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was there a 'gamer' culture pre video games? like magazines abt marbles and shit    07/05/20  (11)
tucker condescendingly asks "is it because they're shaped like africa?"    07/05/20  (4)
some high strung, type a shrews have to be taken out for runs, like dogs    07/05/20  (5)
MPA what is your take on Peter Gabriel-era Genesis?    07/05/20  (2)
should i buy jackie o's childhood apartment?    07/05/20  (15)
weird when your parents start needing you more than you need them    07/05/20  (95)
Will there actually be a line on the ballot that says "WEST, Kanye"?    07/05/20  (1)
The GOP is a bandaid that stops whites from waking up. It must die    07/05/20  (3)
CharlesXII here, rating posters as images from a banned Oregon Trail sequel    07/05/20  (189)
Fighting Over Masks in Public Is the New American Pastime [NYT]    07/05/20  (2)
"I sees a runnin' look in yo' eyes, chile" (kindly of counsel in the elevator)    07/05/20  (1)
Sorry boom. Your girl is mine.    07/05/20  (6)
I now think the USA must die for "America" to live    07/05/20  (2)
kenny is 180 just for being a big Peter Gabriel fan alone    07/05/20  (8)
Dragged Across Concrete is almost 3 hours    07/05/20  (1)
HYPO for racist Trumpmos: u can send all AA's to Africa but Indian Trumpmos must    07/05/20  (4)
Foreign born azn girl Senator calls for tearing down GW statues    07/05/20  (12)
I'm a gay black nigger with AIDS and I live in a jungle in Africa    07/05/20  (71)
Rank by IQ of group: King Crimson, Peter Gabriel early Genesis or Yes?    07/05/20  (7)
i don't give a shit about anythign non-white male related    07/05/20  (1)
the fact is that biglaw is a form of SLAVE labor    07/05/20  (1)
18000000 PIG headquarters in georgia destroyed    07/05/20  (1)
PSA: Singer Rosalia is NOT Latinx, according to US racial grouping (vid)    07/05/20  (4)
Frederick Douglass statue taken down lmao    07/05/20  (11)
Ohio cop kicks handcuffed man in the face    07/05/20  (23)
Can someone repost Prateek’s home address?    07/05/20  (7)
When does Soros pull a Jack Nicholson Joker and just gas everybody?    07/05/20  (5)
Spent 6 hours today watching marble racing youtubes.    07/05/20  (2)
Why is there no Jewish art?    07/05/20  (92)
DBG's Son and PDDJ on a "Passover Egg Hunt" at the Local Church...    07/05/20  (3)
Some mentally ill midget Indian named Prateek is spamming again    07/05/20  (15)
fyi susan rice will be vp    07/05/20  (15)
Florida now averaging more covid infections than NY on its worst day    07/05/20  (2)
OldHLSdude do you eat breakfast cereal, if so what kind, skim milk, soy, or whol    07/05/20  (2)
PSA: PaulieP's blogspot from his senior year of HS is hilarious    07/05/20  (25)
In Playgirl magazine did dudes have boners or were they flaccid    07/05/20  (2)
Benzo filed his attractive nuisance lawsuit against a diesel truck    07/05/20  (1)
🚨🚨KANYE IS RUNNING FOR POTUS 2020🚨🚨    07/05/20  (51)
*Henry Aaron, drooling, enlarged eyeballs, rage posting for 44th straight hour*    07/05/20  (4)
Xo Kevin Spacey’s lowest moment (video)    07/05/20  (10)
Henry Aaron drowning in cum: “blow one last load on my face before I die.”    07/05/20  (7)
highest IQ: sacha baron cohen, ina garten, or christopher nolan    07/05/20  (15)
Mormon mommy-blogger's long insta post about breastfeeding should be censored    07/05/20  (15)
Pop Smoke YEAHHHHHH    07/05/20  (1)
azn girl professor at LSU wants to blacklist students who use "hate speech"    07/05/20  (55)
F500 CEOs telling middle class families to "give up their privilege"    07/05/20  (9)
rate this 21 year-old on the ACLU's Board of Trustees    07/05/20  (7)
My wife watched John Wick 3 by herself last night after I passed out    07/05/20  (2)
They took down Wesley Johnson Jones Day 7.2 9.6?    07/05/20  (1)
Wesley Johnson Jr.: "Hey, HEY HEY! This is 8.3!"    07/05/20  (3)
18 murders 2 deth including 7 yo nigger in Chicago this weekend. #BlackLivesMatt    07/05/20  (4)
Santa Clause 7.2 starting Wesley Johnson    07/05/20  (3)
should i buy this apt    07/05/20  (1)
should i buy this apt    07/05/20  (3)
We need a fighting force    07/05/20  (3)
Cop absolutely levels a bitch at Miami airport (vid)    07/05/20  (36)
Wesley Johnson Jr up all night figuring out how πŸ† and 😭 go together    07/05/20  (5)
actually watch a 4.5 hour Roosh livesteam on fraudvirus    07/05/20  (21)
Reasons to be cheerful about the current Cultural Revolution    07/05/20  (50)
πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° Jeff Bezos is worth $172 billion. πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°    07/05/20  (30)
Time for a math lesson in Seattle Public Schools    07/05/20  (33)
"Let it be fear." *faintly through the door* "Wesley Johnson's office, how may I    07/05/20  (3)
72 shot in Chicago over Fourth of July weekend, at least 16 dead (link)    07/05/20  (5)
Holy shit, now Wesley Johnson has the coronavirus? (Link)    07/05/20  (2)
Havent watched anything in weeks. What’s good on tv    07/05/20  (3)
Yeah man meet as down at Bhangra Brewing, the patio is sick.    07/05/20  (2)
Bloomberg PWNS racist Trumptards w/history lesson on Stone Mountain (link)    07/05/20  (2)
ITT: I poast the best Calvin and Hobbes strips    07/05/20  (112)
shitlibs are trying to cancel steve pinker    07/05/20  (3)
Lots of little kids are getting gunned down in the recent urban violence    07/05/20  (1)
North Atlantid Poverty Law Center    07/05/20  (3)
How much of BLM/antifa is fueled by untapped sexual aggression + #metoo    07/05/20  (1)
ITT: Julia as a child (calvin and hobbes strip)    07/05/20  (13)
this Calvin and Hobbes meme will convince people open borders are 180    07/05/20  (5)
Fox News Election Night 2016 coverage    07/05/20  (28)
Ricky you smoke Wu-Goo or Head Band?    07/05/20  (1)
anyone else get the feeling the BLM bullshit is falling apart?    07/05/20  (5)
is everyone luis now lol    07/05/20  (8)
Chi Mayor: 7 y/o girl's hopes/dreams ended by the barrel of a gun.    07/05/20  (1)
predict when whites start really killing minorities outright    07/05/20  (1)
how do we fix the HS/college education system and protect free speech?    07/05/20  (8)
wow lmao    07/05/20  (5)
So many of the BLM terrorists absolutely HATE Jews    07/05/20  (6)
Have any sports not completely cucked besides UFC and golf?    07/05/20  (3)
Heavily armed libs currently coming for Stone Mountain    07/05/20  (34)
Shitlibs have canceled George Washington.    07/05/20  (6)
Authoritative prestige rank for young men (20s-30s) to be multi millionaires?    07/05/20  (19)
The tenor of the Trumpmos is now 'petulant adult babies'    07/05/20  (10)
"There's a lot to unpack here" (doc peering into Peterman's shitpipe)    07/05/20  (35)
Anyone else here order their Thai food “supremely spicy”?    07/05/20  (2)
*peterman in ricky roma voice to new lot lizard* "WHERE DID U LEARN UR TRAAADE?"    07/05/20  (14)
everyone but u is happy, lives in the moment    07/05/20  (1)
Peterman fly fishing with his sphincter and a hook.    07/05/20  (2)
Zuck cucks; one day later claims he didn't cuck    07/05/20  (1)
After you push it all the way in, light the fuse ok? (Peterman to horrified RigP    07/05/20  (10)
"No, the bottle rocket is in right. Now light the fuse" (Peterman to RigPig)    07/05/20  (6)
"Roman Candle goes in the back and the Sparkler in the front" exp Peterman to th    07/05/20  (2)
OldHLSdude does blm pose an existential threat to the usa    07/05/20  (65)
burly stevedores run train on Peterman in flag thong as a Sousa march blares    07/05/20  (2)
gassy luis    07/05/20  (6)
*it's NOT raining men montage of MPA unsuccessfully concealing bald spot*    07/05/20  (5)
Xo is boring off to read Calvin and Hobbes    07/05/20  (4)
daddy stop touching me there!    07/05/20  (1)
Dude executes another dude, middle of the day, middle of street, in NYC:    07/05/20  (4)
"What hair," my girlfriend guffawed    07/05/20  (7)
Man sucker punches boy on street. Guess race. (Link)    07/05/20  (14)
juggalo subway employee obviously been thru some shit    07/05/20  (1)
Elon musk is god tier. He gives me hope for this country    07/05/20  (1)
Come here if you are for me (Stalin)    07/05/20  (46)
when vast majority of NFL players kneel    07/05/20  (1)
LIBS coming after Curious George    07/05/20  (21)
should I buy a focus rs or golf R    07/05/20  (15)
Does Trump ever laugh or is he too aspie?    07/05/20  (3)
So BLM supports communism? (Link)    07/05/20  (1)
luis buying a huge faggy salad with a gift card+quarters+some crumpled singles    07/05/20  (1)
surrogate luis    07/05/20  (1)
Please stop supporting George Conway    07/05/20  (15)
most erotic video of a bald man ive ever watched    07/05/20  (4)
lmao    07/05/20  (14)
Dadmos: Is It Important To Like The Other Peds In Your Ped's Office?    07/05/20  (44)
women's soccer player who stood is no hero    07/05/20  (3)
Luis did you think white women were "below" you when you dated them?    07/05/20  (46)
remember the dem debates when they were arguing abt tranny abortions in spanish    07/05/20  (2)
America has been completely desensitized to mass shootings    07/05/20  (1)
Multiple mass-shootings overnight across the US    07/05/20  (11)
Woke up feeling like a took a sleeping pill, still can't stay awake. Mono?    07/05/20  (2)
What do high IQ well adjusted XO racists think of this video?    07/05/20  (10)
"Touch of Grey" is such a 180 song    07/05/20  (3)
How many of you are physically weak & repulsive but insist your chads on XO?    07/05/20  (18)
Found a cool tip for small firm poors    07/05/20  (53)
Flash Poll: Are you DEPRESSED?    07/05/20  (62)
why so hot    07/05/20  (3)
Reptiles: 4-22-18 Kanye is a moronic spear-chucker. 4-29-18 Kanye is our savior    07/05/20  (12)
RATE These Breast Pillows For Big Titted Women (PIC)    07/05/20  (4)
"this is the hardest door in ny" (rsf getting forklifted thru columbia back entr    07/05/20  (3)
parasite tp    07/05/20  (2)
HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!! Also, niggers = shit.    07/05/20  (7)
TLOU2 debacle is essentially Gamergate 2.0    07/05/20  (4)
what ever happened to hillary's southen accent?    07/05/20  (4)
OldHLSdude, what are ten books you recommend reading?    07/05/20  (25)
rsf jizz load big enough to extinguishing wtc fire @ exact moment 2nd plane hits    07/05/20  (4)
did any country do less with more in the 20th c than greece?    07/05/20  (2)
heavily homosexual men    07/05/20  (1)
What do you guys think will happen when libs start to openly kill trumpmos?    07/05/20  (25)
Six Injured After Jet Skids Off Runway at Burbank Airport    07/05/20  (1)
Just found out one more person i know switched to republican    07/05/20  (42)
yo stanislaus woodsman tp, u around    07/05/20  (1)
Cyrus the virus was a lawyer    07/05/20  (2)
About to cop a Mac mini. Anyone have one?    07/05/20  (14)
OldHLSDude, do you own any Firearms?    07/05/20  (1)

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