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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/07/19  (352)
Three Wise Men offering bags of dog food instead of Myrrh    12/12/19  (1)
Only Russian aircraft carrier on fire    12/12/19  (33)
David Boies $950K associate bonus    12/12/19  (24)
In a peaceful first world homogeneous patriarchal society with feminine women.    12/12/19  (26)
France remains a third world country, along with the rest of Europe. Are w    12/12/19  (6)
Paying porn stars to hand out my business cards at Midnight Mass (CSLG)    12/12/19  (8)
LMAO turn on Boris Johnson election results now    12/12/19  (14)
Tree branches are hanging over to neighbor’s property    12/12/19  (44)
Jersey City blacks not big fans of Jews (video)    12/12/19  (5)
YES Brexit, NO Labour, YES pint, NOT KEEN muzzies, NO racist, DON'T like em    12/12/19  (2)
What happened to chip tp    12/12/19  (1)
Trump sets tariffs on China. China agrees to import $30bn more American good.    12/12/19  (8)
The Irishman - self indulgent and way too long    12/12/19  (72)
Board Trumpmos: PUTIN IS MY HERO, HE'S SO DREAMY, BY THE WAY NO HOMO    12/12/19  (2)
Taking Qs on my dinner at the PF Chang’s in Warner Center    12/12/19  (6)
How hard is it to be an automation engineer?    12/12/19  (3)
PSA for Libs: If Putin wanted to harm your country, he'd let your side win    12/12/19  (13)
why straight rural men have gay bud sex with each other    12/12/19  (44)
wait, so henry Aaron is a male nurse? LMAO    12/12/19  (126)
brilliant black brit discovers one weird trick    12/12/19  (1)
we need mass deployment of facial recognition cameras in NYC    12/12/19  (2)
What’s the best value for food? I barely eat anymore    12/12/19  (37)
Holy shit even all of London is going conservative    12/12/19  (2)
Can someone remind me, why is jewish capitalism bad again?    12/12/19  (3)
What sex and profession is Henry Aaron?    12/12/19  (6)
Henry Aaron walking into your thread w/ Voodoo Child in "I'm with stupid" tee    12/12/19  (16)
Little ceasars seems like best value    12/12/19  (4)
Kid gets beaten up on school bus for supporting trump    12/12/19  (1)
Doug Collins having a mental breakdown on live tv now    12/12/19  (3)
"Hi, I'm Jim." "Hi Jim, I'm gay."    12/12/19  (5)
Twitter libs are frightening,y insane    12/12/19  (1)
Really is astonishing how bizarre Trump presidency is    12/12/19  (21)
Let’s invent a new sport ITT    12/12/19  (2)
The Guardian: Britain needs its own Mueller report on Russian interference    12/12/19  (13)
Largest city in the USA without a major sports franchise?    12/12/19  (1)
Cellino and Barnes made 16 mil each last year    12/12/19  (5)
thought conservatives were on track to gain 80 seats Trumpmos?    12/12/19  (2)
biblical scholars uncover Three Wise Men college transcripts    12/12/19  (2)
Trumpmos lose KY, LA, VA a few weeks back suddenly care about UK politics    12/12/19  (3)
Redditors rejoicing: "Millennials Are Leaving Religion And Not Coming Back"    12/12/19  (62)
I've been sitting at my desk for over 2 hours, drinking, doing absolutely nothin    12/12/19  (3)
Pete Buttgiggle doesn't have a law degree?    12/12/19  (2)
Brits: How do Lib Dems manage to win a bunch of totally random seats around UK?    12/12/19  (29)
So Corbyn was a principled anti semite and got got?    12/12/19  (2)
tore down friend's x-mas tree w/ bare hands, accused him of pagan devilry    12/12/19  (1)
mouth dimples are the most prestigious facial feature    12/12/19  (6)
What's the deal with pickleball    12/12/19  (9)
UK EXIT POLLS IN. XO Boris Wins +50; Antisemite Labour -71. L'Chaim!    12/12/19  (102)
Why does it take Brits so long to actually count votes?    12/12/19  (1)
They're going down all over the world, Mr. President    12/12/19  (5)
Rate this asian thug    12/12/19  (1)
spritezero humming "im so gay" to the tune of "you're so vain"    12/12/19  (18)
Dotter insists on having her asshole licked    12/12/19  (42)
unscramble this: ginger pea    12/12/19  (5)
medieval chinese dood: zipping around on wheelbarrow. u: hauling shit by hand    12/12/19  (3)
Well imagine, as I’m tasting your pubes in a church corridor    12/12/19  (1)
I HATE NIGGERS    12/12/19  (17)
Reminder: You still celebrate all of the "Christmas" tradition as a NeoPagan.    12/12/19  (7)
Maybe if they spelled Labor correctly they wouldn't lose elections    12/12/19  (5)
ITT: Your pick for "creepiest doobs moment" 2010-present    12/12/19  (30)
In London. Mosque loudspeakers all playing Wonderwall right now    12/12/19  (5)
Listening to COCK SPARRER to celebrate England finding its BOLLOCKS    12/12/19  (3)
Currently negotiating to buy a JJ Jr. gym (DBG)    12/12/19  (1)
So like, they’re just going to take all those seats? I can’t even, mate.    12/12/19  (1)
Tiny pink whimpers coming from under the staircase on the next PM’s Qs    12/12/19  (1)
Lol, my in-laws bought me and my wife tickets to a show & took the kids    12/12/19  (25)
Currently negotiating to buy a BJJ gym (CSLG)    12/12/19  (4)
Labes, I thought Boris Johnson was supposed to lose his seat in repudiation?    12/12/19  (1)
Mayor of London blames Jewish vote for Labour loss (twitter)    12/12/19  (16)
Denman Glacier: Deepest point on land found in Antarctica    12/12/19  (3)
Assault with a deadly nigger    12/12/19  (4)
Buy and return a laptop every 14 days. Boom, free laptop    12/12/19  (6)
*Dirte eating at a fat pussy buffet*    12/12/19  (4)
I can’t believe boner fucks these smelly bar mitzvahs    12/12/19  (1)
Boris the Butcher    12/12/19  (3)
whats ur favorite food faggot    12/12/19  (1)
Breaking up with a girl this week, fml    12/12/19  (18)
your wife jerking head like chicken, screaming ultrasonically    12/12/19  (1)
Boris: "South Sandwich Islands have been so incredible"    12/12/19  (9)
harvesting women's power via systematic public butt-slapping    12/12/19  (2)
Leaders identify cause of Barnard student murder: Not enough $ for Dem Programs    12/12/19  (2)
So we've looped into 2016 again? lol, now this is a sim glitch I can get behind    12/12/19  (7)
sorry jews that your muslim rape gangs in England had another setback    12/12/19  (1)
DTP taking questions on the intellectual superiority of STEM (12/12/2019)    12/12/19  (2)
Trump: She said Barron in a pun! Trump: Greta is a weird little kid!    12/12/19  (4)
UK SCOTUS - election invalid, because actually Parliament was prorogued    12/12/19  (1)
President Trump: Greta Thurnberg should go to a movie. Chill, Greta, Chill!    12/12/19  (69)
Julia: "bonuses are taxed more heavily than regular salary"    12/12/19  (120)
CORBYN STEPS DOWN    12/12/19  (16)
I have some thoughts    12/12/19  (2)
once you go to rehab ur pretty much done right    12/12/19  (2)
GOP: if we say "Trump's not a criminal" with folksy accent then Trumpmos agree    12/12/19  (2)
I’m handsome    12/12/19  (1)
Assume Trump does as well as UK Cons in next election. Lib reaction?    12/12/19  (2)
Trumpmos, wtf is wrong with the Congressman Armstrong guy?    12/12/19  (5)
I make so much more money than den of Proles it’s crazy    12/12/19  (4)
Caro Wozniacki: "Happy to see Sinn Fein got crushed today, haha!" #tennis    12/12/19  (6)
Have you ever dealt with a woman who literally had sand in her vagina?    12/12/19  (2)
burger with melted swiss cheese and roasted mushrooms and caramelized onions    12/12/19  (3)
So Libs are losing elections and support worldwide & blame Russia for all of it?    12/12/19  (3)
Trumpmos rejoicing! Yes, there are more low iq college dropouts than geniuses!    12/12/19  (2)
so GGTP and TT are both in Southeast Asia for the "culture"?    12/12/19  (4)
I regret spending my life on so many vanities    12/12/19  (3)
I wonder how XO Tulsi will vote on impeachment    12/12/19  (3)
The bitch dances better than everyone on this board (video)    12/12/19  (1)
"Group of teens" chimp out on bus, attack fat white kid (video)    12/12/19  (12)
(((Rothenberg))): Nadal >> Djokovic #tennis    12/12/19  (2)
UK libs desperately begging France for a reverse-Dunkirk rescue    12/12/19  (1)
My God. They're buttfucking Blyth Valley.    12/12/19  (2)
Romantic gesture    12/12/19  (1)
NUTSY PELOSI    12/12/19  (1)
Jordan Peterson’s face.Eye level. Weeping uncontrollably.    12/12/19  (3)
ITT lib freakouts/reactions to UK election results    12/12/19  (54)
Clinton: "I'm with HER." TRUMP: "I'm with YOU."    12/12/19  (3)
how many kids has TT fucked in Southeast Asia?    12/12/19  (2)
TRUMP WINS HAWAII    12/12/19  (4)
Does Eminem ever rap with other white rappers?    12/12/19  (8)
First transport is away!!!!    12/12/19  (7)
ITT: suggest ways to ruin TT's life    12/12/19  (32)
"nooo my galavanting!!" shrieked the bisexual millenial britfag    12/12/19  (1)
luis what's the best weight of chick to target if you're a 150lb twink    12/12/19  (40)
Dossier author Christopher Steele is BACK! Says XO Boris is a RUSSIAN AGENT    12/12/19  (18)
(((Rothenberg))) only watching Williams Brother matches for time being #tennis    12/12/19  (1)
Libs now intently focused on bees and straws    12/12/19  (1)
Someone explain these UK election results    12/12/19  (5)
Ben Simmons is such a faggot    12/12/19  (2)
Stupid bitch at work yelled "And then the brunch started dancing!"    12/12/19  (65)
Thousands of throbbing penises wash up on NorCal beach    12/12/19  (1)
i need 2 million dollars cash or im going to kms    12/12/19  (4)
And then the Brexit started dancing!    12/12/19  (1)
Tessa Majors, Climbing Morningside Park Staircase to CLS: I CAN'T BRIEF    12/12/19  (2)
Thunder Collins: Realistic estimate for how many cocks your wife's taken?    12/12/19  (1)
where’s the Johnsmeyer “the brunch started dancing” thread?    12/12/19  (2)
And then the impeachment STARTED DANCING    12/12/19  (4)
Study: Millennials spend more on vices (alcohol, smoking, etc) than Boomers/GenX    12/12/19  (10)
Shiiiiiiieeet    12/12/19  (1)
It’s possible the year 2016 was a miracle from our lord    12/12/19  (1)
New Xbox system to be called Xbox Series X (link)    12/12/19  (1)
Reddit is requiring a login for nsfw content. How’d that work for Tumblr?    12/12/19  (9)
God isn’t real    12/12/19  (17)
"Henry Aaron is amazing!" said Henry Aaron posting as Voodoo Child    12/12/19  (6)
Brexit is a repudiation of people like LathamTouchedMe    12/12/19  (7)
How can you tell if you are suffering from depression?    12/12/19  (19)
i didnt even know there was an election in the uk today but ljl at libs crying!    12/12/19  (1)
how many "babies" have been aborted since Kavanaugh took the bench?    12/12/19  (2)
Open Borders | Busing | Third Trimester Abortions    12/12/19  (5)
Trumpmos: OK if Trump abuses gov. power, btw fed. gov has too much power!    12/12/19  (2)

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