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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/19/19  (348)
lebron literally scored 4 points in an NBA Finals game.    11/20/19  (5)
"Yes, I think we can all agree with what Senator KwaZulu GoodHome is saying. Nex    11/20/19  (3)
many poasters are interested in my sexuality    11/20/19  (5)
Can the right kind of solo become a partner in a middling biglaw firm?    11/20/19  (5)
Racist trump supporter body slammed at popeyes    11/20/19  (15)
Google Pixel 4    11/20/19  (20)
study: 7% of xo posters "badly need to be forcefemmed"    11/20/19  (2)
Epstein death may be part of a *CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE*?? *spits out coffee*    11/20/19  (1)
*askav's mom vacantly staring out the window for 40 mins after googling 'herm'*    11/20/19  (66)
rate this doodles i made during ap lit in HS    11/20/19  (7)
2 weeks of sobriety has me feeling like my IQ is pushing 3 digits again    11/20/19  (9)
lmfao at this bizarre email i got out of the blue    11/20/19  (55)
is anyone here a cat?    11/20/19  (38)
Simglitch: the last Nixon judge just took senior status yesterday    11/20/19  (2)
what was hitler's myers-briggs type?    11/20/19  (1)
Trump: Fewer Deportations Than Obama. But Yeah He's MAGA'ing Right? Ann 100% CR    11/20/19  (14)
xo coomer gang should be rounded up and shot    11/20/19  (6)
we shouldn't be fucking with anything past the moon    11/20/19  (9)
145k in PI settlements so far this week and I'm on vacation in Asia    11/20/19  (1)
Best content on Disney+ to beat off to?    11/20/19  (31)
2019 "America" looks like Star Wars cantina scene    11/20/19  (2)
Going to Popeyes to try that sandwich. Wish me luck    11/20/19  (21)
How to invest in Popeye's?    11/20/19  (14)
i want a sweaty bf to come home from the gym and pound my ass into oblivion    11/20/19  (3)
Such a 180 weekend of BIG KOREAN COCK literally DESTROYING NOWWG dorks (GIFS)    11/20/19  (119)
some guy i banged just uploaded this pic    11/20/19  (7)
The Feminist (Tony Tulathimutte)    11/20/19  (3)
jizzed in hotel shampoo bottle then realized i still had 2 nights left of stay    11/20/19  (5)
Bay Areamos, what happens in the 'Rocky Ridge,' the hills east of the east bay?    11/20/19  (4)
Anyone else go to Applebee's Bar + Grill every night after work?    11/20/19  (26)
still insane that from 9/11 we went to war with Iraq of all places lmao    11/20/19  (14)
Rate me as an alto saxophone legend.    11/20/19  (7)
Whats the worst state for outdoors activities?    11/20/19  (129)
DUPA, will your wife allow you a 10 year anniversary present like Larry David?    11/20/19  (11)
305mos---where can jafar get a tres leche cake at this hour    11/20/19  (2)
Bhopale Disaster    11/20/19  (4)
Currently in line at POPEYES    11/20/19  (7)
who okay'd that woman piloting a 400mph car    11/20/19  (1)
RATE this Uber eats order    11/20/19  (6)
Tinder 4: "what are your interests?" U: *jared taylor voice*WHy should WHites Wa    11/20/19  (25)
The Big Dosser!    11/20/19  (1)
hard to believe how pleasant/unobnoxious TV commercials were in the 1970s    11/20/19  (21)
The Connecticut General Corporation    11/20/19  (1)
White woman offers Popeyes, gets diversity nap    11/20/19  (57)
Men with foot fetishes are a net drain on society and we should be rid of them.    11/20/19  (15)
Murder on BART    11/20/19  (2)
whok, can you rate my vocaroo? (pf)    11/20/19  (20)
wtf is "STEAM"?    11/20/19  (22)
Brooklyn Restaurant Called SHIKSE (Xixa) Founded By Jew-Shikse Couple    11/20/19  (7)
DBG, your wife will always be a shiksa    11/20/19  (3)
Epstein prison guards ARRESTED. FBI investigating as "criminal enterprise"    11/20/19  (36)
Kylie Jenner sells a $600 million stake in her cosmetics company    11/20/19  (44)
Into the Beef Boy Classic, under them skies of blue...    11/20/19  (53)
PROTIP: Date girls much younger than you    11/20/19  (32)
Metaphysics is Gay: how can you even compete???    11/20/19  (1)
so your hopes and dreams finally get crushed for good around age 40?    11/20/19  (1)
“Oh, AIDS is the least of it,” laughed Peterman as the trucker started weepi    11/20/19  (26)
Don Jr's hairline is a disaster in the making    11/20/19  (2)
Pope Francis: render unto Caesar the things that are his, including your guns    11/20/19  (1)
fun fact: xo server crashes if TS Amanda or Upset Jew stop poasting for 2+ min    11/20/19  (6)
are there any teen girls named 'Mona'?    11/20/19  (1)
Pope Francis: Americans must be ruled by a world gov't ASAP "for their own good"    11/20/19  (2)
Would you rather live in Seattle or Portland and why    11/20/19  (75)
Spent $20 on Starbucks today. Fuck.    11/20/19  (3)
NYT: 114,000 Public School Students in NYC Are HOMELESS    11/20/19  (14)
We just need a new country    11/20/19  (9)
Vindman is exactly how I picture Rudolph irl    11/20/19  (1)
Attention hungry “reporter” rats out Charles Barkley for a bad joke    11/20/19  (17)
There were 60 episodes in Power Rangers S1. Finster never gave up.    11/20/19  (3)
lebron bricks two potential game winning FTs. What a faggot!    11/20/19  (3)
What happened when Brooklyn tried to integrate its middle schools    11/20/19  (172)
BART Police commit verbal gymnastics to explain fatal stabbing on train    11/20/19  (1)
JJCs most pathetic fake story    11/20/19  (72)
Started answering calls with , "hello it's me"    11/20/19  (16)
if i was a chick i would give top poasters pu$$y 180    11/20/19  (10)
Libs want to eliminate criminal records    11/20/19  (16)
*man o' war ranting in French creole after Popeyes runs out of chicken sandwich*    11/20/19  (11)
tsinah: "im here for the cum fiesta?" "sir, this is cheeseburger in parad    11/20/19  (2)
*man o' war hustling suckers at the b ball court with woody harleson*    11/20/19  (1)
DIVERSE = NOT WHITE    11/20/19  (2)
U can always reach out and go fuck yourself    11/20/19  (1)
Rate this vocaroo of me playing After the Rain by John Coltrane    11/20/19  (7)
why is that jinx dude such an annoying faggot? only talks about himself    11/20/19  (2)
There was a dream called xo.    11/20/19  (1)
the unreality of 'impeaching' POTUS for uncovering massive corruption is blowing    11/20/19  (5)
Does the allure of Interracial Sex ever wear off for guys with Oriental Wives    11/20/19  (11)
vid outlining NYT brazen lies about 'The Great Replacement'    11/20/19  (2)
Rate thi$ hawtOmaha per$onal injury attorney    11/20/19  (8)
WaPo: RSF, Ivy-leaguer, law partner and lacrosse star, dead at 41    11/20/19  (19)
"why does this not matter?" *shakily raises hand* 'uh, the minds aren't matched?    11/20/19  (7)
Holy shit Drudge has completely gone full libtard.    11/20/19  (5)
Buttigieg campaign - I'm siding with HIStory!!!!!!!!!!    11/20/19  (1)
Never saw Buttguy speak but xo calls him SMOOTH. How smooth is he?    11/20/19  (1)
Lars von Trier -- "I understand Hitler..."    11/20/19  (13)
2020 will be historic!!!!!!!!!!! Chance to vote for first openly gay Prez! Let's    11/20/19  (1)
So instead of being neurotic spazzes, Hitler wanted jews to enjoy labouring?    11/20/19  (9)
did gronk curse the pats with his hubris?    11/20/19  (1)
lol prateek bhopale is only 5'2''    11/20/19  (1)
Origin of the minds are not matched?    11/20/19  (19)
Monday. Chad mindset.    11/20/19  (10)
Turd Doctors Do Clinicals On Male Birth Control (Penis Injection): 97.3% Eff.    11/20/19  (5)
Who is Prateek Bhopale and why do people here post his name? Is he public figure    11/20/19  (17)
the Nuremberg laws were actually fairly lenient    11/20/19  (5)
possibly Italian great great great grandfather tp    11/20/19  (3)
hehe me, spack & alcibiades vandalizing the herms    11/20/19  (4)
sad veterans beating off is my favorite porn genre    11/20/19  (23)
Every Arab country blaming Israel for it's failed state status is pretty funny    11/20/19  (41)
So we don’t know if Hitler knew whether or not he was quarter jew?    11/20/19  (3)
Friend just burned his face off smelting ALUMINUM. prognosis: blind for life    11/20/19  (66)
perversions of lineage tp    11/20/19  (2)
LMFAO @ this pic of Epstein's prison guards    11/20/19  (21)
Respecting Wamen Simulator 2019 (featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series)    11/20/19  (3)
Hillary Clinton shoots Mayor Pete in the head    11/20/19  (74)
STEAMER = STEAM = Science Technology Engineering Also Math Electives Recess    11/20/19  (1)
Trump's crime is deviating from Deep State consensus.    11/20/19  (54)
STEAM = Science Technology Engineering And Math    11/20/19  (1)
What possible motive could Epstein even have had to kill himself?    11/20/19  (26)
PSA: google "barreleye fish"    11/20/19  (5)
Trisomy 18 (often referred to as "Of Counsel's Disease") is a chromosomal abnorm    11/20/19  (6)
I can't look at hapa girls without thinking of interracial sex    11/20/19  (6)
Big Bree is like me, she has Trisomy 23    11/20/19  (1)
nobody cares about impeachment insanity    11/20/19  (1)
White Ladies: Azn Girls :: White Men : BBC w/r/t interracial sex    11/20/19  (7)
It is 180 how lib whites think interracial sex is superior.    11/20/19  (6)
Brothers, I REALLY miss Fire Joe Morgan.    11/20/19  (8)
started pushing interracial sex on my inner mind civilization    11/20/19  (2)
Had interracial sex with my wife tonight    11/20/19  (2)
been laughing all day about Chone Figgins being on the Hall of Fame ballot    11/19/19  (26)
Plato's cave but there are flat screens everywhere & really shitty wings & beer    11/19/19  (39)
What are your sex goals for 2018?    11/19/19  (80)
paying $25 to have some eritrean deliver u a shitty grilled cheese    11/19/19  (19)
Sim glitch: North Carolina is at a higher latitude than Ontario    11/19/19  (3)
Started answering texts with , "who tf is this"    11/19/19  (2)
I live in a decent neighborhood 3 minutes from Popeye's    11/19/19  (1)
XOXO now a Battered Husband Syndrome support forum    11/19/19  (5)
Fun fact (and sorry libs): Maine has more shoreline than California    11/19/19  (11)
LTR bros: do you all cheat to deal with sex getting stale?    11/19/19  (41)
Guy held up money In sketchy area.. said he’d pay to drop him off! Do it?    11/19/19  (10)
My Parents Know All Of Our Adult Friends & Vice Versa. ROFL @ Rootless Goyim    11/19/19  (42)
boner police strategically tucking in shirt so you can see bugle boy logo    11/19/19  (4)
How many of the following do you need to cum?    11/19/19  (11)
Nude chile escapes from Buckingham Palace (video)    11/19/19  (8)
How long can the walking dead go on?    11/19/19  (8)
goy remember that disney movie luck of the irish    11/19/19  (5)
Yeltsin visiting DC got so wasted he went out in only his underw    11/19/19  (4)
Go to Whole Foods/Trader Joes, then a normal grocery store, and think of all the    11/19/19  (49)
Husbands’ stress increases if wives earn more than 40 per cent of household in    11/19/19  (2)
just stare at a screen till you die    11/19/19  (7)

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