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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/07/19  (345)
***OFFICIAL LIVE IMPEACHMENT THREAD 11/13/19***    11/13/19  (356)
Why would anyone buy a home with an HOA?    11/13/19  (10)
Bill: lied about a blowjob so his wife wouldn't find out. Trump: sold out his co    11/13/19  (8)
HOLY SHIT the BEEFY KING in Orlando was DESTROYED by fire last night    11/13/19  (8)
"Take My Breath Away" Plays as your 80's GF feeds you soup *ALARM GOES OFF GET T    11/13/19  (2)
Better physique for long term health: chubby w/ muscle mass or thin but scrawny?    11/13/19  (9)
Saw hot 19 year old chick buying 5 cans of Zyn    11/13/19  (6)
reading iliad in homeric greek to scholarship tp as he sits indian style on the    11/13/19  (14)
Massive twitter thread of women discussing period diarrhea    11/13/19  (3)
🚨XO Rand Paul names the fake "whistleblower": ERIC CIARAMELLA    11/13/19  (2)
RATE my INVESTMENT portfolio    11/13/19  (60)
"YOU'RE GOING TO HELL!" cried the degenerate sodomite to the normal family nearb    11/13/19  (4)
Inside info about Milbank    11/13/19  (54)
Drag queen sashays into Impeachment hearings    11/13/19  (9)
wfh is awesome. just made brioche to test for XGIVING    11/13/19  (1)
GOOGLE DOCS: "Journalists" work for 45k-ish in NYC, SF    11/13/19  (29)
πŸŽΎπŸ’‚ ATP WORLD TOUR FINALS Thread πŸ’‚πŸŽΎ #tennis    11/13/19  (55)
People don’t talk about how Nebraska beat Wisconsin in 2012 enough    11/13/19  (4)
hillary must have whole closets filled with colorful muu-muus    11/13/19  (3)
Ironside Outed. Exactly ONE IG User Follows Both Dr. Kim & CiCi Bellis #tennis    11/13/19  (1)
"ur on the wrong side of hithtory!" barked the man with dildos attached 2 his he    11/13/19  (5)
"impeachment" insanity will backfire    11/13/19  (16)
Spider population has seen huge increase since decline of magazine industry (lin    11/13/19  (4)
And now, our latest comp of US/Euro/Japan luxury rail!    11/13/19  (20)
This tweet perfectly summarizes why libs are wasting their time    11/13/19  (4)
Wtf is going on with these drag queens everywhere    11/13/19  (1)
ITT: picture of the average 30+ y/o white woman (XO bride material) (DTP)    11/13/19  (1)
It's really cool when veterans in congress say "good copy"    11/13/19  (2)
Dr. Kim dresses as "The Man With The Yellow Hat" for Halloween (PIC)    11/13/19  (4)
Why does nutella act like such a brat?    11/13/19  (44)
Why is AmTTTrak so expensive compared to European rail lines?    11/13/19  (17)
TS Amanda and "Chicks with Shticks"    11/13/19  (2)
Losing around 50% on my shitlib $BYND investment. Taking Qs    11/13/19  (1)
RATE these Bat Mitzvah pics #DBG    11/13/19  (2)
The '91-'93 Bulls of 144A    11/13/19  (6)
people with single family homes in LA are sitting on goldmines. LJL at Earl    11/13/19  (3)
Is a McMansion in Great Falls, VA credited?    11/13/19  (43)
Spent $400 this year on professional family photos    11/13/19  (28)
Hillary Clinton's pants: "I am facing enormous pressure not to rip wide open"    11/13/19  (1)
rbg's 'dissent collar' actually used as spit-up bib says former clerk (link)    11/13/19  (6)
Reddit is way funnier, smarter, and more interesting than XO    11/13/19  (37)
There is an ethnic Finn university in Michigan    11/13/19  (4)
Hillary Clinton: I’m Facing ‘Enormous Pressure’ to Enter 2020 Race    11/13/19  (47)
ITT, I describe, in vivid detail, my morning shit.    11/13/19  (5)
A Bucket of Hot Diarrhea Was Randomly Poured on a Woman by a Homeless Man (nyt)    11/13/19  (32)
So Trumpmos, which country is Trump gonna get help from this election?    11/13/19  (3)
Patients coming all the way from RUSSIA to see Dr. Kim! (PIC)    11/13/19  (1)
*is vegan, doesn't smoke or drink, works out to live to 94 instead of 85*    11/13/19  (4)
Remember when Trump said 2018 was about impeachment, ppl voted D house anyway?    11/13/19  (1)
how did libs become so insane? What are they trying to do    11/13/19  (6)
Libs came up w a coup as an "undo" button for Nov 8th 2016?    11/13/19  (6)
Senior citizens in SF Chinatown getting public beat downs (link)    11/13/19  (25)
Jimmy Safechuck's mom nipping out making muffins for Michael Jackson (pic)    11/13/19  (14)
Why doesnt Alaska have a college fb team    11/13/19  (21)
just buy $2m shitty 2300 sq. ft. residence for ONLY 30 minute commute!    11/13/19  (1)
Reminder: NO impeachment, YES wall, NO daca, YES Muslim ban, NO new taxes    11/13/19  (45)
Hypo: you can create a gold bar on demand but you have to shit it out of ur assh    11/13/19  (15)
Libs go to bed every night thinking Trump will be impeached when they wake up    11/13/19  (18)
Even if Obama is re-elected, he will be impeached    11/13/19  (73)
even libs have to know this is dumb and gay    11/13/19  (2)
Which major cities (top 50 population) will be WINNERS/LOSERS in next 10 years?    11/13/19  (18)
Trump at impeachment hearing "oh wow, what a great crowd"    11/13/19  (50)
So much Prozac in water fish are getting less aggressive (link)    11/13/19  (1)
free speech group The FIRE hiring paralegal    11/13/19  (1)
Reminder: Sarah Palin had sex with 3x NBA All Star Glen Rice    11/13/19  (7)
This job poasting said u needed a Somalian! *storms out of fancy restaurant* (ma    11/13/19  (1)
Rate my deposits from yesterday (TMF pointing to nutella's cooch)    11/13/19  (1)
Daily Reminder: Trump will be impeached and prosecuted    11/13/19  (27)
Kids are like tattoos. Once you have one you want more.    11/13/19  (17)
Crazy there will be impeachment hearings conducted DURING the 2020 election    11/13/19  (4)
What if Trump just calls himself "undocumented president" and starts making laws    11/13/19  (19)
Rate my deposits from yesterday (CSLG)    11/13/19  (25)
Tax plan will cost republicans the house, trump will be impeached, humiliated    11/13/19  (4)
I'm retiring. Otiose, xo (julia)    11/13/19  (55)
Rate this boomer response to "ok boomer"    11/13/19  (16)
Kids are like AIDS. Once you acquire them there's no getting rid of them    11/13/19  (2)
even downsboy Jordan did better job of questioning than GOP lawyer    11/13/19  (1)
Lactose intolerant Julia ordering Potatoes non grata    11/13/19  (8)
I had a nightmare about shitlibs! *clutches tranny GF* (xo pos    11/13/19  (111)
libs are going hair on fire, eyes bulging out of their sockets insane right now    11/13/19  (9)
Bottomless preggo shrew does Gender Reveal by farting out blue cloud (link)    11/13/19  (58)
AMERIKKKA is a CIRCUS Banana Republic --- just BURN it DOWN    11/13/19  (1)
I cant remember Tommy ever not poasting retarded shit    11/13/19  (5)
Anyone else here quite partial to TOBACCO?    11/13/19  (1)
Crazy how INSANE the GOP has become    11/13/19  (25)
everyone on xo was in military & stationed in Kuwait or Bahrain?    11/13/19  (20)
honestly, starting smoking cigs was smartest thing I did all 2019    11/13/19  (60)
Ambassador Taylor is per se untruthful with that hairpiece. Bald fraud    11/13/19  (1)
Top 5 majors college students most regretted taking    11/13/19  (1)
A DACA is det.    11/13/19  (1)
Libs’ eyes bulge from sockets like Large Marge when they see white Christians    11/13/19  (2)
Been doing tren for 6 weeks, rate my gains (sharklasers)    11/13/19  (13)
Congrats TS Amanda, you've created the worst schtick in xo history    11/13/19  (25)
Just sent insurance adjuster pic I took of his sleeping child (cslg)    11/13/19  (14)
Taking questions about the Baffin Island Wolf ONLY ITT.    11/13/19  (14)
almost got ass kicked by USMC recruiter today (biglaw)    11/13/19  (100)
Nintendo marketing tricked UN into recognizing "Donkey Kong Country" in the 90s    11/13/19  (4)
if i go down, im taking dux with me    11/13/19  (3)
CM Punk returned to WWE last night    11/13/19  (1)
Kind of disappointed most recent conquest told me she took plan B after we bange    11/13/19  (6)
Lotsa Dumb Boomers On Travel Forums Asking Qs About "Travel Phones"    11/13/19  (21)
Jim Jordan just burned the impeachment hearing to the ground    11/13/19  (20)
Has that Matt Gaetz guy stormed today's impeachment hearings yet?    11/13/19  (1)
Is AIAS (Academia) Still Around?    11/13/19  (5)
(link, 2014) Harold Bloom on Halford's Death: The Withering Flower and the Pucke    11/13/19  (3)
Good game. good game. good game. good game. FUCK YOU. Good game.    11/13/19  (44)
ITT, rating poasters as absurd anime premises or fanbase phenomenons    11/13/19  (299)
GC currently forcememing "thxbirthcontrol" on twitter    11/13/19  (8)
Do any of you guys remember Sarah Palin?    11/13/19  (12)
How long to study for ORACLE MYSQL DEVELOPER CERTICIFICATION?    11/13/19  (5)
Anybody here marry a 30+ yo woman?    11/13/19  (39)
So is Bloomberg in or not    11/13/19  (10)
:D stop reading the news and go learn SQL    11/13/19  (10)
Jewish women telling you what to think and say forever    11/13/19  (7)
Halford's death coincided with removal of craigslist personals    11/13/19  (1)
What is Bloomberg's angle? Vp? Cabinet? Influence policy? 3rd party run?    11/13/19  (8)
Law School Financial Aid    11/13/19  (31)
I want to woo and marry Ana de Armas. How to pull off    11/13/19  (3)
It’s crazy how much lifting weights has improved my life    11/13/19  (41)
LOL Senate just fucked over the Dem presidential candidates' campaign schedules    11/13/19  (4)
Saturday Night Fever is on Prime    11/13/19  (4)
Everything is flame might as well look good during this shit life and fuck tikto    11/13/19  (1)
Is "Mr Kent" the beta GOP lawyer mentioned in the megathread?    11/13/19  (1)
Time for elementary gender talk!    11/13/19  (12)
Teens respectfully shake hands after styling on 75 year old racist    11/13/19  (30)
Anyone recommend a good doctor in MFH to remove a cyst?    11/13/19  (1)
can we forget about the things I said when I was drunk    11/13/19  (9)
Dupa did you ever hear Trey's story about Neil Young at Farm Aid?    11/13/19  (1)
Will Dems appeal when the Senate exonerates Trump?    11/13/19  (5)
Julia: Did you know I graduated Mandalorian?    11/13/19  (4)
Trump complaining about Dems hiring outside counsel to question witnesses    11/13/19  (2)
Henry Aaron screeching in the nurses lounge as someone tries to change the tv    11/13/19  (1)
Chinese daredevil falls to his death (video)    11/13/19  (3)
Is AutoAdmit a Les Paul board or a Gibson board?    11/13/19  (8)
Trump balloon slasher: "1st time Libs have been angry about a chopped up baby"    11/13/19  (30)
Do Asians have hobbies?    11/13/19  (37)
πŸ’» 16" MacBook Pro announced πŸ’»    11/13/19  (30)
SexyKamala and the TS crew march in clapping and chanting to alt right event    11/13/19  (3)
*Peterman enters Narwhal exhibit at zoo* *screams begin to be heard in minutes*    11/13/19  (1)
ACP Can You Verify AIAS's Email?    11/13/19  (3)
Women in office-based jobs are developing a “computer face”    11/13/19  (8)
Can any Hawaiian posters explain why average weight in HI is 240(M), 210(F)?    11/13/19  (6)
Always Eat Lunch Alone: A guide to self-betterment    11/13/19  (7)
would best outcome for the right be Warren victory followed by 1929 style crash?    11/13/19  (20)
"Honey, no, listen...I Have Sex With Men For Money is just a 'moniker' !"    11/13/19  (1)
Cali Shitlaw: remember, your haters are jealous. full stop.    11/13/19  (1)
the bell tolls for thee RBG    11/13/19  (1)

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