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SMU Delta Gammas playing in the sprinkler on a hot day (vid)    07/17/17  (2)
Boss smelled the cucumbers. I'm getting fired (evan39)    07/17/17  (50)
Got my car washed by these high school cheerleaders today    07/17/17  (42)
Finally pwning the Ottomans on EU4 ironman    07/17/17  (16)
Kirk Cousins cutting the sleeves off his Redskins jersey    07/17/17  (3)
Why do cops need "rape kits"? Isnt the gun & handcuffs enough to overpower them?    07/17/17  (9)
corporate slave's butthole labias flapping like a ripped tent on Mount Everest    07/17/17  (22)
You've been hit by you've been struck by YOUR LOW BILLABLES    07/17/17  (53)
4 white people murdered and burned? Oh white suspects? Awesome front page (CNN)    07/17/17  (7)
corp slave surfing a big wave all the way into the office    07/17/17  (1)
friendship ended with boner police. Now ....,.,.,.,.,,',.,.,:;:,.;:,. Is my best    07/17/17  (1)
Is it normal for high billers in biglaw to be given Letterman jackets?    07/17/17  (2)
Patrick Chung: A UVA Tale (part 1)    07/17/17  (113)
How has no one posted the NYT article about the SV biglolyer that OD'd?    07/17/17  (6)
"5 Little Ducks" sang Kasich as he lead the kindergarteners into the basement    07/17/17  (12)
Hawaii judge issuing ruling covered in spam grease    07/17/17  (1)
GC throwing wadded up dollar bills at you out of pity as you work the pole    07/17/17  (1)
Russian agents are kidnapping black fathers and have been for decades (link    07/17/17  (9)
Pics from Howard University parents weekend (link)    07/17/17  (10)
Fuck the haters, I thought this was a good first episode    07/17/17  (7)
How do chinese parents tell if their twins are identical or not    07/17/17  (7)
Why am I always nostalgic for about 3 years ago    07/17/17  (1)
Remember when Russian thugs threw a guy out a window & Sessions settled their $$    07/17/17  (14)
Wife's little sister was parading around in a bathrobe this morning (pic    07/17/17  (2)
LA TIMES: Caitlyn Jenner to run for US Senator    07/17/17  (1)
READ MY LIPS: ETH never going below $170 ever again    07/17/17  (1)
Watched 4 Errol Morris documentaries today. Mr Death is really kooky    07/17/17  (1)
Ok who taught WLMAS the word "quisling"? Fess up    07/17/17  (14)
Taking Questions on Living in Miami    07/17/17  (124)
The ETH price collapse has made peterman mentally ill? or was he already?    07/17/17  (2)
jews have large lips, they look like clown lips    07/17/17  (1)
Can't support the "alt right" due to their weird hatred of modern architecture    07/17/17  (52)
Amazing Blacked video...what is sex w/ this type of squirter really like?    07/16/17  (16)
Which one of you is PLEASUREMAN?    07/16/17  (52)
Why is morbidly obese ape nigger detective WLMAS allowed to out petumkin?    07/16/17  (1)
Time to ban WLMAS and his pumos for outing and stalking?    07/16/17  (1)
*Hangs up "Willkie Farr & Gallagher Parking--All Others Will Be Towed" sign*    07/16/17  (19)
Uh mods did you see WLMAS stalking chandler and threatening to out him (link)    07/16/17  (11)
What Sunday Night Garbage TV are depressed balding lawyers watching now    07/16/17  (38)
WLMAS did your dad throw a smokebomb before disappearing, like on kung fu movies    07/16/17  (7)
Prole cousin had a "minions" themed wedding this weekend (evan39)    07/16/17  (1)
Just ran a 4.9 40. Electronically timed. Any good?    07/16/17  (16)
HYPO: u have $9 million liquid in Orange County. Do u buy or rent?    07/16/17  (1)
evan39 almost everyone here is dumb and a fraud    07/16/17  (5)
Parents: show this fable to your kids to teach them about Jews    07/16/17  (4)
Travel. Brunch. Wine. My masters. My boss. Netflix. Cheese. Snacks. My career.    07/16/17  (8)
reminder: gatti vs ward was the greatest fight in the last 50 years    07/16/17  (7)
firepit, scotch, bach lute pieces on cell, reading Borges, vaping posting    07/16/17  (2)
My friend's FB post decimates Baby Boomers & their entitlement    07/16/17  (5)
My goal in life is to jelq and stretch my wang till I have a BBC    07/16/17  (8)
Which band has the best logo?    07/16/17  (18)
chandler you seen this? LA Galaxy rumored signing Neymar seen entering    07/16/17  (6)
Why isn't it politically palatable to throw in the towel on K-12 education?    07/16/17  (2)
I have figured out why people listen to "podcasts". To drown out their thoughts.    07/16/17  (22)
Tezos "developers" on Saint-Tropez yacht snorting lines off an empty whiteboard    07/16/17  (2)
"Damn daddy..." lisped askav huskily as Darnell's mushroom head slipped in    07/16/17  (33)
Fucked three dudes at Steamworks last night, taking q's    07/16/17  (185)
"Coincidentally, their profile photos were each taken on Macchu Picchu."    07/16/17  (16)
GRAPH: Jewish over representation in important sectors of American society    07/16/17  (63)
is RT (Russia News) CR???    07/16/17  (21)
Most of your women are getting BBC late at night    07/16/17  (4)
What do you know about Villa Park, California?    07/16/17  (4)
Baby Driver is the most overrated film of the year so far    07/16/17  (5)
Bipolar and employment discrimination    07/16/17  (33)
If your wife had a drunken tirade at your friend what would you do?    07/16/17  (13)
Why do testing organizations make their standardized tests EASIER?    07/16/17  (3)
Do people in racially homogenous countries dislike standardized testing?    07/16/17  (1)
Its weird how we just accept that all women are mentally ill and need coddling    07/16/17  (2)
Has anyone noticed that like 90% of women under 21 have a lazy eye    07/16/17  (8)
Technology amplifies inborn stats and mutes the randomness factor that used to e    07/16/17  (4)
NYTimes Wedding Announcements...xoxo is so right    07/16/17  (2)
Idea: an electronic box that delivers jewish propaganda to your home on demand    07/16/17  (1)
Fed: 19 majors, GOAT, still has to either a) sleep w/ Mirka or b) cheat on Mirka    07/16/17  (6)
WLMAS has really tarnished his brand with this Trump russia BS    07/16/17  (13)
Chris "faggot" Froome currently blowing the Tour de France lol    07/16/17  (1)
Federer is older than me. I can still make it in sport.    07/16/17  (2)
Is Nadal still the best tennis player of all time?    07/16/17  (4)
Not a tennismo. Is winning 19 grand slams considered "good"?    07/16/17  (1)
shrew claims BIGLAW work TOO interesting and rewarding    07/16/17  (12)
cliffs re RSF/LtDanCaffey meltdown? pls & ty    07/16/17  (18)
American Humblr: The untold story of Bopert Halford, the IFNB's #1 Twink Trainer    07/16/17  (9)
WLMAS what drug fuels your 72 hour posting binges? Is it just fatherless rage?    07/16/17  (2)
Blockchain "technology" is fucking stupid and so are you. Here's why    07/16/17  (22)
possible to pass the bar exam in 10 days?    07/16/17  (30)
Federer just made a joke about the price of ETH and mocked "holders"    07/16/17  (1)
Marin Clitdick    07/16/17  (2)
ETH at 148 lol    07/16/17  (11)
Banana Republic is the SHIT. So many sweet DEAL$ on their 40% off rack.    07/16/17  (4)
fag on reddit gets angela merkel's face tattooed on his ass:    07/16/17  (8)
Take this Pit Bull haters. Pit Bull owner having epileptic fit SAVED by his dog    07/16/17  (26)
WHO ATE MY ASS OUT? WHOK, WHOK, WHOK, WHOK! (Jinx)    07/16/17  (109)
So Biotech workers all make 60k? Why is this SPS career so popular?    07/16/17  (8)
Nerf gun can be easily modified to shoot live tarantulas (link)    07/16/17  (7)
Iowa woman freezes to death in car after air conditioner malfunctions (link)    07/16/17  (9)
bt    07/16/17  (5)
This 16y/o teen from OC has a better body than 99% of women over 30    07/15/17  (35)
Hank Paulson proposing Torn Asshole Relief Program (TARP) for ETH holders    07/15/17  (17)
The Jewish Problem - Dr. Joseph Goebbels    07/15/17  (99)
Heard you had some time this evening to help out on a TRO - please swing by    07/15/17  (2)
Called the cops on a dude drinking a beer in public    07/15/17  (9)
Sawa hot pregnant blonde mom with 6 kids in tow    07/15/17  (4)
I'm 5'8 and weigh 190 (pic)    07/15/17  (57)
Woman takes selfie every day from age 19-35. She actually gets hotter (link)    07/15/17  (1)
Where to buy a decent BELT??? All the belts at JCPenney are so STIFF.    07/15/17  (10)
WLMAS do you think if you pwn enough "reptiles" online your dad will come back?    07/15/17  (8)
WLMAS do u remember the sound of your dads car peeling out leaving the driveway    07/15/17  (2)
Should we sell all our ETH now and rebuy when it hits 50 bucks?    07/15/17  (2)
Had McDonalds for the first time in years. Who eats this stuff? Very dry burgers    07/15/17  (17)
POLL: will the Diamond industry get pwned in the next 10-20 years?    07/15/17  (15)
WLMAS did you sleep last night or did you stay up posting Russia conspiracies?    07/15/17  (4)
KGB made my dad leave and not pay child support and get locked up    07/15/17  (2)
Really sad to see dudes in their 30s still dating    07/15/17  (59)
BS CS->2 yrs coding->HYS->2 yrs biglaw->5 yrs boutique law    07/15/17  (5)
Nazi Germany was one the most technologically advances societies on earth    07/15/17  (62)
Trump Russia things is going to get fun when Grand Jury Indictments roll out    07/15/17  (27)
Who finds these fucking "bad lip reading" videos funny?    07/15/17  (2)
I'm getting ready to get rid of the internet forever    07/15/17  (4)
Dating during my teenage years >>> dating in my 20s    07/15/17  (1)
remember when they dug up abe lincoln and took pics and he still had a beard    07/15/17  (2)
ever notice sometimes our poasting styles synchronize like girls on the rag    07/15/17  (1)
Best python learning resource on the internet, by FAR    07/15/17  (8)
Dems are so distracted by don jr story they've forgotten about BCRA    07/15/17  (1)
Don jr story losing steam    07/15/17  (4)
Rate these attractive British socialites (SFW)    07/15/17  (14)
Tommy Turdskin and To Be Fair OUTTED in Federal Complaint lull    07/15/17  (452)
Bored    07/15/17  (13)
RATE THIS KID'S AUTISM holy PHUCK    07/14/17  (11)
Hitler said it. I believe it. That settles it. (xo po    07/14/17  (1)
Willie Nelson - Ballad of Pancho and Yanny    07/14/17  (22)
It's funny that CGM fools you morons with his word salads    07/14/17  (17)
"the nigger word"    07/14/17  (1)
Everyone made lots on ETH then became greedy morons and got pwned?    07/14/17  (16)
Helping a CRE broker negotiate new deal; Bro is getting an $850k signing bonus    07/14/17  (1)
Tried to fuck gf bareback last night; Hawaii judge barges in and orders condom    07/14/17  (5)
Bitch tits and jc penny suits, the cow goes moo story    07/14/17  (84)
impossible to lose fat after 35 without roids    07/14/17  (44)
Hawaii judge rules yep, honiara is a great poster    07/14/17  (6)
Idaho man found mummified under pile of silica gel packets he'd been collecting    07/14/17  (2)
*(#) Official poll: How many alts do you have? (#)*    07/14/17  (28)
Baby Boomer destroys Millenials with lengthy FB screed    07/14/17  (3)
Paying taxes isn't a bitch. Why do Democrats want to increase them?    07/14/17  (1)
got a new job on monday. cant find my SS card. but have passport.    07/14/17  (2)
REAL TALK: you can get fired from certain jobs if u defaulted on student loans    07/14/17  (11)
Trump: Memos must be 1-page, bullet points, no more than NINE to a page    07/14/17  (209)
"Mr. Halford, are u stating that Doobs ASKED u to put him in the Humblr?"    07/14/17  (26)

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