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"Buy the Dip!" (evan39 desperately trying to hit his upsell quota at checkout)    04/23/21  (76)
Friend / former colleague asked if I am vaccinated before meeting for lunch with    04/23/21  (11)
Cant Gynocologists get herpes during routine exams?    04/23/21  (7)
Its sad how birdshits think about beaners in US    04/23/21  (4)
White Karen harasses army soldiers at IHOP    04/23/21  (5)
Is it true that the 16 y/o girl is the one who called the police in Ohio?    04/23/21  (26)
My friend’s wife wants to name their kid either Denver or Anchorage    04/23/21  (2)
Prisoners OD on vaccine.    04/23/21  (14)
*benzo threatening to sue drug dealer for 'bad meth reaction'*    04/23/21  (1)
How to buy a gun as NYC resident?    04/23/21  (21)
CR online eyeglasses store that let you try at home?    04/23/21  (1)
did u guys know that farmers are just feeding cows skittles because its cheaper?    04/23/21  (6)
Op-ed: Wokeness has ruined Disney World    04/23/21  (12)
Biden set to DOUBLE capital gains tax to 40%, retroactive for 2021    04/23/21  (248)
lol @ Baizuo's in the U.S. doing China's work    04/23/21  (10)
With Biden’s cap gains tax, it won’t make sense to work anymore    04/23/21  (23)
did you ever fuck over one of your friends?    04/23/21  (21)
Moar like capital pains tax    04/23/21  (2)
Kim Kardashian studying THE LAW.    04/23/21  (26)
Why did Argentina go from top 5 wealthy nation on par with Europe to TTT?    04/23/21  (30)
1930s Disney: Snow White. 2021 Disney: Jet Black.    04/23/21  (1)
Is madrid a cool place to visit?    04/23/21  (39)
ITT: We List Supposed COVID Symptoms Presented By the Media    04/23/21  (9)
"Nooo don't say brown people look and smell like poo!" (Tommy T every day    04/23/21  (1)
Video compilation of fat people breaking plastic Adirondack chairs at wineries (    04/23/21  (34)
You name good europe destination city    04/23/21  (32)
my faggot dumbass bf thinks i have drinking lmao what a small dick FAG    04/23/21  (3)
Every new technology is designed to spy on you    04/23/21  (1)
Libs cheering on a literal catatonic meatpuppet residing in "white house" (lsd)    04/23/21  (12)
President Biden is operated by strings and animatronics    04/23/21  (1)
hey you think i have a drinking problem??I think u have a small dick problemLMAO    04/23/21  (1)
Any IP Surveillance Cam mastermen here? Setup question...    04/23/21  (1)
(link) TX Gynecologist Stores 1 Gal Jug of Menstrual Blood, Drinks & Poisons Him    04/23/21  (1)
US: banning advanced math, China: banning feminism    04/23/21  (55)
getting forklifted to my bariatric surgery    04/23/21  (1)
"Unnngh fuck me birdshit. Fuck ... fuck that dirty asshole. I'm juicing on ur co    04/23/21  (1)
rick steves, u faggot, i know u poast here    04/23/21  (13)
Op-ed: "I no longer recognize Minneapolis... I'm leaving Friday."    04/23/21  (91)
We need to bomb ALL Islamic countries (Iran, SA, Afghan, UK, France, Oman, Yemen    04/23/21  (6)
Who's hosting the LAN party tonight?    04/23/21  (3)
I'm just gonna say it: Motorhead does not get the appreciation it deserves on xo    04/23/21  (9)
I bought SOL at 18. Then my SOL got LOST between wallets. Will pay to get it bac    04/23/21  (11)
I think my gf has a drinking problem    04/23/21  (21)
Should I dispute my credit card because this Thai Chink was a Jew    04/23/21  (1)
Just saw my ex randomly    04/23/21  (10)
Budapest or Anchorage    04/23/21  (4)
GEVO: hodl or nah?    04/23/21  (3)
what is the job interview for instrumentalist in a top 10 symphony like?    04/23/21  (1)
this is the guy who made gatormo a billionaire?    04/23/21  (6)
Biden lifting sanctions on Iran    04/23/21  (6)
u guys ever do a massive diarrhea in ur chair just to see what it would be like?    04/23/21  (1)
Under water on SOL taking life advice    04/23/21  (130)
How did America go from a culture that produced the Rat Pack and Johnny Cash    04/23/21  (1)
fucked up my entire life by expressing my true desires    04/23/21  (2)
cant hide it anymore - im jewish    04/23/21  (7)
I’m going to make it    04/23/21  (9)
fucked up my entire life by suppressing my true desires    04/23/21  (16)
waiting to die in a an open air google starbucks prison called america    04/23/21  (18)
will poast a potential 10X+ coin itt soon    04/23/21  (11)
Are civil engineers prestigious?    04/23/21  (4)
why are people still wearing these ridiculous "masks"    04/23/21  (16)
Fuck me.... the weekend is already basically over    04/23/21  (4)
a comprehensive guide to trading/investing in crypto (exeunt)    04/23/21  (50)
BTC dipped to 47K? LJL at this rancid TTT in decline    04/23/21  (1)
a culture of mask wearing tp    04/23/21  (2)
Have lost 14.2 pounds since Sunday    04/23/21  (51)
How Stephen King capture old America so well, and still want to kill it    04/23/21  (24)
Garfield Gained 100 pounds In a Year, I’m terrified. (nermel)    04/23/21  (15)
"You got a license for that Linear Algebra textbook, son?"    04/23/21  (6)
Rank these pitchers: Scherzer, Verlander, Kershaw, Greinke, Halladay    04/23/21  (26)
What 80 year span of American history would be the best lifetime?    04/23/21  (45)
Why the fuck does the train from Naples to Bari take 5 hours    04/23/21  (1)
What's the best mid-size SUV to survive the upcoming apocalypse in?    04/23/21  (20)
Korean Solana FOMO Updates Megathread    04/23/21  (158)
Benzo reconsidering $20m Manhattan penthouse after Biden cap gains tax increase    04/23/21  (3)
*expressionless uj riding unicycle against traffic, getting ignored on grindr*    04/23/21  (4)
HS track athlete collapses & DIES after being forced to run wearing mask (link)    04/23/21  (13)
"This is my asshole. It brings men pleasure." Peterman said in a monotone.    04/23/21  (79)
Longtime Trumpmo here, hate libs but I don’t think Kenny should be allowed to    04/23/21  (2)
staking on solflare without a hardware wallet -- safe?    04/23/21  (17)
"they sexualized me," said DrakeMallard in monotone being wheeled into Bellevue    04/23/21  (48)
spaceporn is a 'dad' like upset jew is a 'top'    04/23/21  (10)
So many board strivers went to some Ivy that's now worthless    04/23/21  (1)
I want to go drink at a bar.    04/23/21  (2)
Is anyone currently NOT feuding with Upset Jew tp?    04/23/21  (10)
"Oh wow, a gay guy saying I'm not a dad bc I don't buttfuck my kid enough"    04/23/21  (3)
upset jew: "im a top" *SNL cast breaks character, hyperventilates from laughter*    04/23/21  (24)
*firefighters distracted on 9/11 to help rsf get out of an adirondack chair*    04/23/21  (1)
DrakeMallard, is your "animeboi" alt supposed to be your higher IQ moniker?    04/23/21  (2)
How likely to make a girl pregnant if semi careful about pulling out    04/23/21  (9)
MVIS MVIS MVIS    04/23/21  (9)
If my real estate agent has 10 clients & we're looking/bidding for same thing..    04/23/21  (4)
Watched “Stand By Me”. They say “faggot” twice, and women have 3 lines    04/23/21  (11)
flowers for algernon but it's about that one time upset jew made a readable thre    04/23/21  (2)
"they renamed the flu and overcounted deaths to oust tru--hi who just joined?"    04/23/21  (1)
Is Upset Jew a POWER BOTTOM at least    04/23/21  (1)
DeSantis will pardon Chauvin first day in office    04/23/21  (27)
what's benzo's phenotype    04/23/21  (8)
most senate republicans come from dumb little worthless states like Wyoming    04/23/21  (7)
POOP 💩 AND PEE 💦    04/23/21  (23)
As chair of my firms civic engagement group our focus is racism in adult industr    04/23/21  (1)
Animated GrubHub israelis dancing on 9/11    04/23/21  (7)
*Purple-haired, face tatted obese woman in "RECLAIMING MY TIME" t-shirt*    04/23/21  (1)
why do women talk so much?    04/23/21  (3)
What do you think of successful black grads of hcbus?    04/23/21  (26)
Why is American culture still so dominant worldwide?    04/23/21  (37)
Virginia schools eliminate accelerated math for equity reasons    04/23/21  (40)
Well I'm sure that I could be a movie star If I could get out of xo    04/23/21  (1)
I'm Indian and I smell like POOP! (Tommy T    04/23/21  (3)
REMINDER: "Michelle" Obama has a humungous cock    04/23/21  (3)
“I voted for this”: the Upset Jew story    04/23/21  (48)
Cyber stalker, just ADMIT you're gay!! Admit it!! Tell me you love men! Kiss me!    04/23/21  (4)
have you ever referred to the "ZOG" when talking to people irl    04/23/21  (17)
Should I buy $50,000 of SOL now?    04/23/21  (27)
ITT poast the low-IQ criminal thoughts running through benzo's mind    04/23/21  (8)
ways Biden is more “based” than Trump (from Trumpmo perspective)    04/23/21  (7)
kenny was ahead of his time in banning xo's rancid shitlibs. xo kenny. 180 kenny    04/23/21  (17)
Rate these pilots: Roy Halladay, Cory Lidle, JFK Jr, John Denver    04/23/21  (1)
look at that framed photo of J Edgar Hoover next to you and get a grip, friend    04/23/21  (3)
Lebron meditating in that Calm commercial: “The mind is a muscle (like a cock)    04/23/21  (2)
what is the point of the red delicious apple    04/23/21  (7)
is xo consensus that ows was coopted to sjwism?    04/23/21  (14)
crazy that there are zero people on planet earth who respect spaceporn    04/23/21  (23)
Biden wearing face mask on Zoom call with Putin (lsd)    04/23/21  (8)
Abandoned rural American downtowns with nothing but thriving weed store    04/23/21  (20)
What happened to lawyers who do "doc review" is that still a thing or do people    04/23/21  (18)
How often do you eat shrimp during the week? Kroger sells them pretty cheap and    04/23/21  (6)
Medical ppl are tunnel-vision idiots. Derms say get ZERO sun. Whats a virologist    04/23/21  (47)
What 80 year span of Indian history would be the best lifetime?    04/23/21  (18)
The Chauvin trial is the second biggest misjustice in modern America    04/23/21  (51)
SP mugshot on NYP cover w headline "PERVY BOZO BROUGHT TO JUSTICE"    04/23/21  (40)
Senate Shitlibs vote down amd to ban federal funding for Univs mean to AZNS    04/23/21  (19)
Imagine still being a white male lib at this point    04/23/21  (41)
Is it to Harvard's advantage to be 90% asian/indian/jew?    04/23/21  (36)
Huey Lewis is an underappreciated genius.    04/23/21  (1)
ur living in bizarro world where spaceporn "makes fun" of guy 4 "not being a dad    04/23/21  (6)
Cyber stalker, are you worried that you'll never have any kids?    04/23/21  (36)
We are among the biggest fools in history if we keep on paying people to make us    04/23/21  (31)
5 years ago the CA bar was ordered to release bar passage rates per race    04/23/21  (6)
how to minimize taxes from SOL gains. FTX.US. reports to IRS    04/23/21  (22)
"yeah he was definitely innocent, but he's just another ZOGbot who- hi who just    04/23/21  (3)
"I really like It here" (scholarship in front row of civpro everyday for 9 years    04/23/21  (34)
Tommy Turdskin is a MASTER of his CRAFT    04/23/21  (36)
NIGGER    04/23/21  (3)
*pulls up to Dunkin Donuts drive thru* "I'm gay."    04/23/21  (2)
remember thinking those crashing WTO Seattle were deranged?    04/23/21  (32)
mig can u drop some psychology insights    04/23/21  (4)
BREAKING: United Nations elects Iran to commission on women's rights (lsd)    04/23/21  (22)
I am: mentally ill, suicidal, married to a shitlib    04/23/21  (9)

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