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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/14/19  (346)
Buddy buys used JetSkis every October, sells to Chileans. Done for year.    11/18/19  (1)
David Brooks comes out HARD AS FUCK against the DEEP STATE    11/18/19  (20)
Imagine telling a Lib in July 2019, that he'd care STRONGLY about Kurds soon    11/18/19  (4)
Alyssa Milano's tattoo of "dead Kurdish child" actually Chilean (TMZ)    11/18/19  (5)
So WeWork is going to shitcan 4K employees?    11/18/19  (16)
What model Lexus are you getting your wife this December?    11/18/19  (1)
Mayor Pete uses stock photos of Kenyans to represent his black supporters    11/18/19  (1)
TikTok Trumpkins!    11/18/19  (2)
Hank Williams - I'm so lonesome I could die for Israel    11/18/19  (3)
What pack of cigs should I smoke this week with coffee in am?    11/18/19  (6)
Mayor Pete calls for a ground invasion of Mexico.    11/18/19  (7)
NYT is FREAKING OUT because nobody gives a fuck about fake "impeachment" (link)    11/18/19  (11)
Why did China give tiktok to the USA for free?    11/18/19  (4)
Ford Motor Company releases a Lib Mustang (pics inside)    11/18/19  (5)
Weiner, Podesta & Maxwell LLC    11/18/19  (1)
POTUS Trump to TAKE THE STAND IN HIS OWN DEFENSE!    11/18/19  (1)
Guided by Voices - "Short on Posters"    11/18/19  (1)
Michelle Malkin fired for supporting Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes    11/18/19  (5)
literally no decent mma or boxing fights for months?    11/18/19  (6)
vaginas are silly & disgusting if u think about it    11/18/19  (19)
Trump backs off flavor ban for e-cigarettes    11/18/19  (7)
Have been off bort since April 2018, catch me up    11/18/19  (7)
"punk" is a music genre for retards and juveniles    11/18/19  (6)
What’s the latest with the Ukraine impeachment stuff?    11/18/19  (2)
Analysis: Media's Biden Standard of 'No Evidence' Is a Double Standard    11/18/19  (5)
Naomi Klein seems extremely stupid?    11/18/19  (1)
Pope Francis harshly condemns Muslims for forcing conversion at sword point    11/18/19  (2)
Have you ever wanted to die for Israel, but you're not even Jewish? You will.    11/18/19  (1)
This is one of the top videos on YouTube when you search for “Great Replacemen    11/18/19  (7)
Bruce Willis to return as Lt John McClane in Die Hard For Israel    11/18/19  (9)
White girl on the reality of dating black guys    11/18/19  (30)
she devoted 34 selfless hours a week to pensioned public service    11/18/19  (8)
XO MORRISSEY refuses to cuck    11/18/19  (33)
Rate this Plaid Cymru Welsh nationalist    11/18/19  (2)
Resident bort pro wrestling expert, taking q's    11/18/19  (110)
me assassinating boomer prime, as all other boomers slowly morph into trees    11/18/19  (3)
2021 Pres Buttigieg watches Military dance to “High Hopes” during July 4 par    11/18/19  (3)
What's the best punk band, album, and song?    11/18/19  (36)
Credited tips to sleep on a long haul flight, wake up refreshed?    11/18/19  (20)
Reminder: Adam Neumann and other WeWork execs would hotbox their private jet    11/18/19  (1)
sexual market is just insane    11/18/19  (3)
Threads you think about randomly and lol about    11/18/19  (8)
Well great. Wife found my tiktok browsing history. Wants "to talk" when I get ho    11/18/19  (68)
Why are CHINKS so fucking UGLY?    11/18/19  (35)
How many notifications if you log into Facebook right NOW    11/18/19  (2)
“Look at this great deal on soda!” exclaimed the POWERGOY.    11/18/19  (1)
*foam-rolls your buttocks for 40 minutes*    11/18/19  (3)
Jeb! starring in Hallmark x-mas movie about Mexican kid who meets Santa Claus    11/18/19  (4)
FlyerTalk Cucks: Taking A Pen From A Hotel Room Is Stealing    11/18/19  (56)
White women equidistant between Ted Bundy and Albus Dumbledore    11/18/19  (7)
Is Trump resigning today?    11/18/19  (2)
Plato's cave but there are flat screens everywhere & really shitty wings & beer    11/18/19  (36)
DIKES get wrong CUM at CUMBANK. NIGGER pops out.    11/18/19  (235)
Happy Friday introverts. Rebuild your energy. We will harvest it on Monday.    11/18/19  (43)
media is so insanely corrupt and dishonest that it defies comment anymore    11/18/19  (2)
Downside to living in ARE country: most people there are dumb as hell    11/18/19  (11)
Carl Froch talks about how Carl Froch would have made work of GGG and Canelo    11/18/19  (1)
Male Pattern Autism    11/18/19  (14)
The Mangled Peterman Asshole    11/18/19  (26)
"shooter? ..which shooter? oh shooter.." America trailed off listlessly    11/18/19  (1)
Mass shooting in Fresno, no one cares    11/18/19  (33)
CM Punk returned to WWE last night    11/18/19  (2)
I dreamed I stole $200m from a bank. Woke up. Was first relieved but then sad    11/18/19  (4)
holding a dinner at Red Lobster for all 4 or my youtube 'patrons'    11/18/19  (2)
Tucker buys nicotine lozenges from New Zealand; Trump gets UK Sudafed    11/18/19  (6)
I am a nocturnal nigger.    11/18/19  (3)
Luis: "i'm straight" *laugh track*    11/18/19  (9)
Bloomberg: I apologize for stopping crime with stop/frisk. NYT: YOU STILL RACISS    11/18/19  (7)
“im in love with a man and I have a learning disability” (luis)    11/18/19  (17)
“humans are social creatures” GC explained as it continues to isolate u    11/18/19  (6)
*glass breaks* *Austin theme plays* *u enter cubicle and log in to work laptop*    11/18/19  (1)
XO kid-havers....why?    11/18/19  (115)
severely underestimating the impact of your shitpoasting tp    11/18/19  (1)
Why is this TikTok teen so famous    11/18/19  (28)
Can't get over that canelo ko    11/18/19  (16)
Mark "El Duque" Cuban    11/18/19  (1)
Assad interview    11/18/19  (2)
I hate it when jinx ruins the board.    11/18/19  (1)
Let's circle up Monday morning to discuss the status of all open projects    11/18/19  (11)
I wish CHINA wld just MASSACRE all the SUBHUMAN HK protestor NOWAGS    11/18/19  (6)
Caught my secretary stealing from the firm and she killed herself monday.    11/18/19  (13)
'Check out the brain on Franzen!' <Samuel L. Jackson voice>    11/18/19  (3)
you must suppress normal human emotions of solidarity, mutual support and concer    11/18/19  (6)
move to Iowa, buy cornfields & marry wholesome girl?    11/18/19  (8)
CIA shills for Epsilon Institute tp    11/18/19  (2)
Phlogiston theory of combustion is probably broadly correct    11/18/19  (6)
it's impossible to make a govt not based on compromised moral judgement    11/18/19  (1)
'wow, that's some really gay shit.' 'haha, thanks.'    11/18/19  (3)
Trucker: "Gimme a refund" Peterman: *farts cum* Trucker: love when he does that    11/18/19  (33)
we need someone to fill the gaping hold created by jafar’s absence    11/18/19  (2)
I’ve only got 1,970 more weeks left to wagecuck    11/18/19  (10)
Franzen discusses his JonBenet Ramsey obsession on Howard Stern    11/18/19  (9)
I spend $1800 weekly on 4x psychoanalysis sessions    11/18/19  (2)
Bump this thread, when Markelle Fultz wins most improved player of the year    11/18/19  (4)
the poster howie    11/18/19  (8)
Seems Chinese like Trump and hate Yang. Hmm...    11/18/19  (1)
Christine Blasey Ford accepts ACLU Courage Award    11/18/19  (4)
Time to start getting PUMPED for 🚨🚨🚨MPM 2019 🚨🚨🚨    11/18/19  (12)
Passive Voice= Ultimate Boomer tell- no responsibility for own actions    11/18/19  (1)
guy goes to accept eucharist, projectile pukes over altar    11/18/19  (1)
Right wing eco fascism would be 180. Death squads planting trees on mass graves    11/18/19  (29)
surrealist short film in which Hillary is a slab of beef, 'I'm meat now...'    11/18/19  (2)
Just accidentally texted my dad "this is fucking 🔥"    11/18/19  (6)
Michael Buffer voice: “LLLETS GET READY TO DIE FOR ISRAAAAEEEEEEEELLLLL    11/18/19  (10)
Deranged Penguin's "children" cracking up as he throws dinner plate at wall    11/18/19  (3)
Walter Reed Medical Center: Trump has AIDS    11/18/19  (3)
How did ancient humans deal with baby shit?    11/18/19  (10)
Why haven't any modern presidents been using executions for treason?    11/18/19  (7)
Weird how literally 95% of the things I say at work are lies    11/18/19  (18)
so when is MPM this year and who’s running it    11/18/19  (1)
NYC subway on weekday mornings = GC's BangBus    11/18/19  (99)
10 shot, 4 dead in FRESNO.    11/18/19  (7)
Been washing bed sheets every 3 days lately. Sleeping a lot better    11/18/19  (13)
My life is so boring and empty    11/18/19  (2)
good morning cucks, remember the fourteen words    11/18/19  (1)
7 salads Peterman? Seabass wants you & DrakeMallard to do another scat show?    11/18/19  (1)
she devoted herself to a LIFETIME of **PUBLIC SERVICE**!!!    11/18/19  (4)
the only thing that will save us is a national park filled w/boomer tree graves    11/18/19  (4)
rate this quote from the Naked Gun (1988)    11/18/19  (17)
Colin Kaepernick is a clown    11/18/19  (1)
monday morning GC cortisol swarming ur brain like Winterfell dead army    11/18/19  (2)
Is-er-ael. That's where you have to be. Go back to Israel (Weezer)    11/18/19  (3)
Had to agree not to boycott Israel to authorize my credit card to pump gas    11/18/19  (7)
Andrew Yang is irrelevant now but I still fucking hate his guts    11/18/19  (8)
Convoy of 500 Indiana RigPigs heading North to Alaska. Why?    11/18/19  (3)
ARISE WAGECUCKS! Another week of service to your ratfaced masters awaits!    11/18/19  (127)
have a 180 job but still spend 20% of my work day searching for something better    11/18/19  (2)
2 Emotional Service Shitpits On A Plane (PIC)    11/18/19  (78)
You at 21: Switching from premed to polisc Nick Fuentes: Conservative superstar    11/18/19  (5)
Gonna test my sperm tonight. Wish me luck    11/18/19  (1)
Please just kill me    11/18/19  (2)
so is Mark Cuban actually even Cuban?    11/18/19  (5)
ITT: Toxic poasts if XO was all women    11/18/19  (345)
"Previously on AutoAdmit..."    11/18/19  (51)
"May I thrust?" "Yes." "May I thrust again?" "Yes." (lib por    11/18/19  (65)
kanye killed it today btw    11/18/19  (2)
Television - Foxhole    11/18/19  (7)
Where the fuck has EARL been?    11/18/19  (3)
Google Pixel 4 is a total piece of shit, Androidmos all switching to iPhone    11/18/19  (2)
"African boat migrants just want a better life," said the teary-eyed trucker    11/18/19  (1)
💒 Rev. TikTok's Sunday Sermon: Less Known Ladies 💒    11/18/19  (23)
LOL WAIT the collapsed bridge was designed by MINORITY FEMALES?!? LJLLIBS?    11/18/19  (45)
5'6 🕎🌈 (whoa cr friends tinder bio)    11/18/19  (32)
Lol wait joe Rogan wifed up a single mom?!? LMMFAOOOO    11/18/19  (4)
Surgery for Blocked Arteries Is Often Unwarranted, Researchers Find    11/18/19  (7)
Kenny describe the business class experience    11/18/19  (2)
Fuck San Diego    11/18/19  (9)
Fuentes may end up on scrap-heap, but his sacrifice inches Overton Window toward    11/18/19  (8)

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