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/!\ Malia fucking white chads at Harvard /!\    11/20/17  (84)
La-sha (pron: "laDASHa")    11/20/17  (17)
Calishitlawdude developing chill side hustle consulting for depressed lawyers    11/20/17  (2)
why are white people very egalitarian? it's 180 but 120    11/20/17  (17)
Fear American Complacency, Not China    11/20/17  (1)
whokebe, mr. jinx hasn't posted or lurked on Xo since 2006    11/20/17  (2)
Which 1990's rapper do you think takes the most fiber these days?    11/20/17  (1)
Glenn Thrush accused of thoughtcrime.    11/20/17  (5)
Giannis Antetokounmpo lets bash this TTT    11/20/17  (1)
luis and chandler eating gorditas shirtless in corporate slaves $5k/mo apartment    11/20/17  (2)
Chandler is bringing his WIFE to a business meeting. Lmao.    11/20/17  (6)
serious Q: why are people getting hysterical over mortgage deduction?    11/20/17  (91)
Who here will be driving 5+ hours to reach their Thanksgiving destinations?    11/20/17  (4)
Prople think Weinstein started off the sex harassment hysteria but they're wrong    11/20/17  (6)
Calishitlawguru getting STYLED ON by Firma Dominguez and Cellino & Barnes    11/20/17  (47)
walking around a THRIVING mall filled with prole browns, abt to check out SEARS    11/20/17  (11)
UPDATE on my imminent breakfast    11/20/17  (26)
2.5x as many votes cast in Alabama GOP primary than Dem primary    11/20/17  (7)
Just realized that the cadence of BLMs spider, porpoise & napkins poasts = same    11/20/17  (1)
there's nothing more festive and pleasant that the mall during holiday season    11/20/17  (3)
How do phd students live on 25k a year?    11/20/17  (5)
NYT: Charles Manson was forerunner of Trump, Dylan, Roof, xoxo    11/20/17  (4)
SIRE, Boner Police has entered into a royal marriage with Assfaggot.    11/20/17  (9)
The "USA" is basically ruled by a Mormon shadow government    11/20/17  (4)
Odd Julia-ism: Stressing distinction between nude and "topless"    11/20/17  (53)
If 2+ people conspire, collude or associate for any reason- the public has an    11/20/17  (1)
Going to house party tonight, SEVERAL girls I recently hooked up w r coming    11/20/17  (71)
Ambulances are peak GC.    11/20/17  (36)
Do millenials dream of electric strapons?    11/20/17  (13)
SHREW BANTER in law school    11/20/17  (57)
I inadvertently emasculated friend in front of his LTR GF on Fri    11/20/17  (24)
8 poasters accuse NYUUG of fondling them during 2006 meetup    11/20/17  (6)
Rootless CosmoPROLEitan    11/20/17  (3)
Does your penis shrivel at the thought of all the BIGCOCK out there?    11/20/17  (10)
*squeezes out last drops* "no homo"    11/20/17  (2)
*Enemy casts spell: False Notion... It is super-effective*    11/20/17  (3)
real talk: Lane Kiffin would be a home run hire for UF    11/20/17  (7)
Julia: I'm great at carpmentalizing, like Jesus    11/20/17  (7)
32 yo Katy Perry caught sexual assaulting 18yo musician on camera (vid)    11/20/17  (21)
Mika Brzezinski has so much depth    11/20/17  (5)
*Male consenting to child-formation and support by Thrust*    11/20/17  (3)
Make lawyering great again    11/20/17  (2)
High scoring gre quant bros come itt    11/20/17  (14)
*Trump, tied 2 mast of USS America, making mocking faces at sirens of globalism    11/20/17  (13)
What prevents you from greatness??    11/20/17  (20)
Xo Ryan Gosling discussing the WORLD's FOREMOST PROBLEM (vid)    11/20/17  (24)
Below what height should a "man" always become a tranny?    11/20/17  (11)
i need to find a roommate next year. living alone is 135    11/20/17  (3)
Wanna know what the CLOUD is like? Foam party of data    11/20/17  (10)
Over half of women 18-40 in USA are overweight/obese    11/20/17  (47)
The False Song of Globalism:    11/20/17  (13)
The Situation announces run for Congress - link    11/20/17  (1)
Charlie Rose suspended by CBS after 8 women accuse him of sexual harassment    11/20/17  (4)
This is all about women preventing beta males from hitting on them/existing    11/20/17  (3)
Newsweek: How Fox News Spreads NeoNazi Propaganda    11/20/17  (5)
I'm so lazy. how did i get a job at a law firm?    11/20/17  (5)
pleased to welcome you to the broadcast. Tonight, for the full hour -- my cock.    11/20/17  (3)
nasa finds "elongated asteroid" speeding toward earth. nothing to see here.    11/20/17  (4)
One plus of a gf if you don't have friends: you get instant social network    11/20/17  (19)
McGill study: info transmitted thru WiFi can "intercept" dreams    11/20/17  (6)
JJC suspended by CBS after 8 women accuse him of sexual harassment    11/20/17  (1)
Is "Hey Jealousy" the best rock song of the 90s?    11/20/17  (46)
someone like Mika Brzezinski should replace Charlie Rose on PBS    11/20/17  (2)
Trump's Judgment Is Debatable. His Sanity Is Not.    11/20/17  (1)
Was making 105K got job offer for 135K, gave 2 wks, current emplr: 150K counter    11/20/17  (41)
"won't somebody please think of the rapists!" cried xo, before fainting    11/20/17  (6)
Is anyone else an hilariously bad fit for their job and stuck in it    11/20/17  (2)
South Korea forcing university students to date as part of their education    11/20/17  (2)
Why is whokebe such a fucking faggot?    11/20/17  (6)
so, wtf. is the Charlie Rose show cancelled?    11/20/17  (2)
Tonic - You Wanted More.mp3    11/20/17  (1)
Biz idea - summer camp for adults, one black person max per year    11/20/17  (1)
Charlie Rose diddling a chick on an oak table against a black background.    11/20/17  (1)
Biz idea: PR firm that creates backdated evidence a dude was 'always' a woman    11/20/17  (4)
What if we reach chad singularity? Scientists determine who is THE chad.    11/20/17  (6)
mud rudder is so 2015, the shrew laughs, im a sex crime victim now    11/20/17  (1)
real talk: Lane Kiffin would be a home run hire for UT    11/20/17  (1)
"Holy shit, you're Asian too?" "Yep, we're all Asian" (xo poster meetup 2017)    11/20/17  (27)
Opposing counsel is a hottie but she's wasting a lot of time in this depo    11/20/17  (1)
alpha brazilian cop shoots two robbers while holding infant (video)    11/20/17  (4)
Tinder Teen "6ft+ or don't bother lol!"    11/20/17  (9)
Business FORMATION ATTORNEYS -- ITT    11/20/17  (12)
Boss started calling Monday morning conference call "LAW IS WAR"    11/20/17  (1)
Chinese tourist flicking cigarette off the trail in Yellowstone    11/20/17  (40)
"Ew, don't flick his pissclit Erica, it'll probably make him cum    11/20/17  (125)
military parachutes should be edible for downed pilots    11/20/17  (2)
Gonna move to SD and eat burritos with french fries with chilmata    11/20/17  (5)
welp, so much for innocent until proven guilty    11/20/17  (5)
never met a jew before college. don't really "get" jewish humor and stuff.    11/20/17  (2)
a wave of nostalgia hits you as you press play on the bad touch.mp3    11/20/17  (1)
Created a fake Bumble account to see Chad impact; he's former D1 QB    11/20/17  (24)
White male accused me (white male) of having white male privilege    11/20/17  (1)
NIGGER has 42 kids with 36 different women. Pays no child support.    11/20/17  (6)
There's just not that much there, and no way to improve it    11/20/17  (1)
do you guys know who tori black is?    11/20/17  (15)
Who has more kids: DMX (15) or all your law school friends combined?    11/20/17  (1)
High heels are hilarious. Broads walking around on their tippy toes all day    11/20/17  (1)
In just 1 week Peterman displaced the established pros in the Hyde Park toilets    11/20/17  (3)
Imagine you went to UC Boulder. You and your GF just smoked the bong    11/20/17  (7)
LOT LIZARDS HATE HIM: Inside Peterman's secrets to success on the Flyin' J lot    11/20/17  (1)
LiAngelo. LaVar. Lonzo. LMao.    11/20/17  (2)
this is all just silly goddamn nonsense    11/20/17  (2)
TRAVELMOS, suggest 180 location in Europe in December    11/20/17  (13)
Trump's net worth has declined $500M since taking POTUS. Obama's rose $40M    11/20/17  (3)
couple held hostage by taliban for 5 years. has 3 kids. jfc.    11/20/17  (13)
Peterman going cabin to cabin on the Caledonian sleeper. Cum leaking from ass.    11/20/17  (2)
peterman spreading his ass across all over regents park like an invasive species    11/20/17  (2)
"I got my degree in Debt from American University"    11/20/17  (3)
*Peterman pulls Pilot Flying J ballpoint out of his anus* "Sell me this pen"    11/20/17  (4)
Thoughts on this job at UBER?    11/20/17  (2)
a blitz-drunk semi-nude slut w/ HPV accusing you of 'misconduct' forever    11/20/17  (3)
Why all the h8 for peterman and not tedcruz?    11/20/17  (4)
"Wow, nice lawn gnome. Bet it scares off the birds." "That's our compliance guy"    11/20/17  (14)
2020 dem presidential candidate platform: all men are rapists    11/20/17  (9)
Kentucky judge honors Monopoly "get out of jail free" card (link)    11/20/17  (3)
Peterman Sings Finger Family Song with Truckers' Erect Cocks and Joker Helps    11/20/17  (11)
Your future daughter's workout outfit    11/20/17  (5)
A Generation of Fear, following A Generation of Queers    11/20/17  (2)
If you could force the world to listen to one song 24/7 what would it be?    11/20/17  (4)
eminem was the corniest thing to ever happen to america    11/20/17  (16)
"Mr. Peterman, there's no way that all just 'slipped in' there"- Doc with xray    11/20/17  (6)
*misreads a cue, 10 years assraping prison*    11/20/17  (1)
aggressively balding peterman to star in Law and Order SVU porn as Stabler    11/20/17  (13)
RATE My Mom's Unhinged Email To PDDJ Re What To Call Her #Sickly    11/20/17  (82)
2nd cousin: Meet me under the mistletoe? Shrew gf: Ugh, fungus on my big toe.    11/20/17  (13)
my iphone 6 not making text notifications anymore on locked screen    11/20/17  (1)
*puts out cigarette into peterman's anus hole*    11/20/17  (3)
WaPo paperboi tossing cum soaked newspaper onto your doorstep    11/20/17  (1)
"Bless us for the meal we are about to receive" (Peterman kneeling @ FlyingJ)    11/20/17  (2)
University of Illinois at Chicago in talks to acquire THE John Marshall law scho    11/20/17  (1)
*Bitterly makes perfect list with one item wants to change perception of*    11/20/17  (1)
why    11/20/17  (1)
1 cool thing about doing biglaw Lit is they give u dogtags    11/20/17  (1)
"Blood & Soil!" screamed Peterman, hurling his diaper at the Mexican truckers    11/20/17  (4)
Dresses that show a hint of vagina    11/20/17  (99)
We are about to enter a Reign Of Terror with sex assault allegations    11/20/17  (6)
the WaPo is shitty money-losing rag, written by retards. how can it shape our    11/20/17  (3)
"So have you been raped or assaulted?" "Uggh not yet. Really disappointed."    11/20/17  (7)
So you get accused of rape if its not good sex?    11/20/17  (5)
uber and lyft job ads are all over the place    11/20/17  (3)
*Shrew walks into newsroom brunch* "Ooh, who are we accusing?"    11/20/17  (11)
reddit.com/r/rapekink jfc set your penis to cum    11/20/17  (8)
BOTW Explorer Edition looks 180    11/20/17  (2)
Bumble profile: "Only men above 6' and also know I've been raped, you've been wa    11/20/17  (1)
When my eldest brother was 17, dad bet him & friends they couldn't pee the couch    11/20/17  (1)
It sucks they got Charlie Rose. He was 180.    11/20/17  (4)
The Conscience of a Pomodoro    11/20/17  (2)
The tranny incontinence thing caused me to discover a board dedicated to diaper    11/20/17  (60)
Angela White fucking James Deen is an incredible sight of human sex (link)    11/20/17  (23)

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