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STICKY: New account requests   05/19/18  (208)
lib carnival is so awful now i don't even need the 90s i'd go back to 2004    05/21/18  (53)
Sleeping pill didnt work for the first time    05/21/18  (23)
Two little rats fell into a bucket of cream. One rat spun the cream into butter    05/21/18  (3)
1994: Friends; 2018: Dear White People    05/21/18  (1)
I hate jinx more than anything but I bet 10k on Cleveland in Game 4 tomorrow    05/21/18  (5)
no fucking idea how I havent killed anyone or myself yet    05/21/18  (5)
How would Hitchens have reacted to Trump generally and the Russia stuff?    05/21/18  (8)
EAT | SHIT | DIE    05/21/18  (4)
literally a fucking mouth breathing retard if you think america has a chance    05/21/18  (3)
LO-FUCKING-L, Trump can't even win DEEP RED STATE of Georgia    05/21/18  (33)
made theoretical discovery in Chad sciences: Meet Brad, the pussy faggot Chad.    05/21/18  (2)
Trucking company hit with 90mm verdict over fatal crash    05/21/18  (6)
Trucking company hit with $9 bill from Peterman for employee's "pump and dash"    05/21/18  (1)
So libs are mostly having "Revenge of the Nerds" type fantasies about Donald?    05/21/18  (5)
Siri, call Man o war NIGGER and bump every freddie "hehe" please    05/21/18  (14)
Introduced a legit hardcore thug to peter northism. response: "Word."    05/21/18  (2)
Rate this doctor itt lying about his shit declining profession    05/21/18  (40)
Obama should use intelligence to nail Trump for something    05/21/18  (28)
come back freddie    05/21/18  (5)
Hilldawg brings RUSSIAN hat to Yale Class Day    05/21/18  (16)
One simple slip up as a doctor and a lawyer ends your career and life! Umad?    05/21/18  (4)
REMINDER: video of a woman who SURVIVED a Mexican cartel attack:    05/21/18  (47)
When i see a good thread i scan It for freddie bumps And bump him instead of op    05/21/18  (2)
Freddie , the poster, a black gentleman, a nigger if you will    05/21/18  (6)
Democrat promises to apologize to the country if there is no collusion:    05/21/18  (5)
Freedom is indivisible- when one Palestinian heart beats, all are Holocaust -JFK    05/21/18  (2)
Freddie sashaying into diaper court wearing diaper helmet and full diaper suit    05/21/18  (8)
'halford cinematic universe'    05/21/18  (44)
How to killself?    05/21/18  (11)
People getting married tells me one doesn't trust the other.    05/21/18  (6)
a spectre is haunting xo - a spectre of diaper    05/21/18  (17)
freddie watching a dirty diaper fall quietly into the terminal abyss    05/21/18  (8)
"...reports of active bumper at AutoAdmit" *cut to blurry pic of diapered alzabo    05/21/18  (3)
RATE This Jewess Shrew At A Fine WINERY (PIC)    05/21/18  (7)
"You'll never squawk alone" sang 40k xo posters, holding diapers up like scarves    05/21/18  (60)
rach please sticky all the diaper threads until istanbul street cat cums back    05/21/18  (7)
freddie w/ blue warpaint on face riding a diapered horse    05/21/18  (5)
@realMeghanMarkle tweets: "Now we up in the Big Leagues!"    05/21/18  (2)
Farting so loud your diaper explodes and feathers fly everywhere    05/21/18  (6)
Cartels are right: the prospect of torture before death scarier than death    05/21/18  (3)
Biz Idea: Diaper that vibrates when your poasts get bumped    05/21/18  (2)
Just think about this for a moment. The British "Royal" Family has a BLACK in it    05/21/18  (21)
Med school in US: $278,455. Med school in Germany: "A symbolic fee"    05/21/18  (22)
why would anyone NOT own rental properties?    05/21/18  (14)
XO Bibi's Son Tweets: FUCK TURKEY (PIC)    05/21/18  (2)
YOU'RE OLD: Viral hit/online meme "What What (In The Butt)" is 11    05/21/18  (2)
I could never take anything in this world seriously enough to killself over it    05/21/18  (6)
Mexican cartels bribe U.S. Border Patrol    05/21/18  (5)
Did you know anyone pre-college that killedself    05/21/18  (11)
Anyone else drinking a hot toddy tonight?    05/21/18  (4)
xo freak thinks his 'depression' and teen angst 'suicidality' makes him deep    05/21/18  (1)
scholarship tp throwing graduation robe on ground: "I WILL NOT WEAR IT"    05/21/18  (5)
rate this video of scholarship with all his alts in the background    05/21/18  (4)
If XO ever 'leaked' IRL, they *would* write about it in all popular press, story    05/21/18  (49)
Roissy blogposts are basically length screeds laden with xoisms now    05/21/18  (6)
went to the store, cashier idly babbling in spanish    05/21/18  (1)
Californian Woman Gives Birth to Baby on San Francisco Street (video)    05/21/18  (33)
What meaningless hobby brings you joy but no money    05/21/18  (27)
100% of realtors i know are pure fucking retards and are basically animals    05/21/18  (5)
lmao libs ur all going to die    05/21/18  (136)
get all your boomer pilots to fly this plane    05/21/18  (2)
prime idiots    05/21/18  (1)
Surgeon caught dancing and singing while operating...guess race    05/21/18  (5)
By mid-30s everyone knows someone with a failed marriage    05/21/18  (2)
By mid-30s everyone knows someone with a failed career    05/21/18  (6)
By mid-30s everyone knows someone with cancer    05/21/18  (13)
xo Mountain Lion Kills Female Cyclist in Washington State    05/21/18  (24)
So the robots are wireless now?    05/21/18  (1)
Ragnus here, tweaking on adderall like its 2015    05/21/18  (18)
Mario kart. Battle mode. Red turtle shell. OH GOD OH,    05/21/18  (2)
Does it bother u that my ex-husband spit on my furry asshole? (Meghan to Harry)    05/21/18  (8)
I like some of his stuff but Donald Glover is a massively overrated dilettante    05/21/18  (10)
Is XO more impressed by a charismatic articulate Rhodes Scholar or    05/21/18  (26)
Wow    05/21/18  (1)
El Chapo's children are U.S. born citizens    05/21/18  (1)
really disappointed in this place lately    05/21/18  (23)
think i'm done with westworld after this ninja episode    05/21/18  (5)
Rate this 43-year-old Frenchwoman doing a silly pose:    05/21/18  (3)
what became of the biggest incel melvin at your HS?    05/21/18  (7)
Prince Philip sees Serena at wedding: "Why's that black man wearing a dress?"    05/21/18  (12)
LOL@ Mitsubishi's car lineup    05/21/18  (9)
Why the Technological System Will Destroy Itself    05/21/18  (1)
Mexican here. I am prone to corruption. It's in my genes.    05/21/18  (3)
XO ruined the word "bulgogi" for me    05/21/18  (26)
humans should be banned from forming groups    05/21/18  (4)
Rockets vs Warriors game 3    05/21/18  (17)
the incel cinematic universe    05/21/18  (29)
What are the racial politics in Atlanta like?    05/21/18  (15)
Lulzy how brown libs are convincing whites to disarm themselves.    05/21/18  (2)
Hillary pulled out a Russian hat during her Yale commencement speech    05/21/18  (1)
Jordyn Peterson    05/21/18  (1)
Did a Google news search for Jordan Peterson. Here are the article titles    05/21/18  (19)
NYUUG: stay out of threads by real human beings or I will ruin all your threads    05/21/18  (43)
Does anybody know any successful Trumptards IRL?    05/21/18  (55)
Just finished Breath of the Wild, taking q's    05/21/18  (14)
Things that are both prestigious and prole    05/21/18  (139)
Will the Chinese economy ever implode some day?    05/21/18  (1)
Everyone on the internet knows who JJC is. How does he still get jobs?    05/21/18  (25)
really starting to despise happy and optimistic folk irl    05/21/18  (4)
"I am out of office engaged in transgressive, hyper-textual writing projects    05/21/18  (4)
I'm 5'8, waist size 32, weight 181-- decadent or shrewd?    05/21/18  (23)
Heres the thing    05/21/18  (3)
Have 9 hour layover in Doha, any ideas?    05/21/18  (8)
Why are American police over-the-top aggressive?    05/21/18  (53)
do you guys feel anger often?    05/21/18  (7)
Physics 171 - The Time Cube Theory of Bboooom (4 units)    05/21/18  (2)
Any of you bros play Stardew Valley?    05/21/18  (18)
Donald J Trump is done here    05/21/18  (1)
Rate this Pumos explanation why 9/11 "doesn't count" in comparing muslim/white v    05/21/18  (22)
balding 36 year old typing "hehe"    05/21/18  (8)
ok i admit it - in a diminutive asian twink pretending to be a chill white bro    05/21/18  (3)
Mario Batali going to be the next big figure to go down on sex assault stories    05/21/18  (12)
I'm just burnin' doing the Racist Rant <Pointer Sisters singing>    05/21/18  (1)
so boomers essentially built bridges for future generations, charged a toll on    05/21/18  (7)
Rate Neil Young's old house in Topanga Canyon (1.8M)    05/21/18  (2)
I was killed seventeen years ago in a head-on crash in southern Utah    05/21/18  (17)
literally nobody gives a shit about America    05/21/18  (1)
And boy are we fucked folks! Believe me!    05/21/18  (1)
Is Honda HRV cr    05/21/18  (6)
Protip: go to airport, enable mobile hotspot on phone, set SSID to Allahu Akbar    05/21/18  (2)
gf must know when I cheat on her by how happy i am to her after    05/21/18  (2)
NYUUG: it takes me 5-10 minutes to ruin your threads forever    05/21/18  (3)
Rate king tut's sandals    05/21/18  (5)
Side biz idea: raise quails and sell quail eggs    05/21/18  (7)
Need advice on flights    05/21/18  (3)
isnt life grand    05/21/18  (2)
Can you do open hotspot on your phone, give free internet and monitor people's s    05/21/18  (1)
Look to your left. Now look to your left. All three of you are faggots.    05/21/18  (1)
Just gonna leave this here, DBG:    05/21/18  (91)
What became of the biggest chad at your HS?    05/21/18  (76)
Learned a lot about S. Korean conscription laws tonight    05/21/18  (3)
Travel shrew gets got by elephant (video)    05/21/18  (2)
I feel like no one will be granted forgiveness from PSLF    05/21/18  (6)
The Texas high school shooter was another MAF incel    05/21/18  (87)
BP not flame I found a Polaroid of me and a bumble date in my wallet    05/21/18  (4)
Who are some public intellectuals who could take on Jordan Peterson right now?    05/21/18  (9)
*nyuug vomits a little bulgogi onto the bed as Darnell pushes the 9th inch in*    05/21/18  (93)
Starbucks: you don't have to poop in the toilet. Sink or floor is great.    05/21/18  (3)
Slim Jesus, Stitches, and Yelawolf to form super group    05/21/18  (15)
Starbucks: our bathrooms are clean, safe places to shoot up and nod off.    05/21/18  (1)
Any machine learning mastermen out there??    05/21/18  (54)
Peak experience would be having someone you know murder you    05/21/18  (2)
Darnell yanking at nyuug's bowlcut as he fucks his kimchee chute    05/21/18  (108)
prole tell: not being able to speak fluent Ancient Greek    05/21/18  (13)
whokebe, what is your med school debt?    05/21/18  (1)
assfaggot should i stop having sex with fat ugly girls    05/20/18  (7)
So DBG sincerely advocates a genocide of the Palestinian people?    05/20/18  (40)
ITT: a list of my fetishes    05/20/18  (12)

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