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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/14/19  (346)
"Wow, we just raised the tempura-ture!" *You to Tinder 4 on sushi date*    11/15/19  (4)
Congress: *asks questions for 15 minutes* "Alright, let's take an hour break."    11/15/19  (2)
lmao at all the nigs defending Myles Garrett    11/15/19  (41)
What evolutionary benefits are there to being a short or bald man?    11/15/19  (20)
Hong Kong turning into a war zone    11/15/19  (10)
Fake news CNN freaking out over impending IG report    11/15/19  (17)
anybody else not enjoy disney movies as a kid?    11/15/19  (60)
6 small beers + 375ml Bacardi Gold = what?    11/15/19  (22)
1985 McDonalds ad featuring Jason Alexander with hair    11/15/19  (86)
Stephen Curry makes $38 million and his wife is this fat, ugly cunt:    11/15/19  (72)
China CCP should GENOCIDE HK protesters and put their FLESH into iPHONES    11/15/19  (4)
*** Official IMPEACHMENT Day 2 PROCEEDINGS ***    11/15/19  (60)
"ugh, so sick of blacks and their bullshit!" *watches all BBC porn*    11/15/19  (1)
The MAINSTREAM media can't stop saying conspiracy theory    11/15/19  (1)
Go ahead. Call me an intellectual. I like watching BBC pr0n.    11/15/19  (2)
Net Worth: $1,015,263 now ---- WOWOWOWOOWOW just wow JUIJCEICJEICJEICJE    11/15/19  (13)
Why are WOMEN allowed to do ANYTHING besides (1) make baby (2) sex ??    11/15/19  (2)
*CSLG, blasting eric prydz, nude & on TiNa invites female paralegal into office*    11/15/19  (1)
This 180 blue collar bro from Buffalo just won years' free Chik Fil A (libs ir8)    11/15/19  (1)
how do i run for political office    11/15/19  (1)
far left progressive journalist Aaron Mate looks at Brennan's role    11/15/19  (5)
greatest tv show theme song ever?    11/15/19  (49)
“Bugsy Malone” was some intricate Hollywood pedo shit, right?    11/15/19  (9)
NYT devastates baldmos    11/15/19  (1)
NFL hot takes ITT    11/15/19  (30)
Beastiality is legal in New Mexico, Wyoming, West Virginia and Washington DC    11/15/19  (2)
Chile Turning into a war zone    11/15/19  (11)
I am gay. Was never molested or treated poorly by men. Just like dick.    11/15/19  (1)
Delusional retard terrorist O’Rourke gunning for VP slot (NYT)    11/15/19  (13)
Lawman8's HS valedictorian speech: "As whites have a higher IQ, it is not surpri    11/15/19  (1)
tommy, why did you pick gaysia over colombia    11/15/19  (51)
i bet upset jew jerks off to the sandlot    11/15/19  (7)
choosing not to masturbate is anti-semitic (link)    11/15/19  (31)
πŸ’» 16" MacBook Pro announced πŸ’»    11/15/19  (64)
*grabs mic at earl's hs reunion* "earl you faggot lol!" (doobs)    11/15/19  (160)
Even down in polls, Kamala campaign about laughter, dancing (link)    11/15/19  (39)
ur ancestor: *gallantly dies in battle* u: poast    11/15/19  (1)
Is there a major US city with a lower average IQ than Orlando?    11/15/19  (20)
Zero interest in watching impeachment proceedings    11/15/19  (1)
πŸŽΎπŸ’‚ ATP WORLD TOUR FINALS Thread πŸ’‚πŸŽΎ #tennis    11/15/19  (134)
WA Supreme Court upholds first-in-time rental rule    11/15/19  (97)
rate this graph laying out the promising future of democracy    11/15/19  (1)
Libs: "No Deep State!" Also libs: Literally cheering deep state led coup of USA    11/15/19  (13)
Fans arguing online about meaning of blue tyrwhitt in David Lynch's ggtp film    11/15/19  (4)
Libs: There is no deep state! Also Libs: Don't piss off the deep state OR ELSE!    11/15/19  (17)
"I did not have....sexual..relations..with that woman.....Miss Lewinsky"    11/15/19  (1)
Seattle suburb area prole seems like the good life    11/15/19  (49)
*Growing pains theme plays to montage of pictures of your broken family*    11/15/19  (1)
Would you give hot single MILF hairstylist a chance, if she was into you?    11/15/19  (63)
why is XO so down on buying a house, suburbs    11/15/19  (19)
Does anyone find this sort of thing attractive?    11/15/19  (23)
At my goy mitzvah I received a tool box, an AR-15, and a high-interest loan    11/15/19  (9)
Rach created a monster that will eventually turn on him    11/15/19  (1)
SUMMON Dr. TikTok: I have TikTok-itis, and the only cure is more TikToks!    11/15/19  (11)
TikTok sweet spot compilation: vote for your favorite one    11/15/19  (15)
Is a McMansion in Great Falls, VA credited?    11/15/19  (74)
man childhood in the 80s was so cr    11/15/19  (33)
whispering “pubertal gynecomastia” at ur desk    11/15/19  (1)
DrakeMallard, had a chance to do any MS Access stuff?    11/15/19  (15)
GGtp, how long before you have the money to do the TTtp thing?    11/15/19  (38)
Hitler on his lawyer Giuliani in 1942: "I said 'final solution'...he took it too    11/15/19  (1)
Remember that stoner movie “Half Baked”    11/15/19  (10)
Gym Jordan: 'But you didn't actually see the Hiroshima mushroom cloud, did you?'    11/15/19  (1)
Well great. Wife found my tiktok browsing history. Wants "to talk" when I get ho    11/15/19  (17)
Jim Jordan: But YOU didn't hear Hitler order the HOLOCAUST, did you? HEARSAY!    11/15/19  (6)
LJL at how Dem "counsel" keeps asking this State Dept shrew about her "feelings"    11/15/19  (1)
the end of days is upon us    11/15/19  (8)
Who the fuck is DAVID Limbaugh?    11/15/19  (2)
I fucking hate California    11/15/19  (108)
Mason Rudolph at presser: Around blacks never relax    11/15/19  (1)
ITT: Things that are undeniably prole, but also undeniably good    11/15/19  (3)
"Hippity hoppity your ass is my property" I said as I pulled down boner police's    11/15/19  (3)
James Alex Fields Forever    11/15/19  (12)
TRUMP admin wants to help NIGS buy SHITTY food with FOOD STAMPS    11/15/19  (18)
The Season 6 Growing Pains intro theme was the best    11/15/19  (5)
Spicy sriracha shit tp    11/15/19  (1)
(be kind) plz rate my screenplay about puppydoods in Congress-- "Impoochment    11/15/19  (55)
Reminder: There's a ~40 year old man taking Propecia behind the "Kamala" schtick    11/15/19  (41)
Adults obsessed with Disney. What's the deal with these lunatic proles?    11/15/19  (15)
So State Dept. idiots have fucked up everywhere, now we should just trust them?    11/15/19  (1)
*TMF grabbing a rolling pin as pit bull latches onto MND's throat*    11/15/19  (26)
Rate this "anti-black racism manager" position at the City of Toronto    11/15/19  (5)
if you lift youre gay but if you dont lift youre also gay    11/15/19  (9)
Djoker Says He's Gunning For Weeks At #1 Record, Not Far Away #tennis    11/15/19  (9)
Pointless work meetings 'really a form of therapy'    11/15/19  (1)
hey guys dont actually work just poast with me, your FRIEND, all day    11/15/19  (3)
BOM is my copilot    11/15/19  (2)
Has anyone told Mo’Nique that women aren’t funny and suck at stand up?    11/15/19  (3)
Is this the most black starting QBs there have ever been in the NFL?    11/15/19  (25)
Myles Garrett did nothing wrong    11/15/19  (11)
Trump: "And then there's this guy, Dupa--*crowd boos*--folks, folks, hang on--    11/15/19  (124)
Anyone else totally disappointed that the Ambassador doesn't have an accent?    11/15/19  (4)
"The CPIs Basket of Goods contains smartphones, televisions, internet pornograph    11/15/19  (13)
Upper Lower Class    11/15/19  (3)
It's the top of the hour so here's GOY SUPERSTAR with a fresh piping HOT TAKE    11/15/19  (7)
Wow benzo is really an oligarch now. Crazy.    11/15/19  (5)
is Maggiano's prole    11/15/19  (6)
Ok boom    11/15/19  (18)
2030: xo poasters trading tiktok accounts of their teen daughters    11/15/19  (3)
The Drew Carey Law Center at the University of Pennsylvania State    11/15/19  (1)
wish country was ruled by untouchable rapist maniacs? Meet jew$    11/15/19  (1)
Swedish dad charged w/child neglect after Muslims break into his house, rape 8yo    11/15/19  (1)
XO: Actually, I’ve hated GC slop since I was a child    11/15/19  (1)
XO Michelle Malkin STANDS with nick Fuentes and the Groypers    11/15/19  (7)
Just sold everything    11/15/19  (1)
TEENS harass and try to run over guy driving electric skateboard in DC    11/15/19  (13)
wish country was ruled by untouchable murder maniacs? Meet cop$    11/15/19  (2)
I heard in AUSTRALIA BIRDSHITS look down on dating AZNgirls    11/15/19  (9)
Cops show quadruple amputee who's boss (hint: ain't the angry bowling pin)    11/15/19  (7)
poop and pee    11/15/19  (26)
a short man and a tall man with pubertal gynecomastia walk across boston commons    11/15/19  (7)
Legal career that eerily traces the plot of Watership Down tp    11/15/19  (1)
LitMos: Do you dudes have a nomme de guerre for court appearances?    11/15/19  (6)
HYPO: 1990 smash hit I've Been Thinking About You by Londonbeat plays in ur head    11/15/19  (1)
schiff is such a faggot    11/15/19  (2)
I want to be beaten to death by football helmet on live tv    11/15/19  (2)
Real talk - describe how you discovered xoxo/PR    11/15/19  (111)
wait what the fuck theres a tennis player named "Tennys" LJL at this world    11/15/19  (17)
What if Noam Chomsky heard Like a G6?    11/15/19  (131)
espn: wpfl to show support for troops with special “patoot to service” camo    11/15/19  (1)
Drake Mallard makes one politics poast for every load he takes; do the math    11/15/19  (1)
Schiff sponsors bill to limit porn cos from showing multiple angles of same shot    11/15/19  (4)
"I can't wait to get fucked by a butthurt 5'6 Asian man," the young woman said    11/15/19  (7)
Uh oh guys. Drake Mallard is MAF again this morning and rage posting!    11/15/19  (16)
TOMMY, will you vote for WARREN or SANDERS even if it means ur portfolio crashes    11/15/19  (2)
In 1954 the Myles Garrett incident happened. Ejection. No suspension.    11/15/19  (1)
44 page MPC thread discussing every single lathamtouchedme post    11/15/19  (3)
whats uruguay like?    11/15/19  (14)
RATE this video of NYUUG    11/15/19  (6)
Taking all QUESTIONS about 180 AZIA... ask away BIRDSHIT incels    11/15/19  (1)
It's Friday. Desperately need DamnDaddy to sexualize me for the weekend    11/15/19  (3)
tennis clique, do u have racket recommendations?    11/15/19  (10)
Congressional puppydood thread is a game changer this close to MPM    11/15/19  (1)
NFL commish studying footage of Malice in Palace. "We need one of these...."    11/15/19  (1)
Deranged pharmacist goes on mass shotting at anti-vaxxer rally    11/15/19  (1)
NYC is fucked    11/15/19  (80)
The "Child Catcher" from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang but it's spaceporn    11/15/19  (1)
Explain Intel trading near all time highs for me    11/15/19  (1)
Not now mom the internet racist just said the other one wasn't racist enough    11/15/19  (2)
I said I got a little RigPig and he won’t take TRU    11/15/19  (11)
Emperor Naruhito:ritual feast with sun goddess; U: BIGLAW    11/15/19  (2)
getting laid got 100x harder after 30    11/15/19  (44)
Bobby Birdshit Jr telling guidance counselor he wants college w/ low security    11/15/19  (2)
Watching tiktoks in secret from wife tp    11/15/19  (2)
Kaldi Creator Daniel Povey Joining Xiaomi in Beijing    11/15/19  (2)
Stock market FUTURES up again .25% --- truly INSANE ljl    11/15/19  (4)
Perrod, where you going with that cock in your hand?    11/15/19  (2)
Bobby Hangzhou-Birdshit asking Cornell tourguide where the suicide cliffs are    11/15/19  (2)
If any of the tennis pros become alt-right guys, this bort will be 100% unreadab    11/15/19  (4)

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