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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/19/19  (348)
Do HS girls today support Blur or Oasis?    11/22/19  (5)
NZ shooter accused of using aimbot    11/22/19  (6)
When the villain is Obama, not Trump, news suddenly becomes not worth reporting    11/22/19  (9)
Rate this 38 year old shrew    11/22/19  (2)
horrifying: there are 2,200 Ethereum dapps with 12,000 daily active users total    11/22/19  (15)
is FRIED CALAMARI prole?    11/22/19  (7)
ITT I give you a word and you define it    11/22/19  (2)
Does Asian pussy get cheesy?    11/22/19  (2)
NYT blames "homeowners," not BOOMER homeowners, for CA housing crisis    11/22/19  (11)
HATE DAD    11/22/19  (3)
Which country has the highest standard of living?    11/22/19  (15)
JJJ ever put out scholarship on Asian women?    11/22/19  (1)
UIndiana professor outted as xo poster    11/22/19  (37)
“the who” fucking sucked dick    11/22/19  (24)
acp whatre you up to today    11/22/19  (13)
I found love on Autoadmit    11/22/19  (2)
sugar is just gay salt    11/22/19  (8)
Russiagate, Kavanaugh, now Ukraine shit. MSM & deep state still control narrativ    11/22/19  (21)
left with no work, remote manager after "restructuring"    11/22/19  (4)
This kid was like the El Chapo of doccusate    11/22/19  (7)
Me and libscrusher sitting on opposite sides of jacuzzi. Not doing anything gay    11/22/19  (4)
What’s John Bolton up to with his new cryptic tweets?    11/22/19  (2)
Canadian opposing counsel helpfully offering 11/28 timeslot for end of month dea    11/22/19  (1)
“Rongtime Wang he-” *briefcase full of schmear falls open*    11/22/19  (1)
Who else downloaded the video before it got erased from the internet?    11/22/19  (14)
What's the best punk band, album, and song?    11/22/19  (61)
Goldwang and Rongtime    11/22/19  (1)
My friend has a practice in NYC devoted to umbrella law. let me explain    11/22/19  (10)
Trump’s 2nd term will be 180 and highly $ucces$ful    11/22/19  (3)
just want to go back to 1995 and put on my Hypercolor t-shirt    11/22/19  (22)
“WE WAS GANGZ” -Drake and (((rappers)))    11/22/19  (1)
“WE WAS WANGZ” -jews in China    11/22/19  (1)
LA Condo sales plummet 30% as all cash Chinese buyers flee    11/22/19  (4)
Support for impeachment SKYROCKETS after House public testimony. 60% support!    11/22/19  (11)
What happened when Brooklyn tried to integrate its middle schools    11/22/19  (175)
“WE WAS CHANGZ” -avg. Tibetan    11/22/19  (1)
Holy shit Age of Empires 4 is actually in full development. Gameplay video out    11/22/19  (1)
christmas music is the last stand of implicit white identity    11/22/19  (14)
Why are chinese all cashmos seen as bad, basically inject free money and pay tax    11/22/19  (8)
DBG is pissed that I am the most popular Jew here.    11/22/19  (17)
List of every country and their colonies    11/22/19  (42)
I pwned some chick at work who made fun of my corduroy jacket    11/22/19  (29)
"...Gwynneth Paltrow does it and - hello who just joined?"    11/22/19  (4)
Is Gillibrand still running?    11/22/19  (2)
Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition comes this fall, will be 180    11/22/19  (46)
Would a sanders/Yang candidacy win?    11/22/19  (18)
Which one of you shitlawyers sent this threatening letter to your neighbor?    11/22/19  (78)
acp to poa: "how are you?" poa: "I already have a grad certificate!"    11/22/19  (3)
Warren’s plan is cradle to grave indoctrination?    11/22/19  (1)
acp: "Your honor, if it please the cour--" Judge: "I have a boyfriend!!!!"    11/22/19  (4)
I fucking hated in college when a girl would unprovoked announce I was creepy    11/22/19  (1)
acp to gf: "How are you?" gf: "I HAVE AN EX-BOYFRIEND!"    11/22/19  (5)
Biz idea: exploring Africa through the use of locals and gopro cameras    11/22/19  (4)
Ode to Goy by Ludwig van Bernstein    11/22/19  (2)
acp looking in mirror: "Looking good budd--" Reflection: "i have a boyfriend!!!"    11/22/19  (2)
acp: "Wow, I can't believe this is heave--" St. Peter: "I have a boyfriend!!!"    11/22/19  (2)
90s Alternative Chick Singer Mix    11/22/19  (28)
just stare at a screen till you die    11/22/19  (19)
there's the GRAD BULL and the unaffiliated cuck    11/22/19  (4)
acp: "Hey mom, how have you bee--" Mom: "I have a boyfriend!!!"    11/22/19  (3)
Ray Dalio Bets $1.5 bil S&P 500 will net fall in next 3 months    11/22/19  (4)
Ray Dalio bets over $1 billion dollars on stock market crashing by March    11/22/19  (1)
acp: *clutches chest* "Please doc, the pain i---" Doctor: "I have a boyfriend!!"    11/22/19  (2)
umbrella'd Doobs floating down your law firm chimney like Mary Poppins    11/22/19  (2)
LETS HEAR IT FOR THE GOYS!    11/22/19  (2)
the rawest , hardest, wildest, smartest, coldest, tightest mother fucker in here    11/22/19  (3)
RATE this conversation I just had in my apt building elevator (autism potential)    11/22/19  (48)
rotten.com is down    11/22/19  (7)
I fucking hated in college when a girl would unprovoked announce her BF    11/22/19  (23)
whok, rate this French girl's voice    11/22/19  (3)
19 y/o acp: "Do you know where the math building i--" girl: "i have a boyfriend!    11/22/19  (4)
New Tesla truck doubles as Hibachi Grill, not flame (pic)    11/22/19  (16)
Xo is a monestary    11/22/19  (6)
this impeachment stuff will not last Democrats until the election. what's next?    11/22/19  (8)
Goyim: Nauseating Shitlibs At T'Giving | Ortho Jews: All Trumpmo @ Shabbat Table    11/22/19  (4)
this elon musk "CYBERTRUCK" video is the most bizarre shit ive seen in a while    11/22/19  (11)
Lol at dumb af whites 94 percent repay student loans    11/22/19  (1)
in the drunkest, highest, crunkest, toughest, buckest, roughest mfer in here    11/22/19  (1)
“I’m dreaming of a White Brismas” Remix to Play in Starbucks (link)    11/22/19  (1)
Any of you niggers playing Shenmue 3?    11/22/19  (8)
*blacks, dykes fading from movies* *xo furious at Chinese movie impact*    11/22/19  (2)
Still support Trump 100%    11/22/19  (49)
“Spread dem loans out”: when you make payments you subsidize blacks    11/22/19  (1)
💻 16" MacBook Pro announced 💻    11/22/19  (86)
XO Poaster: "Yeah, can I have a venti..." Barista: "I have a boyfriend!"    11/22/19  (29)
60% of Independents support impeachment, 18% opposed (Emerson)    11/22/19  (11)
I am taking off all of next week and my boss is very, very angry    11/22/19  (5)
Video of autistic chad - peep the comments LJL    11/22/19  (63)
C7 corvette manuals are dwindling. Buy now if you want a one of the last manual    11/22/19  (3)
It takes courage to bottom    11/22/19  (3)
lol the brutalist architecture is an alt right thing?    11/22/19  (41)
23andMe reveals DBG's ancestors hail from small republic of Kvetchnya    11/22/19  (6)
Have you deleted your 23andme yet?    11/22/19  (3)
watching hallmark christmas movies with your loving wife and 4 white children    11/22/19  (4)
"If and when your fence is damaged, we'll pay for the repairs. Thank"    11/22/19  (1)
Late boomers force memed shitty as fuck Ramones on us for decades    11/22/19  (68)
I$ Thai food good?    11/22/19  (22)
Google leaves 1.2B people's personal data open on a server. Email, phone, name    11/22/19  (6)
ALL CAPS BULL vs lower case cuck    11/22/19  (3)
Were the Ramones stupid or brilliant?    11/22/19  (21)
fuck it i'll say it: biglaw lives matter is the best poaster    11/22/19  (5)
Watch these Aussie reporters straight up LOLing at US Democrats    11/22/19  (2)
Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba: Jews must be "held accountable" (rolling ston    11/22/19  (4)
Settled 400k in claims the last couple days... 5.3 million net now (CSLG)    11/22/19  (70)
anyone ever used one of those Surface Dial things? Does it work with everything?    11/22/19  (1)
Upset Jew, why does Nick Fuentes trigger you so much?    11/22/19  (10)
jjc’s current IG photo is him in a WHARTON shirt, not flame    11/22/19  (20)
and what are you?" ... *shifty eyes* ... "oh, uh, I'm 5'9"" (annual physical)    11/22/19  (3)
Your Friday TikTok dose    11/22/19  (1)
what kind of people go on coffee dates?    11/22/19  (42)
Bump when Ohio State is ass raping PSU on national TV this weekend    11/22/19  (1)
🎾🎾🎾2019 DAVIS CUP BY RAKUTEN🎾🎾🎾 #tennis    11/22/19  (45)
Quadrophenia is 180    11/22/19  (1)
Holy shit social circles are fucking retarted    11/22/19  (9)
Vanity Fair: Polling confirms that impeachment has sealed Trump's fate in 2020    11/22/19  (9)
foreigners wearing their flags like capes calling US nationalism dangerous    11/22/19  (51)
I need daddy askav to fuck my yellow pussy so we can save the white race    11/22/19  (38)
Glibness follows naturally from multiple loyalties    11/22/19  (8)
Is VR gaming still for casuals?    11/22/19  (3)
what forums are higher iq than xo    11/22/19  (27)
Still amazes me that Americans tolerate "immigration"    11/22/19  (6)
Hawaii Judge is America’s future.    11/22/19  (1)
Not enough AI and sexbot threading here    11/22/19  (1)
lamarcus just imagine if the Nats fucking lost the 2019 world series    11/22/19  (2)
feels like we're not that far off from ppl checking out & living in VR worlds    11/22/19  (8)
Boomery moments with my mother in Italy    11/22/19  (31)
Family moves in next to LAWYER, receives this letter (link)    11/22/19  (5)
"Tikkun Olam" said the globalist, as he flipped a switch and the BREXIT vote was    11/22/19  (17)
My wife and I both did an aliyah at our Aufruf.    11/22/19  (2)
Funny that Dallas needed another white NBA star to keep people interested and th    11/22/19  (1)
Lean in actually based on the parentheses bending inward    11/22/19  (1)
)))Upset Jew((( and )))Latham((( getting written into the Book of Life    11/22/19  (1)
I’m gonna fucking kill myself    11/22/19  (14)
why did greta thurnberg inspire so much anger?    11/22/19  (33)
Toot toot, bump train coming through, get on haha    11/22/19  (1)
I dreamed of popping pills with Lil Wyte got paperwork and rent seeking behavior    11/22/19  (2)
carl spackler listening to lil wyte as he cruises through town    11/22/19  (5)
How exactly did Lil Wyte get high off of seroquel?    11/22/19  (7)
Turns the consumer inside out, rewards every bad impulse    11/22/19  (1)
lol at the 'hillary was right about everything' forcememe    11/22/19  (19)
My favourite prediction: mr. jinx predicting Luka Doncic will be a bust.    11/22/19  (4)
ITT we predict Luka Doncic's career    11/22/19  (17)
Can Gamers get cringelord Yang elected?    11/22/19  (10)
"Luka, which is Latvian for 'Doug McDermott', & Doncic which means, 'but slower'    11/22/19  (38)
Jews like Upset Jew are far more bigoted than anyone    11/22/19  (2)
LMAO @ you if ur not driving a Tesla Cybertruck    11/22/19  (2)
Is there a term for not liking the aesthetics of a certain culture or time?    11/22/19  (3)
Sup? yeah, I totally love sup and jam bands haha.    11/22/19  (1)
Upset Jew doesn’t question anything: his fraud brand of Judaism, gender, or li    11/22/19  (1)

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