingly deranged xo search queries tp    11/16/19  (5)
parental advisory: explicit poaster    11/16/19  (5)
I$ $aban turning plan back around headed towards branch dividian In Waco?    11/16/19  (1)
🦇 Baylor ha$ been $hut out $econd half=ouch    11/16/19  (1)
Cot damn my wife was hot in her teens/early 20s    11/16/19  (5)
CFB locks: Auburn +2.5 vs. Georgia, UCLA +21 @ Utah, Navy +7.5 a Notre Dame    11/16/19  (7)
Trump tweet: Republican lost in Louisiana Gov. race because he was never Trumper    11/16/19  (2)
Jim Jordan to GOP co-workers, "ya'll told me impeachment was business casual"    11/16/19  (6)
QB who Scott Frost recruited over Tua is out of football, played zero snaps    11/16/19  (2)
$aban play$ a middle $chool next week $o he $hould be ok    11/16/19  (3)
Utah is really good about to go 9-1 Should be 10-0    11/16/19  (4)
$aban on a plane to Norman to lure Hurt$ bAck    11/16/19  (10)
I$ Bama ready for the nightly we$tern Carolina catamount$??$$    11/16/19  (2)
Libs crucified Bill Cosby for showing blacks the way out    11/16/19  (7)
Health insurance premiums for my family of 5 will be $18,000 next year    11/16/19  (93)
Fiancee just saw my TikTok app open    11/16/19  (1)
LSU should drop to #5 after giving up 37 to old miss + Texas loss today    11/16/19  (1)
Reminder: there is *no* consolation for being short/ugly/stupid in Godless world    11/16/19  (3)
USF's kicker missed 4 FGs against Cincinnati today. Guess who I bet on.    11/16/19  (3)
Clemson, LSU, Ohio State, and Alabama    11/16/19  (1)
Former players admit that the Houston Astros stole pitching signs electronically    11/16/19  (78)
A Nutella and Mayo bbq chicken burrito coated in alfredo sauce    11/16/19  (2)
Jim Jordan: But YOU didn't SEE Lincoln free the slaves. Did you?! HEARSEE!    11/16/19  (24)
Literally making dozens of no reply AssFaggot threads on my deathbed as I expire    11/16/19  (9)
Former Pro Birdbrain Makes It Official #tennis    11/16/19  (5)
Jjc sailboat pic is still on google images & a number of other sites    11/16/19  (15)
LSU gave up 37 points to Old Miss    11/16/19  (3)
The Astros players who cheated rumored to be Beltran and Cora    11/16/19  (14)
I am watching German TV. Literally a fag priest having buttsex w African refugee    11/16/19  (6)
So my next car will be a Tesla Model 3 Performance    11/16/19  (1)
'seems like 'race' isn't really a 'thing' anymore in america...' (xo mongoloid)    11/16/19  (1)
Sick society full of cowards, criminals, & frauds    11/16/19  (4)
Guy jerks off in public, dog eats cum and grows 2x within 15 minutes    11/16/19  (20)
seems like the contrived racial tension of last few yrs is slowly fizzling out    11/16/19  (9)
thinking about sucking off a black nigger APE penis. SCARED    11/16/19  (2)
Why is this TikTok teen so famous    11/16/19  (21)
XO kid-havers....why?    11/16/19  (23)
fat millennial with bic-shaved head doing whiskey 'nosing' reviews on youtube    11/16/19  (2)
Fred Durst and Verne Troyer release "Nu-Metal Manifesto" on climate change (WaP)    11/16/19  (9)
Now that Minnesota lost, which team will the xo Rudolfs latch onto?    11/16/19  (1)
Binders full of Rupinders    11/16/19  (2)
So $100millionaire Andersen Cooper is keeping his day job on CIA News Network?    11/16/19  (1)
The failed 'turning points' of Mayor Pete’s campaign implosion:    11/16/19  (27)
Colorado state QB is fat guy with a bowlcut not flame    11/16/19  (1)
Windows is going to stop supporting Windows7 so I have to get a new laptop?    11/16/19  (34)
What the hell is going on with James harden?    11/16/19  (2)
say it aint SO, i wont lift CLOTHED    11/16/19  (14)
Dr. Rafael Nadal is WORLD #1 for the FIFTH TIME! Wow! #tennis    11/16/19  (14)
should i retire to my winter dacha?    11/16/19  (6)
Air Force now 8-2 after stomping CSU Rams    11/16/19  (1)

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