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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
Im in a toxic relationship and want to die    07/18/18  (4)
Beta black guy uses the race card on Tinder and gets PWND    07/18/18  (15)
Trump should take after Woodrow Wilson in dealing with quislings    07/18/18  (4)
StraightBoyz website tricked 600 men into BJ from cross dresser    07/18/18  (26)
looking for business class award fares in january 2019    07/18/18  (1)
libs have ruined New York City    07/18/18  (5)
new black craze: the zoom challenge    07/18/18  (12)
I have a profound insight to share (corporate space tp)    07/18/18  (1)
Does where you live significantly affect your mood?    07/18/18  (35)
can someone c/p this Mukasey article about the Russian indictments?    07/18/18  (2)
i need some guy advice    07/18/18  (19)
sorry I had a fight in the middle of your black panther party    07/18/18  (7)
Best non-U.S. heads of state in the post-WWII era    07/18/18  (12)
Libs were pro-Russia from 1917-1991    07/18/18  (3)
How important is location for establishing a startup?    07/18/18  (9)
Trump wants FSB to conduct interviews on U.S. soil lmao    07/18/18  (9)
George Soros to NYT: "Barack Obama was MY greatest disappointment"    07/18/18  (4)
You're not a REAL man if you don't know why trucks use mudflaps.    07/18/18  (1)
libs are a bit confused. 'open society' never referred to borderless white natio    07/18/18  (1)
Need a quick rundown on the secret snapchat controversy    07/18/18  (1)
Trump has grown fond of the "low IQ" insult.    07/18/18  (15)
new "hidden figures" movie about hungarian jews in congolese space program    07/18/18  (5)
libs want you sad, sick and dependent on the "benevolent" democratic deep state    07/18/18  (2)
why is it always so cheap to get to milan/rome/zurich?    07/18/18  (1)
4 states sue Trump over new Tax Law (link)    07/18/18  (3)
TMF & MND hosting weekly salon of intellectuals & artists in their Yonkers home    07/18/18  (180)
so somebody is going to take relationship advice from 'White Power HVAC, LLC.'?    07/18/18  (1)
Its insane how little NYC lawyers are paid    07/18/18  (28)
lol @ how furious libs are about trumps ascendancy    07/18/18  (7)
200K in checks today - Thanks Farmers! (CSLG)    07/18/18  (74)
Some important reminders about biglaw    07/18/18  (70)
best part about the trades is getting off at 3PM in the summer    07/18/18  (2)
any spf90 wearing impotent BIRDSHITTT cuckolds here?    07/18/18  (12)
2nd cuz: Wanna hump and spoon? ;) Shrew gf: Baby Drumpf balloon!    07/18/18  (1)
Board Trumpmorons - do you think Russia did anything at all? All media lie?    07/18/18  (29)
Baby boomer poasts racist comment re Mexicans on FB    07/18/18  (1)
Riverside hero exposes Borat    07/18/18  (8)
Russian spy who conspired with NRA to help Trump was getting ready to flee USA    07/18/18  (29)
Shocker - Barack Obama endorsed the idea of universal basic income    07/18/18  (72)
Are white people constantly looking out of windows; towards distant vistas?    07/18/18  (30)
Treason is going to backfire on libs even worse than Fake News did    07/18/18  (2)
where are all these fucking sunken boats of gold coming from?    07/18/18  (4)
Will the redhead spy break?    07/18/18  (1)
How many cities will riot when Trump is reelected in 2020?    07/18/18  (4)
"I apologize for saying the word nigger"    07/18/18  (14)
Proposal (peace offering) to Board Trumpmos    07/18/18  (70)
Far-leftist hideout raided; explosives seized - LIBS EXPLAIN:    07/18/18  (1)
I understand why young minority men murder Indian store clerks    07/18/18  (6)
u can literally smell a nigger thru a glass windowpane.    07/18/18  (2)
Trumptards love to talk about false flags and signaling, but think MS-13 is real    07/18/18  (7)
whats a good fruit flavored swedish anus?    07/18/18  (6)
I just wanna fuck high school girls and end White genocide. Too much to ask for?    07/18/18  (17)
how are people checking to see if Benzo's in jail?    07/18/18  (1)
Hi. New poster here. First day. (He/Him/His)    07/18/18  (1)
A Nunn-Lugar-Style Enforcement & Verification Framework for Bort Agreements: Ann    07/18/18  (1)
ITT: UR 18 and MUST choose between the two cocks I select    07/18/18  (15)
Democrats now pushing for Trump's Helsinki interpreter to be subpoenaed    07/18/18  (33)
ROFL Benzo Is Still Incarcerated    07/18/18  (164)
Franzen's 'internet trolls' refers to xo, right? who the hell else pays attenti    07/18/18  (1)
Keith Ellison: national borders create an injustice for Mexicans (link)    07/18/18  (21)
New Report: Mus Bro Obama Prepared To Shoot Down IAF Jets Attacking Iran    07/18/18  (1)
Feminist Bakes Sourdough Bread Using Her Own Vaginal Yeast    07/18/18  (9)
Witch hunt    07/18/18  (1)
Ryan Zinke about to be pwned over Haliburton real estate deal    07/18/18  (1)
Half of xo does benzos, opiates, addy, and blow all the time    07/18/18  (2)
2018 xo college football team: North Carolina (UNC)    07/18/18  (1)
I bet ancient farmer's wives used ears of corn as dildos sometimes    07/18/18  (12)
libs supported riots in cities but facebook ads "sowed discord" ?    07/18/18  (18)
Libs are bitter because of an election that happened years ago    07/18/18  (1)
Rate this video of the CONGOLESE SPACE PROGRAM    07/18/18  (141)
Libs are insane    07/18/18  (1)
Re: Trump's Puckered Asshole    07/18/18  (175)
Lib Congressman admits that the Russia thing is a farce    07/18/18  (1)
Holy shit - deranged shitlib grabbed my MAGA today    07/18/18  (1)
*baby goldstein multiplying like gremlins under zyklon b shower as nazis panic*    07/18/18  (8)
an alien world consisting entirely of derivative shitpoasts    07/18/18  (2)
Why are depressed people obsessed with idea that moving cures depression?    07/18/18  (9)
Arrested Russian spy Maria Butina = confirmed honeypot    07/18/18  (29)
Butina was ugly    07/18/18  (3)
leolenin did u really get canned after 1.5 yrs?    07/18/18  (6)
Real talk, your asshole should be clean most of the time    07/18/18  (39)
Petition to support spaceporn heroically joining US army to fight Russia    07/18/18  (39)
someone explain franzen and the point of franzenthreading and why it's funny    07/18/18  (1)
followed a lib into some sewers    07/18/18  (6)
Dog catchers make $95k/year in Louisville, KY. No college required    07/18/18  (1)
Franzen left New York because he was about to be charged with rape    07/18/18  (1)
Cops in Denver make $133k a year. you: complain about biglaw emails    07/18/18  (9)
Mueller and DOJ need to keep the hits coming, Trump is paralyzed    07/18/18  (1)
*Franzen awkwardly playing 'Come as You Are' riff along w/ Youtube tutorial*    07/18/18  (3)
ITT we play who said it: LathamTouchedMe or George Soros    07/18/18  (5)
get fired by professionals --> become loser --> find xoxo --> fit right in --> ?    07/18/18  (3)
someone explain the XO SEARCH FUNCTION    07/18/18  (1)
'hobbies' are peak gc grift/flame gaslighting you into a wagecuck mindset    07/18/18  (10)
Fem obseity now a national security issue. Kiev 4 can get into rept inner circle    07/18/18  (3)
Hey Trumpcucks, if you support the 2nd Amendment, you're a Russian spy    07/18/18  (1)
This Papa Johns shit is insane    07/18/18  (156)
really disgusted by all these emo GC 'cancer' commercials    07/18/18  (3)
It's just like regular soccer but u act like a zombie while u play haha    07/18/18  (1)
Soros: Obama was my greatest disappointment (link)    07/18/18  (17)
Sacha Baron Cohen runs out of a gun store -- the goyim know!    07/18/18  (4)
HoldUp reading St Petersburg memo, preparing latest Soros-racewar-trans trifecta    07/18/18  (1)
Pelosi and Schumer now claiming there's a Trump gay sex tape    07/18/18  (3)
where do y'all rank octopath w/r/t chrono trigger and ffvi    07/18/18  (2)
Soros: Obama Was The "Greatest Disappointment"    07/18/18  (1)
$uck & FuCK ur way to the top (BOOM)    07/18/18  (1)
Rudy on CNN: Mueller shouldnt be able to use SDNY resources    07/18/18  (19)
Dana Rohrabacher, anti-neocon GOP congressman, under consideration for SoS    07/18/18  (16)
Reminder: "Upset Jew" is the typical Israel-first Neo-Con kike    07/18/18  (53)
Kavanaugh said on video that he supports overturning Morrison v. Olson    07/18/18  (5)
how will libs react is republicans sweep congressional elections?    07/18/18  (29)
poast here if you STAND to wipe your ass    07/18/18  (111)
Trumpcucks: "We worked with Russian but NOT ON PURPOSE. We were useful idiots."    07/18/18  (10)
My juice load mixing together with blood and bits if hymen in a 14 yo pussy    07/18/18  (13)
top dems (Pelosi, Schumer) speculating Putin has Trump 'gay sex' tape    07/18/18  (2)
Busy moms soaping up their big hairy pussy mound after yoga ljl    07/18/18  (57)
Police flash light into Peterman's asshole: "Wow...yea that's Jimmy Hoffa"    07/18/18  (1)
REMINDER: First arrest of actual Russian spy announced day of Surremnder Summit    07/18/18  (1)
Technologically-mediated mutual humiliation    07/18/18  (23)
180 side benefit of Trump treason investigation: NRA getting fucked    07/18/18  (67)
Trumpmos are extra made lately because they've been ousted as traitors (and gay)    07/18/18  (1)
hypo: you must pick nationality of a random person to toss their salad or die    07/18/18  (2)
Twitter bot scrapes and posts Venmo transactions related to drugs    07/18/18  (4)
Alpha businesswoman with big hairy pussy under power suit crushing it at work    07/18/18  (21)
New POTUS of Mexico to legalize all drugs    07/18/18  (15)
Board Trumpmos use lib rebuttal points here to talk to their "friends" IRL    07/18/18  (1)
Best indicator of how fat American has gotten: THIS is considered normal (DTP)    07/18/18  (40)
So Trumpmos are so dumb they think a petite Russian woman joining NRA = normal?    07/18/18  (3)
Trump says Russia is no longer targeting U.S.    07/18/18  (6)
an alien world consisting solely of dead libs swinging from oak trees    07/18/18  (4)
I spent like $1300 on Prime Day    07/18/18  (34)
XO is fun today    07/18/18  (8)
Are most board Trumpmos homosexuals because Millennial women are libs?    07/18/18  (1)
massive cognitive dissonance in the U.S. concerning asshole hygiene    07/18/18  (6)
lol @ people referring to Cortez's age (28) as shockingly young or something    07/18/18  (1)
Reminder: posting 100's of threads about a fictional jewish baby =/= normal    07/18/18  (3)
JJC thinking of moving to LA to chase hot girls    07/18/18  (13)
so PBS rebooted 'Firing Line' with some dumb shitlib cunt?    07/18/18  (1)
an alien world consisting solely of golden retrievers, patio swings & oak trees    07/18/18  (6)
human$ put thing$ in each other'$ hole$ (BOOM)    07/18/18  (1)
If you need to get rid of a girl but too chicken to break up, just talk poop    07/18/18  (24)
ITT: Why are nigger 6'2" blacks anal objectively hot 5'4" match.com killself GF    07/18/18  (2)
I post pics of 14-17 y/o girls. You rate which is the hottest. FUCK LIBS.    07/18/18  (243)
Gary Sinise arrested for fucking his 14 yo niece (link)    07/18/18  (1)
*CGWBT staring blankly, calling you weird for making joke requiring logical step    07/18/18  (2)
XO is a complete embarrassment now.    07/18/18  (100)
Admin costs for healthcare are totally insane    07/18/18  (10)
6 years of SOLO shitlaw. Sick of the fucking stress.    07/18/18  (38)
Holy shit, I didnt know CharlesXII was in a music video (LINK)    07/18/18  (2)
Proles are onto something about opiates. Theyre 180    07/18/18  (9)

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