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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
As a fat person, I never realized just how bad for you the following foods were    06/01/20  (43)
Chick prolly on date with another guy    06/01/20  (2)
Obeezy poasted an arm "muscle" shot - as pathetic as expected    06/01/20  (53)
Imagine when whites become 49% of America. You've given up the country and it    06/01/20  (1)
Look at this poignant image from a shattered Allen Edmonds store    06/01/20  (32)
saying "colored people" will get you killed but "people of color" is PC    06/01/20  (2)
If you are not white, get out of the usa right now    06/01/20  (4)
Video of Xoxo Mel Gibson being a Trumpmo back in the early 80s    06/01/20  (11)
So black lives matter, antifa, sony, and goldman sachs are on same side lol?    06/01/20  (9)
Asian Americans stand in solidarity's with blacks (link)    06/01/20  (8)
Turns out that Derek Chauvin was married to an Asian woman    06/01/20  (1)
Litigator friend has a hook nosed revolver    06/01/20  (2)
Can't even go to Target anymore. Have at least 15 teen asses in spank bank today    06/01/20  (1)
Rate These Guns    06/01/20  (74)
Just bought a Sig Sauer MCX    06/01/20  (3)
the problem is whites have been civilized for too long    06/01/20  (2)
This country is a shithole    06/01/20  (1)
Whites literally praying at the feet of blacks begging forgiveness (not flame)    06/01/20  (22)
definitive ranking of developed countries to flee to ITT    06/01/20  (11)
Lol turns out tear gas cures COVID-19 not flame (link)    06/01/20  (3)
Chick came to apartment didn't say anything them left    06/01/20  (1)
the (((media))) are 95% responsible for whipping these ppl up for 4 years    06/01/20  (27)
Federal courthouse trashed in Portland    06/01/20  (3)
these riots are nothing compared to what will happen if Trump get reelected    06/01/20  (7)
if you are not alpha, get out of my ass right now    06/01/20  (1)
Despite the riots we must not forget that spaceporn is posting as SomeOtherGhost    06/01/20  (1)
Grindr removes ethnicity filter in solidarity with BLM    06/01/20  (7)
If you are not indian, get out of coding right now    06/01/20  (36)
So Derik Chauvin and George Floyd WORKED TOGETHER? (link) nothing 2 see here    06/01/20  (44)
Rate this Tesla plowing into an overturned truck on the freeway w/o stopping    06/01/20  (1)
Betfair has Trump at 6-to-1 odds to win the popular vote    06/01/20  (1)
holy shit it’s all a lie    06/01/20  (1)
Where are the protests in MFH tonight?    06/01/20  (1)
***TRUMP TO GIVE A SPEECH AT 6:15PM ET TONIGHT***    06/01/20  (10)
If a chick is fucking you natural and raw what does this mean?    06/01/20  (1)
UK bans sex indoors unless it is with an escort or family member    06/01/20  (21)
do libs realize blacks have more respect for white tatted up bikers who "own it"    06/01/20  (1)
Trump bans Chinese graduate students from entering the USA. Undergrads still ok    06/01/20  (3)
RATE these Vancouver white women protesting (link)    06/01/20  (1)
Tucker should push hard on why all these BLM supported corps don't bring jobs to    06/01/20  (1)
PSA: 1 in 1000 black men and boys will be killed by police during their lives    06/01/20  (11)
Should we be concerned about this woman in booms life?    06/01/20  (4)
wtf was the truck driver supposed to do    06/01/20  (4)
Being called racist is like being called a witch in 1600's Salem    06/01/20  (3)
Chick I'm living with we are fucking but not talking hmm    06/01/20  (7)
Life could be perfect    06/01/20  (3)
Just a chill mix of fentanyl and meth    06/01/20  (4)
*Colt slops tomato paste into a wine glass* *inhales* "oh i rove a big cab"    06/01/20  (1)
next couple months will make march and april look like a day spa    06/01/20  (7)
All-cash Chinese looters pouring from broken storefront windows w Hello Kitty me    06/01/20  (1)
Guess The Country: 27 killed and 92 shot in weekend violence    06/01/20  (1)
A bunch of 39 year old xo posters looting My Little Kitty store in Bay Area    06/01/20  (3)
Poetic that joggers are setting fire to Sprint store    06/01/20  (1)
furloughed corporate lawyer charged with assisting molotov cocktail attack    06/01/20  (5)
Lawyer friend bought a [sic] sauer to defend himself.    06/01/20  (1)
things stupid faggots tell themselves to sleep at night    06/01/20  (7)
Tongue that pucker like it's a Lifesaver, you stupid faggot    06/01/20  (2)
“Jews make media”, he said as he torrented an indie video game.    06/01/20  (7)
What is the best skill to have in order to be upwardly mobile for legal in-house    06/01/20  (28)
Obeezy on rollerblades in NYC, elbowing cops and slapshotting tear gas cannister    06/01/20  (1)
What’s the cr way to handle bunch of protesters blocking your car on the highw    06/01/20  (9)
Is carrying a pocket knife cr?    06/01/20  (85)
Sullivan response to D.C. Circuit    06/01/20  (1)
Not paying June Rent (shitlib CA); here's my email to LL re documentation    06/01/20  (33)
what will vocal virtue signalling libs screeching support for the riots    06/01/20  (1)
Is it flame, or are many of you really bored of sex with your wives?    06/01/20  (40)
My shit takes a shit and I call it “poast”    06/01/20  (8)
Connection between release of prisoners and looters/rioters    06/01/20  (1)
this happens every few years & nothing changes    06/01/20  (1)
The real issue is too many stupid fucking people care so much about looking bad    06/01/20  (1)
Are you buying a gun because of the riots?    06/01/20  (29)
Lmao they're even rioting in Canada (link)    06/01/20  (5)
John Rimjoblinsen    06/01/20  (3)
Libs a week ago: we're all in this together! Today: kill all white people!    06/01/20  (2)
Independent Autopsy: Nig Floyd DID Die Of Asphyxiation From Sustained Pressure    06/01/20  (27)
The real issue is too many cops abuse their power    06/01/20  (47)
evan39, who is your favorite gay public figure?    06/01/20  (4)
*Works for anal retentive harpy women whole career* (bigfed lawyer)    06/01/20  (2)
BET founder Robert Johnson calls for $14 trillion of reparations for slavery    06/01/20  (54)
not motivated to do anything lol    06/01/20  (12)
California announces sweeping audit of overtime pay in public sector    06/01/20  (3)
LAPD stand and watch protester deface building (link)    06/01/20  (10)
Good in house job opportunity that is actually hiring litigators    06/01/20  (7)
Australia's stalled migrant boom derails golden economic run    06/01/20  (1)
Trump considering invoking Insurrection Act (NBC)    06/01/20  (7)
2020 so far: Q1 - pandemic, Q2 - nationwide riots/violence, Q3 and Q4 ???    06/01/20  (2)
ESSENTIAL | OILS | CURE | RACISM    06/01/20  (1)
Mysterious bricks left at protest sites. Dr. Birx is an anagram for Dr Brix!!    06/01/20  (1)
Reparations could pass easily if you add a couple trillion for IRISH slavery    06/01/20  (1)
Princeton UG / NYU JD arrested for throwing molotov cocktail into NYPD car    06/01/20  (128)
Pic of suspicious piles of bricks dropped off at all protest cities.    06/01/20  (20)
LOL at Babylon Bee    06/01/20  (10)
the UK-Germany arms race before WWI was insane    06/01/20  (2)
I see you    06/01/20  (2)
Biden will 100% pick Abrams now    06/01/20  (9)
Earl, posting videos from white nationalist false flag riot in santa monica    06/01/20  (79)
this boomer cartoon perfectly sums up how i feel about gdp    06/01/20  (6)
evan39, what do you think of grindr removing ethnicity filter?    06/01/20  (3)
honestly this is an okay price to pay to escape from covid lockdown hell    06/01/20  (2)
Stormfront Sikhs    06/01/20  (2)
David Guetta outrages twitter with his MLK themed techno beats    06/01/20  (3)
Even more Bellevue, WA looting (link)    06/01/20  (3)
If the government paid everyone $$$ we wouldn't need businesses, jobs (War Machi    06/01/20  (2)
How would you feel if angry mob stormed WH and dragged Trump out?    06/01/20  (31)
DSA group blames Israel for the riots    06/01/20  (1)
"But the technique used on Mr. Floyd, known as the playroom hotdog, has a histor    06/01/20  (4)
Who's responsible for black cars of professional looters/thieves    06/01/20  (7)
why did they all sit on him for nine minutes    06/01/20  (6)
just woke up from 5month coma. anything interesting happen in 2020 so far?    06/01/20  (1)
Storefront Sikhs    06/01/20  (2)
Powerful urge to answer non-sequitur "I'm going to kill myself" to all questions    06/01/20  (6)
Minneapolis cops kill good keed    06/01/20  (14)
ggtp was definitely a bowtie wearing hard L libertarian 15 years ago    06/01/20  (5)
i made it to private equity fags    06/01/20  (12)
can somebody explain to me how diversity is a strength    06/01/20  (2)
Is now a good time to talk about gun control?    06/01/20  (1)
Never watched GDP. Did it involve BUTTFUCKING? if not, what's the problem.    06/01/20  (1)
We fought for the wrong side in WWII    06/01/20  (6)
Frog and Toad Take Cyanide Pills Instead of Facing Justice    06/01/20  (12)
Tampa police to homeowners: use your guns to defend your property (link)    06/01/20  (1)
So Nike will run ads supporting BLM but still use sweatshop AZN labor?    06/01/20  (3)
Why do Americans have such a hard time with traffic circles?    06/01/20  (35)
Frog and Toad Invent a New Hate Crime    06/01/20  (4)
RATE deblasio’s daughter’s mugshot from the riots    06/01/20  (24)
Frog and Toad Overload The Reactor    06/01/20  (3)
why do these police incidents never happen in Europe    06/01/20  (6)
Frog and Toad Give Bricks to Rioters    06/01/20  (6)
PSA stop getting your subs toasted    06/01/20  (3)
Playing Bass Guitar. It’s a good feeling    06/01/20  (1)
Meanwhile, in Baltimore    06/01/20  (1)
Average sheriff in Orange County makes $300-400K    06/01/20  (42)
Shitlibs vindicated! Pallets of bricks were Made in China    06/01/20  (1)
"Law Firms Brace as Companies Begin to Bring Litigation In-House" (WSJ LAW BLOG)    06/01/20  (52)
Worst part about riots: my conservative white friends constantly want my input    06/01/20  (46)
more riots again tonight?    06/01/20  (1)
BONE PRESSED    06/01/20  (7)
Can't wait until California collapses    06/01/20  (1)
The life of most lawyers I know    06/01/20  (11)
Lol at not being a solo    06/01/20  (30)
Policies libs killed this wkd: Gun Control, UBI, COVID Lockdowns    06/01/20  (11)
I’m just grateful Kobe didn’t have to experience this    06/01/20  (5)
Terms on which I would agree to the $14T reparation payment:    06/01/20  (10)
was driving through atlanta earlier, anyone else see some school on fire?    06/01/20  (6)
Libs squealed for churches to be shuttered less than 72 hours ago    06/01/20  (7)
Rate this Polk County Sheriff’s message to rioters    06/01/20  (2)
Even if the FBI knew looters were to storm WH, they wouldn’t tell SS or POTUS    06/01/20  (3)
Blacks and "browns" are incompatible with modern civilization    06/01/20  (6)

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