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STICKY: Big changes   08/10/20  (332)
here's kamala's nasty questioning of kavanaugh    08/13/20  (43)
So we have to pretend that Christians and Muslims worship same god?    08/13/20  (5)
Remember the "mediocre HBO shows" era?    08/13/20  (19)
some FAGGOT broke into my motel room and stole my theragun + nintendo switch    08/13/20  (8)
Trump UP +6 in latest Florida poll!    08/13/20  (21)
So anthropomorphic climate warming is well within avg oscillation for past pas    08/13/20  (24)
What's ol' Ken Bone up to? Wonder what he thinks about Sleepy Joe.    08/13/20  (4)
Do you guys realize the utter sincerity of Germans' belief that the US is ...    08/13/20  (21)
Anyone else done with Tucker?    08/13/20  (44)
Genetically, how can low IQ parents produce a high IQ child?    08/13/20  (46)
Israel is like the only lush, green, pretty spot on entire map of Middle East    08/13/20  (20)
Most overrated U.S. cities    08/13/20  (132)
"whokebe" and "watchmen" were two middle-eastern losers    08/13/20  (10)
Bend, Oregon activists block ICE bus, prompting federal agents' response    08/13/20  (9)
"The mail-in ballot was covered in what?" "Sperm, your honor."    08/13/20  (1)
still being terrorized by this fucking fly. how to DESTROY it    08/13/20  (1)
'Erotic weight gainer' who tips the scales at 500lbs reveals he eats 10,000 calo    08/13/20  (17)
Pencil dick pumo, would you be willing to share more about yourself?    08/13/20  (51)
should i rent this apt    08/13/20  (13)
Kamala will make it very difficult for WHITE MALES to own GUNS    08/13/20  (1)
If we have "mail in ballots" why wouldn't people just steal the mail boxes    08/13/20  (1)
"autopsy showed no sign of sexual assault" *woman hits pause, turns off hitachi*    08/13/20  (9)
Most overrated European cities    08/13/20  (63)
DMX: "That the nigga got choked? George, whatchu call him, Floyd? Yeah fuck Geor    08/13/20  (1)
Xo VERB Second Quarter Earning Call Friday Aug 14 2020 @ 4:30pm    08/13/20  (1)
Why do Antifa focus on boogeyman like ICE and not real ones like Midland Funding    08/13/20  (3)
Is this house tacky?    08/13/20  (6)
CSLG, which Quickbooks do you use?    08/13/20  (10)
Anyone else notice how the sunlight is different this summer?    08/13/20  (13)
True story: I went to go mail a payment to a bill, drove to the post office    08/13/20  (1)
Fannie and Freddie just imposed new "market condition fee" on refinances (link)    08/13/20  (2)
Anyone feeling like this election isn’t even going to be fun?    08/13/20  (2)
Preference that persisted with me from lib to right winger:    08/13/20  (1)
Can you guys talk about something interestign and entertaining other than politi    08/13/20  (7)
🎶Our god is an awesome god, he gapes all your other shitty gods🎶    08/13/20  (3)
Are TMF and Mandy still moving to Dallas?    08/13/20  (1)
The DEFINITIVE political thread. No need for any others after you read this.    08/13/20  (5)
What was the most prole thing your mom made for dinner?    08/13/20  (78)
Upset Jew, drinking wine at 4:07 pm, taking Qs for 10-15 minutes    08/13/20  (9)
There's a lot of people the government is happy to kill now & blame on "covid"    08/13/20  (1)
Sweden (no lockdown) 0 new cases. New Zealand (full insane lockdown) 14 new case    08/13/20  (19)
Are hot dogs prole?    08/13/20  (34)
*climate warming, smirking at you anthropomorphically*    08/13/20  (1)
Any major central area in MFH as bad as Paris Gare du Nord?    08/13/20  (17)
Our mentally challenged president and his anti-white heir apparent    08/13/20  (3)
Kamala failed bar & will be VPOTUS. U: passed bar, does "vaccine law"    08/13/20  (2)
Citizen App keeps telling me COVID is "actively spreading, but slowly" in NYC    08/13/20  (1)
kirby mo. what's ur deal?    08/13/20  (3)
Hasn’t it been two weeks since the spike in cases? Where are we on this libs?    08/13/20  (113)
Whats a nice car thats not too expensive (to buy or own) and isn't too try hard?    08/13/20  (37)
Anyone know a rich person with a shitty car?    08/13/20  (18)
I am currently away from my desk searching zillow listings in Italian Eritrea    08/13/20  (1)
Shrew asking chad to handle her like cops did during arrest at protest    08/13/20  (1)
No Malarkey    08/13/20  (1)
So whokebe is really xo-dead?    08/13/20  (10)
CR to hire teen or college girls as personal assistants?    08/13/20  (21)
If pensive had been successful in tech/writing would US be in a better place?    08/13/20  (4)
waiters / bartenders easily making 100k/year    08/13/20  (7)
Most underrated Somalian cities    08/13/20  (9)
so by intellectual horsepower, SCOTUS >> Senate > POTUS >>>> House yeah?    08/13/20  (3)
“it’s not like the looters would rape me & kill my kids...would they?”    08/13/20  (5)
Abortion + forced transition of male children = modern forms of human sacrifice    08/13/20  (3)
the right sounds increasingly outraged online but still doesn't act IRL    08/13/20  (3)
indirect 180 aspect of charles outing is that it ran TT off the board for good    08/13/20  (1)
Real estate MFEs: what's the "catch" with ultra-cheap condos?    08/13/20  (2)
So India is like a geographic turd being shat out by the continent of Asia?    08/13/20  (13)
Judge rules dad must pay $5K/mo to mom to help transition his 8yo boy into girl    08/13/20  (32)
Lena Dunham reveals she’s a gainer bull    08/13/20  (3)
mike fart have you ever been to lawn guyland    08/13/20  (2)
Lexus IS 200 vs. Honda Accord    08/13/20  (25)
anyone ever been to Cincinatti Octoberfest? Worth the trip?    08/13/20  (1)
Soros has FULLY WITHDRAWN from participation in financial markets    08/13/20  (18)
Most underrated major American cities    08/13/20  (20)
Most underrated Asian cities    08/13/20  (8)
Nngghh FEMALE opposing counsel has hottest voice on conference call im WANKING    08/13/20  (2)
How credited is the Boise "downtown" area?    08/13/20  (25)
l-m-a-o, yeah you are bald weirdo, u ugly, and and, u ugly    08/13/20  (1)
Rate this Gainer Bull    08/13/20  (4)
The same transaction or happenance    08/13/20  (2)
“Occur” should be stricken from English language    08/13/20  (23)
Is Trump really sabotaging the post office?    08/13/20  (69)
Buy BAND, just put on coinbase and it’s the next LINK    08/13/20  (9)
Xo Cliff Mass finally CANCELLED by NPR. He lasted longer than expected.    08/13/20  (9)
stay in california fag    08/13/20  (19)
Most overrated Asian cities    08/13/20  (1)
Anyone else done with Truckers?    08/13/20  (1)
Harris slept with her boss and was "promoted" later on?    08/13/20  (35)
Are most syllable combos in English accounted for? Any good unused words?    08/13/20  (27)
DTPs predictable schtick    08/13/20  (3)
Sweden's coronavirus strategy has been too successful, they must change course.    08/13/20  (61)
Melbourne is a totalitarian hellhole    08/13/20  (22)
carrots are disgusting. what kind of girl eats carrots    08/13/20  (3)
Facing Dire Recruiting Challenges, NYPD to Offer $100k Signing Bonuses to JDs    08/13/20  (1)
Is MONASH the most prestigious University in Oz?    08/13/20  (1)
Bigger dystopian shit nightmare than “Dallas, Texas”?    08/13/20  (45)
so "abby" is the most prestigious female name ?    08/13/20  (5)
Min IQ needed to understand "slippery slope" is not always a fallacy    08/13/20  (41)
Article about panic sellers    08/13/20  (2)
650k Americans go missing every year but 90k in EOL care die and it's big news?    08/13/20  (1)
oh no i got too horny again    08/13/20  (3)
How to dissolve bone fastly    08/13/20  (3)
Remember when Charles beat KAMALA in MPM last year    08/13/20  (2)
2010 Alabama Texas on ESPN U right now    08/13/20  (14)
Kinda sad what's happened to Grateful Dead merchandise    08/13/20  (41)
The words of John the Baptizer    08/13/20  (3)
"Yeah, 1488 white power buddy," u sniffle as u close Jason Whitlock's eyelids    08/13/20  (4)
What states can Kanye still get on ballot for?    08/13/20  (1)
cayenne pepper    08/13/20  (1)
the Fed is now the backstop to literally everything. buy gold.    08/13/20  (1)
Texas' nicest city is Alpine, Tex. - NOT AUSTIN    08/13/20  (5)
MARBLE LEAGUE starting in 5 min    08/13/20  (1)
Why are hotels/restaurants so cheap in colombo sri lanka?    08/13/20  (10)
trump administration greatly mishandling coronavirus situation! how so?    08/13/20  (118)
Fat XO poasters eating microwave dinners on TV trays watching Tucker each night    08/13/20  (12)
Benzo thought he was "smart" enough to trade options and got wiped out    08/13/20  (5)
anyone else done with right wing commentary in general?    08/13/20  (23)
Ricky    08/13/20  (2)
When you get a kidney transplant, they leave the old one in next to the new one    08/13/20  (2)
another scary part of africa's growth: having to get used to those garish flags    08/13/20  (1)
shut up dtp, you obsessive dweeb    08/13/20  (11)
AL redneck defends Confederate monument. Says he’ll die before they take down    08/13/20  (14)
Just got my RMG TCPA Settlement Check    08/13/20  (2)
was hitting on my new neighborhood b/c thought she was single. i was wrong    08/13/20  (11)
“Boolberry is money, everything else is over.” - XoXo, 2017    08/13/20  (1)
Will Karen Pence allow her husband to be on stage alone with Kamala? Discuss.    08/13/20  (3)
Sumner Redstone burnt most of his body so hell wouldn't scorch as badly    08/13/20  (1)
Theory: Russian/foreign money is keeping the porn industry afloat    08/13/20  (21)
poopy    08/13/20  (1)
Young women are so incredibly cruel (to each other, to lower status men)    08/13/20  (6)
Ever committed a serious crime and didn't get caught and never told anyone?    08/13/20  (70)
Summer Redstone: “I expect to live forever. And I do everything possible to br    08/13/20  (6)
Olivia Munn outs Aaron Rodgers    08/13/20  (55)
Crane operator Eric Trump giving thumbs up dumping mail trucks into Grand Canyon    08/13/20  (4)
Civil War Q:How was the South "traitors" if their citizens voted for secession?    08/13/20  (118)
Sending my kid to CATHOLIC SCHOOL this year ☩☩    08/13/20  (35)
Do you need anti-virus software for Windows 10 or is Defender enough?    08/13/20  (4)
And the rootless cosmopolitan agenda permeates all aspect... Hi who just joined?    08/13/20  (5)
Chainlink hits Newsweek (article)    08/13/20  (7)
my engaged ex gf fucked her boss and called me lmao    08/13/20  (5)
“Gold is money, everything else is credit.” - J.P. Morgan, 1912    08/13/20  (16)
"tequlia makes her clothes fall off" might be the biggest pro-cuck song ever    08/13/20  (1)
Was WMTP able to cop any GUCCI in the Chicago looting?    08/13/20  (2)
*Makes up numerator* *Makes up denominator* "As my analysis shows,    08/13/20  (74)
Biz idea: College style dining halls for neighborhoods    08/13/20  (22)
AMZN paying senior associates $300k for in-house bs    08/13/20  (47)
NYT writer drops the word “phenotype” in a Tweet    08/13/20  (8)
Why does ETH have a $43 billion market cap yet produces and does nothing?    08/13/20  (28)
Biden press secretary Oliver Darcy to hold a press conference at 4PM    08/13/20  (2)
Best way to ship something 120 lbs?    08/13/20  (16)
Great callback interview memory...    08/13/20  (30)

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