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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/07/19  (345)
"Oh Rupinder, the way you bob your head! It just turns me on so much!!!'    11/12/19  (2)
Caro Wozniacki Accepted At HBS (PIC) #tennis    11/12/19  (41)
Rate this open policy letter... our 998 for 10x limits expires tomorrow (CSLG)    11/12/19  (100)
Just settled a case for 975K (CSLG)    11/12/19  (11)
"Oh Rupinder, tell me another story from the Bhagavad Gita while I stroke ur dik    11/12/19  (4)
Wife got drunk and had a meltdown in an Uber. She's been silent for 48 hours.    11/12/19  (68)
Woman said "I don't know" right before bucket of diarrhea dumped on head    11/12/19  (5)
BIRDSHITS only adopted NUMBERS in 976    11/12/19  (5)
"We have a housing crisis in this city," she said, dripping with diarrhea.    11/12/19  (4)
French Official drugged hundreds of women to watch them urinate themselves    11/12/19  (30)
Hypo: Your 32 yo fiance tells you a downtown homeless poured diarrhea on her    11/12/19  (7)
CSLG Suing Little League 3rd Base Coach For Having Kid Slide, Causing Bad Injury    11/12/19  (2)
Maori I think Musicians Friend is negging me    11/12/19  (5)
Nice job India. Might as well own it    11/12/19  (2)
Look, I like jokes too. But not all men have penises, so don’t be gross.    11/12/19  (2)
"Asians are natural conservatives!" as turdskin/chink inva turns Viginia shitlib    11/12/19  (29)
can we forget about the things I said when I was drunk    11/12/19  (7)
Henry Aaron switching between Voodoo Child moniker each time anus prolapses    11/12/19  (2)
2 days in Nice. What to do?    11/12/19  (4)
why does Upset Jew think he's more jewish and smarter than other bort Jews?    11/12/19  (13)
"He's not getting up! Oh my! He's out cold! Rupinder is the heavyweight champ!    11/12/19  (8)
Rate me right now as a musician.    11/12/19  (24)
Bill Gates: "People in Africa could have drank that diarrhea bucket"    11/12/19  (9)
Remember that time Julia bellydanced next to a copy of Voynich manuscript?    11/12/19  (3)
JJC, never not striving, never not on the outside looking in    11/12/19  (5)
Is this good value? (real estate, Arizona)    11/12/19  (9)
University of Florida bans cameras and speech to silence Nick Fuentes groypers    11/12/19  (4)
Wife got drunk and had a meltdown in an Uber.    11/12/19  (5)
How do most people in relationships meet?    11/12/19  (2)
TBF, not the first time a shrew's Thai meal ended w/ bucket of diarrhea    11/12/19  (3)
Dear twins: it’s tough, if I’m being honest, being here at times now. I reme    11/12/19  (10)
boomers turned out to be some sick fucks on multiple levels    11/12/19  (2)
Was FDR the last good Dem POTUS?    11/12/19  (18)
lmao @ "#1" Kentucky    11/12/19  (1)
Former players admit that the Houston Astros stole pitching signs electronically    11/12/19  (52)
Reddit is way funnier, smarter, and more interesting than XO    11/12/19  (32)
PROTIP: Date girls much younger than you    11/12/19  (5)
Fun Authentic Thai Cuisine shrew brunch interrupted, xo FURIOUS    11/12/19  (1)
“...And a round of piping hot diarrhea for the table”    11/12/19  (6)
Technomic's annual chain restaurant trade industry report costs $3,500    11/12/19  (2)
Serious ? - why is being homeless legal?    11/12/19  (19)
California libs convincing ppl that homelessness is a "housing issue" is a crime    11/12/19  (42)
I’m rich (CSLG)    11/12/19  (12)
several MSM outlets called the hockey bro's poppy comment a "racist rant"    11/12/19  (2)
I'm not sick but I'm not well    11/12/19  (2)
Don Cherry fired after criticizing immigrants for not wearing poppies    11/12/19  (100)
Which major cities (top 50 population) will be WINNERS/LOSERS in next 10 years?    11/12/19  (10)
Shemales are so high T they act feminine to maximize cock reception    11/12/19  (8)
Which Dem candidates are MOST likely to pack the fudge?    11/12/19  (1)
hey guys    11/12/19  (1)
Personal Injury GURUS, Come ITT    11/12/19  (20)
BUTTIGIEG takes the lead in Iowa    11/12/19  (26)
Which Dem candidates are MOST likely to pack the court?    11/12/19  (25)
homeless encampment, $5k 1BR, needles everywhere, no power, hot gushing diarrhea    11/12/19  (1)
Strom Thurmond: "They're gonna be in our pools! They're gonna suckerpunch every1    11/12/19  (4)
My shemale daughter is really tasty    11/12/19  (2)
Why couldn't "Cal Fire" develop an effective evacuation plan for Paradise?    11/12/19  (2)
Dan Otter fired after criticizing immigrants for wearing posers    11/12/19  (1)
Charlie Kirk getting absolutely blown out and will kill himself    11/12/19  (1)
Don Cherry fired after criticizing trannies for not wearing panties    11/12/19  (2)
lmao even dumping literal buckets on diarrhea on libs won't change their minds    11/12/19  (5)
with my big black boots and an old suitcase    11/12/19  (2)
Talmud on lock, Israel on my back. Do it for the Chosen got a problem with that?    11/12/19  (4)
Trump balloon slasher: "1st time Libs have been angry about a chopped up baby"    11/12/19  (29)
Adam Schiff is such a creepy weirdo    11/12/19  (5)
Bottomless preggo shrew does Gender Reveal by farting out blue cloud (link)    11/12/19  (51)
you're old: sharon stone is 69    11/12/19  (4)
Tucker guest attacking groypers for 'censoring' Don Jr.    11/12/19  (5)
Abundantly obvious by age 30 everyone who "makes it" had massive HEAD START    11/12/19  (78)
Watched the Lil Peep documentary Everybody's Everything    11/12/19  (1)
Gamecube 11/10 megathread    11/12/19  (26)
A few Monday morning Tik toks    11/12/19  (72)
*Bernie Sanders making a disgusted face as Bloomberg walks onto debate stage*    11/12/19  (3)
Hillary Clinton: I’m Facing ‘Enormous Pressure’ to Enter 2020 Race    11/12/19  (42)
Man broke neck during chiropractor treatment and died    11/12/19  (23)
Impossible to use "nut" as a verb and for it not to be funny.    11/12/19  (1)
Finally sucked my first COCK tonight. It was BIG and WARM    11/12/19  (7)
Can't tell is Jojo rabbit required viewing or hate speech for libs?    11/12/19  (1)
Just watched Episode 1 of The Mandalorian. Here is my review.    11/12/19  (5)
30s, no family, all your "fun" surrogate activities, "friends", whatever nigger    11/12/19  (4)
western democracy (top & bottom vs mid), fascism (mid vs bottom & top), communis    11/12/19  (5)
Purchasing power of couple in 1995 is 8% more than single working man in 1905    11/12/19  (6)
Penn Law's Name Change Sparks Outcry Following $125 Million Donation    11/12/19  (43)
CArey is SWeet.    11/12/19  (1)
KENTUCKY is losing to a team called EVANSVILLE    11/12/19  (3)
whats the best part of the midwest to move to    11/12/19  (40)
Womens Pro Farting League (WPFL): Houston Gastros accused of cheating    11/12/19  (5)
"...at the gathering of the juggalos." "Mr. Biden, the question was about Uighur    11/12/19  (3)
There’s a Surprisingly Plausible Path to Removing Trump From Office    11/12/19  (6)
Why do Jews hate whites so much? Does it go back to millennium in shtetls?    11/12/19  (25)
Bernie: "Concentration camps? FINALLY. I've been arguing--oh it's for the spics?    11/12/19  (7)
Down $20K on leveraged Magic cards. Ask me anything.    11/12/19  (1)
do players/fans like sharing a stadium w/ another team?    11/12/19  (2)
Hey Curt we miss you but we know you're in a better place    11/12/19  (1)
Windsor Canadian tp is 180    11/12/19  (10)
Anyone know how badly paying off a car loan dings your credit score?    11/12/19  (24)
imagining every woman at office squatting at my feet, urinating uncontrollably    11/12/19  (3)
anyone else nutting right now?    11/12/19  (4)
Some 180 posters: Donny, libcrusher180, Henry Aaron, Sir Incelot    11/12/19  (27)
Comey to be on IG list of those referred for criminal prosecution    11/12/19  (3)
Nick Fuentes/Charlie Kirk Q+A live stream    11/12/19  (13)
“Feces here. Could you stop calling libs shit? It is offensive to us    11/12/19  (3)
‘Sup Shady, how’s D-Town treating you?’    11/12/19  (10)
Libs hold the feces high, put it in their mouth, and then vote    11/12/19  (2)
Splc drops Stephen Miller hit piece    11/12/19  (3)
Why are libs obsessed with worshipping feces?    11/12/19  (2)
Phantasy Star >>> Final Fantasy especially the early games    11/12/19  (19)
“Tho Dark!!“ the lib said, as it ate feces.    11/12/19  (2)
How do libs weigh the feces before they eat it? Do they just go hog wild?    11/12/19  (2)
Buttigieg at debate: "I may get fucked up the ass Mr President, but I lift nude"    11/12/19  (1)
How many libs does it take to unscrew a can of feces and eat it?    11/12/19  (2)
George W. Bush, other celebs, taking The Diarrhea Bucket Challenge on twitter    11/12/19  (3)
I want to cum inside Luis in missionary as he gently kisses my chest    11/12/19  (1)
NBD just Mark Zuckerberg driving Buttigeig around & sending him staffers to hire    11/12/19  (4)
gay guy told me 50% of Americans under 30 are LGBTQ    11/12/19  (2)
A Bucket of Hot Diarrhea Was Randomly Poured on a Woman by a Homeless Man (nyt)    11/12/19  (31)
Injury attorneys, CSLG, help me value this case    11/12/19  (7)
Romancing SaGa 2 is hard as fuck    11/12/19  (10)
Dairy consumption is DECLINE.    11/12/19  (20)
Even the dumbest Reddit user is ~10 IQ points smarter than the average XOer    11/12/19  (6)
seems like there's a real concentrated effort to do bad things to this country    11/12/19  (2)
any of you bros on dat squat toilet tip?    11/12/19  (16)
Would you rather have $10 billion right now or a guarantee of reaching age 70?    11/12/19  (35)
hehe    11/12/19  (1)
"He's got my vote" - Joe Don Baker endorses Trump    11/12/19  (1)
GOP complained about deficit 8 years, doubled it immediately in power?    11/12/19  (24)
Blade Runner depicted 2019 as a multicultural hellhole marred by corporations    11/12/19  (60)
this edgy internet science fiction story is extremely XO:    11/12/19  (2)
We should limit voting to land owning males that pay federal income tax    11/12/19  (1)
George RR Martin in interview: "Emilia Clarke can cum from anal"    11/12/19  (17)
FRONTLINE is new tonight    11/12/19  (7)
Taking questions about the Baffin Island Wolf ONLY ITT.    11/12/19  (12)
Deep snake republicans will adopt secret ballot for impeachment trial against Tr    11/12/19  (6)
Rate this voter fraud caught on video on a Soros machine    11/12/19  (7)
RATE this 10/10 hbb QUADRIPLEGIC (vid)    11/12/19  (2)
RBG | Noam Chomsky | Jimmy Carter    11/12/19  (2)
I want to be your friend. I want to hold you and hug you. (No Homo)    11/12/19  (1)
Rural land: huge buying opportunity, 100s of acres in desirable areas for cheap    11/12/19  (31)
Libs 2016: "No one is for open borders." Libs 2019: "No one is for pedo rights"    11/12/19  (8)
Rate her    11/12/19  (8)
The Onion has become ridiculously unfunny    11/12/19  (11)
Azn '90s music fan: "Chumbawamba numba wun band!"    11/12/19  (4)
University of Pennsylvania opening fast casual law school chain: "Carey's"    11/12/19  (8)
Top 5 lea$t $hittty place$ in amerikkka right now?    11/12/19  (3)
Pope Francis: "I am euphoric - not because of any phony god's blessing, but beca    11/12/19  (63)
groypers | asking | questions    11/12/19  (1)
Here you go PrestigeFaggot--this is me playing YardBird Suite    11/12/19  (41)
Straight guys turning to trans prostitutes in droves (link)    11/12/19  (5)
Rate Nikki Haley's daughter    11/12/19  (6)
ITT, I present two gifs of attractive girls. Pick your preferred girl    11/12/19  (198)

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