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This is my guess today 04/26 on how Trump vs Hillary will play out in Nov    05/25/20  (32)
If Trump read his speeches, studied a bit on foreign policy, he'd be President    05/25/20  (7)
nobody can actually run a full marathon    05/25/20  (9)
NYT: worst-case scenario planners gaming out doomsday options for 2020 election    05/25/20  (7)
UN says US forces burned wheat fields in Syria to starve population    05/25/20  (2)
ppl who say they run more than 3 miles are lying. not possible    05/25/20  (29)
Best vehicle to sleep in on a road trip?    05/25/20  (1)
Reminder: Lockdown and its consequences are the work of fraudvirus libs    05/25/20  (3)
Besides Ringo Starr, who else got carried by a good rock band    05/25/20  (133)
(NYT) It’s Not Obesity, It’s Slavery: Why Blacks Are Dying of Coronavirus    05/25/20  (2)
Serious question: can anything be done for the poors?    05/25/20  (4)
French built Wuhan lab: French intelligence warned of risk of “catastrophic le    05/25/20  (11)
Can someone explain how Biden is so consistently leading Trump?    05/25/20  (65)
Joe Biden's "deplorables" moment    05/25/20  (12)
come on, man! you know i didn't mean what i meant    05/25/20  (7)
you live your life in a free-form style    05/25/20  (2)
Broke: Banana bread. Woke: Peter Bread    05/25/20  (4)
Joe Scarborough joking about sleeping with and killing his intern.    05/25/20  (3)
steez rate the PREFTIGE of this tamil academic    05/25/20  (49)
Can someone post a link to that "sexual catholic" thread?    05/25/20  (1)
WaPo: "Trump’s demonization of China puts U.S. in financial peril"    05/25/20  (14)
“I chose law over STEM because I consider myself a social extrovert.”    05/25/20  (8)
Pissed off Russian villager shoots dead 8 Hahol soldiers for stealing his chicke    05/25/20  (3)
Is FLW another turdskin/azn psycho?    05/25/20  (12)
George Mason professor in hot water over his sex life    05/25/20  (34)
It's already May 25th. A whole year is lost    05/25/20  (3)
How is Trump accusing mSNBC Joe of murder not textbook libel?    05/25/20  (8)
The failed 'turning points' of Biden’s campaign implosion:    05/25/20  (3)
Rate this chick I went to high school with (Zurich - tiktok vid)    05/25/20  (23)
White birth demographics during Trump era    05/25/20  (2)
Why we fight    05/25/20  (1)
Scholarship Is Like Yeast. The Bread Rises With Increased Scholarly Treats    05/25/20  (2)
bread    05/25/20  (2)
rate the 1990 American comedy 'Men at Work'    05/25/20  (6)
Anyone read anything good recently? ty    05/25/20  (6)
Pompeo Rubio 2024    05/25/20  (3)
Anyone remember a thread about a jacked and schizo youtuber/blogger    05/25/20  (10)
reading orwell: progress and anachronism, RE modern life    05/25/20  (2)
new trump ad    05/25/20  (2)
more proof that women should never be trusted    05/25/20  (3)
listening to "devastating" on spotify, thinking of jshad    05/25/20  (1)
Womens "numbers" shld be 1 or 2 digits. Mens #s must be 3 digits    05/25/20  (15)
Wikipedia announces they will end all "Early Life" sections due to antisemitism    05/25/20  (1)
Hark, Peter Bread! Bake Me A Scholarly Bread!    05/25/20  (3)
i feel like shit about something i did in 1st grade.    05/25/20  (8)
We're going to rebrand riding bikes as "spinning" and the girls will love it!    05/25/20  (1)
Shitlibs will now push the “Trump weak on China” angle    05/25/20  (75)
Obamacare + mass amnesty is going to change America forever    05/25/20  (2)
China set to launch Mars probe & rover mission in July --> activate Space Force    05/25/20  (2)
why haven't scientists been able to make a better car than KITT in 30 years?    05/25/20  (1)
Dosteyevsky explains psychology of EPAH, very interesting    05/25/20  (4)
Why do they call negros Afro-Americans? Because of their afro hair?    05/25/20  (1)
Heavily Online God-Tier: people forced to change legal name due to online shit    05/25/20  (1)
Withnail and I    05/25/20  (4)
a chill type of neurotic busty jewess that cooks for you    05/25/20  (11)
Silent Hill 2 but it's about figuring out why boner police is so angry    05/25/20  (39)
HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY, NIGGERS!!    05/25/20  (8)
Ancient 300 foot long snake found in Earth’s mantle    05/25/20  (2)
MLB Syndergaard player to Jewish NYC landlord: FUCK YOU!    05/25/20  (28)
Lat was just on YouTube. Looked good.    05/25/20  (5)
War Machine is respectable, rational; his sister a drug addled loser.    05/25/20  (50)
Still pisses me off that War Machine spends time in hospitals.    05/25/20  (2)
Can someone recap the RSF vs. Dennis feud? RSF pwned Dennis, right?    05/25/20  (22)
Reminder: You can regrow your hair with a "scalp expander balloon"    05/25/20  (3)
CDC: IFR for coronavirus is .26%    05/25/20  (5)
"God Only Knows" plays over montage of Boner Police eating Big Macs on toilet    05/25/20  (66)
385 lb. boner police honking rascal scooter horn @ crowd of Harvard azn tourists    05/25/20  (54)
How do I get good at running, being able to go on long runs?    05/25/20  (19)
Was gonna have a 3some with a white couple Wed but I fucked it up (TT6)    05/25/20  (3)
Hertz used car sales any good?    05/25/20  (58)
Will the next violent civil unrest in this country be political, ethnic or both?    05/25/20  (2)
There's something 180 about Jewish perseverance    05/25/20  (4)
Don't you know BUMP it up! You got to Blank Bump it up!    05/25/20  (2)
What's a good area for a shitlawyer to learn while the courts are closed?    05/25/20  (3)
even allegedly “attractive” women are disgusting    05/25/20  (6)
Boner Police's motor scooter making awful grinding noises as he rides uphill    05/25/20  (7)
best work of art: beethovens 9th, sistine chapel, step brothers billy joel scen    05/25/20  (2)
Which technological areas had the biggest breakthroughs over past 10-20 years?    05/25/20  (5)
ITT: shocking 2020 election results    05/25/20  (1)
(to "Don't Stop Believing") Just a Chaebong Hyung / A coward piece of human dung    05/25/20  (123)
I dreamt that I killed someone    05/25/20  (7)
Rental Car companies are about to sell their cars for dirt cheap    05/25/20  (25)
a humiliating life of incompetence and deeply ingrained low self-esteem tp    05/25/20  (4)
FLW and bowlcut are the only top poas that arnt afraid 2 call out bort "legends    05/25/20  (10)
lol at doctors feeding kids amphetamines, getting adults hooked on painkillers,    05/25/20  (114)
prince, we know you're still smoking meth, so any good new meth stories?    05/25/20  (2)
Breaking lease to move into less expensive house    05/25/20  (73)
Whok... do I have c_ncer?    05/25/20  (15)
Deranged shitlibs BOWLDERIZE Fawlty Towers due to "racism"    05/25/20  (8)
there is no point anymore    05/25/20  (9)
Shitlibs assail Fawlty Towers over Manuel character    05/25/20  (3)
Show me incontrovertible proof SomeOtherGhost is Spaceporn    05/25/20  (36)
I keep forgetting there was an Indian guy in Sum 41    05/25/20  (10)
Can we stop talking about Michael Jordan? I don't care    05/25/20  (10)
America is done here. DEMS will just overrun us socially and politically    05/25/20  (16)
There Are 3 Types of Posters    05/25/20  (8)
I have gay cancer and so do you.    05/25/20  (11)
NYPD Raided Children's Carnival In Williamsburg (VID)    05/25/20  (2)
sclerotic cialis boner pulsating unhealthily    05/25/20  (2)
Are the Kurds doing ok? I haven't really heard much about them lately.    05/25/20  (26)
ok, it's over    05/25/20  (1)
Want to straight up rip the skin off my skull lmao    05/25/20  (4)
Jeff Lenkov keeps having his associates email me on Sat/Sun night    05/25/20  (5)
Poker is a 180 beautiful thought provoking challenging game    05/25/20  (4)
I'm Ready To Sell Out    05/25/20  (16)
Woke up feeling terrible about what we did to the Kurds    05/25/20  (2)
Out of my mind worrying how the Kurds are holding up these days    05/25/20  (2)
Does anyone remember Syria and Turkey and the Kurds? Remember that craziness?    05/25/20  (4)
Wisdom tooth removal: flame?    05/25/20  (67)
2nd cuz: “I give great dome ;)” Shrew gf: “Stay the fuck home!”    05/25/20  (8)
in our watching we have watched for a nation that could not save us.    05/25/20  (1)
If Trump loses the 2020 election it will be the end of an era in American politi    05/25/20  (31)
Whatever u do don’t mention the war!    05/25/20  (3)
Brooklyn tailor Yosel Tiefenbrun selling bespoke masks from $50 up to $300    05/25/20  (16)
ITT, a handy diagram primer on TMF’s psychology    05/25/20  (19)
dbg / dtp, rate her    05/25/20  (1)
The most confounding studies on homosex stated briefly    05/25/20  (79)
Last year this time, remember Game of Thrones?    05/25/20  (7)
I already know, so it is    05/25/20  (1)
We're all "alts" of God    05/25/20  (32)
any adult woman who is/was into “theatre” or “acting” is guaranteed psyc    05/25/20  (7)
So basically anything that Jews find disagreeable = antisemitism?    05/25/20  (5)
"Previously, on FaggotShit..."    05/25/20  (3)
Just got SBA email saying I'm approved for 20k loan    05/25/20  (1)
trump administration greatly mishandling coronavirus situation! how so?    05/25/20  (82)
Portugal's Ruling Party (Socialists) Trying To Close Jewish EU Passport Backdoor    05/25/20  (8)
If ur not studying psychology to understand self + others, ur insane (DTP)    05/25/20  (70)
ITT: I reveal my long-awaited top 10 films of the 1970's    05/25/20  (3)
Did Japan Just Beat the Virus Without Lockdowns or Mass Testing?    05/25/20  (105)
Never forget: black twitter gave us Karen DEMANDING to see the manager    05/25/20  (9)
coronavirus stuff is just depressing now    05/25/20  (23)
Head of counseling psychology at UPennState kills self to death (link)    05/25/20  (19)
Playing a poker game soon - HELP    05/25/20  (12)
Matt Lauer's takedown on Ronan Farrow's book is pretty devastating (link)    05/25/20  (11)
whats ur rent    05/25/20  (43)
Rate this fool with a dead rabbit in post-WW2 Germany - video    05/25/20  (1)
Islamic Prayer Call Blaring 5x/Day From Mosque Disturbing 3rd World City Of LA    05/25/20  (22)
I wish women would have sex with me would be 180    05/25/20  (3)
ITT, we pick the two most prestigious combo of schools.    05/25/20  (54)
How often do you bros GAMBLE?    05/25/20  (2)
RSF was stripped of mod powers, then humiliated on xo.    05/25/20  (288)
GLOBAL WARMING IS A LIE    05/25/20  (5)
le tigre, need your help ITT    05/25/20  (4)
Shrew GF: people will DIE. Second cuz: fraudvirus is a LIE    05/25/20  (6)
I am going to kill myself.    05/25/20  (13)
Anyone else dead without roaring sex drive going?    05/25/20  (1)
How much cum could a cum cum cum if a cum cum could cum cum    05/25/20  (3)
So you want to live your life around your occasional sexual drive?    05/25/20  (1)
gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, not gay, gay gay, gay    05/25/20  (1)
i miss my youthful days when i didn’t know everything was flame    05/25/20  (14)

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