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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
working list of pop culture I have not consumed    01/17/21  (56)
We need a Media Control Act    01/17/21  (50)
Remember when Bill Clinton PARDONED the lady who tried to blow up the Capitol?    01/17/21  (23)
Millennials Are 4 Times Poorer Than Baby Boomers Were At Age 34    01/17/21  (18)
PLOT TWIST: Democrats seek to overturn the results of 126 House Elections!    01/17/21  (13)
I’m looking at buying a RAV4 Hybrid    01/17/21  (15)
Feral hypergam fully nude in beautiful acroyoga 69 w Walnut Creek milf while poa    01/17/21  (25)
70's chicks were so slutty lmao    01/17/21  (16)
F-150 VS SILVERADO VS RAM    01/17/21  (21)
Rate this 27yo woman owned by 34yo named Matt    01/17/21  (49)
Chances Obama pulled the same fraud against McCain?    01/17/21  (6)
Over 10% of Biden's senior WH Staff is South Asian ljl    01/17/21  (2)
Pretty lolzy how all these random Indians pop up in politics and business now    01/17/21  (3)
Everything is Broken    01/17/21  (4)
the truth about me    01/17/21  (111)
Dang- didn't realize how bloody "La Marseillaise" is - video    01/17/21  (3)
Just smashed monitor in impotent wagecuck rage    01/17/21  (1)
Seriously rachmiel, do something about the pencil dick spammer    01/17/21  (2)
Got the new iPhone 12 pro max    01/17/21  (12)
trying to kick out Hawley & Cruz is a totalitarian act of political repression    01/17/21  (24)
Do you enjoy the smell of your GF's farts?    01/17/21  (1)
Ayanna Pressley: "We want $2k/month forever"    01/17/21  (46)
Democrats objecting to GOP electoral votes (video)    01/17/21  (9)
Asked app girl if she wants to come over for a drink, she replied with "hahaha"    01/17/21  (24)
Seriously rachmiel, do something about nyuug, the spammer    01/17/21  (1)
White man attempts to live in Philadelphia; is promptly murdered by thugs    01/17/21  (127)
DC Mayor Muriel Bowser says troops and cops are not going away    01/17/21  (72)
clique theory is real    01/17/21  (14)
Best way to find a 43 year old curvy mistress?    01/17/21  (2)
if BLM riots were covered like Capitol shit, Trump would have won 45 states    01/17/21  (12)
My name is Inigo Montoya. My pronouns are he and him. You killed my father...    01/17/21  (17)
Things Trump destroyed: The GOP, FoxNews, Trumpmos brains    01/17/21  (8)
How prestigious is Anthony Gonzalez?    01/17/21  (15)
Open source licenses and UCC 2-316(2) vs. 2-316(3)(a)    01/17/21  (9)
i like cute guys    01/17/21  (5)
some things u should know about terrorism    01/17/21  (2)
waking up in a depressed haze    01/17/21  (8)
A User’s Guide To A Nose That Can’t Smell    01/17/21  (4)
was reading a story and came across this passage about a rat-faced man    01/17/21  (1)
Legit thought McCain would beat Obama after chuck norris endorsed mcccain in 08    01/17/21  (1)
Holy shit someone sent me ETH, thanks whomever that was! (cowgod)    01/17/21  (2)
Gulf War started thirty years ago today    01/17/21  (8)
If others did what Nyuug did this board would be unreadable    01/17/21  (58)
Was shocked at amount of ass wife's 40y old former boss pulling in Nashville    01/17/21  (18)
"not all trump voters are terrorists. oh by the way we need a muslim ban."    01/17/21  (27)
ITT: I rate you as a Harlequin Medical Romance novel    01/17/21  (1)
Serious question: why aren't there more car museums?    01/17/21  (12)
"This is Rachel, our HR ninja" *bloated shrew makes karate hands*    01/17/21  (190)
35, Married but haven’t had kids yet. Not sure I want them anymore, I’m too    01/17/21  (60)
Leno's faggotry on Conan was peak boomer, played out on national tv    01/17/21  (1)
Remember Daphne's boyfriend Donny on Frasier?    01/17/21  (7)
Any chess mastermen out there?    01/17/21  (22)
"One Bloomin' Onion to go please. Frozen" (cowgod)    01/17/21  (1)
What does Frasier Crane think of all this?    01/17/21  (28)
These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election vic    01/17/21  (5)
There are 10s of thousands of people who still think Trump will be POTUS on Weds    01/17/21  (9)
Everyone is a bitch but Trumpmos are the worst losers of all time    01/17/21  (19)
"Manchin will be chill moderate" Manchin: "Maybe on PR & tossing Hawley/Cruz    01/17/21  (2)
ITE2 Job Interview Advice Megathread    01/17/21  (1)
Little fucker is still sleeping so I have time to set up the playroom    01/17/21  (15)
gibberish = animeboi = Drake Mallard = lawman8 = Voodoo Child = Henry Aaron    01/17/21  (7)
What's the best state in the continental US to move to now?    01/17/21  (113)
gibberish (Asian), what type of dog is your favorite to eat & why?    01/17/21  (15)
Pencil dick pumo, when do you sleep?    01/17/21  (46)
Gibberish competing with Henry Aaron for 2021 village idiot title    01/17/21  (8)
So this whole time Henry Aaron was an asian queer with a pencil dick? lmao    01/17/21  (1)
I will be purchasing a $350,000 house in flyoever with a big yard    01/17/21  (32)
“Trump is a genius!” *loses to Hillary by 3,000,000, Biden by 7,000,000*    01/17/21  (18)
xoxo must be violating server terms, should be deplatformed    01/17/21  (1)
Had a serious "rigor" shiver when I walked outside last night. Covid?    01/17/21  (4)
OFFICIAL: Man United v. Liverpool MATCH DAY THREAD    01/17/21  (1)
and Eminem murdered you on your own shit    01/17/21  (31)
beautiful thing to see so many board trumpmos deflated and MAF    01/17/21  (56)
Trump wanted big military-style send off, Pentagon told him NO!    01/17/21  (3)
I have one more year to be 40 Under 40. I don't think it's happening.    01/17/21  (3)
Why do they have to inaugurate Biden surrounded by 20,000 troops?    01/17/21  (72)
Biden to amnesty 11 million illegals on day 1    01/17/21  (4)
OK to go over a year without changing a car’s oil?    01/17/21  (11)
SIM OPERATORS GETTING SLOPPY: Guy who overthrows government sells pillows    01/17/21  (1)
did not give my employees MLK day off. thoughts?    01/17/21  (4)
The successful evan39 2024 Presidential Campaign: a timeline    01/17/21  (6)
Browns will upset Chiefs    01/17/21  (4)
This cartoon perfectly captures the shitlib mentality    01/17/21  (4)
This is going to be an insane and 180 year of AutoAdmit. We're going to have fun    01/17/21  (19)
TRUMPMOS are erratic lately because they know in 3 days they are fucked    01/17/21  (6)
I’m on Naples. What should I say to these chicks? (TSINAH)    01/17/21  (23)
SUMMON: TSINAH and other Florida shitlawyers    01/17/21  (9)
If we hadn't won the war we'd be speaking German. Press 2 para espanol    01/17/21  (1)
Is ice fishing prole?    01/17/21  (1)
Iskender Kebab is the most credited dish on Earth    01/17/21  (1)
litigation is how jews reproduce    01/17/21  (74)
El Salvador to become the 52nd state    01/17/21  (1)
Hegemon, is the Anglican Church the most bullshit church?    01/17/21  (15)
LOL @ Trumpmos who are clearly domestic terrorists lecturing about open borders    01/17/21  (2)
"So, Kamala will move against you first. She'll set up a meeting with someone.."    01/17/21  (4)
*WH phone rings at 4am* *Kamala answers “Thank you for calling American Expres    01/17/21  (1)
How has nick Fuentes not been banned from twitter yet    01/17/21  (1)
How a groupof MIT students hacked shopping mall car raffles during the pandemic    01/17/21  (3)
Was Pam Oliver shitfaced on air?    01/17/21  (5)
COPE TRUMPMOS - u lost, get over it. move out of the country if u need to.    01/17/21  (1)
DC, PR admitted, Electoral College abolished, as WV renamed "West Manchinia"    01/17/21  (3)
* WH phone rings at 4am* *Biden answers “Ni Hao”*    01/17/21  (58)
Thousands of unaccompanied minors RUSHING the border    01/17/21  (9)
WH phone rings at 4am but no answer bc Kamala pressing MyPillow on Biden’s fac    01/17/21  (19)
Did :D die of COVID-19?    01/17/21  (2)
Reminder: Trump is still discussing self coup with MyPillow guy and Giuliani    01/17/21  (1)
Governors need to enforce immigration laws, regardless of what SCOTUS says    01/17/21  (1)
Former CIA Director Brennan is literally a Muslim communist. Lol at this "countr    01/17/21  (20)
biotech stock soars 300% after cameo endorsement from Carol baskins (li    01/17/21  (3)
This is my first time watching Josh Allen. Don’t get the hype.    01/17/21  (3)
CNN: White supremacist Josh Allen beat BLM Jackson, here’s why that’s bad    01/17/21  (2)
if biden doesn't do 3k/month checks + student loan forgiveness, he's a nazi    01/17/21  (1)
Shortcut Run    01/17/21  (1)
a featureless wasteland of precariat doordashers & carpetbagging foreigners    01/17/21  (5)
LOL TRUMPMOS. Elections have Consequences! :-)    01/17/21  (4)
Anything sadder than libs trying to act like they 'won' something with Biden    01/17/21  (2)
*** Less than 100 hours until Trump vacates the WH forever ***    01/17/21  (5)
The failed "turning points" of cowgod' poasting implosion    01/17/21  (8)
RATE this half million dollar house in Boise    01/17/21  (10)
Proof I have 12 Disciples ITT    01/17/21  (28)
"Libs winning vicariously through election" posted the 4 year Trumpscum fanatic    01/17/21  (1)
Browns over Chiefs/Bucs over Saints    01/17/21  (4)
Trumpmos: lost WH, lost House, lost Senate, lost their minds, went to jail    01/17/21  (3)
What happened to :D?    01/17/21  (3)
Greatest Post of All Time    01/17/21  (2)
CBP Expects "World War Z" levels of border rush on Jan 20th    01/17/21  (2)
REMINDER: trumpmos are so deplorable ppl would rather have open borders than the    01/17/21  (2)
why did michael burry buy gamestop stock    01/17/21  (19)
Trumpmos are genuinely horrified by election results, it's 180 seeing them like    01/17/21  (1)
Mexican "surge" at U.S. border in anticipation of Biden's open borders    01/17/21  (4)
America may soon face unlimited immigration    01/17/21  (6)
400,000 Central Americans in Mexico along border cheering after Georgia voting    01/17/21  (10)
thousands of Central Americans preparing to storm the border inauguration day    01/17/21  (7)
Disneyland annual pass done here.    01/17/21  (11)
Being Gen Y is like seeing HELL RISEN all around you imho    01/17/21  (3)
Any anti-biden gatherings going on in NYC today or this week?    01/17/21  (5)
<><><> NO BIDEN JUDGES <><><>    01/17/21  (33)
Shit threads with low poast counts that get bumped for days    01/17/21  (252)
my dad was such a badass solider when military needed him they sent a helicopter    01/17/21  (271)
Search function is really hit and miss.    01/17/21  (7)
I am not throwing away my calls    01/17/21  (2)
Can someone send me some crypto? (TSINAH)    01/17/21  (39)
You ever had your shit pushed in? Simple question.    01/17/21  (3)
Henry Aaron making $5/k week on crisis nursing contracts, touching black cocks    01/17/21  (2)
doodikoff, what are they saying about gamestop stock on gamefags?    01/17/21  (4)
Lol so that story about guy with fake inauguration credentials was bullshit    01/17/21  (4)
Take out is a total fraud    01/17/21  (28)
Henry Aaron rage posting is one of the funniest things on this board    01/17/21  (2)
Bump when Trumpmos pivot from “lol Biden has no shot” to “VOTER FRAUD!”    01/17/21  (41)

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