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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Trumpmos what do you teach your kids about the Nazis?    07/03/20  (28)
Litigators that went in house -- do you miss the fight ?    07/03/20  (25)
Just signed 7th car accident case from the same family    07/03/20  (13)
Flame or truth: Partners scream at you in biglaw    07/03/20  (37)
donald draper do u like biglaw?    07/03/20  (1)
Quit BIGLAW the second my loans are paid off?    07/03/20  (23)
Washington Redskins BEND THE KNEE    07/03/20  (74)
How many years of BIGLAW    07/03/20  (12)
Credited post-biglaw non-law jobs for former litigators    07/03/20  (15)
today me, tomorrow you...    07/03/20  (4)
George Conway's Daughter pwns him after he forbids her to talk to Journalists    07/03/20  (83)
Just got SHITCANNED from BIGLAW. Taking questions.    07/03/20  (130)
BIGLAW BROS: how do you deal with...    07/03/20  (22)
ITT: Memories from the old America you lived, but can scarcely believe    07/03/20  (121)
Norwegian vaccine scientists: Wuhan Virus almost certainly created in a lab    07/03/20  (41)
There are almost no minority senior associates in BIGLAW    07/03/20  (20)
If you could be 7'10" and weigh 475 lbs with 9% bf tomorrow do you accept?    07/03/20  (22)
Lasting 3 full years in BIGLAW    07/03/20  (15)
Stalin tp    07/03/20  (4)
Tucker ruining another man's asshole tonight, NJ governor    07/03/20  (1)
DESCRIBE being senior counsel at Jack Links beef jerky    07/03/20  (6)
instead of killing squads, no police & you'll be punished for self-defense, hehe    07/03/20  (2)
China: 5 new cases. America: 55000 new cases. Trumpmos, why does Trump suck?    07/03/20  (2)
theres this weird group called the “K of C” who run the party scene at my Ca    07/03/20  (34)
I got an in house litigation offer that pays less than half what I make now    07/03/20  (17)
How many HANDSOME Harvard cox has Claira Janover sucked?    07/03/20  (6)
Come here if you are for me (Stalin)    07/03/20  (40)
In house lit - how high in demand?    07/03/20  (9)
I took a Deloitte interview as practice in UG. FOB chick didn't speak English    07/03/20  (13)
CLS -> V25 (4 years general commercial lit) -> $250K in house    07/03/20  (14)
"Here's to you" plays as Ricky and alzabo are handed death penalty for treason    07/03/20  (16)
Made first ROMAN CATHOLIC CONFESSION today FUCK LIBS    07/03/20  (16)
Watch the Evergreen riots documentary    07/03/20  (4)
Was obeezy smart to threaten shooting the POTUS of the United States?    07/03/20  (2)
Loveless perfunctory sterile sex with an unmemorable generic urban shrew    07/03/20  (1)
Tbf hitler was right about RUSSIAN jews    07/03/20  (10)
2028 Dem POTUS ticket: AOC and Harvard hapa stabbette    07/03/20  (1)
Life is kike    07/03/20  (1)
Harvard Jew hapa QUINTUPLES down, calls for Deloitte to be burned to the ground    07/03/20  (1)
Joe Rogan is aging backwards insists top scientist (link)    07/03/20  (1)
Lol dumb Harvard bitch fired by Deloitte TRIPLES DOWN - Doxxes company admins    07/03/20  (129)
How much $$$ does Joe Rogan (#1 podcast in the US) make a year?    07/03/20  (13)
do i need to buy a pump tactical shotgun    07/03/20  (7)
sick of holding this in - FUCK NIGS    07/03/20  (1)
Ranking the 10 Trump 2016 states most likely to flip to Biden    07/03/20  (14)
Joe Rogan trashing studio in roidrage after Julia's podcast beats his ratings    07/03/20  (50)
Archiving all of my dog’s UVT pics in one handy thread    07/03/20  (40)
ask a few libs if the know the Biden 2020 campaign slogan, not one knows it    07/03/20  (15)
How prestigious is ~15 fruit trees on your property?    07/03/20  (27)
Are there black cops that are sympathetic to the nigger lives matter movement?    07/03/20  (6)
FBI dispatches squad of agents to yet ANOTHER noose hoax:    07/03/20  (3)
leaked audio about media from Clubhouse, the chat app for venture capitalists    07/03/20  (59)
is using plastic bags as rain boots prole    07/03/20  (1)
The disrespect towards stay-at-home mothers has gone too far    07/03/20  (35)
George Conway screaming "CUT" as daughter bikini-dances into Lincoln Project ad    07/03/20  (5)
Protesters have shut down the road to Trump's Mt. Rushmore event    07/03/20  (12)
Libs like JK Rowling who are aghast the train continues on past their station...    07/03/20  (12)
"lmao" the mental illnesses which only emerge in ur late 20s whispered in ur ear    07/03/20  (8)
this is the lib view of this weekend per CNN / MSNBC    07/03/20  (21)
Why is NYUUG getting modded so much? It doesn’t seem like he’s breaking the    07/03/20  (53)
Is it legal to kick a kid out of the house? I’d do that if I were the Conways    07/03/20  (2)
The world is sorely lacking authenticity    07/03/20  (23)
"the power process" the thick latina teen whispered in ur ear    07/03/20  (8)
silent standoff between police tp and camping tp (he's camping in police station    07/03/20  (6)
"the axiom model", the hot teen whispered in ur ear    07/03/20  (6)
it's ok to be kike    07/03/20  (1)
corp slave scurries off the board when he sees that nigger boi moniker    07/03/20  (3)
im a capital G Gamer    07/03/20  (1)
"peaceful protests" = "religion of peace"    07/03/20  (4)
Pretty obvious what's going on.    07/03/20  (68)
If they changed the name to Washington Skinheads    07/03/20  (7)
White women are fucking insane (link)    07/03/20  (1)
it's ok to be racist    07/03/20  (6)
What’s wrong with being racist?    07/03/20  (5)
Anyone who buys Crypto now will be rich in 1-2 years. It's like Dec 2016    07/03/20  (37)
Back to the Future out today going back to 1990 would have more culture shock    07/03/20  (1)
me & ggtp following the warped tour around USA, doing AXIOM DD in our camper van    07/03/20  (4)
Luis have you tried black tar heroin for ur back pain    07/03/20  (3)
US Deaths Have Declined for 22 Days Since Case Spike Began    07/03/20  (9)
i’m computer horny    07/03/20  (7)
me Luis and FLW, completely homeless, begging for crypto in SF public library    07/03/20  (1)
Hypo: pill that turns you into a Chad. How much $ would someone pay for this?    07/03/20  (13)
what are some good quotes from wise, spiritual persons or gifted novelists??    07/03/20  (2)
I hope DBG's stupid goy baby gets COVID and DIES    07/03/20  (6)
you’re insane if you’re not putting differin gel on your cockhead daily    07/03/20  (1)
Pritzker signs law requiring Illinois public schools to teach LGBT history (link    07/03/20  (28)
Ken Bone is fully on board with Trump now    07/03/20  (4)
Want to have a brain seizure when I think about the "good debt" scam of 2000s    07/03/20  (20)
Peter Bread - U fucking this weekend?    07/03/20  (1)
Porno For Pyros is the most underrated band of the last 30 years    07/03/20  (2)
wife and i are just waiting for each other die at this point    07/03/20  (2)
white guy torches sake restaurant in Santa Monica because black lives matter    07/03/20  (2)
California closed restaurants and bars again?    07/03/20  (1)
RATE Sean Connery's mansion on the French Riviera    07/03/20  (9)
Wish I could drop dead    07/03/20  (2)
Is there any other album like Paul Simon's Graceland?    07/03/20  (18)
antifa goon fires into vehicle in....PROVO, UTAH    07/03/20  (32)
unbridled autism    07/03/20  (1)
best neighborhood in DC to live - 2m budget?    07/03/20  (15)
Sure he's a good 45 lbs. overweight, but look at those boat shoes & Ray Bans!    07/03/20  (59)
Protester: coronavirus is "progressive pathogen" that only impacts Trump rallies    07/03/20  (1)
Frog-eating rice paddy Chinese peasants will have a better education than ur kid    07/03/20  (2)
Trigger warning for board libs: went to lake with family today    07/03/20  (1)
Grilling hotdogs - fuckLIBS!    07/03/20  (8)
As a singlemo: invest 100% of money and no commute, or commute from house u own?    07/03/20  (3)
Board Libs REELING as i crack an ice cold high life and eat grilled meat    07/03/20  (1)
Hey board Shit Libs you are all fucking gay retarded losers with sad lives    07/03/20  (2)
russian jews enough said    07/03/20  (2)
‘They have lost control': Why Minneapolis Burned. [NYT]    07/03/20  (6)
It’s not the kikes’ fault    07/03/20  (9)
Italian fascism    07/03/20  (4)
#OpenBorderForHotties    07/03/20  (2)
Ghislaine Maxwell being held at 'well-run' jail, local lawyers say    07/03/20  (1)
black dark skinned niggers    07/03/20  (1)
WTF!!!!!!! yootube pulls down Stefan Molyneux's channel    07/03/20  (10)
computer panhandler    07/03/20  (1)
i would suck the dick off this guy's pelvis    07/03/20  (32)
just a sec babe, have to accuse my internet enemies of being asian    07/03/20  (3)
Steal Alert: Amazon's 100% Merino Crew $10    07/03/20  (1)
have nightguards who 'fell asleep' during Epstein suicide died mysteriously yet?    07/03/20  (2)
alzabo, Wǒ shì jī lǎo    07/03/20  (71)
NBA to allow "F-ck 12" and "kill whitey" slogans    07/03/20  (7)
how often do straight guys jerk off together    07/03/20  (4)
Watched a little bit of Epstein doc. What a creepy shitbag    07/03/20  (10)
you want it all but you cant have it    07/03/20  (1)
Lmfao at the shit nba players are gonna out on their jerseys    07/03/20  (5)
ljl at proles. i’m 39 w/ t20 law degree and ZERO debt. the sky is the limit.    07/03/20  (17)
BURGS | DOGS | POTATO SALAD    07/03/20  (2)
Driving home at 105 miles per hour because I remembered the absolutely perfect g    07/03/20  (2)
Gonna go watch back to the future in theatre today 180    07/03/20  (2)
Back to the Future reboot but it's Nick Fuentes and David 'Doc' Duke    07/03/20  (3)
Bragging about all my computer crimes to crowd of enraptured Hells Angels    07/03/20  (1)
trump is probably going to win guys    07/03/20  (12)
A ‘Cure for Heart Disease’? A Single Shot Succeeds in Monkeys    07/03/20  (2)
Based black woman wants her country back    07/03/20  (1)
Are you drinking more or less during COVID    07/03/20  (36)
pic of Kanye and Elon Musk hanging out is like a Frog and Toad book cover    07/03/20  (11)
what's more influential, the computer or the diaper?    07/03/20  (6)
New episodes of Unsolved Mysteries premiered today on Netflix and its bad    07/03/20  (31)
do u guys ever do gay sex stuff    07/03/20  (18)
stop being so gay you faggots    07/03/20  (1)
Let me control the media and I will turn any nation into a herd of pigs    07/03/20  (2)
Nofap is fascism    07/03/20  (1)
Coronavirus will guarantee Bernie presidency    07/03/20  (3)
"So you're gay?" 'No' "but you said you were gay?" 'yeah'    07/03/20  (1)
So turns out the USA is shit.    07/03/20  (1)
would be 180 if they just ended the Washington NFL franchise    07/03/20  (8)
Breaking point: POTUS Trump going with herd immunity.    07/03/20  (17)
hands up, don’t poast    07/03/20  (4)
Soon you learn that the word of a kike is worth exactly nothing    07/03/20  (2)

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