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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: Big changes   07/15/20  (312)
Rwanda is the Singapore of Africa    07/15/20  (14)
The Times is about to get the fuck sued out of them    07/15/20  (7)
Upset Jew pimping crypto is an extremely ominous sign. Sell everything.    07/15/20  (3)
** OFFICIAL THREAD for lib or other posters to deny involvement in CNN story **    07/15/20  (52)
did I tell you some of my writing was featured on the news haha    07/15/20  (9)
Hard work and intact families are racist.    07/15/20  (63)
*ancient Israelite blacks looting Temple during Roman attack*    07/15/20  (2)
Most iconic athlete in each city    07/15/20  (232)
So umm “Handsome Cam” Newton in this video... 🤔 🤔    07/15/20  (2)
In hindsight, Charles kind of did this to himself    07/15/20  (4)
Remembe when AOL would mail out coasters in the 90s?    07/15/20  (1)
aol | compuserve | prodigy    07/15/20  (2)
arizona's raging 'pandemic' = 2400 deaths?    07/15/20  (4)
Karate kicked the face shield right off female Sprouts cashier (chilmata)    07/15/20  (1)
I cannot fucking believe we're still reporting on this as if its ebola    07/15/20  (22)
Teachers basically treating the prospect of returning to school as Chernobyl    07/15/20  (33)
luis do u have penis sex w ur wife    07/15/20  (2)
has ANYONE on xo actually gotten COVID-19    07/15/20  (12)
Black friend on FB: “there is no black on black crime.” Found article on thi    07/15/20  (5)
Charles really really really didn’t think this through    07/15/20  (5)
i really like it here (xo poaster)    07/15/20  (81)
even though i'd like to be 21 again, 21 year olds are fucking insufferable    07/15/20  (9)
Hello I am a lobster blblbbrrlrblrlb I live under the sea bblrlbbrllbrl    07/15/20  (3)
Ricky what should we do    07/15/20  (8)
CEO of Bangladesh's Uber found decapitated and dismembered in NYC    07/15/20  (25)
OK Gov. (and extreme moron) who attended Trump Tulsa rally tests POZ for covid    07/15/20  (2)
DBG asking his doc how he can catch Covid-13    07/15/20  (11)
Love charles but DBG being gone is so fucking great and 180    07/15/20  (4)
DBG come out you scared little bitch    07/15/20  (1)
Rach explain why XO was being slammed by China    07/15/20  (4)
Social conservative, fiscal liberal here    07/15/20  (2)
rach adds new CAPTCHA to xo: select a type of food (8 of 9 pics are of dogs)    07/15/20  (5)
So PP is DEFINITELY Goodboi/Tempoman at the very least    07/15/20  (3)
reminder: we had a coup attempt based on ZERO evidence    07/15/20  (53)
Had a dream i was married to this hot autistic tiktok girl    07/15/20  (1)
LINK is approaching 3 bln market cap    07/15/20  (6)
the future of America is a simple demographic math problem that people avoid    07/15/20  (76)
Captain Barf new poast: Good-Bye and Good Riddance, Sleepy Jeff    07/15/20  (7)
How much $ does Rach spend a year on XO (in exchange for nothing)    07/15/20  (3)
Oliver Darcy got rejected from MCGEORGE, a literal fourth tier shithouse    07/15/20  (35)
Vaush DESTROYS tucker Carsons defense of racist writer    07/15/20  (8)
Explain people who like Steven crowder    07/15/20  (1)
LINK MasterCard JV to be announced tomorrow    07/15/20  (5)
"We breathe out poison gas (CO2) and we're supposed to be afraid of COVID???"    07/15/20  (1)
Darcy may have lurked here--he used to poast on TLS (link    07/15/20  (57)
why is anthony fauci not in jail?    07/15/20  (9)
NYU Law moves to expedited 2 year all virtual JD    07/15/20  (7)
someone with an insane amount of BTC gave to C12    07/15/20  (1)
Oliver Darcy: solid log of turd with glasses    07/15/20  (2)
*Tisch student doing ballet class online in studio apartment*    07/15/20  (1)
Heartbroken if PP was the guy that outed C12    07/15/20  (52)
S&P 500 is only like 4.5% down from ATH now    07/15/20  (13)
King-size mattress recommendations pls--$2K range    07/15/20  (13)
500 blank bump salute to Charles    07/15/20  (547)
MTA has no organizational chart, thousands of workers with no contact info (DM)    07/15/20  (8)
CNN reporter wading through CSLG threads "Jesus Christ this is all drivel"    07/15/20  (11)
So the national lawyers guild is the legal arm of Antifa?    07/15/20  (5)
Utah “Jazz”: most ridiculous sports name ever?    07/15/20  (50)
What faggot put CharlesXII on the AutoAdmit Wikipedia page?    07/15/20  (12)
Yanny Pia! Here I blow again! My my, how can I just rim you?    07/15/20  (2)
Hardcore trivia: name all 6 pro sports teams without its city/state in name    07/15/20  (50)
Boomer boss, longtime GOP voter, doesn't understand why MO gov isn't helping man    07/15/20  (1)
Steve Susman has the Covid - Has been hospitalized for two months    07/15/20  (3)
WELCOME, REPORTERS. Guess what I'm working on at this very moment?    07/15/20  (1)
The clown world smiles on us all. All a man can do is smile back 🤡    07/15/20  (2)
Asheville approves reparations for Black residents    07/15/20  (5)
Best metro region to raise a family/avoid shitlibs    07/15/20  (35)
*pops two ibuprofen* *cracks knuckles* *fires up xo* "let's do this"    07/15/20  (5)
Why don’t Jews breed with negroes at all?    07/15/20  (7)
National Debt is Faggot. Spend our problems away.    07/15/20  (1)
I figured this Charles shit out a long time ago    07/15/20  (3)
is there a mod on right now? i need a thread deleted    07/15/20  (1)
ITT I prove that Jack Dorsey is a fraud    07/15/20  (32)
St. Louis couple a bout to be charged. Potus to get involved    07/15/20  (48)
CNN, plz dig into this "Henry Aaron" guy - he may be spreading HIV to BIPOC MSM    07/15/20  (3)
Relax guys...I took care of the Chuck outer...    07/15/20  (6)
HYPO: We live for centuries but keep growing taller all our lives    07/15/20  (2)
Chuck: one chance to come back here and tell enemies that they may take are jobs    07/15/20  (1)
Rate Andrew Sullivan's critique of the left and why it will fail in Trump fight    07/15/20  (3)
Minneapolis gets down to serious legislation    07/15/20  (1)
Christianity is clearly not working for the vast majority of believers    07/15/20  (71)
Full Tucker commentary on Helsinki    07/15/20  (8)
I have a big suspicion that Tommy T is the culprit in all of this    07/15/20  (71)
if you don't think frank lloyd wrong or biglaw lives matter should win mpm ur in    07/15/20  (53)
Hush little pumo don’t poast a word, Rach is gonna get you a moniker (vonoskar    07/15/20  (5)
Rach, long time elite poaster here, can you make search work for me TY    07/15/20  (105)
Attention old returning poasters: Stay here and return to poasting. We missed u.    07/15/20  (21)
more prole: using bar soap or using body wash?    07/15/20  (2)
Terrible person tell: not seeing school in the fall as equivalent to holocaust    07/15/20  (1)
Reminder: XO was disparaged by literal TLS Oliver Darcy of CNN    07/15/20  (31)
Cohabitating Before Marriage: PROLE TELL    07/15/20  (58)
Avenatti did nothing wrong    07/15/20  (1)
#FreeAvenatti    07/15/20  (1)
Michael Avenatti dings Tucker Carlson    07/15/20  (52)
Update on neighbor whose trump sign was stolen    07/15/20  (1)
Walmart to Let All Shoppers Not Wear Masks: "The Safe Choice Is Your Own Choice"    07/15/20  (1)
My GF legit just came over to me and asked if I had ever heard of AutoAdmit.    07/15/20  (47)
Disorienting now when the news just says virus, not fraudvirus or badvirus    07/15/20  (2)
Seattle passes "Amazon Tax" to help pay for pandemic costs (link)    07/15/20  (6)
GOP needs to do a 180 on hispanics right now or they are finished    07/15/20  (14)
Integrating Latino voters into a center-right coalition would pwn libs for gener    07/15/20  (2)
The dark and misogynistic history of the term "Dude"    07/15/20  (2)
I recall a "media pumo" that lawman used to always call out for being unhinged    07/15/20  (4)
Two Orange County CHADS pass out mask to fraud virus Drumpf supporters (vid)    07/15/20  (3)
In Coeur D'Alene all week, posting home prices on "Bay Area Mommies" FB group    07/15/20  (2)
How YOU Can Crack the Conformity    07/15/20  (2)
NYT admits story of 30 year old corona victim saying "trust the media" is hoax    07/15/20  (47)
In Coeur D'Alene all week, just emailed Soros re: problematic District Attorney    07/15/20  (3)
AirBnB asking renters to donate and bail out landlords so they stay on platform    07/15/20  (17)
Congrats on trying to take down XO Darcy, I'm sure you're not bald now!    07/15/20  (1)
In Coeur D'Alene all week, reported Airbnb host for bibles in house    07/15/20  (1)
Tucker uses 'cartoon world'. 'prole'. 0% chance he's not an XO fan.    07/15/20  (13)
Aren't wars overseas the most "racist" thing of all?    07/15/20  (7)
Lateraled as partner to Coeur d'Alene firm. Raised hour target from 1200->2200,    07/15/20  (1)
Any "social safety net" proponents post here?    07/15/20  (41)
In Coeur D'Alene all week, brought 45 Somalians, introduced ammo ban, shat on st    07/15/20  (1)
Goinhouse.com litigation page 404ing for some reason    07/15/20  (2)
Based black dude records BLM (mostly whites) protesting people eating dinner (li    07/15/20  (55)
In Coeur D'Alene all week, painted BLM on Main St, burned church, got cop fired    07/15/20  (1)
did the kamala poster go pumo? miss u gurl    07/15/20  (11)
In Coeur D'Alene all week, filed 7 suits, opened ADL chapter, erected Satan stat    07/15/20  (2)
This fall/winter will be a nightmare. Routine colds and flu will close schools    07/15/20  (8)
Nick Cannon: white and Jewish people “the true savages,” “closer to animal    07/15/20  (26)
Sudan going full shitlib: Repeals death penalty for renouncing Islam    07/15/20  (1)
DMB - crash playing as nude luis crashes into your prostate    07/15/20  (1)
The Mystery of Tucker Carlson (longread)    07/15/20  (56)
rach can you add a feature that randomizes your current moniker like in old thre    07/15/20  (1)
pumos...it's time to sudo up. it's the only way.    07/15/20  (7)
the "nigger" word    07/15/20  (5)
What kind of gaming chairs do hot girls like    07/15/20  (4)
Is there any chance J. pulled this Keyser Söze shit?    07/15/20  (7)
I'm a Redditor and a Twitter user. Here's my politics hot take:    07/15/20  (4)
Many Trump voters just learned Trump rawdogged a porn star w/ infant son at home    07/15/20  (26)
you ever fuck the shit out of your wife so hard you lose interest in her after?    07/15/20  (7)
Have a Valve Index and roughly 75 VR games. Taking Q's    07/15/20  (21)
Remember when there was a vocal poaster that went on and on about twitter stock    07/15/20  (2)
CNN about to air expose on poaster “chartreuse soggy water buffalo people”    07/15/20  (36)
real clear talk as to why CharlesXII is single. he has modest lib tendencies    07/15/20  (29)
Anybody here successfully go from law to battle bots?    07/15/20  (4)
Fox News has decided to pick up the Three Gorges Dam story    07/15/20  (1)
Tucker Carlson BENDS THE KNEE    07/15/20  (34)
Anyone else put down a deposit for a Ford Bronco?    07/15/20  (4)
Board looks so much more normal, cleaner, not racist, less spammy, why?    07/15/20  (3)
(((They))) must be really afraid of Tucker    07/15/20  (10)
Amazon removed Redskins gear but this was ok?    07/15/20  (1)
Vox takedown of Tucker Carlson    07/15/20  (27)
Ivanka now official spokesperson for Goya beans, not flame    07/15/20  (4)
Luis wearing a bluetooth at investment seminar: "i have sex w men for money    07/15/20  (93)
Trump has alleged that the elder Biden used his influence to shut down a corrupt    07/15/20  (14)

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