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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/19/19  (348)
CNN (yes, CNN): FBI official under investigation re altering document    11/21/19  (12)
Treasonous FBI agents hanging from Pennsylvania Ave. lamp posts like pinatas    11/21/19  (68)
steez who is the Dr. Phil of the islamic world    11/21/19  (1)
Have any scientists dug under the big sand dunes in Africa? Might be some stuff    11/21/19  (8)
You Must Move to One of the Following: Tampa, New Orleans, Houston    11/21/19  (69)
jinx, thank you, jinx; jinx, thank you, jinx.    11/21/19  (3)
worse fart: swalwell or klobuchar?    11/21/19  (2)
“humans are social creatures” GC explained as it continues to isolate u    11/21/19  (8)
do u actively hate anyone in your family?    11/21/19  (14)
COWGOD *breaking it down* next to the dance floor    11/21/19  (6)
whok, I have another vocaroo for you (pf)    11/21/19  (8)
“Clique this.”, cowgod said, UNLOADing on KONY.    11/21/19  (2)
Wtf CA last year had a bar passage of 40 fucking percent?    11/21/19  (33)
planning to leave america within 6 months    11/21/19  (3)
The WILLIS TOWER is no longer America's tallest skyscraper    11/21/19  (28)
Lol, today, Bibi got Ariel SharOWNed    11/21/19  (10)
'The Portable Johnsmeyer,' a handsome leather-bound volume from the New Yorker P    11/21/19  (2)
Shocker: Myles Garrett accuses Mason Rudolph of using a racial slur    11/21/19  (62)
Rate this 5'10'' 45 year old woman (NSFW video)    11/21/19  (6)
How much does a Woman's behaviour during Pregnancy influence phenotype?    11/21/19  (1)
Lib film critics are grudgingly praising Clint Eastwood's Richard Jewell movie:    11/21/19  (9)
94,000 San Diego residents join mass suicide pact after admitting to drug traffi    11/21/19  (1)
Trump can no longer handle the stairs on Air Force One    11/21/19  (7)
rupinder moving bricks like stitches out the patel motel    11/21/19  (1)
Trumpmos huff n puff about hearsay but don't want Trump/Giuliani to testify, odd    11/21/19  (8)
guy on Reeses commercials that says "not sorry" is highly annoying    11/21/19  (1)
xo DENMARK bans kosher + halal animal slaughter    11/21/19  (11)
whok, can you rate my vocaroo? (pf)    11/21/19  (82)
Any of you smarter know than in teens/20s?    11/21/19  (31)
Chasten getting suspicious as Pete has 'headache' for night #578    11/21/19  (6)
Lol at Gen Zs living entire lives thinking its actually called "Willis" Tower    11/21/19  (2)
Rate this ASMR Full Body Chiropractor Adjustment Video with a hot chick    11/21/19  (4)
Jordan Capri now lives in an Arizona garage among piles of garbage    11/21/19  (22)
How are you bros dealing with hardcore Biden supporters?    11/21/19  (3)
Kamala signaling from an alleyway, asking you for the power of man's red flower    11/21/19  (1)
how can i pet more strangers' dogs without having to talk to the person    11/21/19  (3)
6'4 FlyerTalk Aspie Rants Against New Marriott Shower Heads In 900 Word Screed    11/21/19  (14)
tallest bldg in America a condo so oligarchs can literally look down on everyone    11/21/19  (1)
le tigre    11/21/19  (1)
ITT: list your favorite MFH restaurants (1-star and below)    11/21/19  (14)
is Joe Biden even trying?    11/21/19  (3)
Would be 180 to have a big floppy legit double digit donkey dick    11/21/19  (1)
Andrew Sullivan on Buttigieg    11/21/19  (15)
Move to Bremerton    11/21/19  (5)
Rate: How alpha is this video game journalist's posture?    11/21/19  (8)
wtf is wrong with this girl? (NSFW)    11/21/19  (10)
'America' 2019 = vicious retards golem'd by grifter sociopaths    11/21/19  (2)
Settled 400k in claims the last couple days... 5.3 million net now (CSLG)    11/21/19  (33)
At work, I increasingly find myself competing with childless folks    11/21/19  (9)
How to refresh a brand that's about being Jewish and fucking men?    11/21/19  (5)
an alien brief consisting only of gibberish    11/21/19  (5)
🚨 NEW EUPHEMISM ALERT: Swedish Conditions 🚨    11/21/19  (15)
Is Half-Life VR legit or is VR flame?    11/21/19  (5)
Make a Wish foundation denying Peterman's disgusting request    11/21/19  (83)
If Buttigieg were gay, wouldnt there be 1,000 men he has had sex with?    11/21/19  (2)
best value iphone?    11/21/19  (14)
Which members of the UMKC womens soccer team have the rankest gas? (JJ Jr.)    11/21/19  (36)
Magic Johnson is gay and Pete Buttigeg is not HTH    11/21/19  (1)
Buttigieg raped me when I was 16    11/21/19  (1)
The (R)'s and (D)'s by impeachment names, (R) is for childRen and (D) aDult ya?    11/21/19  (8)
Syracuse being ROCKED by racist graffiti incidents    11/21/19  (40)
Which presidential candidate will earn the coveted MR. JINX endorsement?    11/21/19  (1)
Anybody here who would NOT enthusiastically assfuck Alia Shawkat?    11/21/19  (75)
Patient of Dr. Kim celebrating the release of Frozen 2 (PIC)    11/21/19  (46)
luis what are your top 10 foo fighters songs    11/21/19  (17)
cowgod making cliquebait threads, getting paid per view    11/21/19  (4)
there is a poaster who wants to be rated as random shit 24/7 & pf tp loves him    11/21/19  (15)
If babies were randomly allocated to families would racism end?    11/21/19  (79)
Looking for a new job because sick of being surrounded by shitlibs. Bad idea?    11/21/19  (82)
Midlaw Partner BUSTED for decades-old murder in latest DNA triumph    11/21/19  (4)
Syracuse Chancellor says "white supremacist manifesto" is a hoax    11/21/19  (1)
The one thing Trump gets right (NYT)    11/21/19  (48)
Who the fuck watches these "trending" YouTube videos    11/21/19  (5)
Are you/did you go to the gym today    11/21/19  (12)
What the hell is Rudy talking about in this tweet?    11/21/19  (2)
Ate sushi like a complete prole tonight. U mad?    11/21/19  (11)
Anybody here marry a 30+ yo woman?    11/21/19  (80)
Went to business school with JJC, taking questions (not flame)    11/21/19  (184)
like my women like my veal    11/21/19  (11)
Will PS5 be portable like $witch?    11/21/19  (4)
Rating poasters as Saw traps    11/21/19  (34)
French Official drugged hundreds of women to watch them urinate themselves    11/21/19  (78)
Jim "Quasimodo" Jordan has terrible fucking posture    11/21/19  (1)
Find this thread: French guy scams chicks into pissing selves at job interviews    11/21/19  (3)
Judge grants iPad sole custody of young boy it raised in parents' absence    11/21/19  (2)
iPhone 11 pro max vs pixel 4 xl vs oneplus 7 pro    11/21/19  (33)
People who think Buttigieg can't win, why?    11/21/19  (73)
SEC fags can you defend Alabama playing "Western Carolina" this week?    11/21/19  (75)
Digital Fatigue    11/21/19  (1)
no worries impeach me all u want haha    11/21/19  (1)
Luis unloading his rich inner world all over JCMs face and tits    11/21/19  (23)
I'm going to stab the next person who says "claps back"    11/21/19  (6)
MPA has the skull in heart alkaline trio logo tattooed on his ankle    11/21/19  (1)
27yo Mom Being Prosecuted By UTAH For Being Topless In Front Of Stepkids (PIC)    11/21/19  (25)
Got cholesterol checked. FML. 247 Cholestrol, 38 HDL    11/21/19  (87)
"wow this is really dark"said MPA out loud in empty room while listening to Alka    11/21/19  (1)
MPAs life changed when he heard “hot water music”    11/21/19  (2)
the CHAD Italian fascist salvini    11/21/19  (35)
Theory: Liz Warren is secret White Supremacist manchurian candidate    11/21/19  (5)
New DMT brain wave research indicates it is like being in "waking dream" (link)    11/21/19  (1)
The US economy is losing billions of dollars because foreign students aren't enr    11/21/19  (10)
GOP got their best lawyer on the case. Jim Jordan - Capital University Law Sch.    11/21/19  (3)
Going surfing tomorrow south of Santa Barbara.    11/21/19  (17)
ITT breakdown of the Mayor Pete police scandal. He will NEVER get black voters    11/21/19  (1)
in 4 years we went from gay marriage to gay psychopath named buttgag running 4 p    11/21/19  (14)
What's the best pussy rock band and song of all time.    11/21/19  (2)
Biz idea: hedge fund where u just put people's money in another hedge fund    11/21/19  (24)
"Ooh! This is SO yummy!" mewled DBG as I pissed and jizzed in his ugly mouth    11/21/19  (54)
Henry Aaron after 12th straight hour on XO with 3 monikers: "Dude ur ALWAYS here    11/21/19  (6)
LOL at Benzo gaping tsinah so bad he had to rebrand as "LAW KING"    11/21/19  (53)
Which one of you shitlawyers sent this threatening letter to your neighbor?    11/21/19  (16)
Obama: comprehensive plan to use international community to investigate trump    11/21/19  (7)
FUCK, not flame, I just seriously pissed off Vernon Jordan. How    11/21/19  (83)
Could Magnus Carlsen get a job as a trader at a major bank?    11/21/19  (20)
Portland/Seattle have 220+ cloudy days per year    11/21/19  (4)
Took viagra. Did not help. Only headache and stuffy nose    11/21/19  (1)
*Scotty Nguyen voice* I took da brack pirr, baby! I'm arr in, baby!    11/21/19  (14)
GOP Strategy: The best defense is a retarded offense.    11/21/19  (3)
Woman on twitter shames meek mid 30s guy for playing Nintendo Switch on Subway (    11/21/19  (27)
Half Life 3 announced (link)    11/21/19  (4)
Tulsi & Mayor Pete slow dancing at hotel bar after debate    11/21/19  (1)
Why do hedge funds still exist?    11/21/19  (16)
Scotty Nguyen (1962-2019) - Dass it baby!    11/21/19  (3)
oh most definitely    11/21/19  (4)
“He such a great salesman, he could sell genders to a liberal.”    11/21/19  (4)
So what was the NPC "Bombshell" impeachment talking point today?    11/21/19  (4)
is there a single person on this shitforum happy he chose law as a profession?    11/21/19  (109)
am i crazy or did Joe Biden on tape admit to Ukraine quid pro quo    11/21/19  (12)
anxiety bros, come ITT to share tips on living in the present    11/21/19  (24)
how do i view all the posts that i've made?    11/21/19  (9)
hypertension | poor sleep | cask imperial IPA    11/21/19  (7)
Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely. Mason Rudolph unpunished. (Link)    11/21/19  (41)
You should seriously consider suicide    11/21/19  (4)
Is Pete Buttigieg gay? Can’t find anything about this online.    11/21/19  (1)
ITT: POTUS-ize your moniker like KamalaSexy    11/21/19  (5)
Just watched the Tulsi/Buttigieg exchange she did fine    11/21/19  (2)
in a Brooklyn bar listening to low T dudes talk about Kavanagh hearings    11/21/19  (18)
Kevin Sumoin (esteemed SEC coach) bee bopping his way to last place in Pac 12    11/21/19  (1)
need people to do some real digging into the HUG admissions personnel    11/21/19  (30)
KamalaSexyFineCleverChocolate - Kamala dun. do --> AndrewSpicyFineDumpling    11/21/19  (4)
SexyKamala here, should I change to Pete something?    11/21/19  (4)
does tsinah use vaginal mesh or hernia mesh for his blown out asshol    11/21/19  (1)
GOP: "Dr. Hill isn't it true that.?" Dr. Hill: "No, ur just incredibly stew-pid"    11/21/19  (1)
Jake Burton Carpenter, 1965-2019, as welcome in Heaven as he was Deer Valley    11/21/19  (4)
whiplash pizza date scene but he projectile vomits when she says fordham    11/21/19  (5)
UF hasn't played a nonconf road game outside of Florida since 1991    11/21/19  (31)
Shark Tank is such gross gc bullshit    11/21/19  (14)
Google Stadia + next-gen VR + 5G internet    11/21/19  (3)
Petermans HOA seeks emergency injunction to stop Flying J's WFH policy    11/21/19  (2)
Literally at Popeyes with original and spicy sandwich sitting in front of me.    11/21/19  (25)

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