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LOL -- Winklevoss twins are big investors in Bitcoin    05/27/17  (106)
Any programmers on here tired of all the Javascript bullshit?    05/27/17  (47)
Carly Rae Jepsen in the Run Away With Me video: UHHHHHNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
   05/27/17  (2)
Johnsmeyer comes back to XO in 2018 and everyone is a billionaire    05/27/17  (6)
Hank Paulson proposing Torn Asshole Relief Program (TARP) for ETH holders    05/27/17  (8)
$600k in NYC vs $500k in Chicago suburbs    05/27/17  (99)
From now on, we will use thorn (upper: , lower: ) for the lisping th sound.    05/27/17  (13)
Rate this black police officer's pay stub    05/27/17  (11)
Attn Houston bros: can't afford River Oaks or the MV? Kill self    05/27/17  (44)
brad pitt's WAR MACHINE on netflix is so bad    05/27/17  (8)
Do law professors give trigger warnings?    05/27/17  (4)
Can you really get high on cacao?    05/26/17  (1)
Actual legal question: Communication w/ represented client    05/26/17  (5)
Guy paints pitbull to look like a tiger and has it attack joggers (link)    05/26/17  (2)
ROFL @ this HuffPost correction on the 1st Amendment    05/26/17  (9)
Trump got 91% of the vote in this Montana county (link)    05/26/17  (6)
PROLE TELL: preferring tile flooring to hardwood flooring    05/26/17  (9)
official autoadmit poll: how many people here are taking barbri this summer    05/26/17  (7)
If you see a child drowning should you always rescue it? well the Talmud    05/26/17  (9)
99% of what i poast is either school related or hehe. does this change with a JD    05/26/17  (1)
U.S. national soccer teams to wear rainbow numbers on shirts for "pride month"    05/26/17  (3)
have you ever gone to another school's graduation in your juris doctor robes    05/26/17  (2)
dog learns to say "help" during 911 phone call, spends 24 hours in jail    05/26/17  (9)
IFNB documentary "Girth Of A Nation" now STREAMING on NetFlix    05/26/17  (30)
gambling a few hundred dollars is fun, gambling all your money...    05/26/17  (10)
Guy on twitter PWNS black shitlib reporter (link)    05/26/17  (17)
Blockchain "technology" is fucking stupid and so are you. Here's why    05/26/17  (9)
Your grandpa owned land. You: studio apt & 1's and 0's on a computer somewhere    05/26/17  (5)
2030: skeletons found in Javits center were likely waiting for Hillary's concess    05/26/17  (2)
Flying J manager constantly refreshing web page monitoring Peterman's viral load    05/26/17  (1)
Peterman's "lot boss" backhanding him after another mention of his "computer coi    05/26/17  (4)
Grinding teeth at night. Check ETH price every 10 mins. Balding, gaining weight    05/26/17  (1)
Crazy how Peterman is worth thousands on paper & still works the truck stops    05/26/17  (3)
In real life I'm a meek Asian. But online I'm named after a cool tough black guy    05/26/17  (1)
Seeing high school girl again this afternoon hopefully my boner works    05/26/17  (2)
how low before till a run on coinfraudbase and the whole thing comes crashing do    05/26/17  (1)
accidentally slept through barbri today am i going to fail the bar    05/26/17  (10)
Yale awards prize to 2 URMs who chimped out over Halloween costumes    05/26/17  (14)
how handsome are you    05/26/17  (19)
Ratatat bangs so fuckin hard    05/26/17  (23)
LAPD cops get paid lots of $$$    05/26/17  (8)
Rate these girls (wives of Nato leaders)    05/26/17  (21)
Macauly Culkin just bought the actual house from Home Alone (link)    05/26/17  (2)
Chad coworker brought a grill into the office we are all having beers and burger    05/26/17  (3)
Black teen wins prestigious science prize after correctly pronouncing "asterisk"    05/26/17  (1)
@GregGianforte "The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you"    05/26/17  (5)
Remember when everyone was a 4 letter lowercase name like dale or jeff or zack    05/26/17  (3)
Dennis retired from XO the day before ETH threading started    05/26/17  (1)
Oy vey we're smart! *Passively gets loaded onto train like cattle*    05/26/17  (2)
Wife won't let me hire this Croatian teen as an "Au Pair" (pics)    05/26/17  (5)
Would you post a video like this of your wife to social media?    05/26/17  (5)
How far can you make it into this video compilation of dogs getting hit by cars?    05/26/17  (2)
A lot of my instagram follows "age out" right around 22    05/26/17  (2)
Working on a Sup Brady / Prior to joining the NFL "mash up"    05/26/17  (23)
remember when teens the poaster just showed up and started poasting    05/26/17  (25)
Your G: I love LexisNexis 2nd Cousin: I love Alexis Texas    05/26/17  (1)
Guy puts spiders in little "mech suits" and films them fighting (link)    05/26/17  (12)
How do libs explain the Trump advantage in yard signs + bumper stickers    05/26/17  (36)
Gas pump stared blaring a TV commercial at me so I jammed a screwdriver in the    05/26/17  (8)
Gianforte changing out of his folksy farm clothes into a singlet and wrestling b    05/26/17  (3)
Does paying a bill 2 days late fuck UP your credit score?    05/26/17  (8)
what do you do in a clerkship    05/26/17  (6)
Real estate tip: vertical blinds are prole as fuck    05/26/17  (22)
Big-tittied HS senior may not graduate because she wore a shirt showing too much    05/26/17  (13)
Gianforte just cut a vicious promo on the "little jewish weasel" and promises to    05/26/17  (2)
Been watching Jeopardy for weeks and keeping score. I outscored them all every    05/26/17  (1)
Gianforte's wife just distracted the ref while he raked a reporter's eyes    05/26/17  (2)
Lol holy shit Gianforte is wearing a "championship belt" during his victory spee    05/26/17  (2)
PSA: learn linux and you can cop any chill 100k computer job    05/26/17  (20)
Mexicans are the best tenants because: (1) pay rent in ca$h; (2) don't complain    05/26/17  (8)
Just leave it by the door mom I'm chatting with AssFaggot and Boner Police    05/25/17  (30)
Why do white ppl in SoCal rent to Mexicans?    05/25/17  (9)
Breaking Bad prequel based on/around Saul Goodman coming to AMC    05/25/17  (30)
Women sends Hate Filled Letter Stating Autistic Child Should Be Euthanized    05/25/17  (15)
Lol at Twitter libs in their hyperpolitical partisan bubble ALWAYS getting gaped    05/25/17  (6)
evan39 will you make billions soon? Its all there for you friend    05/25/17  (1)
Average MLS fan is a 300 lb blue haired lesbian with 800 tattoos    05/25/17  (5)
Anyone here quit a legal career?    05/25/17  (65)
Any of you have any good public comments for Bears Ears?    05/25/17  (6)
Weekend starts Thursday night and ends Monday morning    05/25/17  (3)
Time to pair up with your summertime xo boyfriend    05/25/17  (33)
Have you heard of any libs complaining about INTELLIGENCE PRIVILEGE?    05/25/17  (17)
Son of Alston & Bird Partners Makes Rap Video For Bar Mitzvah    05/25/17  (60)
Retired Delta Force Chad runs over crowd of Jew protesters with muscle car (link    05/25/17  (1)
law girl in class has worn same bright patterned yoga pants all week    05/25/17  (11)
Anyone here use robinhood to trade stocks?    05/25/17  (13)
a tiny child is walking through the aisles of the law library    05/25/17  (31)
how hard to cop a good QOL, relativity high paying in house tech jerb in west?    05/25/17  (1)
Finished watching Master of None; LOL at the NOWIG wet dream    05/25/17  (4)
A "McDouble" costs 2.49 now what is the point? Ljl at this inflation    05/25/17  (1)
Investing? No, I mostly just bought them to fit in with my friends online    05/25/17  (10)
What's with normal white american bros becoming jihad terrorists?    05/25/17  (4)
BOOM has been MIA for a while, did he maek it or what?    05/25/17  (4)
Is Aziz Ansari attractive or ugly for an Indian dude?    05/25/17  (45)
You obviously love anti-semitism    05/25/17  (3)
has anyone here actually withdrawn 500k+ from one of these coinfraud sites?    05/25/17  (30)
Did you guys see the big breasted high schooler who got suspended for wearing    05/25/17  (14)
Describe the sloppiest dresser at your law firm.    05/25/17  (114)
f14 tomcat    05/25/17  (2)
Was at lunch, saw HS girl in tight white jeans with a period blood stain (pic)    05/25/17  (4)
Gen-x uniform is a polar fleece vest, bootcut jeans, and Oakley sunglasses    05/25/17  (7)
what's the semiconductor company that drake is bullish on?    05/25/17  (4)
after reading Drake's investment folder, i'm already up 10% on the market YNY    05/25/17  (5)
Gangster Party Line    05/25/17  (3)
Mexicans use fake Social Security Numbers yet FeD government doesn't do squat    05/25/17  (6)
I don't care about solving other people's problems    05/25/17  (1)
luis has a cool electric car and tons of ETH&earl is underwater on a condo?    05/25/17  (12)
Rate these salaries for elected officials in Orange County, CA    05/25/17  (19)
Sim glitch: Mitch Romney    05/25/17  (1)
"The Smiths": Is there a faggier band in history?    05/25/17  (54)
barbri torts day 180    05/25/17  (23)
Conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud    05/25/17  (4)
Would u rent to a tenant who foreclosed on his home in 2011?    05/25/17  (6)
Do these escort companies exist in SF/LA like they do in London/NYC?    05/25/17  (2)
Val Kilmer looks great. Doesn't look a day over 75.    05/25/17  (4)
Had to stop wife from indoctrinating my 7 yo daughter w/ uber-shitlib thoughts    05/25/17  (169)
doobs please explain intentional infliction of emotional distress    05/25/17  (1)
And I said, do you come from a Place called Pounder's?    05/25/17  (79)
LOL Pizzagate is featured on Zerohedge today    05/25/17  (16)
man o' war and le tigre's soul food fusion restaurant, "Big Black Wok"    05/25/17  (11)
1000% certain cryto-currencies will one day be illegal    05/25/17  (26)
best place to attend barbri lectures?    05/25/17  (21)
How many steps do you walk per day? Your phone keeps track    05/25/17  (28)
What's happening to our society? 2 young women.    05/25/17  (36)
Most wealthy people started off as sales reps    05/24/17  (6)
gods must be crazy is a 180 movie    05/24/17  (8)
REALTALK: no matter how decident the food, nothing beats a MF'int Fruit Roll Up    05/24/17  (1)
Do u realize how easy it was to make $$$ from the mortgage industry???    05/24/17  (5)
Native Americans use every part of the Steel Reserve bottle    05/24/17  (40)
What kind of person aspires to manage capital?    05/24/17  (17)
Europa Universalis 4 with all DLC costs 932 dollars on steam    05/24/17  (28)
Easy money - Amazon and Google will DEFINITELY break 1000    05/24/17  (1)
My uncle is at Taft Correctional Institution for mortgage fraud    05/24/17  (4)
Here's what you need to make in salary to afford a home in these cities    05/24/17  (7)
Cinammon on my oatmeal? OH FO NO, dat too spicy (askav)    05/24/17  (40)
anything more prole than waking up before the sun rises    05/24/17  (8)
what did you make on the bar exam    05/24/17  (3)
Bitfinex lets you use BTC as collateral to get USD margin which you can then use    05/24/17  (3)
I have water rights to 500 gallons a minute. Prestigious?    05/24/17  (10)
Going to use micro hydro power setup to mine crypto off the grid    05/24/17  (1)
Why don't we use human poop to fertilize&reclaim the deserts?    05/24/17  (10)
PSA mix ammonium nitrate fertilizer and diesel    05/24/17  (5)
For $1800 up front you can mine $900 ETH per month    05/24/17  (9)
What are some low value shitcoins that can actually be mined on a pc?    05/24/17  (6)
Explain like I'm 32 why all teen girls wear cut off jean shorts showing buttchee    05/24/17  (23)
anyone doing summer school or barbri this summer    05/24/17  (2)
Anyone else hide USB stick with their crypto coins under their yarmulke?    05/24/17  (4)
crypto currency bros are making money off drug cartel money laundering ljl    05/24/17  (1)

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