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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
In my HS pysch class we learned about a boy who a anally raped then wouldnt poop    06/25/18  (2)
incels are right about this: smokeshow beckys are the worst people on earth    06/25/18  (21)
gahhhh i need a cock in my ass NOW    06/25/18  (1)
Does anyone have an under-desk treadmill/exercise bike?    06/25/18  (3)
A Darwinian struggle to survive and rise to the top of nothing    06/25/18  (2)
You can see how MENTALLY ILL this NY Times journalist must be (young woman)    06/25/18  (13)
You are old James Gandolfini was 36 when he filmed The Sopranos Pilot    06/25/18  (6)
Damning lengthy Twitter thread showing Obama DACA caused child migrant crisis    06/25/18  (1)
And the Lord crashed the crypto market to test the devotion of Luis's fiancee    06/25/18  (22)
Today I wore a suit sans jacket to Disneys Epicot    06/25/18  (36)
Will data driven policing sustain the upcoming lib assault crying racial profili    06/25/18  (2)
Really Big Dick    06/25/18  (2)
What type of person shouts "Oh, what a scholar!"    06/25/18  (34)
Reminder for Stoics: Marcus Aurelius's wife was a complete slut    06/25/18  (3)
Babylon 5 FATAL FLAW: Garibaldi is BALD    06/25/18  (10)
Tennis Trivia: When's The Last Time w 3+ Changes In #1 In Season #tennis    06/25/18  (39)
GC: the world demanded 3d binaural microphone asmr vlogger side hustles    06/25/18  (16)
So Nurses have 90 IQ but make 200K and only work 36 hrs/week?    06/25/18  (6)
Ghosts of Iranian hostages laughing as they make Luis lose money    06/25/18  (4)
If you want to change careers at age 30 to make 200k+    06/25/18  (112)
4 of my dads have gay sons being held in ICE cages    06/25/18  (9)
18000000 Newfoundland dog    06/25/18  (18)
why do illegal immigrants have due process rights?    06/25/18  (26)
doobs grabs mic at luis' wedding "lol luis lost a lot of money"    06/25/18  (4)
To Be Nigger    06/25/18  (4)
Damn daddy is a naughty Jewish girl with a derivative podcast    06/25/18  (2)
Why does anyone BACK INTO PARKING spots?    06/25/18  (99)
Daily Stoic, 6/25/18    06/25/18  (1)
luis' wife furious when she discovers 'dragonchain' isnt a cheeky GoT reference    06/25/18  (3)
"no honey, you heard wrong, i said i have 'a million hairs" -luis    06/25/18  (2)
Luis canceling the koobideh spread at wedding, asking earl to bring stew    06/25/18  (12)
Trump just tweeted to jimmy fallon "be a man jimmy!"    06/25/18  (4)
Alex Jones: Friendship ENDED with Joe Rogan, now TRUMP is my best friend    06/25/18  (13)
Crypto is equivalent of shooting piles of cash with a flare gun    06/25/18  (1)
Luis wife turning tricks on wedding night    06/25/18  (2)
Let the Good Times Roll plays over montage of repo men visiting Luis    06/25/18  (3)
Nude Luis is nude because his clothes got repossessed    06/25/18  (2)
Codify cultural appropriation into the criminal code    06/25/18  (2)
redfin.com automatically redirecting luis to uber driver signup page    06/25/18  (2)
Trump declares Luis crypto holdings An absolute disaster. What a mess    06/25/18  (1)
"it was just House money" said luis into mirror, buttoning Waffle House uniform    06/25/18  (4)
You know at least with Tulip bulbs you could plant them and get pretty flowers    06/25/18  (53)
in every social interaction u have, other participants voluntarily don't kill u    06/25/18  (2)
President Trump at 2018 trade summit: "BTW, Jeb is really weak, unbelievable"    06/25/18  (71)
Why do Mexicans have lots of national pride?!    06/25/18  (24)
IMPORTANT REMINDER:    06/25/18  (1)
bro of mine lives in anchorage. says its fairly 155.    06/25/18  (3)
So damn daddy has to approve all your boyfriends?    06/25/18  (1)
BBC takes on height privilege!    06/25/18  (1)
Deep understanding of U.S. payments compliance is essential    06/25/18  (4)
Chances operasoprano has genital rabies?    06/25/18  (2)
OperaSoprano is emaling me now lol.    06/25/18  (10)
Dream Daddy: A Damn Daddy Dating Simulator    06/25/18  (1)
Taking questions about ggtp    06/25/18  (1)
So watchmen fantasizes about being a rich black, but he's a loser Paki?    06/25/18  (23)
xo is a bunch of unimaginative motherfuckers who all look like Jon Lovitz    06/25/18  (23)
35 year old bald pudgy lawyers comparing dating prospects to ASU sorostitutes    06/25/18  (1)
linen shirts fading from future luis's body    06/25/18  (3)
Johnny Depp looking at luis' financial losses "Haha wow holy shit"    06/25/18  (2)
if u didnt buy at least a dozen copies of Dream Daddy u are literally insane    06/25/18  (3)
rate this job spec for a $172k high COL in house job    06/25/18  (5)
Address multiple legal issues at any given time in multiple countries    06/25/18  (1)
the crypto crash is god's revenge for exeunt eating dogs    06/25/18  (4)
Dragonchain ICO was $13m. Luis is up 6x his money currently (DTP)    06/25/18  (9)
how long have you been looking for a new job    06/25/18  (2)
Abel Sanchez here, taking questions.    06/25/18  (1)
Sorry bros, I'm out.    06/25/18  (19)
Female moralization parables in sitcoms involve Melvin secretly being Chad    06/25/18  (9)
Every girl's crazy 'bout a rat faced man    06/25/18  (71)
180: Wagecucks fighting back by "ghosting" employers    06/25/18  (92)
ARISE WAGECUCKS! Another week of service to your ratfaced masters awaits!    06/25/18  (23)
Herro, dis-ah YOU VEE TEA carring flom Jingzhuang marketing    06/25/18  (355)
Nurses make way too much and think we afraid they will pull plug on loved ones    06/25/18  (1)
Hey libs, isn't it true you're peepee and doodoo? HMMM, LIBS?    06/25/18  (92)
You can maek it! Theres unlimited opportunity    06/25/18  (4)
My 25yo ex asked me if i would date 18-21yos. She got MAD at my response.    06/25/18  (68)
Lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in irl money on crypto srsly debating off    06/25/18  (36)
are guys ever as tall as they claim on Tinder profile ?    06/25/18  (1)
Holy Shit - USN admits that Russian Borei submarine is undetectable #AREReptile    06/25/18  (4)
So many "third-party" sellers are scammers    06/25/18  (8)
Okcupid is now charging to see your matches    06/25/18  (6)
I'm a gay whokebian. Is that redundant?    06/25/18  (3)
really lulzy how much the Jews are fucking America    06/25/18  (4)
Is crypto dead?    06/25/18  (5)
Photo of a Nigerian baby hacked to death by Islamic raiders:    06/25/18  (1)
shintoism is pretty 180    06/25/18  (1)
This is what 68 percent of your dating options looks like (Buzzfeed)    06/25/18  (200)
Going out with a POASTER tonight in Paris, taking Qs    06/25/18  (84)
Do any of you remember FB from 2004 when it was good?    06/25/18  (6)
Chaos at store today! cum and bloody pad on floor(evan39)    06/25/18  (86)
Anyone here estranged from their family?    06/25/18  (15)
the Uruguayan rugby bros from the Andes crash were chill, alpha    06/25/18  (2)
the more coherently that cons can explain the migrant prob, the worse for libs    06/25/18  (4)
a certain "chill" kind of $500k loss of "house money"    06/25/18  (10)
ITT: We invent new country names    06/25/18  (33)
i just cant talk to good looking women... i cant even look them in the eye    06/25/18  (6)
Literary camgirl suggested I read Umberto Eco. Credited?    06/25/18  (14)
nigs in the projects can literally watch TMF poast from their living room window    06/25/18  (8)
This 10-year-old 'drag kid' was born to SLAY! (link/vid)    06/25/18  (3)
Shrew newswoman boinks TWO sen. intelligence committee staffers, hilarity ensues    06/25/18  (10)
Were Obama admin officials ever kicked out of restaurants?    06/25/18  (23)
How many times do you cum per week?    06/25/18  (16)
TRAVELMOS, been to PAKISTAN?    06/25/18  (79)
A 34 y.o. lawyer pausing in work day to reminisce about "Aaaah! Real Monsters"    06/25/18  (2)
irl sex fucking and inter course having    06/25/18  (1)
shitlaw boss loudly says "corner" when going around corners in the courthouse    06/25/18  (8)
WTF is this nurses make $200k flame?    06/25/18  (26)
Even though I lost everything in crypto Id do it all again since theres no oth    06/25/18  (5)
Im 95% sure we havent been to the moon at all    06/25/18  (3)
3yos are really fucking stupid    06/25/18  (16)
2031: Trump Presidential Library opens, with wing dedicated to mocking Jeb    06/25/18  (25)
*Signs up for nursing school RIGHT NAO*    06/25/18  (1)
shitcrypto boss waking up in your bed, only leaving when u physically throw zher    06/25/18  (1)
Peterman Grindr profile: "33, some hair, vers bttm, PnP, diapers OK"    06/25/18  (19)
corporate slave lives in a $3300/mo apartment in millbrae, ca    06/25/18  (5)
Do you ever get MAF at people on social media?    06/25/18  (11)
33 y/o biglaw burnout trying, failing not to be bothered by tinderslut's typoes    06/25/18  (59)
34 year old lawyer daydreaming about training dolphins    06/25/18  (6)
Do women ever look like their wedding photos IRL?    06/25/18  (1)
XOXO Reptiles Disgusted by obese/hate bloomberg/michelle for trying to do someth    06/25/18  (1)
Brown co-workers are lazy, can't do anything right (evan39)    06/25/18  (6)
A 34 y.o. lawyer waking up from dream about college final he hadn't prepared for    06/25/18  (23)
32 yo poli sci BA complaining about 300k job where black cars only avail 8:30pm    06/25/18  (8)
Whok & jinx still poast? What are their monikers?    06/25/18  (24)
You could go to the Midwest and slay pussy saying youre a lawyer    06/25/18  (4)
Excited for the liquid LSD strips I have coming, gonna be 180 time from folks    06/25/18  (9)
A High Maintanance Jap For Ironside (PIC)    06/25/18  (1)
im gay    06/25/18  (6)
you guys realize all this overweight stuff is bs? so many hot women out there    06/25/18  (1)
rate her (insta)    06/25/18  (3)
Wow, AMERIKKKA is even SHITTIER now than just a YEAR ago    06/25/18  (22)
anyone get "treatment" for "sex addiction"? total BS right?    06/25/18  (8)
rate my workout today    06/25/18  (1)
Lol Ali Wong is pretty funny. Has a bit on agwwg and her HANDSOME    06/25/18  (39)
went & saw hereditary stoned af bc some weird faggot here said not to    06/25/18  (1)
post ITT if you would oppose all libs being executed in front of their families    06/25/18  (1)
westworld finale thread for the 3 poasters still watching    06/25/18  (10)
Ted Cruz, AMLO's right arm is a Jew, LJL    06/25/18  (3)
libs went really insane in such a short amount of time    06/25/18  (9)
"your boyfriend? so you're gay?" "no me and all my boyfriends are straight"    06/25/18  (17)
The real Whokebe has neither posted nor LURKED on this site since August of 2006    06/25/18  (2)
Remember that 6-year-old kid who got burned by his dad?    06/25/18  (1)
Restaurants Have Begun Posting "No Conservatives" Signs, and It's a Good Thing    06/25/18  (4)
We are married to xo    06/25/18  (1)
Harvard ug regular decision acceptance rate: 2.43%    06/25/18  (10)
But Mainnet is coming in q3 honey! Institutional investors! No Pls dont leave    06/25/18  (9)
I want to Marry Christa Pike    06/25/18  (3)
How does Delores know about emily?    06/25/18  (2)

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