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rittenhouse opens nyt, spits coffee: this flouts the spirit of irc § 651!    09/28/20  (6)
ITT: I tell you where the big beaten down asset buying spree will come from    09/28/20  (3)
WSJ refutes Cokehead3000 lie about Joe Biden    09/28/20  (5)
I think Jill deserves to be First Lady more than Melania    09/28/20  (1)
Dechert email to associates denying fall bonus    09/28/20  (32)
Remember Roosh V? He's a construction worker now    09/28/20  (2)
i guess i just don't care about the only democracy in the middle east that much?    09/28/20  (4)
lol even 4chan is saying they are having higher than normal lib levels tonight    09/28/20  (12)
Drug test gambit exposes how badly senility play by donald backfired    09/28/20  (2)
Is it now a board rule that outing benzo is allowed?    09/28/20  (19)
Trump retweets Breitbart (180000 million)    09/28/20  (4)
Unemployed coal miner ecstatic that trump gave bezos a huge tax cut    09/28/20  (7)
Cons whatever happened to 3% GDP growth you used to bleat about?    09/28/20  (23)
Trump = LOWER job growth, LOWER GDP growth, HIGHER debt than Obama    09/28/20  (33)
ur boomer mom starting 1,000-subscriber blog abt her estranged 'narcissist' son    09/28/20  (3)
'Check out the brain on Franzen!' <Samuel L. Jackson voice>    09/28/20  (5)
Aside from Brad Parscale didn't Trump's HHS guy have a mental breakdown too?    09/28/20  (5)
2 hr of Biden sighs, toothy grins, head nods - Media: "master of his craft"    09/28/20  (9)
Trump getting destroyed on tv, Twitter, etc. rn. He's not going to make it.    09/28/20  (7)
The entire premise of Joe Biden’s campaign is a lie    09/28/20  (22)
Think this guy gets more pussy than rich biglawyers?    09/28/20  (2)
Rate my life at 47    09/28/20  (54)
Russian sends 20,000 "volunteers" to Armenia as full out war break outs    09/28/20  (7)
Aug. 2019 article: Joe Biden is the man to save CHINA in 2020    09/28/20  (25)
Will Trumpmos ever admit they got conned?    09/28/20  (21)
Barrett not getting approved now. Biden will fill RBG spot.    09/28/20  (19)
*angular synthesizer music plays as I pore over some data*    09/28/20  (2)
There's a lot of "jew" posters lately. Upset Jew, Self Hating Jew, UES Jew    09/28/20  (8)
Eat all the bats, eat all the bats, eat all the bats in a big soup vat, oh yeah!    09/28/20  (33)
Can you believe she's dating a chink?    09/28/20  (1)
TRUMP: peace & prosperity, Biden: moar wars, taxes, and BLM shit    09/28/20  (5)
There is an entire genre of Youtube where people play music as if in a bathroom    09/28/20  (4)
Biden Supporters: Chairman Xi, BLM rioters, Neocons, illegal aliens, even Bin    09/28/20  (2)
Rudolph take Packers to Win tonight (spread is Saints -3) 9-27-20    09/28/20  (12)
How did evolution allow this fear?    09/28/20  (1)
evan39, base model pickup trucks start at $40k. How are proles affording these?!    09/28/20  (10)
Dean Cain is an IRL superhero    09/28/20  (9)
Morningmos get itt    09/28/20  (4)
just watched the biden '180 years' clip... he's obviously joking    09/28/20  (1)
Armenians kill so many Azeris that they built a little hill out of the corpses    09/28/20  (2)
jfc - rate this mccarthian grilling of ACB by Al Franken    09/28/20  (6)
NYT says they will drip more Trump finance stories in October    09/28/20  (19)
the hipster or doubting priest was a big boomer movie/tv trope    09/28/20  (4)
Hannity interviewing MNF cat via satellite    09/28/20  (5)
Stock market crashing on NYT tax story; Trump re-election doubted by Wall Street    09/28/20  (1)
JFC white women - lmao @ this pic from the supreme court    09/28/20  (4)
Book recs ITT please    09/28/20  (27)
Warren: 'Niggers can retrain as murderers.'    09/28/20  (7)
191 kids in Bangladesh drowned today in a pond avoiding crocodiles near school    09/28/20  (5)
tats tp: a shockingly underrated poster    09/28/20  (5)
Fall '19 Flashback: Sunday Night Football crocodile    09/28/20  (1)
rsf hates me because his dad would be more proud to have me as a son (benzo)    09/28/20  (19)
why didn't The Beach Boys write any songs about massive hell-like fires?    09/28/20  (22)
Fall '19 Flashback: Monday Night Football cat    09/28/20  (1)
*balloons fall out of rafters as Jews are chucked out of 110th country*    09/28/20  (6)
Chick on safari gets bucked off Zebra she was riding and eaten by a crocodile (l    09/28/20  (4)
Wuhan Dice Clay: "She was a bat. I ate her! AYYYYYYY"    09/28/20  (3)
Pet crocodile eats every dog in 3 block radius before being discovered    09/28/20  (2)
Cambodian villager girl, 2, eaten to death by crocodiles (link)    09/28/20  (2)
I used to trigger J. pretty hard by making flatly wrong statements about music    09/28/20  (3)
Science journal: Crocodiles now use tools to hunt prey    09/28/20  (4)
Can’t seem to face up to the facts All these Asians eating bats Can’t sleep    09/28/20  (2)
Xingazo Rigby cooks up a bat at a church where the wedding has been    09/28/20  (2)
I don’t care what they say about virus I’m just eating bat (tune of Buddy Ho    09/28/20  (2)
Rwandan man breaks quarantine, gets eaten by a crocodile (link)    09/28/20  (4)
We're cooking a bat Though I don't know if it's okay I'll eat it anyway    09/28/20  (2)
Snorkler in Barrier Reef swims straight into crocodile’s mouth, bitten on head    09/28/20  (1)
'we can put a man on the moon, but you can't just suck my cock?'    09/28/20  (3)
NYUUG: how many won does it cost for you to have sex?    09/28/20  (7)
Rate this crocodile attacking a small fishing boat    09/28/20  (4)
guy with something called "dual loyalties" telling you how to run your country    09/28/20  (8)
let's put on a pot of coffee and do a deep dive into this data    09/28/20  (6)
reminder: 'diversity' means US should become 90% brown rather than 90% white    09/28/20  (5)
fat millennial with bic-shaved head doing whiskey 'nosing' reviews on youtube    09/28/20  (3)
If Mike Fart lost some weight he would be a good pass around party twink    09/28/20  (2)
Oliver Darcy making “outcalls” in CNN office mens room    09/28/20  (12)
network sitcom pitch: show about youngish millennial priest 'Father Jayden'    09/28/20  (2)
how did benzo ever find the great bort? looking for a public defender?    09/28/20  (2)
Russia admits Azeris have taken 7 villages from Armenia    09/28/20  (1)
Mr. Jinx's Halloween costume is "Dracula who must show his cock"    09/28/20  (113)
Waiting on job offer    09/28/20  (11)
Plug in.. Sun shining. Barack Obama's 2020 Summer Playlist on shuffle. fully nud    09/28/20  (3)
not a “politics” buy but should MSM be spouting propaganda 24/7?    09/28/20  (7)
Post ITT if you’ve made more real $ on one trade than benzo will ever have    09/28/20  (18)
millennial priest: '*sigh* my sermon today was a shitshow...'    09/28/20  (5)
tradcath women who leave kids in daycare all day while focusing on law career    09/28/20  (9)
benzo has *THE* worst life of any XO poster    09/28/20  (7)
LOL @ how retarded benzo is, i’m up like 800% since Feb trading options    09/28/20  (24)
Rate these racist misogynists working construction without masks or social dista    09/28/20  (15)
Mike Fart, your moniker does not need an 'r' in it.    09/28/20  (22)
The Derelict from Decatur, Scourge of Subway, The Indiana Indigent...benzoooo!    09/28/20  (36)
Oliver Darcy crabwalking naked on a yacht in Dubai, mewling    09/28/20  (16)
Oliver D claims the hairy Fringe on his mouth makes him a 'Sovereign Suckizen'    09/28/20  (11)
benzo screenshotting his NES “Wall Street Kid” high score    09/28/20  (46)
Benzo’s career earnings (from work and “trading”): $0    09/28/20  (18)
“If you don’t count the bad trades i’m way up fake trading!”    09/28/20  (7)
“This will make someone love me” thought benzo before losing all his $ on op    09/28/20  (6)
Turns out benzo is as bad at trading options as he is at not doing meth    09/28/20  (41)
The posts where benzo used to whine about love not existing were 180    09/28/20  (28)
benzo “they call me deepthroat” Darcy “yea I gotta go thx for the info”    09/28/20  (4)
BENZO KING: HOME OF THE PAUPER    09/28/20  (37)
New photo clearly shows DuckFace Selfie image in 9/11 Twin Towers Smoke! (link)    09/28/20  (3)
A Total Eclipse of Mike Fart    09/28/20  (7)
My fellow Masonic Luciferians, we may have gone too far this time    09/28/20  (8)
Intentional Wrongness Persuasion- Why Facts Don't Matter to Trump (Scott Adams)    09/28/20  (2)
RSF has an incredibly 180 life    09/28/20  (4)
Oliver Darcy on Tel Aviv beach in a speedo serving cocktail to Ted Turner    09/28/20  (14)
Oliver Darcy died how he lived: head in a toilet & ass full of semen    09/28/20  (26)
Money Heist, but it’s Oliver Darcy locking himself in a sperm bank    09/28/20  (5)
benzo, let's assume for a second you become richer than RSF through stonks    09/28/20  (5)
Trump pushing "Benzo's Oil" cure after Pence gives him tour of Ft Wayne Flying J    09/28/20  (5)
ARISE Wagecucks! Time to login to strive for your rat faced masters!    09/28/20  (27)
Used Squatamalan in IRL conversation- bewildered looks, thanks XOXO    09/28/20  (2)
Flowers For Algernon except it’s about Oliver Darcy having hair for a week    09/28/20  (4)
ITT: the best cover of Gordon Lightfoot's "If you could read my mind" on youtube    09/28/20  (1)
wait, this irritating fag "Jafar" is back?    09/28/20  (10)
Dems now relying on a guy they called a rapist to be a SCOTUS swing vote lol    09/28/20  (2)
official Democrat platform is filled with critical theory shit    09/28/20  (4)
Help me figure out how to price a retainer (solo shit head)    09/28/20  (23)
Chances that NY real estate bounces back next year?    09/28/20  (10)
Brian Stelter's HOT TAKE on laws regarding disclosing tax returns    09/28/20  (4)
Tax story means they have nothing. The well is completely dry.    09/28/20  (17)
Trump is a tax fraudster. This surprises who?    09/28/20  (65)
Does anyone here still listen to Chapo? How is it these days?    09/28/20  (19)
Trump just retweeting news clips of Biden Lmao    09/28/20  (4)
So The Rock is a cuck?    09/28/20  (19)
has Trump made any statements about this yet?    09/28/20  (4)
With Barrett, Supreme court would have six catholics    09/28/20  (3)
ITT: the DEFINITIVE ranking of RSF xoxo beefs and feuds    09/28/20  (7)
here it is - THE BEST portland mugshot    09/28/20  (7)
Oliver Darcy tattooing Chinese characters "dangerous opportunity" on his asshole    09/28/20  (10)
Trump will lose in a dramatic blowout fully caused by massive voter fraud    09/28/20  (3)
Oliver Darcy getting “RAPE MEAT” tattooed on his face    09/28/20  (4)
I thought I was the ugliest human alive until I saw Oliver Darcy    09/28/20  (4)
“Not in the hair”, Oliver Darcy begged the trucker. “What hair?!” he guf    09/28/20  (5)
OK now let’s get back to ruining Oliver Darcy’s life    09/28/20  (22)
this Utopia show on Amazon Prime is interesting so far    09/28/20  (3)
Oliver Darcy: “I never take off my skates, and don’t come in my mouth”    09/28/20  (30)
Nick Foles = 180    09/28/20  (3)
123 Mulberry St 4b, New York, NY 10013-4683    09/28/20  (1)
Did Oliver Darcy have sex with kids?    09/28/20  (22)
Legal Q: How much can the assassination of Oliver Darcy be discussed here withou    09/28/20  (2)
wait, Oliver Darcy is a racist AND a pedophile?    09/28/20  (2)
Oliver Darcy new Article: The lawyers who give money to white supremacist Blake    09/28/20  (2)
Have any of you cowards stalked Oliver Darcy irl yet or what    09/28/20  (11)
Your internet friend "Horst Kumblast" is calling    09/28/20  (36)
"What did I do? I blew them; I blew them all of course" (Oliver Darcy hot mike)    09/28/20  (11)
What is the most ALPHA tree?    09/28/20  (4)
Is it Garfield time?    09/28/20  (11)

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