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Not a "Henry Aaron" fan but you guys are being retards for going after some doc    09/19/20  (21)
They should write a book about Dem opposition tactics during Trump admin    09/19/20  (2)
Is LeBron James the most annoying human on earth now?    09/19/20  (18)
How does RBG dying help Trump in election?    09/19/20  (94)
Dems planning “shock and awe” in 2021 if they win big    09/19/20  (4)
In the small town of Abilene, Kansas, in a humble chapel,    09/19/20  (31)
Will Libs break into Mark Burnett's studios & leak the Trump N-Word Tapes now?    09/19/20  (1)
what’s the deal with newts and salamanders?    09/19/20  (2)
Predictit Supreme Court nomination odds    09/19/20  (3)
Trump: "RBG was an amazing woman." Snopes: Mostly false.    09/19/20  (2)
2016's Crescendoing October Surprises were Pussygate + Comey Letter    09/19/20  (1)
Seasons and Day Length Caused by Earth's Tilt    09/19/20  (2)
Someone's been waiting for 15 years to tweet this    09/19/20  (34)
My lib friends are apoplectic about Senate pushing through nominee. I LOVE IT.    09/19/20  (31)
So Jews woke up from their fake New Year today to RBG’s death? Lol 180    09/19/20  (4)
Chinese helicopters lowering sarcophagus on Breyer residence pumping in O2    09/19/20  (1)
Experts say most 30 year old adults can't keep up with Justice Ginsburg's regime    09/19/20  (1)
Rate this shitlib's performative RBG outrage on TikTok    09/19/20  (1)
Biden, Ginsberg die from corona; Trump serves four terms eating McDonalds daily    09/19/20  (6)
Bump this thread when Trump nominates Allison Jones Rushing    09/19/20  (2)
Today is my kid’s birthday. I’m watching from the couch because I’m too la    09/19/20  (1)
"Troops are losers", Woodward book, RBG... it's middle of Sept. Oct will be    09/19/20  (5)
Well libs, I'm sure you're REALLY glad you fucked up 2016 now    09/19/20  (8)
How does Biden coherently rationalize his previous stance on election year noms?    09/19/20  (1)
HYPO: senate confirms new SCOTUS justice b4 election, then trump wins election    09/19/20  (5)
Libs keep LOSING. How much more will they take    09/19/20  (4)
How many libs think RBG was first female justice?    09/19/20  (5)
Coronavirus and Election 2020 will STILL be going on through 2021    09/19/20  (2)
Shitlib laws: Logan Act, Statue of Liberty poem, RBG’s deathbed wish    09/19/20  (10)
Dems: “You HAVE to watch Cutie!” Repubs: *Nominate ACB*    09/19/20  (2)
Notre Dame should be unranked    09/19/20  (3)
Libs got fucked in the ass; RBG death is also bad for them    09/19/20  (11)
Reminder: If Biden wins, he will immediately appoint this Jewish Black judge    09/19/20  (4)
Desperate Oregon homeowners now hanging nooses in forest to get FBI to investiga    09/19/20  (16)
Roberts being gay blackmailed by DNC is irrelevant now    09/19/20  (8)
MDH saying "well hello" in Mrs. Doubtfire voice as he re-starts Cuties again    09/19/20  (5)
how did DNC not see this coming, 3+ yrs nonstop antagonizing coups    09/19/20  (2)
Peter North why did you tell your jailers that you're a nigger?    09/19/20  (39)
Call me crazy but Rudolph seems verrrry nervous about the future of pedo laws    09/19/20  (2)
posting live from winged foot    09/19/20  (6)
Low IQ musings from a Kallman pedophile    09/19/20  (3)
In sheepskin coats, I silence the lambs. Do you know who I am, Clarice?    09/19/20  (2)
Judaism    09/19/20  (2)
its been a rough incarnation for Libs    09/19/20  (1)
SCOTUS picks drive more GOP turnout than Dems.    09/19/20  (15)
Did peter north molest his sister b/c he's jelly she got into MIT or b/c he thou    09/19/20  (20)
So twitter is flagging all of Trump's tweets now as non factual    09/19/20  (1)
Blacks are still high T because they never drink pozzed water. Only grape soda.    09/19/20  (6)
I’ll probably be a GOP voter in the future but this is the right moment in his    09/19/20  (10)
*Booming Daniel Day Lewis voice* “I’m an anal man, ladies and gentlemen.”    09/19/20  (45)
popular culture’s obsession with Boston and NJ in the mid 2000’s was odd    09/19/20  (30)
Rate this Churchville, MD home    09/19/20  (15)
McConnell's RBG statement: "President Trump’s nominee will receive a vote"    09/19/20  (69)
the future of America is a simple demographic math problem that people avoid    09/19/20  (89)
Board PSA: the AZ Senate Seat will be filled on Nov. 30 rather than Jan.    09/19/20  (2)
Biden hitting trail HARD today. Ends campaigning at 835 AM    09/19/20  (10)
Trump should insist that he debate Harris instead of 'Biden'    09/19/20  (1)
strategy: repubs pack the court before dems can    09/19/20  (1)
Prince Harry to become a helicopter pilot    09/19/20  (12)
(Michael Bloomberg bribing Susan Collins w/ a 5mil/3 year no-show job contract)    09/19/20  (4)
GOP "owns" the RBG seat to maintain balance. Currently 4-3-1 in favor of libs    09/19/20  (2)
CHINKS dig up the bones of a DRAGON    09/19/20  (8)
"But what if they pack the courts" - This is how we got into this mess you cucks    09/19/20  (11)
Does the Harris/Biden ticket announce her scotus appointment as well?    09/19/20  (1)
If you could be a 20 year old top ten athlete in any sport, which?    09/19/20  (3)
People used to work and celebrate and live together. Now? Computer at a distance    09/19/20  (1)
CJ Roberts: “I will not seat any justice nominated before the election.”    09/19/20  (1)
(18th century Brits laughing at 'rioting tax protesters'hurting their own cause)    09/19/20  (8)
Kelly takes over McCain’s Senate seat on 11/30. So Dems need only 3 flips    09/19/20  (2)
RBG choosing not to retire underneath Obama is hilarious    09/19/20  (47)
biden town hall already memory hole'd, removed from search    09/19/20  (59)
Really hope Trump wins, but part of me is just dying to see Biden as POTUS for a    09/19/20  (1)
So Christ does nothing in Revelation but stand around and act Glorious    09/19/20  (7)
Q about The Last Dance e9: why did MJ say "fuck you bitch" to Larry Bird    09/19/20  (6)
Why are libs so short sighted re: court packing?    09/19/20  (37)
Been a really tough week for Board Jews    09/19/20  (5)
RBG died years ago, being revealed now to juice lib turnout. not flame.    09/19/20  (3)
Authorities work to stamp out antifa rumors during wildfires (link)    09/19/20  (7)
Rate this argument for the unconstitutionality of court packing    09/19/20  (22)
That fucking Tiny Dancer song has been stuck in my head for hours now    09/19/20  (8)
Mish said no majority has allowed a lame duck prez to allow a vote in election y    09/19/20  (1)
lmao DBG, Upset Jew, and MDH are all crying like babies right now    09/19/20  (7)
Joe Biden announces committment to have Black first lady by 2022, to divorce wif    09/19/20  (1)
Guy lights fire in Oregon using still smoldering shard of Notre Dame Cathedral    09/19/20  (1)
Christina & Ant Antstead getting divorced. Damn Christina's a real bitch lol    09/19/20  (5)
GOP should White House pack.    09/19/20  (1)
how many cocks do you think paris hilton has taken? 500?    09/19/20  (10)
Sadaam’s 2 sons and grandson really went out like badasses    09/19/20  (4)
literally the only real news existing today is from Zerohedge. think about that    09/19/20  (11)
to those who lost a parent or father figure, how did it impact your life after?    09/19/20  (8)
Think I found the best MAF/schizo reaction to RBGs death on all of twitter ITT    09/19/20  (6)
What is the risk of getting COVID sitting outside at a restaurant?    09/19/20  (23)
Should I buy MARIO 3D ALL STARS?    09/19/20  (5)
the dead look in libs' eyes as Trump appoints his 4th SCOTUS justice    09/19/20  (58)
yeah RBG was an amazing feminist. buy me dinner tonight? haha    09/19/20  (1)
libs all hillary had to say was "radical islam"    09/19/20  (1)
ITT: Running list of best randomly generated monikers    09/19/20  (12)
ur still sad about SCOTUS, let me fill ur vacancy haha    09/19/20  (1)
every pagan religion and new age cult denies the primacy of Christ    09/19/20  (4)
*Truckers lined up to try "the 'feller with the red pisser"*    09/19/20  (156)
REMINDER: XOXO conturds are blue staters that want to ruin RED America    09/19/20  (4)
Christianity is a religion of Winter    09/19/20  (5)
ANDREW STEBBINS for the Supreme Court!    09/19/20  (6)
For xo oldmos - what advice do you have for someone entering their 30s?    09/19/20  (227)
"At least we got two pro-life Justices out of it," said the guy who doesn't fuck    09/19/20  (34)
Sure filling RBG seat is unfair. But libs haven’t played fair in 10+ years    09/19/20  (73)
Prediction: NCAA will set record for most fumbles, fewest tackles in 2020    09/19/20  (1)
How do Are Reptile/jews/Russians transcend phenotype    09/19/20  (19)
This is chip kellys year at UCLA    09/19/20  (2)
Girl goes in for abortion and video captures moment Drs realize it's constipatio    09/19/20  (1)
Rate this Orthodox liturgical calendar    09/19/20  (2)
Barrett's docket just got wiped for month of October on clerk website    09/19/20  (1)
she died of complications of pan cancer but had been cured of it?    09/19/20  (6)
ITT: pics of sweater kittens    09/19/20  (137)
Fake blonde Sorority girls in brown leather knee high boots and sweaters    09/19/20  (3)
Roberts Alito Kagan Soto Breyer Sykes Kavanaugh Gorsuch Thomas    09/19/20  (188)
Get in here to do SEXUAL PRIVACY HYPO thought experiment    09/19/20  (29)
Politico: Our 27 year old male reporter did Ginsburg's workout and it broke him    09/19/20  (67)
Anyone else sort of envy the dead. Maybe I have severe depression    09/19/20  (2)
Sunny in London and hungry    09/19/20  (13)
How big of a shitlib majority would shitlibs need to pack the SC?    09/19/20  (1)
how you die in life is how you will die in death    09/19/20  (1)
Like everything else, this will backfire on libs    09/19/20  (2)
Niggers fucking with a dog get drowned by the whole pack.    09/19/20  (3)
Voodoo Child you dick fuck stop posting here or you'll be outed more    09/19/20  (10)
Guy in fantasy football chat breaks RBG news, everyone posts crying emojis (vid)    09/19/20  (2)
All of college football is terrified of the pac 12 playing this year    09/19/20  (1)
Trump statement on RBG was good because it wasn’t too flowery    09/19/20  (3)
Libs will bring the “cigarette” treatment to ammo: tax tax tax    09/19/20  (1)
This board really needs Sestein the poster right now    09/19/20  (5)
New Arizona Senator could be seated on November 30 - link    09/19/20  (2)
Journalists really deserve a hand this year    09/19/20  (1)
McDonalds drivethru teen had an absolute Dump Truck Ass, i took a pic (pic ITT)    09/19/20  (11)
Sister-in-law’s boyfriend is visibly upset over RBG’s death    09/19/20  (12)
Autumnal tp    09/19/20  (1)
Imagine the lulz that will ensue if RBG croaks in October    09/19/20  (10)
ever new age thinker goes "yeah Christ is God but you need MORE GODS"    09/19/20  (1)
Links to any shitcons celebrating RBG’s death like libs celebrated Scalia’s?    09/19/20  (34)
Bros, how long did it take you to feel normal again after losing a family member    09/19/20  (52)
its fall    09/19/20  (1)
While you fags are crying about scotus this chick needs non-azn cock    09/19/20  (1)
Hypo: RBG dies in 2020, Trump fills seat, libs riot, Trump declares martial law    09/19/20  (8)
Mitt Romney is about to make Benedict Arnold look like a team player    09/19/20  (1)
Rbg feasted on unborn fetuses to extend her life long enough to fuck Trump    09/19/20  (2)
🚨🚨🚨 RBG ALIVE 🚨🚨🚨    09/19/20  (5)
/pol/ has pics of RBG body. Warning: graphic and nude (link)    09/19/20  (13)
Rbg trying to find supply of unborn featuses to consume in hell    09/19/20  (1)
Shooting in Rochester NY said to be “related to passing of Justice Ginsberg    09/19/20  (1)

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