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STICKY: Big changes   08/07/20  (331)
Secret Service just rushed Trump out of room and locked doors    08/10/20  (9)
*pulls up next to Antifa in pickup truck blasting Mr. Jones; 50 cal opens fire*    08/10/20  (2)
NEW George Floyd video released    08/10/20  (27)
Prole co-worker thinks "one month's rent" is a huge amount    08/10/20  (37)
Hypo: Biden chooses Peter Bread as a VP    08/10/20  (2)
In 2012, I spent like $900 on a fancy digital camera    08/10/20  (6)
What prompted spaceporn to come back to the board    08/10/20  (20)
Shitlibs reduced to faggily trying to assassinate Trump now    08/10/20  (2)
So spaceporn has been sending creepy threats by email to numerous posters?    08/10/20  (68)
a lot of under 40 friends of mine have DIED    08/10/20  (52)
Mountain West just cancelled football    08/10/20  (1)
Trump abruptly ends press conference after Secret Service whispers in ear (link)    08/10/20  (2)
GUNMOS, I re-watched Silence of the Lambs. All FBI agents had revolvers.    08/10/20  (30)
Wife is fat and I'm ok with that    08/10/20  (11)
johnsmeyer is still making ibr payments during covid    08/10/20  (1)
Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon or MSFT Surface Book 3?    08/10/20  (14)
What’s the difference between “Postmates” and “Postmalone”?    08/10/20  (1)
So the US was destroyed by a bunch of fake racism narratives?    08/10/20  (3)
greetings tp check your throwaway when u get a chance    08/10/20  (2)
Amazing the psychological toll crypto takes on its owners    08/10/20  (32)
Does Africa give anything to white Americans who immigrate there?    08/10/20  (1)
Is there a catch or is Florida real estate ridiculously cheap?    08/10/20  (53)
Any way to "withdraw" from a matter when its just a JAMS arbitration demand?    08/10/20  (5)
Dtp, shut the fuck up already you ugly vile little fag    08/10/20  (2)
You know what they do in Cincinnati? They give you the Cincinnati bowtie.    08/10/20  (1)
Lol at literal Black supremacist Beyoncé Disney movie: “Black is King”    08/10/20  (2)
Spaceporn you look like a faggot on your YouTube promo    08/10/20  (1)
Do libs really think we can wait for this faggy virus to go away?    08/10/20  (7)
Florida had deadliest Covid-19 Monday today.    08/10/20  (6)
Christ is King and Floyd kill himself    08/10/20  (1)
Once I was in France and my waiter was trying to tell me about Chinese tourists    08/10/20  (45)
Rate this Yale + Harvard Law Tiktok Attorney    08/10/20  (8)
Bide to angry voter: "Who told you that? Mike Fart?"    08/10/20  (38)
here's what im making for dinner tn    08/10/20  (4)
Google: 5s44YzOs9pw    08/10/20  (37)
My biggest COVID-19 food life hack ...    08/10/20  (19)
Had old fashioned and glass of wine at steakhouse. Headache. Old age sucks    08/10/20  (3)
Rolling Stone: America Is Done Here Forever    08/10/20  (61)
Spaceporn gives us a nice glimpse of what true evil looks like    08/10/20  (25)
Hot blonde conservahero Tomi Lahren goes on bitter rant about "trashy men" (DTP)    08/10/20  (34)
I googled "5s44YzOs9pw" and I can't unsee it now    08/10/20  (3)
Nebraska to go independent in football    08/10/20  (13)
Tried meeting church girls like XO told me. They’re all developmental delayed    08/10/20  (44)
Amazing how quickly "BLM" degenerated into white-hate, Marxism    08/10/20  (29)
BDSM = mostly way for libs to feel ok about gender roles by making them deviant    08/10/20  (1)
Reading a really stupid anecdote on xo and realizing spaceporn posted it    08/10/20  (23)
in middle school a church friend asked to borrow all my N64 games    08/10/20  (16)
Open a day care called "Coalition of the Willing"    08/10/20  (1)
Nebraska is thrilled at the opportunity to lose more games to a diverse slate    08/10/20  (1)
Most useful thing you learned in law school?    08/10/20  (32)
Has anything actually changed about covid? It still almost exclusively kills old    08/10/20  (30)
Kallmann baby hole for hire    08/10/20  (1)
What is the 2nd best city in America for steak after Omaha?    08/10/20  (50)
List the nicest small town in America you've ever been to    08/10/20  (152)
little fucker insisted i buy him a playroom hotdog. now he wont eat it.    08/10/20  (18)
Spaceporn was super into cheese pizza and hotdog play dates    08/10/20  (19)
DTP, remember when Charles said he couldn't relate to church girls?    08/10/20  (1)
Your hapa daughter writing "Mike Fart" all over her notebooks in gel pen    08/10/20  (11)
Creating an XO stock portfolio. Gonna buy STIM, BILL, what else    08/10/20  (2)
Why do modern retards SMILE for photographs?    08/10/20  (8)
honestly, Epstein is a fucking g if he was really fucking 1000s of teen pussy    08/10/20  (1)
What is your preferred EDC knife?    08/10/20  (4)
About to "invest" 100k. Where should I put it?    08/10/20  (28)
i honestly hope Biden wins    08/10/20  (8)
I've realized people think I'm a jerk b/c I never say positive platitudes    08/10/20  (13)
Johnsmeyer calling Suze Orman w/ "Scream" voice distorter    08/10/20  (175)
$JMIA: need courage to keep holding    08/10/20  (27)
PAYE yourself first    08/10/20  (2)
Henry Aaron's 401k portfolio is just an excel spreadsheet of black mens phone #s    08/10/20  (33)
2020 is like if 1968 had airborne aids lmao    08/10/20  (1)
On Judas Jones (DTP)    08/10/20  (19)
Is processed foods industry worse than tobacco industry?    08/10/20  (18)
Mike Fart IRL is Jake Butt of the Michigan Wolverines    08/10/20  (3)
Mother Nature about to finish what the teens started in Chicago    08/10/20  (1)
Why do American libs (but NOT foreign libs) refuse to run safe, orderly cities?    08/10/20  (1)
Evanston, IL schools: "Black and Brown students" given priority for in-class    08/10/20  (77)
anglican lawyer has outdone himself with his new Mike Fart persona.    08/10/20  (1)
alisson stokke looks old and weathered now    08/10/20  (32)
IN MEDIATION, $6.75M damages    08/10/20  (64)
Wrote "mike fart" on steamy shower door & forgot 2 erase. wife was like wtf?    08/10/20  (2)
So libs are now backing down from all the woke stuff in time for the election?    08/10/20  (7)
Lol at people who have been paying their loans right before they're forgiven    08/10/20  (19)
Rate this Hawaiian girl who plays golf for Pepperdine    08/10/20  (18)
I love u most golden of bears wait for me ur wife rachel    08/10/20  (2)
How the Chicago Teachers Union made sure schools won't reopen in the Fall (link)    08/10/20  (1)
FSU shotput star dancing to WAP in her yoga outfit (TikTok)    08/10/20  (3)
This ASU soph claims she "accidentally" exposed tits in Zoom class. U decide!    08/10/20  (21)
"1984 is a good book but the 2+2=5 part a bit unrealistic, btw masks don't work    08/10/20  (44)
I'm M00NiNG DaDDiBOi    08/10/20  (3)
Mike Fart: "I just identify as Ameri--" *briefcase full of potatoes explodes*    08/10/20  (7)
LathamSuckedMe    08/10/20  (1)
Old guy sails from CA to Hawaii and gives life advice along the way    08/10/20  (4)
Gf lives in the only market rate unit in a rent controlled Span. Harlem building    08/10/20  (11)
Mike Fart poasting Lady GaGa bootlegs on his youtube channel.    08/10/20  (1)
Boiled some chicken nuts in Diet Sprite last night (doodikoff)    08/10/20  (4)
CNN producer to spaceporn: "for interview could you move that weird tree out of    08/10/20  (9)
In Europe right now. Haven't seen a black person for weeks    08/10/20  (69)
Hot chick to you at bar: “You said Mike Fart would be here.”    08/10/20  (1)
A black nigger bitch won 3 consec Hugo awards for best Sci fi novel last decade    08/10/20  (1)
COSMOS COIN    08/10/20  (1)
geforce now sounds pretty 180, can play any game i want fom my old mac laptop    08/10/20  (4)
imagine growing up without a Dairy Queen in your hometown    08/10/20  (7)
ESPN: "Michigan's Jim Harbaugh advocates for fall football, cites 'Mike Fart' "    08/10/20  (1)
substitute teacher's yarmulke jumping up when he sees Mike Fart in class roster    08/10/20  (1)
ESPN: "Michigan's Jim Harbaugh advocates for fall football, cites 'facts'" (link    08/10/20  (3)
successful and lots of money tp    08/10/20  (8)
Thank you SO MUCH    08/10/20  (2)
rice's indifference to black bodies is problematic, reasoned the trumpo    08/10/20  (1)
hey guys check out my new knife    08/10/20  (2)
Anything else I can help you with tonight?    08/10/20  (2)
Nedry in Costa Rican cafe: “Fart! Fart! I got Mike Fart here!    08/10/20  (11)
Biden announces Mike Gravel as running mate. Joe/Mike 2020    08/10/20  (1)
TRUMP impotently screaming "play football!" as CFB season collapses    08/10/20  (1)
Ever join a truly secret society?    08/10/20  (32)
Does anyone actually think Trump can save America in term 2?    08/10/20  (70)
Describe Pierre, SD on $150k HHI    08/10/20  (7)
It's Fart!    08/10/20  (1)
Anyone here think the EO is constitutional?    08/10/20  (26)
Mike Far? I barely toot him!    08/10/20  (1)
4chan got Biden to call Pepe "one smart lookin frog" (vid)    08/10/20  (3)
I'm not a doctor but I do speak with Mike Fart regularly.    08/10/20  (1)
Shitcago about to be hit by 1000 mph winds and quarter-sized hail.    08/10/20  (2)
🚨doodikoff🚨 how's the roach situation going?    08/10/20  (6)
CAPTION this New Yorker cartoon (pic)    08/10/20  (30)
It’s Rice!    08/10/20  (1)
Have any of the oppressed groups (women, blacks, gays, hispanics) gotten happier    08/10/20  (1)
how much does spaceporn make as an 18th yr associate    08/10/20  (111)
It was down to me and Mike Fart, you know how that went.    08/10/20  (4)
Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Enjoy the fruits.    08/10/20  (1)
My tolerance for status quo feels like it's now in the weeks, not months    08/10/20  (3)
lawyer suicides would be higher than dentists if lawyers had access to gas    08/10/20  (1)
or El Farterino, if you're not into the whole brevity thing    08/10/20  (3)
what sport's average male personality would you want for your son?    08/10/20  (7)
HS nerds who always thought, I'll show them!- did you show them?    08/10/20  (62)
*AIM new message chime* MikeFart: sup    08/10/20  (4)
Phone buzzes, you look down. "Mike Fart"    08/10/20  (4)
"Senator, I knew Mike Fart. He was a friend of mine. Senator you're no Mike Fart    08/10/20  (2)
"Mike Fart Toyota" license plate frame on your car after you come back from vaca    08/10/20  (2)
*peers through blinds* "Oh fuckin hell, it's that AmWay guy Mike Fart again"    08/10/20  (3)
"haha, no it's not a nickname," explains Mike Fart, swallowing hard    08/10/20  (2)
"guys, we're looping in Mike Fart for this tax stuff. Mike, you there buddy?"    08/10/20  (3)
A motorcade of black escalades with Korn bumper stickers fly by you on freeway    08/10/20  (1)
"You could just change your name" I shouted to Mike Fart across the lawn    08/10/20  (3)
Ellis Island officer hastily scribbling "Mike Fart" on Michael Fahertys ID cert    08/10/20  (5)
*Your mom grabbing your face by chin* "Who hit you? That little punk Mike Fart?"    08/10/20  (4)
How difficult to start a VC and be successful?    08/10/20  (2)
Ever notice a FEMALE fucks up the protagonist in all of tarantino's movies?    08/10/20  (2)
34 year old woman posts her nasty pussy and asshole on reddit (link)    08/10/20  (31)
How do I manipulate an at-home blood test to get TRT?    08/10/20  (18)

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