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For those of you who "remember" me claiming CLS (RSF)    01/23/18  (59)
sex for most people is a deeply profane, gross and unsatisfying pool of misery    01/23/18  (12)
{:{|}'s mom: anything else u want from store? {:{|}: send boobs and vegana u 4    01/23/18  (1)
Schumer RETRACTS OFFER to Trump for border wall funding (link)    01/23/18  (2)
what Dems are not saying about Nunes memo    01/23/18  (6)
Haha -- wow -- a SECOND cock poasted today!    01/23/18  (6)
The best argument against immigration are snuff vids on BestGore, Liveleak, etc.    01/23/18  (2)
Rate this GIRL for whom GETTING IN SHAPE went TERRIBLY WRONG    01/23/18  (4)
Watched Taking Chance in my office this morning    01/23/18  (2)
Is there anything still really good about the USA now?    01/23/18  (33)
Cliffs on RSF meltdown?    01/23/18  (89)
Holy shit I see PNs mental illness was off the charts last night (RSF)    01/23/18  (26)
Sim glitch: TFM hot girls of Instagram are all with white guys    01/23/18  (6)
Jordan Peterson: "If I snapped my finger and my trolls would kill Cathy Newman"    01/23/18  (15)
Wait, do American white guys marry girls they're uncomfortable around? (DTP)    01/23/18  (33)
I love nice restaurants and dressing up too, too! Haha    01/23/18  (2)
Bill Cosby returns to doing stand-up; makes rape joke    01/23/18  (2)
XO NJ crew: bloodacre, beckersted, tmf....anyone else????    01/23/18  (51)
anyone play Shadow of the Colossus?    01/23/18  (6)
LJL at escort ads saying "I love nice restaurants and dressing up too"    01/23/18  (58)
Parents' Shitboomer Kike Fam Friend Just Separated, Found Sugar Baby For BizTrip    01/23/18  (4)
Haahaha. Wow. This 10 year old's cock is much bigger than yours...    01/23/18  (1)
Siri, please identify all known materials engineering research on monster-resist    01/23/18  (4)
Why are middle eastern business owners huge assholes    01/23/18  (13)
Entry level salary for carpenters: 93k    01/23/18  (15)
Devil Rays trade two pitchers for best hitter in Paki cricket league    01/23/18  (1)
Reminder RSF did a bullshit MYMASTERs for girls so he cld pretend he went to CLS    01/23/18  (145)
I did it all for THE MEMO THE MEMO    01/23/18  (1)
Whenever I read Polonius' speech to Laertes I think of Earl    01/23/18  (4)
Slayer, Lamb of God, Testament, Anthrax, Behemoth to tour this summer    01/23/18  (15)
What's your most memorable white privilege moment?    01/23/18  (5)
Alex Jones is reading THE MEMO live now    01/23/18  (2)
Alex Jones: They're creating a report on the MEMO. A MEMO ON THE MEMO.    01/23/18  (1)
ARE REPTILE getting viciously assrammed to Prokofiev's "battle on the ice"    01/23/18  (4)
Peterman getting fucked up his ass in the Flying J parking lot, David Bowie's "B    01/23/18  (1)
Why do white people keep committing mass shootings?    01/23/18  (8)
Serious Q is RSF on the TuTu pipe? Hes fucking lost it, totally unhinged    01/23/18  (1)
I feel sorry for any hooker that has to see MDH.    01/23/18  (6)
Poll: how many times has a chick come straight to your place as first "date"?    01/23/18  (24)
What is a massive deal-breaker for you that others are indifferent to?    01/23/18  (133)
my life has become a lot like the movie 'Fletch'    01/23/18  (1)
FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!! (cock posted today)    01/23/18  (8)
Would I be trying too hard in these shoes? (33 yo genetic male)    01/23/18  (14)
so this nasser guy abused every single chick on the us team and no one found out    01/23/18  (32)
TMF getting topped by a red fox that's easily taller than him    01/23/18  (7)
Secret societies? Really, Trumptards?    01/23/18  (3)
Why did Comey compare himself to Thomas Beckett and Trump to Henry II?    01/23/18  (4)
Oxford University gives extra time to women to complete exams (links)    01/23/18  (2)
Science: women are the most difficult ppl to live with    01/23/18  (9)
/!\ Sessions orders investigation of Mueller investigation /!\    01/23/18  (42)
Applied to BigLaw thru partner who sent my app materials to recruiting. Chances?    01/23/18  (42)
RATE THIS SINGLE MOM.    01/23/18  (32)
So libs gave up on Russia and are pinning all hopes on OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE?    01/23/18  (1)
Wait why does Comey need a lawyer?    01/23/18  (5)
Johnson & Johnson to take $13.6B tax charge to move operations back to US (link)    01/23/18  (4)
Former pro Genie Bouchard headed to the Super Bowl with Twitter date #tennis    01/23/18  (3)
Bar sends letter "your CLEs are almost due faggot, you're at 2%."    01/23/18  (1)
Obama will be DONE HERE as a result of the wiretaps    01/23/18  (524)
Kihote don't forget your MCLEs are due on February 1st    01/23/18  (2)
Knew a decent looking chick that was married and was cheated on    01/23/18  (3)
Schiff/Feinstein urge Twitter to investigate Russia for #ReleaseTheMemo trend    01/23/18  (18)
Write PN a letter to 6509 Crawley DR Plano, TX    01/23/18  (2)
TMF in a booster seat at the Plush Pony while MND unpacks the house.    01/23/18  (1)
AP: Trump is lying about FBI's missing texts (link)    01/23/18  (9)
2020: The Wall, Tariffs Against China, No DREAMers, Hillary in Jail    01/23/18  (1)
Like the Berenstein Bears I actually recall RSF saying "Columbus" not "Columbia"    01/23/18  (3)
China should be completely destroyed    01/23/18  (2)
We all remember RSF insinuated that he went to CLS. It wasnt some JJC false fla    01/23/18  (2)
Cartoon World: ex-Gay Pornstar can't be fired from teaching job, though several    01/23/18  (1)
anyone here play PUBG?    01/23/18  (21)
Jimmy Johns Chocolate Chunk Cookie is the best chocolate chip cookie. Period.    01/23/18  (2)
So, who is PN?    01/23/18  (1)
Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election - FOUR PINNOCHOOS (Politico)    01/23/18  (2)
Jordan Peterson's book is Amazon #1 in Canada, #2 in US, #3 in UK    01/23/18  (1)
got red pilled. thinking about divorce    01/23/18  (45)
When do libs accept that they aren't smart enough to be devious?    01/23/18  (6)
Facebook Chief Marketing Officer resigns to help Democrats win 2018/20 (link)    01/23/18  (5)
Comey leaked his memo to law professor, who now says is Comey's lawyer (link)    01/23/18  (11)
got cock pilled. thinking about cock    01/23/18  (1)
Mueller orders investigation of Sessions investigation of Mueller investigation    01/23/18  (1)
Making an offer on a house (mnd)    01/23/18  (116)
LOreal Hijab Model Steps Down After Anti-Israel Tweets Surface (link)    01/23/18  (4)
the day obama is in handcuffs for spying on trump > day trump was elected    01/23/18  (3)
A jew hit my car, now my insurance is trying to say its my fault    01/23/18  (9)
This WH briefing is going smooth as fuck.    01/23/18  (1)
PNs pwning of RSF really shows how fucking dumb jjc and Uvt are    01/23/18  (44)
Text from GF: "I miss the thrill of hooking up with random strangers."    01/23/18  (79)
how come askav is familiar with midcenmod    01/23/18  (14)
hulking jew Gary Cohn towering over potato ape McMaster on tv    01/23/18  (1)
Wow Gary Cohn in pimpin.    01/23/18  (1)
Taking my crypto gains to start XO inspired outdoor gear co. "Peak Experience"    01/23/18  (4)
A lifetime of positive glib sociality, and then ONE WRONG MOVE ur done (DTP)    01/23/18  (6)
If your current life situation was a country, which would it be?    01/23/18  (15)
Real talk - Trump is failing to keep America safe from mass-shootings    01/23/18  (2)
PN off his meds and acting fucking PSYCHOTIC again    01/23/18  (69)
2018 Baseball Hall Of Fame Predictions    01/23/18  (97)
Went to taco bell and there were lots of High school kids. The guys looked    01/23/18  (3)
Reminder: Jews are sexual deviants. *Goes and and cheatmos with tranny*    01/23/18  (4)
I made $11 today in stock market    01/23/18  (14)
Evidently it's a bad flu season, thanks a lot Jews.    01/23/18  (1)
Charles, please come ITT and state your cock/penis size. Thanks. <3    01/23/18  (7)
*flips "days since RSF got gaped by PN" sign to 0*    01/23/18  (6)
FLW is too poor to come back. they shut off his wifi internet for nonpayment    01/23/18  (2)
crazy how obeezy tp went from 5'6 ugly TTT grad to 6'2 "played college ball" HYS    01/23/18  (134)
Bump this thread until Rach de-mods RSF.    01/23/18  (106)
Holy shit I just drove by Frank Lloyd Wrong    01/23/18  (18)
Vigilante Group of Physicians Back Validity of Nassars Medical Procedures    01/23/18  (2)
Board is shit today    01/23/18  (1)
Having your own business is absolutely wonderful.    01/23/18  (5)
Black girls make amazing breakthrough in culinary technology... whites BTFO    01/23/18  (2)
bort is significantly worse without FLW    01/23/18  (17)
still disturbed by belko experiment (saw it months ago)    01/23/18  (5)
This weeklong+ sentencing hearing for Larry Nassar is ridiculous    01/23/18  (28)
CNBC: Trump's leaked infrastructure plan is on the right track (link)    01/23/18  (3)
why is the GOP "considering" releasing intel behind "The Memo"?    01/23/18  (14)
GC: Doctors need to marry not treat gymnasts like whores. Prison!    01/23/18  (1)
White American Men    01/23/18  (145)
Sessions riding on horse with U.S. Marshals in pre-dawn raid of FBI headquarters    01/23/18  (1)
Was Reagan responsible for the 2008 recession?    01/23/18  (4)
Has RSF lost his shit today?    01/23/18  (10)
Lance "Rafa" Nadal: I'm A Permanent Cripple, ATP Doesn't Care #tennis    01/23/18  (4)
So RSF terrorizes the bort/feuds w his haters for years, PN kills him in ~1wk?    01/23/18  (2)
ITT we time the market    01/23/18  (3)
So did RSF take any legitimate L? Or is it all bullshit?    01/23/18  (10)
rate this Ukrainian lawyer (pic)    01/23/18  (6)
Can't wait until UrbanBaby moms take their arguments to XO    01/23/18  (64)
72% of hispanics want merit-based immigration over chain migration (link)    01/23/18  (2)
XO OFFICIAL POLL: How should Obama be executed?    01/23/18  (7)
Funny how the Seattle WTO protestors were 100% right    01/23/18  (39)
LJL Jean-Georges is only two stars    01/23/18  (42)
thinking about getting into the funeral, cremation and cemetery svcs business    01/23/18  (2)
CNN: Russians Colluded On Baseball HOF Ballot To Get Vlad Elected    01/23/18  (3)
the cannonflare of their precedent nightlit the field; young clerks cut down in    01/23/18  (1)
got redpilled. thinking about being an idiot    01/23/18  (1)
Pentagon Papers | Starr Report | Memo    01/23/18  (1)
New to FBI stuff. Normal for agent to say no case but still investigate for year    01/23/18  (1)
ran outside shirtless yesterday evening nbd. today: winter coat    01/23/18  (3)
Dems: Any popular movement not allied to our cause must be Russian bots    01/23/18  (1)
NSA tech pulls up missing Strzok texts. "Haha, wow"    01/23/18  (3)
charles give us your educated take on FBI/DOJ corruption. is obama going down?    01/23/18  (2)
when will the bay area housing bubble pop?    01/23/18  (18)
Watching an entire tennis match or having Zetas flay you to Funkytown?    01/23/18  (3)
WaPo: Sessions is doing Trump's dirty work (link)    01/23/18  (5)
DTP sleepwalking, mumbling 'american white guys' as he smears shit across walls    01/23/18  (1)
WaPo: WaPo doing Dems dirty work (link)    01/23/18  (1)
Trump to withhold release of Memo in exchange for wall funding (link)    01/23/18  (1)
Anyone want Niggercoin?    01/23/18  (1)

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