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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/21/18  (153)
when is the recession coming    10/23/18  (16)
GF constantly makes cuckoldry jokes to me. good or bad sign?    10/23/18  (6)
!!! /! GINSBURG ANNOUNCES RETIREMENT /! !!!    10/23/18  (16)
New here. Is this the "incels who hate trannies" club?    10/23/18  (2)
Air Canada flight misses causing worst aviation disaster in history by mere feet    10/23/18  (25)
Bay area tech workers are actually pretty fucking racist    10/23/18  (1)
who is getting redpilled faster: Upset Jew, IronMonkey, or Obeezy?    10/23/18  (29)
How do you know if bartenders etc. arent changing your tip amount on CC?    10/23/18  (36)
Recession on way.    10/23/18  (11)
"It's self-cleaning!", she insisted as cheese and fish fumes filled the room    10/23/18  (16)
DOW DOWN -600 WHY DIDNT WE LISTEN TO JULIA    10/23/18  (80)
Do you ever think how insane the 3oz liquid rule is    10/23/18  (41)
Lol Trump tariffs are crashing the economy    10/23/18  (22)
Poem by an impoverished friend of mine:    10/23/18  (2)
Kidmos: how long did it take to get pregnant?    10/23/18  (51)
Insane how all 30yo+ white women get those Sith Emperor creases on their face    10/23/18  (26)
Trump: 'I can no longer call' Elizabeth Warren 'Pocahontas'    10/23/18  (74)
True/false: there has never been a chick hotter than teenage Cybill Shepherd    10/23/18  (12)
Gorsuch chides dist court for finding bad faith in census citizenship question    10/23/18  (17)
make no mistake, women are complete whores    10/23/18  (6)
Got a BJ tonight from an "asexual" college chick.    10/23/18  (13)
Racist Repub robocall pretending to be Gillum goes out in Florida (DISGUSTING)    10/23/18  (1)
There are only three still competitive Senate races...AZ, IN and MO    10/23/18  (8)
WW2 was our chance to nuke the Chinese and Soviets    10/23/18  (8)
Is this red dead redemption 2 game gonna be any good?    10/23/18  (31)
Early voting update: Dems ahead in AZ, FL, GA, IN, MT, TN, TX; only behind in NV    10/23/18  (11)
University of Utah athlete, 21, was on the phone with her mom when she was shot    10/23/18  (8)
Can you imagine if Germany and Japan won WWII?!?! OMG!!    10/23/18  (40)
אני לא צריך שעון מעורר, יש לי את הרכבת הסמוכה    10/23/18  (2)
this year MPM will be wide open - evan39 in 16 & C12 in 17 were heavy favorites    10/23/18  (4)
Shitlib journalist: fact check - Trump is WORSE than Hitler    10/23/18  (13)
japan took 2 literal nukes & doesn't get to be ww2's #1 victims?    10/23/18  (5)
California workers and unions are destroying the golden state    10/23/18  (1)
meeting GF tommorow but want to masturbate to gay cuckold hentai    10/23/18  (7)
this Board is so smart! Posts 300 page thread about make believe fag bodybuilder    10/23/18  (11)
Krampusnacht briefly taking select questions only    10/23/18  (19)
Jew Sackler Family is Responsible for Much of the Opioid Epidemic    10/23/18  (21)
so more jews were killed than all japanese ww2 dead combined?    10/23/18  (3)
Beto and Gillum will win; BLUE WAVE is real, Trumptards    10/23/18  (25)
nyuug would i do good with korean girls?    10/23/18  (3)
Thumbtack saved me so much money on plumbing    10/23/18  (6)
The amount of pussy and attention I get on the reg is just embarrassing for u gu    10/23/18  (6)
Customer service black people are willing to lie about shit they don’t know    10/23/18  (2)
THOT_RAVAGER is a underrated as fuck    10/23/18  (21)
why is DeSantis losing to horrendous Soros puppet Gillum?    10/23/18  (9)
My wife wants to name our son after her rapist. Here's why I support her (link)    10/23/18  (1)
GC Trying To Forcememe Youth Hostel "Concepts" In USA (WSJ)    10/23/18  (3)
California income gap is insane    10/23/18  (4)
25-year-old bro lives in Appleton, WI and restores Ferraris for a living    10/23/18  (4)
Interview today    10/23/18  (30)
The Jim Carroll Band - "People Who Lawed"    10/23/18  (4)
Trannys Agape    10/23/18  (3)
VESPASIAN Had A Total Prole Goy Face (PIC)    10/23/18  (8)
thot_ravager is the best poaster of 2018    10/23/18  (10)
Bomb placed in George Soros' mailbox in Katonah, NY.    10/23/18  (14)
WSJ: the real reason (((They))) hate Trump (link)    10/23/18  (69)
"Relax, Trump Won't Put All Jews in Camps— Only the Democrats" (Haaretz)    10/23/18  (18)
Engineer: “I just always knew I wanted to build bridges”    10/23/18  (5)
"sir, it seems the planet's energy is generated by millions of...spinning ratfuc    10/23/18  (8)
"why does this not matter?" *shakily raises hand* 'uh, the minds aren't matched?    10/23/18  (3)
Vox: Its okay to let your trans kid transition, even if they change their minds    10/23/18  (8)
Squat 2nd gen Cali cholo shocked and proud of his native american genetic result    10/23/18  (1)
Sandra Day O'Connor has dementia    10/23/18  (2)
Lol at a job where you cant have a bourbon and a snus after lunch    10/23/18  (1)
Is it alright if I come over? Is it too late if I come over?    10/23/18  (5)
i might be going to Minsk next month    10/23/18  (1)
Another Lib Article Trying to Tamp Down MUELLER PROBE Expectations (link)    10/23/18  (9)
just to reiterate: libs, you're all gonna die    10/23/18  (7)
"I built that!", the engineer said excitedly to no one in particular.    10/23/18  (13)
DeSantis: Dont monkey this up by electing Gillum    10/23/18  (14)
*Andrew Gillum unloads 80lbs sack of White People Food in camp feeding trough*    10/23/18  (3)
It really pisses me off how much government employees make in California    10/23/18  (12)
Want To Stop Incels? Then We Need More Immigration. (Teen Vogue)    10/23/18  (5)
Monkeys stash bricks in a tree, kill a man to death with them in INDIA    10/23/18  (8)
watch a Yorkshire Terrier fight a Pygmy Marmoset to the death in China (link)    10/23/18  (1)
So johnsmeyer is content to just do dadaist flame like his chilmata account?    10/23/18  (7)
James Joyce PLEASE rate this SNARRRRFFFFFFFFF of ass    10/23/18  (8)
Cute Utah runner takes BBC, gets murdered    10/23/18  (28)
Californians. Have you see this video? What the shit    10/23/18  (5)
"Where do losers go after high school? We visited Xoxohth.com" (Teen Vogue)    10/23/18  (7)
Black client I'm defending on criminal charge for free was late to court for dis    10/23/18  (34)
Dem Senate hopes shift from winning majority to limiting losses    10/23/18  (8)
Woke up at 11AM, made protein, went for a lift, self employment = 180    10/23/18  (11)
Median salary (with overtime) of CA TSA agents last year was 112k (link)    10/23/18  (3)
*engineer building a magnificent bridge some loser will use to go fuck hot chick    10/23/18  (10)
This Hot New Cover Of "Le Internationale" Will Be Your Summer Crush (Teen Vogue)    10/23/18  (2)
"Engineer here! Wanna see my work portfolio?!"; Loser: "check this guitar solo!"    10/23/18  (4)
*Loser throws rock through the window of engineer's Holocaust Memorial*    10/23/18  (5)
What;s the consensus on mr. jinx?    10/23/18  (9)
HoldUp please vocaroo something in your native Japanese    10/23/18  (83)
25% of millennials say they have PTSD from the 2016 election, study says    10/23/18  (10)
How to structure this deal, Buying rental property from relative & getting cash    10/23/18  (1)
*ratfuck trying to chill next to luis*    10/23/18  (5)
Aren't we all algorithims at the end of the day? Just sophisticated NPCs?    10/23/18  (18)
Height is an inherently anti-Semitic paradigm, and it needs to be subverted.    10/23/18  (4)
Gianforte should have prompted soul-searching by the media. Not a word.    10/23/18  (4)
Hussein Soetoro family moment? (Cartoon)    10/23/18  (4)
Jew Admits Defeat On Kavanaugh (audio)    10/23/18  (43)
If you read any work of historical fiction, let it be IMPERIUM by Robert Harris    10/23/18  (52)
Obeezy, can we get your thoughts on 14,000 invaders headed for the US?    10/23/18  (70)
A Jew who enters a political thread and doesn't begin with an apology, and an    10/23/18  (24)
most XO'ers whine. ACP augments his life with lifts, sleeve, & certificates    10/23/18  (6)
"And that man's name, was Albert Einstein" -Harvard, Asian Discrim. Suit Filing    10/23/18  (13)
VOTE: who has the better apartment, Luis or peterman?    10/23/18  (17)
CapTTTain Falcon and Beckersted, did you pass the bar examination?    10/23/18  (2)
*Engineer loses his pocket protector and slicks back his hair*- Doesn't matter.    10/23/18  (5)
Women get really offended if you playfully pinch their upper arm fat    10/23/18  (2)
Manny MaCHADo    10/23/18  (1)
Whatever happened to that Blasey Ford lady    10/23/18  (6)
Hypo: 160k per year but you have to type emails all day for Jew boss    10/23/18  (2)
Our server thinks you look like a robot. Please prove the holocaust really happe    10/23/18  (14)
the black keys suck    10/23/18  (19)
"I can't go out and interact in normal, fun society tonight, have to argue onlin    10/23/18  (1)
My mother has asked for evidence on the racial basis of IQ differences    10/23/18  (32)
Just been taking uber everywhere, pretty chill actually    10/23/18  (61)
@elonmusk "Boco no pico is my favorite anime"    10/23/18  (4)
"Disabled" boomer with orange hair piece threatened to sue me    10/23/18  (3)
Prole Goyim: Why Do Race Cars Zig Zag Before Race? #ironside    10/23/18  (6)
Anybody watching wrestling world championships? #ironside    10/23/18  (57)
Scientists shit on infamous NFL CTE study in lengthy screed (link)    10/23/18  (10)
2 white men shoot elephant in Namibia    10/23/18  (11)
*Peterman glaring at Luis entering Flying J* "Brown people ARE taking our jobs"    10/23/18  (1)
Sight of a man playing video games makes a womans pussy totally dry up & seal    10/23/18  (12)
Korea is NOT Civilized    10/23/18  (123)
Ron Unz's Latest Article is 180, Asians, jews, it is xoxo catnip    10/23/18  (115)
"I'm a deficit hawk!" yelled Obeezy as he waved in 20 million welfare recipients    10/23/18  (6)
"אני לא יהודי, אני גוי" (TMF)    10/23/18  (5)
Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, or Oasis?    10/23/18  (21)
IMNSHO These are the TOP TEN Britpop bands    10/23/18  (12)
A Racist Anonymous Chat Board and Its Obsession with a Teen Girl Mag (Teen Vogue    10/23/18  (4)
In my not-so-humble opinion, these here are the top ten MADCHESTER/BAGGY bands.    10/23/18  (13)
Niggers and fags and fags and niggerrs (Slick Rick voice)    10/23/18  (1)
remember: median American male will never get to fuck a 4+    10/23/18  (1)
what's a good site to download books besides b-ok.org?    10/23/18  (2)
lol at 90IQ Prole Chad cops ticketing you dweebs for using cell in a parked car    10/23/18  (6)
Remember being taught as a kid how Germans in 1930's inexplicably went insane?    10/23/18  (55)
most satisfying Breaking Bad death? Todd? Lydia? Rick?    10/23/18  (7)
Has anyone heard of this underground rock band The Fray?    10/23/18  (10)
I actually categorize Interpol with like Philip Glass    10/23/18  (4)
25-50% of users on incel forums = normal misogynists that consistently get laid    10/23/18  (8)
Teen Vogue: you can't end poverty without ending capitalism (link)    10/23/18  (30)
*Obeezy, tying his blown out, prolapsed hold around his waist like a belt*    10/23/18  (1)
Trump's America: Decade+ long OPIOID death rise has been HALTED    10/23/18  (15)
Wooden Indian from Creepshow 2 DESTROYS Warren in lengthy screed    10/23/18  (6)
Ten years ago, Kings of Leon were huge    10/23/18  (4)
ub40 {ft. bart o kavanaugh} - red red wave.mp3    10/23/18  (5)
TV on the radio: the band of the decade that no one cares about    10/23/18  (9)
How to develop the friendly prole goy touch that Saul Goodman has?    10/23/18  (5)

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