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By unhinged pumos about you Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
How many racist comments will be made at your family's Thanksgiving dinner?    11/21/17  (12)
HoldUp have you considered antipsychotic meds    11/21/17  (22)
*chandler parks his 7-series in luxury condo garage* *runs upstairs to beg 4 eth    11/21/17  (5)
Happy thanksgiving - tho the miles be many, the distance is not. Love, Dad    11/21/17  (4)
Proles swearing sweatpants and flip-flops at airport    11/21/17  (1)
She asked me if i got game. I said nahhh shawty but i got flame ;-)    11/21/17  (1)
Whole TTT US Navy can't find one Argentine submarine    11/21/17  (17)
Women relieved Hollywood sexual harassment claims absolve their failure.    11/21/17  (4)
Want to go back in time and beat shit out of dude discovered scientific method    11/21/17  (2)
3v3 higher total IQ? colt, luis & assfaggot vs MPA, USPO & spack    11/21/17  (13)
Should I expect anything out of drinks mtg w/ biglaw practice chair?    11/21/17  (55)
Fact 1: apple cider vinegar can remove warts. Fact 2: fruit flies love apple cid    11/21/17  (2)
gas all striver faggots    11/21/17  (1)
quick reminder: LIQUIDATE | THE | RENTIER | CLASS    11/21/17  (1)
casual golfer. really good w/irons & putting. suck at driving    11/21/17  (2)
Dan Dennett is probably the smartest dumbfuck on the planet    11/21/17  (1)
Wtf found an old apple under my couch had genital warts all over it    11/21/17  (2)
Science brought hs dystopian hellscape, took our purpose. Anwsered no "big" ?s    11/21/17  (3)
Woke up at 430 AM and utterly deranged faggot was making 180 posts    11/21/17  (18)
I heard if we sacrifice academia tp to the diaper god then damn daddy will retur    11/21/17  (2)
forced socialization with my co-workers    11/21/17  (10)
What would Richard Dawson be doing today if he were alive.    11/21/17  (2)
Funny how academia is a scam starts psycho stalking when he gets pwned    11/21/17  (86)
chandler is a huge fag who deserves your scorn -- not your ETH, pity, or clients    11/21/17  (52)
Golf bros: wheres the best place to sell clubs?    11/21/17  (3)
Mike Tyson is the only honest one...    11/21/17  (2)
How 180 would it be to actual HAVE Agent Jenkins' job    11/21/17  (2)
Never forget: "Academia" / "PhD" is to blame for damn daddy leaving us    11/21/17  (109)
On record I condemn all acts of violence against the United States    11/21/17  (3)
Agent Jenkins mashing F5 and Print Screen, Haha wow holy shit    11/21/17  (1)
Getting really tired of this histrionic "phd" "academia is a scam" freak    11/21/17  (124)
whats your best all-around college (academics, fun, sports, location)    11/21/17  (135)
What is your hand touching my leg backstage, Alex    11/21/17  (1)
Meg Whitman resigns as CEO of Hewlett Packard, "50/50 chance" of running 4 prez    11/21/17  (2)
Fuck this board. I'm done.    11/21/17  (11)
*Secret Service interrogating Rachmiel* "No listen guys that was just a flamer"    11/21/17  (2)
ripe, meaty vaginas of unimaginable foldy wonder    11/21/17  (1)
The death of LIL PEEP has got me fascinated by Gen Z and their music    11/21/17  (147)
Odd that jcm and holdup never talk at the same time hmmmmm    11/21/17  (5)
has anyone used an AirFryer? Wtf is this sorcery?    11/21/17  (3)
bomb bot is a 180 poster.    11/21/17  (8)
Has the average number of new threads remained constant over time?    11/21/17  (4)
in light of chandler needing tough love, taking Qs on entrepreneurship    11/21/17  (11)
Pro tip: all of your work can be automated. Creativity only value. Rip lil peep    11/21/17  (1)
hey runner FAGS- plz recommend good running shoes    11/21/17  (8)
"Yep, bomb the gov*rnment" Honiara intoned while staring at his bloody stump    11/21/17  (4)
Holdup doing his jcm voice on discord like hes phil hendrie    11/21/17  (5)
Some rapper named Lil Peep died and vids of him ODing are on Twitter    11/21/17  (64)
Hey mods, how bout you take care of this stupid 'bomb bot'    11/21/17  (6)
So natives of Rhodesia overthrew the whites, stole the wealth and let country ro    11/21/17  (14)
learning about "lil peep". expect freaks like these to proliferate    11/21/17  (16)
Why did we all get aroused watching Beauty and the Beast as girls? (Cosmo)    11/21/17  (1)
mpa come itt (jcm)    11/21/17  (11)
Rating Poasters as Villians    11/21/17  (49)
Bomb bot. Bop a doo bot. Bombity bomb bomb boo bot    11/21/17  (1)
underground caves are fucked up-- basically alternate dimensions    11/21/17  (19)
Geddy Lee, the lead singer of Rush    11/21/17  (2)
Moana is as good as the best Disney movies: Aladdin, Lion King, Beauty + Beast,    11/21/17  (41)
"Bomb bbbott.....", the Bradys said in union. *cuts to credits music* BOMB THE    11/21/17  (1)
we come from different backgrounds but we all love Trump    11/21/17  (2)
Quietly at first the crowd starts to chant: "CHANDLER GO SOLO! CHANDLER GO SOLO!    11/21/17  (2)
Turns out advanced math ISN'T the key to enlightenment    11/21/17  (1)
Degenerate druggie white "rapper" Lil Peep dead at age 21    11/21/17  (9)
if roy moore wins grade ur happiness from 1-100% compared to TRUMP's win    11/21/17  (44)
modern personal trainers are YUGE GC scam    11/21/17  (3)
SI predicted Astros 2017 WS    11/21/17  (3)
who is the bomb bot    11/21/17  (12)
George Takei admits to sexual harassment    11/21/17  (19)
What was the element right before big bang called? All matter condensed in one b    11/21/17  (6)
Me: I love you. Assfaggot: I know *genital wart gets frozen in Carbonite*    11/21/17  (6)
Astros all making ape-like faces in WS Trophy pic    11/21/17  (8)
Working is for suckers    11/21/17  (4)
*alerts RBI*    11/21/17  (5)
Rate this picture of SEXUAL ASSAULT    11/21/17  (7)
Trump won Patriots won Astros won (last year for libs)    11/21/17  (2)
Wow, Julia *and* RSF have 140+ IQs and they're both living it up    11/21/17  (7)
Real shit just listen to lil peep do drugs and chill dont worry about this shit    11/21/17  (2)
Lowest base salary to live in MFH?    11/21/17  (13)
This Assignment of Overriding Royalty Interest is made to Peanuts and Men, LLC,    11/21/17  (8)
ITT name a concept you think is too complex for me to understand.    11/21/17  (57)
tried to get into Animal Collective a few times but thought they were just ok    11/21/17  (2)
Did cavemen have free will? Did Neanderthals? What about great apes?    11/21/17  (4)
Imagine a vr that replicates every atom on earth    11/21/17  (19)
Myths about MFH    11/21/17  (11)
Any cool documentaries on Netflix or YouTube?    11/21/17  (6)
Flying to Amsterdam, sucking tons of cock this Tgiving. libs MAF (RSF)    11/21/17  (2)
What does your wife or live-in GF wear to wear after work & to bed?    11/21/17  (4)
14/88 SIEG HEIL    11/21/17  (2)
Tbh the more i think about things more i feel like calling flame on whole thing    11/21/17  (4)
libs were done w/ "It's not a pain I would necessarily spare them"    11/21/17  (1)
I have free will! Says guy who never would have heard of free will as caveman    11/21/17  (1)
At the end of the day: Consuela is just 1488 but for Jews    11/21/17  (3)
Saw the Steven A. Smith morning show this morning. WHAT THE FUCK    11/21/17  (5)
How Big Pun Killed Suge Knight: A 2018 Harvard-CoLeaf Presentation on Rap Dynami    11/21/17  (1)
If we took a snapshot, measured every atom, could we sim back to big bang?    11/21/17  (9)
Gymmos - just bought a Titan 700lb Olympic barbell for $75. Is this TTT?    11/21/17  (7)
why won't charles admit to himself he's a penis lover? why so repressed?    11/21/17  (13)
THE DONALD SCORES    11/21/17  (1)
"Niggeriffic: The AssFaggot Story" dir by Dennis Villeneuve, starring Ryan Gosli    11/21/17  (3)
How Big Sugar Killed a 1968 Study That Pointed to a Heart Disease Link    11/21/17  (2)
The college board still runs this shit    11/21/17  (11)
Jim_Kelly clearing table & his utorrent after thanksgiving    11/21/17  (1)
so if 8 women complained about Charlie Rose, how many did he score with?    11/21/17  (1)
If you keep adding molecules to a compound at what point can naked eye see it?    11/21/17  (14)
I was having rly bad week until utterly deranged faggot started genital wart thr    11/21/17  (2)
The NYT rape article: "Luckreeshah" just making this up right?    11/21/17  (3)
ITT overrated classic rock artists    11/21/17  (66)
ITT we estimate RSF's IQ    11/21/17  (101)
Very cute photo of Julia & her husband here    11/21/17  (12)
lawman8 receiving his 24andme results back    11/21/17  (23)
The Big 5 inventory is superior to MBTI types    11/21/17  (6)
Have started assessing all females I meet as potential murder victims    11/21/17  (3)
Media sex hysteria has hit Italy: dozens of Sabine women have accused th    11/21/17  (3)
would give 5 full years of life for 10 mins in the steam room with luis    11/21/17  (8)
Went on date w/ SF Asian girl whose life aspiration is to "get good at UX design    11/21/17  (6)
*Shrew walks into newsroom brunch* "Ooh, who are we accusing?"    11/21/17  (14)
forced feminization with my co-workers    11/21/17  (1)
*sends every conservative political email to spam* *is Gmail*    11/21/17  (1)
rate Alex Jones breaking down Twin Peaks: The Return    11/21/17  (7)
not flame my face was red with anger today bc i thought of nyuug getting laid    11/21/17  (5)
Crumb (1994)    11/21/17  (5)
Have started yelling "FUCK LIBS" & hang up when telemarketer calls    11/21/17  (11)
Hate to say it, but *the blues* are pretty prole    11/21/17  (4)
giving out hot takes    11/21/17  (22)
"Fratianno" is an italian last name ljl    11/21/17  (1)
INTP | 130+ IQ | POOR WORK ETHIC    11/21/17  (92)
ITT, rating poasters as out-of-context scenes/openings from animes    11/21/17  (17)
RSF: portly rich jew talks of making a young successful model his 'sugar mama'    11/21/17  (2)
you know what? Fuck H8.    11/21/17  (6)
linda cardelinni from freaks and geeks is so italian    11/21/17  (2)
Barron hit another growth spurt, he's taller than Donald now, like 6'4"-ish (pic    11/21/17  (6)
What would your life be like if your dad wasn't a striver?    11/21/17  (4)
my body is just an interface module for tech, sugar, intermittent humiliation    11/21/17  (25)
It wouldn't be gay    11/21/17  (3)
will slavic union or islam conquer western europe first    11/21/17  (4)
*violently thrusts into luis as 'closer' blares in the background*    11/21/17  (3)
Little ditty about Jack & Dennis, 2 genderqueer kids growin up lovin penis    11/21/17  (31)
CR dark chocolate percentage?    11/21/17  (5)
the bald bros clique is 180. Bbooom, RSF, doodikoff, jjc    11/21/17  (30)
Sam Hyde (box chokefucker) calls out the GOYIM    11/21/17  (5)
180 inteovert hack: stick fingers in ears, start shrieking if someone talks to u    11/21/17  (5)
Milfy blonde's family accuses '68 Heisman winner of "nonconseual touching"    11/21/17  (1)
quot; - me shitting in boner_police's mouth
   11/21/17  (5)
giving out hot cakes    11/21/17  (3)
Bang Bang (My Rapist Asked Me Out)    11/21/17  (20)
Sen. Ben Sasse accused of snapchat affair with babysitter    11/21/17  (2)

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