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Reminder: ur loan payments is the only profitable activity by the federal gov    11/18/17  (1)
VERY buxom girl wearing replica turnover chain at Miami game    11/18/17  (1)
I felt disgusting after fucking a Tranny escort (TedCruztp)    11/18/17  (20)
CDC- tiny number of Americans eating enough fruits and vegetables    11/18/17  (52)
Hypo: all humans have 2 transfer 100k 2 alien acct in 24 hrs or die. What hppns?    11/18/17  (3)
lol amazing that people fall for boner police shtick    11/18/17  (22)
***#24 *ichigan v. #5 Wisco***    11/18/17  (10)
How do millennials view Snoop Dog?    11/18/17  (1)
lawman8 tryna talk shit to boner police (pic)    11/18/17  (16)
"dat cancel" joked JCM as the doctor crushed the fetus skull with a steel rod    11/18/17  (11)
the sound of 3 blaring TVs drowning out your wife's moans as the bull pounds awa    11/18/17  (10)
Colt how are ur nigger cfb picks performing today    11/18/17  (1)
ITT: Things CUCKS like    11/18/17  (25)
the box: YOLO... the box's baby: not me!!... the box: LOL tyft    11/18/17  (147)
perfectly fine black people always using the wheelchair in the airport    11/18/17  (1)
There can be no innovation without diversity    11/18/17  (2)
lol @ retard U. of Miami students/alums calling it "the U"    11/18/17  (12)
spent last 36 hours SUCKING & FUCKING. destroyed. wiped out. jcm taking ?s    11/18/17  (243)
Motherlode of race realist charts and figures (link)    11/18/17  (13)
latina goddess luis gets fucked by lucky bastard    11/18/17  (1)
evan39 greedily eating personal pan pizza, watching Hitler documentary on PBS    11/18/17  (13)
jfc how do you remove the cover from a couch cushion    11/18/17  (1)
i haven't eaten a vegetable in, like, 6 weeks    11/18/17  (3)
Switching from Michigan/Wisconsin to UVA/The U    11/18/17  (1)
tinder girl just responded to my opener with "dat cancel..."    11/18/17  (19)
Lib reaction to mom dying when local hospital closed cuz of illegals not paying?    11/18/17  (5)
Replaced coffee with green tea. Feels great    11/18/17  (5)
UCLA player's dad when asked about Trump's role in freeing his son: Who?    11/18/17  (6)
ANOTHER United Airlines miles devaluation!?    11/18/17  (23)
saw a troop of girl scouts at park; thanked them for their service    11/18/17  (2)
Is it true an Enron gook who loved strippers used to poast here?    11/18/17  (12)
Tranny I follow on Snapchat dances around in panties and bra nightly.    11/18/17  (23)
The "Pence Rule" is a system of behaviors purporting to allow men to maintain th    11/18/17  (2)
Know a very hardworking senior associate who will never make partner b/c she is    11/18/17  (15)
If women prefer older men, why do teachers fuck their male students    11/18/17  (11)
ITT list the loneliest thing you do    11/18/17  (59)
180 PWNAGE of Trumptards    11/18/17  (3)
Trump will win Minnesota in 2020    11/18/17  (4)
My gym doesn't have barbells    11/18/17  (2)
tesla - cowboy of the modern day.mp3    11/18/17  (1)
Tesla might be one of the biggest crash and burn stories ever    11/18/17  (25)
LJL at entire groups of people not even having a driver's license    11/18/17  (4)
Dirte is inspiration; he is a 45 year old fat dad, thinks of nothing but pussy    11/18/17  (7)
historymos: why did Nazis not invade Sweden    11/18/17  (12)
The U.S. spends nearly 1/5 of its GDP on health care. We're fucking retards.    11/18/17  (79)
Lol at angry vindictive pumos who accuse me of being DVP (DTP)    11/18/17  (2)
DVP here. Statute of Limitations has run. You mad, XO?    11/18/17  (88)
LMAO at this Trump tweet to Hillary    11/18/17  (22)
explain how I would be taxed if live in NYC and work out of state    11/18/17  (8)
BOTWmos: I've done 64 shrines and the 4 beasts. cr to start hyrule now?    11/18/17  (2)
so Allred's phony victim well has run dry?    11/18/17  (1)
Somehow I doubt Homer Simpson would come up with a burn like "churchie la fem"    11/18/17  (2)
Should I go get a handjob from a nasty Laotian today    11/18/17  (13)
I play Nas "if I ruled the world" on repeat in my office all day everyday    11/18/17  (1)
Miami fraud$ getting exposed Bama only scoring 35 on middle school ljl    11/18/17  (6)
What sports talk radio shows does xo actually like?    11/18/17  (14)
hilarious libs don't get how much they're hated    11/18/17  (14)
the REAL hypocrisy lies w/ women    11/18/17  (2)
Harvey Weinstien: Don't remember if I raped those women, but also I'm gay & sry    11/18/17  (9)
Why come white people don't have lips?    11/18/17  (2)
"Not all Muslims," whimpered the final Christian as he was beheaded    11/18/17  (16)
evan39 Cr is just move to Wa$hington & put Dicks in our mouth ??    11/18/17  (5)
Why do BANK TELLERS always have HUGE BOOBS?    11/18/17  (8)
Latina single mother at salon, bobbing head, smacking lips - "BYE FELISHA"    11/18/17  (1)
cheese is biggest contributor to obesity and it isn't even close    11/18/17  (1)
A 13yo male is capable of raping a grown woman lol. These hot slut teachers    11/18/17  (27)
arnold was only 210lb in movies... 240lb competitive bb    11/18/17  (5)
"and Detective, can you explain the meaning of a 'blank bump' for the jury?"    11/18/17  (1)
Second cousin: coins on your eyes to see you across the styx. Shrew Gf: CC only    11/18/17  (3)
"Lawman, why you rolling up the windows?" "Lotta smu***rs in this neighborhood"    11/18/17  (3)
Only a matter of time before "your" son sneaks out at night to suck a dick    11/18/17  (9)
damn daddy finger    11/18/17  (6)
Only a matter of time before yr daughter sneaks out at night to suck a dick    11/18/17  (26)
Why do GLASSES STORE GIRLS always look like BRAZZERS video chicks?    11/18/17  (12)
DAT TOO MANY TYPOS    11/18/17  (7)
hooked up with mexican girl last night; 180 experience    11/18/17  (18)
Gen-Xer berates poor millenial for having a crappy, low-paying job    11/18/17  (14)
Seems like honiara is coming around    11/18/17  (16)
Hungary accuses US of meddling in election    11/18/17  (4)
Johnsmeyer plz unretire for a min & copy/paste "By you" results into a thread    11/18/17  (6)
*Wakes up, logs in and clicks "by you"* Great they are still all purple.    11/18/17  (4)
Getting fed up with the quislings down at the liquor store    11/18/17  (24)
Doctor said I'm looking at a total knee replacement by 40.    11/18/17  (10)
Holy fuck. Charlie Brown tp is 50 years. Lolling here. Get a fucking life    11/18/17  (43)
So, Lance "Rafa" Nadal Tricked XO Federer Into Surrendering YE #1? #tennis    11/18/17  (29)
I believe Trump. If masses of people in the US did cheer, it would be hushed up    11/18/17  (6)
Rejected from $48k shitlaw job last week (not chandler)    11/18/17  (101)
One thing I've noticed about poasters: awful at reading social situations    11/18/17  (2)
armo bank teller with pillowy breasts everywhere why?    11/18/17  (3)
Richard Buttram    11/18/17  (1)
Great deal if want to cut cord: 4 mo Directv Now + Apple 4K TV for $140    11/18/17  (7)
"Gun to your head: do you--" "Pull the trigger."    11/18/17  (56)
Hillary officially questioning "legitimacy" of Trump's election    11/18/17  (36)
"Is there a-" *lawman raises hand* "I'm a doctor!" "No sir, we need some sm    11/18/17  (1)
a certain xo poster appears with sam hyde (link)    11/18/17  (1)
Is there a doctor on this flight?! *Dr. Cool downs drink, puts out cigarette.*    11/18/17  (11)
He was a quiet aspie IRL.    11/18/17  (4)
peeface | anal penetration | smegma shit smell    11/18/17  (1)
Summon: Colt    11/18/17  (12)
No way Dems can run a man in 2020 at this point    11/18/17  (50)
Why do so many east coast Jappy girls go to midwest state-u's?    11/18/17  (6)
Bama continues its joyless, inexorable march toward another NC    11/18/17  (19)
I don't get how millenials can afford to vacation    11/18/17  (1)
LOL, lib friend posts "Alabama...WHAT THE FUCK!" on fbook    11/18/17  (17)
Never forget: this Russian mobster / career snitch is ALREADY talking to MUELLER    11/18/17  (6)
Seth Rich attended Harvey Weinstein Fidelio fundraiser week before death    11/18/17  (2)
Lifehack for Macs: Add foreign kb so you can proudly display USA flag in top bar    11/18/17  (32)
so brave dems are calling for Bill Clinton to resign from office, 20 yrs later?    11/18/17  (5)
I sorta prefer Chinese upper-class to American upper class.    11/18/17  (26)
*blank bumps own thread 5 times*    11/18/17  (20)
Reminder: One biglaw typo can get you fired. Literally 1 wrong letter/number.    11/18/17  (15)
*drinks due to a 70 hr week* *drinks due to 20 hr week*    11/18/17  (1)
Black woman laughs as white male veteran dies (CNN)    11/18/17  (1)
The Prestige like clones, what do you do?    11/18/17  (1)
Beloved office tabby disappears, Chinese intern fired, suing (Daily Mail)    11/18/17  (3)
*proofreads pleading 3 times over* *misses minor yet obvious typo*    11/18/17  (4)
Today was the last Mike and Mike. Depressed    11/18/17  (9)
your MiL singing to your 3yo in Cantonese while he humps spiderman stuffie    11/18/17  (12)
GLOBAL WARMING IS SCIENCE. (Believes in 94 genders).    11/18/17  (6)
That's why they call evan thirty-niii-iiine. I'm posting at the speed of light.    11/18/17  (10)
Racist | Misogynist | Bigot    11/18/17  (1)
Sorry for the typos. This message was sent from a life raft    11/18/17  (11)
Former US Attorney: Mueller About to Start Wrecking Shit    11/18/17  (54)
Prole tell: the word "entrepreneur"    11/18/17  (6)
Thanks. Sorry about the typo. My apologies. Won't happen again. Thanks.    11/18/17  (31)
U: make one typo, are fired. Browns coach: loses 20 straight games, $$$$$$    11/18/17  (5)
Guy on Wisconsin literally named Penniston    11/18/17  (2)
BIGLAWMOS: Hours check in... year is almost done, how many hours have u billed?    11/18/17  (101)
Did the WLMAS ban expire or something?    11/18/17  (3)
Flashback: Cam'Ron's appearance on Bill O'Reilly    11/18/17  (17)
Trump risks hypocrisy charges with Franken attack    11/18/17  (4)
Hey WLMAS, what are you drinking right now?    11/18/17  (16)
Ok who taught WLMAS the word "quisling"? Fess up    11/18/17  (21)
lol @ you cucks bashing Quisling    11/18/17  (1)
are Jeopardy contenstants technically 'quislings'?    11/18/17  (3)
Julie Michaels    11/18/17  (1)
people who have taken jobs abroad: how much of a pain in the ass is it to move    11/18/17  (1)
Anyone play Dominion? It's a 180 strategy card game that u xo types would adore    11/18/17  (10)
pre-ww2 which european countries had the highest % of jews?    11/18/17  (5)
how do libs reconcile being pro-third world bleeding hearts w/ opposing gmos    11/18/17  (1)
is anyone going to see JUSTICE LEAGUE?    11/18/17  (9)
You know those dudes who aren't cool and just can't chill?    11/18/17  (2)
Tim Heidecker murder trial    11/18/17  (7)
The dopamine holocaust and ur final solution    11/18/17  (8)
Hillary officially questioning "legitimacy" of your siphoned blank bumps    11/18/17  (9)
Scoring some addy tonight. Going to PUG all of the new wow content    11/18/17  (8)
not flame: Australian military twice lost a war against emus    11/18/17  (5)
Thor Ragnarok was pretty good    11/18/17  (12)
WTF Glitch? No bonus for SF #tennis    11/18/17  (13)
Amazing there isn't more sci-fi about using psychiatric meds etc.    11/18/17  (8)

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