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A lot of pieces of shit have finally bit the dust    11/22/17  (2)
Thanksgiving is 180. No weird Libs in my family that I have to deal with    11/22/17  (16)
Twins please report any philosophical findings today tyia    11/22/17  (21)
ITT: Most prestigious sport to be best at    11/22/17  (36)
It's fun all of these pieces of shit dying and me going to their funerals    11/22/17  (1)
Trump ANNIHILATES bitchmade black father LaVar Ball:    11/22/17  (41)
James Franco meets a shitlib    11/22/17  (12)
i am maf that trump saved the ucla faggots from china    11/22/17  (4)
Bang Bang (My Rapist Asked Me Out)    11/22/17  (30)
Summon: xo enlarged prostate clique.    11/22/17  (13)
Shitlib says no one should care if innocent men lose their jobs over false    11/22/17  (10)
Orrick is how colt pronounces "oil rig"    11/22/17  (6)
Australian tv show about buff as fuck Nazis (fratty) vs sick immigrants (whokeb    11/22/17  (1)
anyone use a digital voice recorder to surreptitiously record convos    11/22/17  (1)
Wife unilaterally decided to be a SAHM    11/22/17  (446)
RSF you could get a job as an adjunct at this university    11/22/17  (1)
Hilarious idea. Go to a doc about a penis enlargement. But already have big cock    11/22/17  (16)
Cooley Law FIRES BACK in lawsuit against ABA (rate this metaphor)    11/22/17  (12)
Hey Julia, how well are you managing your snatch odor these days    11/22/17  (13)
What kind of man buys a Miata?    11/22/17  (35)
Fine. Women be men. I'm cooking, cleaning and playing video games all day.    11/22/17  (4)
Does anyone here have an enlarged prostate? Describe.    11/22/17  (3)
New "woman-spreading" meme puts men in their place!    11/22/17  (19)
I voted for Clinton last election, but won't be voting dem again.    11/22/17  (93)
Reminder RSF did a bullshit MYMASTERs for girls so he cld pretend he went to CLS    11/22/17  (128)
45 teachers QUIT after being sexually ASSAULTED by 1st graders in PA.    11/22/17  (85)
Really hate musical theater but love Phantom. Anyone else?    11/22/17  (18)
ITT we estimate RSF's IQ    11/22/17  (104)
Rate this conservative sweater and jeans outfit (link)    11/22/17  (3)
Do any of you fellas struggle with hair loss?    11/22/17  (5)
"my decision to embrace homosexuality was made deliberately after much meditatio    11/22/17  (1)
Opposing counsel has twitter page devoted exclusively to shitlib rhetoric    11/22/17  (1)
WaPo: Trump and XO Miller kicking ass on immigration    11/22/17  (12)
LOL partner at my buddies NYC midlaw firm just fired 75 attornies    11/22/17  (7)
Dr. Thunder how you doing man?    11/22/17  (4)
RATE my new moniker (zurichisstained)    11/22/17  (1)
In early drafts of Home Alone Uncle Frank was the main villain    11/22/17  (2)
Lets try to understand the plights and difficulties faced by opposite sex    11/22/17  (68)
Damn, modest mouse called the decline of the shopping mall in 1997    11/22/17  (4)
Libs: hysterical women destroyed net neutrality.    11/22/17  (2)
Sometimes I wonder if luis is looking at same IFNB page at the same time as me    11/22/17  (5)
Gabby Douglas tells Aly Raisman 'it is our responsibility as women to dress mode    11/22/17  (22)
"Downtown" by Petula Clark = prototypical shrew anthem    11/22/17  (2)
trump needs to ship those ucla faggots back to china    11/22/17  (1)
Whyyyyy are people in my office actually doing real work today WTF    11/22/17  (3)
Remember the MAGA hat stealing spic? She had a DUI, caused major damage.    11/22/17  (11)
Important Sedgwick LLP news    11/22/17  (13)
Aerial view of Los Angeles traffic    11/22/17  (35)
ICE nationwide raid on chain restaurant/DOJ strips citizenship from sex abusers    11/22/17  (7)
MPA floating lovingly above your dead corpse 40 years before your death    11/22/17  (4)
Ryan tax plan makes grad school impossible    11/22/17  (163)
Don't let the media companies fool you: Net Neutrality doesn't matter.    11/22/17  (15)
LifeZette rips DBG    11/22/17  (2)
HEY YOU - out there on the road, lifting tired, lifting clothed, can you stim me    11/22/17  (6)
Are we for or against this net neutrality stuff    11/22/17  (47)
TSINAH is aggressively stupid    11/22/17  (2)
Official Sedgwick After-Party Thread    11/22/17  (1)
RSF just claimed to have 140 IQ looool    11/22/17  (69)
Cum swallower. That's the proudest thing to be, in this family.    11/22/17  (2)
How many racist comments will be made at your family's Thanksgiving dinner?    11/22/17  (45)
What does your wife or live-in GF wear to wear after work & to bed?    11/22/17  (11)
Re-listened to Dark Side of the Moon first time since HS. haha wow holy shit    11/22/17  (5)
Fastest, most reliable strategy to stop being a wagecuck?    11/22/17  (13)
Sings "I'm profoundly mentally ill" to tune of Solsbury Hill    11/22/17  (16)
180 introvert lifehack: When delivery guy comes, pretend you have phone call    11/22/17  (45)
Only slept two hours    11/22/17  (3)
jfc Square stock just grows a chill 2% per day everyday    11/22/17  (27)
Doobs mother adding eye of newt, cold storage wallet, pennzoil premium to cauld    11/22/17  (4)
Slightly-trash bordertown girl with Michael Kors purse, hip Target skirt eyeying    11/22/17  (5)
I will be spending Thanksgiving sick, and alone, thanks.    11/22/17  (4)
that 8am suburban din of multiple taco slaves running leafblowers    11/22/17  (1)
TIME Magazine Hillary Clintons What Happened Top Non-Fiction Book of 2017    11/22/17  (4)
Someone murdered lil peep with fentanyl laced xanax. More will die from fentanyl    11/22/17  (5)
hey colt let's split a ORRICK. we'll put your half in "Peanuts and Men LLC"    11/22/17  (4)
NYT: Charles Manson was proto-alt right (link)    11/22/17  (2)
Has there ever been a more protected & entitled group than modern white women?    11/22/17  (2)
sequel to Children of Men, Peanuts and Men, in theaters this Xmas    11/22/17  (3)
This Assignment of Overriding Royalty Interest is made to Peanuts and Men, LLC,    11/22/17  (10)
2125: 90% azn USA celebrating "Handsomegiving"    11/22/17  (6)
hey colt let's split a ORRI. we'll put your half in "Peanuts and Men LLC"    11/22/17  (3)
still have no idea what "colt" was talking about with peanuts and "men". wtf    11/22/17  (10)
hey hey hey yo yo yo what up its peanuts tp    11/22/17  (7)
how much do BIG PHARMA IN HOUSE lawyers make    11/22/17  (3)
Get your side hustle on! Steal our user info & we'll pay you $100k (uber)    11/22/17  (6)
A very peanuts tp Thanksgiving    11/22/17  (3)
Doobs at Thanksgiving table: "This stuffing is mushy, reminds me of pussy."    11/22/17  (160)
Baath party unsuccessful in outreach campaign in India    11/22/17  (4)
put Varsity Blues VHS at center of thxgiving table, nobody said shit    11/22/17  (47)
Thanksgivingify your moniker ITT!    11/22/17  (15)
Sedgwick LLP to close amid claims it repeatedly raped junior associates    11/22/17  (3)
chandler is a huge fag who deserves your scorn -- not your ETH, pity, or clients    11/22/17  (54)
To be fair, Zanu PF is a bad ass political party name    11/22/17  (2)
What do 15th year Sedgwick of counsel do now?    11/22/17  (5)
Colt taking questions from the gym for one hour    11/22/17  (21)
Already had an explosive fight with my ex wife - might get kicked out before THX    11/22/17  (12)
"Welcome aboard Project Sonichu! Here are the data room details."    11/22/17  (2)
Surely if we concede to libs just a bit, they'll be satisfied and call it a day!    11/22/17  (6)
79 year old man goes outside to feed the snakes. They recognize him.    11/22/17  (31)
At which age are women most fertile    11/22/17  (38)
mike francesa offers to manage the yankees    11/22/17  (1)
FLW, rate this Pinarello ad    11/22/17  (2)
Why do so many smart people enjoy the idea of 'technocracy'?    11/22/17  (5)
Ragnus, found a pic of your future wife    11/22/17  (4)
America needs a secular technocrat dictator    11/22/17  (30)
Duckfat tilapia confit w/ a Heinz bechamel    11/22/17  (42)
Jim Kelly, what does VC legal work entail?    11/22/17  (85)
TREATY OF BREEZEWOOD - XO lot lizards divide territory    11/22/17  (95)
ITT overrated classic rock artists    11/22/17  (88)
"The Subtle Racism Of The Dewey Decimal System" (Vox)    11/22/17  (7)
Rating poasters as old NSFW pictures of your future/current wife    11/22/17  (2)
real talk libs are ruining womyn, the only thing that maeks life worth living    11/22/17  (1)
god damn i dont want to work today. wish vacation was already starting :-(    11/22/17  (7)
cant fucking believe how much bullshit on amazon. fake sales. fake reviews.    11/22/17  (4)
How to achieve log, fat shitlogs ?    11/22/17  (1)
Can't sleep    11/22/17  (3)
https://faggotfrat.tumblr.com    11/22/17  (1)
If you're not biglaw you're shit    11/22/17  (8)
Shrew gf: Get ur hands off my turkey leg! 2d cuz: puts her hand on ur    11/22/17  (2)
Underrated thing about libraries: free CDs    11/22/17  (38)
you: comfortable in your skin; doobs: will be comfy in it too    11/22/17  (50)
your future wife's eyes spinning around like an odometer as chad racks up miles    11/22/17  (80)
Trump vs. D-Bo    11/22/17  (1)
the main reason i like going bald    11/22/17  (1)
the main reason i like getting laid    11/22/17  (5)
*cue Cannibal Holocaust theme as the zozo 24-hour crew settles in for day 3,132*    11/22/17  (17)
Anyone here really miss living alone? How do you deal?    11/22/17  (1)
cgi joker watching cnn with rsf's dad as flight 175 hits south tower *baby giggl    11/22/17  (6)
This video is going to get kids killed, johny johny yes papa    11/22/17  (1)
Redneck Souljiers - Bounce.mp3    11/22/17  (11)
Doctor Strange was surprisingly good. Just watched it    11/22/17  (30)
Guy formerly held prisoner in North Korea sets self on fire in San Diego:    11/22/17  (1)
433 is PROOF of hypergamy, shrewdom, JFC the HEIGHT ISSUE    11/22/17  (39)
shitlibs are completely unhinged (thanksgiving edition)    11/22/17  (3)
Syrian nationals causing terrorism is Germany, who wouldve thunk it.    11/22/17  (4)
Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid running pick and roll for 4th consecutive NBA title    11/22/17  (4)
Timid. Ambitionless. Easily Manipulated. 110lbs. INFP. Low T. Tanner Stage 2 Pen    11/22/17  (4)
Lonzo Ball is overrated and is going to be a bust.    11/22/17  (6)
driving    11/22/17  (7)
basically every famous american male w/ wiki page gonna have part re sex crimes    11/22/17  (2)
*WH phone rings at 4am* *Trump answers fully dressed in suit and tie*    11/22/17  (184)
Longest you've waited to carry out an act of vengeance?    11/22/17  (3)
Hungry hungry hippos game but it's diapered zozo poasters gobbling addy    11/22/17  (22)
How embarrassing that xo posters would get pinned down and bred by male gymnasts    11/22/17  (39)
is the premium Financial Times subscription worth it?    11/22/17  (1)
Holdup doing his jcm voice on discord like hes phil hendrie    11/22/17  (6)
for a friendless autist, DBG certainly experiences a lot of emotions    11/22/17  (1)
HoldUp have you considered antipsychotic meds    11/22/17  (28)
How do you define GC to normies without coming across as a nutjob?    11/22/17  (14)
New TEEN CRAZE: Chobani Daddy    11/22/17  (129)

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