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Underappreciated Fact: Ivana Trump was never that hot.    11/21/17  (14)
Ragnus here giving questions and taking words of encouragement and compassion    11/21/17  (42)
what does harvard look like with no AA and no legacy    11/21/17  (1)
Trump DOJ actively investigating Harvard's use of race in admissions policies    11/21/17  (23)
I voted for Clinton last election, but won't be voting dem again.    11/21/17  (84)
Holy shit look at what Tiffany Trump wore to GULC day 1    11/21/17  (2)
Damn John Candy died in 1994, at age 43    11/21/17  (5)
These texts from the Closet gay congressman are fucking hilarious    11/21/17  (35)
Flying home on Thanksgiving; should I wear my red MAGA hat?    11/21/17  (2)
guitar and musicmos: come ITT and discuss Blackwater Park    11/21/17  (2)
Lol entrepreneurs are faggots    11/21/17  (1)
grindr is the #1 professional networking app by far    11/21/17  (5)
Xoxo protest chant. "Bros help bros! Forget the hoes!"    11/21/17  (2)
Trump DOJ actively investigating Halfords use of race in admissions policies    11/21/17  (1)
lmao at two midwest flat bros convincing each other sucking dick is alpha to alp    11/21/17  (2)
hotel tax    11/21/17  (3)
Ljl at "society" your more likely to find mentor on grindr than workplace    11/21/17  (1)
BTW - Judge Kozinski is sweating in his fucking robes right now    11/21/17  (18)
Trump vying to make Harvard 100% NOWAG    11/21/17  (48)
How much student loan debt do you have?    11/21/17  (28)
Blue-collar wages are surging. Can it last? (the economist)    11/21/17  (1)
How MAF does this have to make shrews?    11/21/17  (4)
Job interview = sitting in a room proving you wont fart for 3 hours    11/21/17  (3)
don't libs realize #metoo will damage libs more than reptiles?    11/21/17  (1)
What are the top 5 Thanksgiving movies?    11/21/17  (8)
Holy shit, bought a 100 million dollar Zimbabwe bill for the lulz 5 years ago    11/21/17  (11)
Explain to me again why a "Fat Tax" is unfair? Thank    11/21/17  (7)
why do arabs always start crappy little shops    11/21/17  (6)
Historically Gay Colleges and Universities    11/21/17  (16)
Rate Eric Trump's wife Lara (pic    11/21/17  (8)
Did you have a yaga shirt in the 90s    11/21/17  (3)
XO Federer SICK NEGS Dimitrov: "He FEELS LIKE He Deserves" #3 #tennis    11/21/17  (2)
Feel a deep sense of regret about the past    11/21/17  (3)
Newsweek: Trump says he looks up to George Washington, a known tree killer    11/21/17  (1)
Pls confirm receipt of this poast    11/21/17  (3)
You #spartanwarrior? Or a lil womyn loving athenian?    11/21/17  (1)
uspo's mom blowing Holden Thorp to get him into WUSTL    11/21/17  (2)
Prole Tell: Saying "Volley" Instead Of "Rally" re Tennis #ironside    11/21/17  (20)
check out this unhinged Newsweek article    11/21/17  (14)
Explain to me again why a "Flat Tax" is unfair? Thank    11/21/17  (20)
Order an android phone. Was cheap, but the social costs will be immense    11/21/17  (1)
when did Newsweek become absolutely unhinged    11/21/17  (6)
Bang Bang (My Rapist Asked Me Out)    11/21/17  (15)
"You faggot" (Doobs, pregnant, on hot mic at Earl's SCOTUS confirmation hearing)    11/21/17  (5)
Imagine your feelings about all these women if you didnt want to sex them    11/21/17  (12)
People are stupid thinking you can't live any length of time without food or wat    11/21/17  (9)
Holdup asking "how much pussy you getting big man?" Why?    11/21/17  (2)
Next shoe to drop: BigLaw Partners accused of sexual harassment    11/21/17  (2)
Grown men in suits walking around with poopy buttcracks    11/21/17  (54)
What does the end of net neutrality mean for me?    11/21/17  (19)
Lmao at SERIOUS MEN power walking to CLIENTS in suits    11/21/17  (8)
Imagine your feelings about all these hot men if you didnt want to sex them    11/21/17  (2)
36 former SNL women staffers release statement defending Al Franken (link)    11/21/17  (26)
investment strategy: put everything in BTC, put Roger Ver in a snuff film    11/21/17  (1)
Hey did u get abducted by aliens lol?    11/21/17  (2)
Lot of my center-left bros seem MAF over #metoo, more than BLM or any of the    11/21/17  (15)
'20 DNC: arena full of white women sit cross-legged, sharing 'survivor' stories    11/21/17  (5)
"Is he harassing you?" the white knight texted @ 11pm    11/21/17  (40)
EVERYBODY DANCE NOW    11/21/17  (5)
So public institutions are just purging themselves of alpha males right    11/21/17  (3)
Is there a doctor on this flight?! *Dr. Cool downs drink, puts out cigarette.*    11/21/17  (16)
First person view of what its like to be Chad (sfw)    11/21/17  (6)
Gonna move to SD and eat burritos with french fries with chilmata    11/21/17  (15)
Will companies still hire women after all of these sexual assault allegations?    11/21/17  (9)
What Is The Credited Thanksgiving Start Time?    11/21/17  (21)
FAA Has No Authority to Stop People From Throwing Live Turkeys Out of Airplanes    11/21/17  (2)
ITT overrated classic rock artists    11/21/17  (43)
Ordered $1k item from Amazon. Two came. DBG need your thoughts.    11/21/17  (16)
JJC, nyuug, DVP, exeunt, UVT, colt    11/21/17  (8)
Great MAGA week    11/21/17  (5)
kennys wife walking in on chandler nude on couch, covered in sour cream & fire s    11/21/17  (14)
Yuge antitrust nerd here. Anyone else PUMPED about this AT&T stuff?    11/21/17  (17)
"Shitlibs ruining the nuclear family" he grunted from his basement, swiping righ    11/21/17  (1)
CHANDLER YOU FAGGOT!!! GO SOLO!!!! It's not even a fucking decision.    11/21/17  (1)
Woymn: if boss doesnt take out for drinks, sexist. If he does, rapist.    11/21/17  (1)
Carl Spackler Just snapped me. Was speaking fluent gujuratti with his auntie    11/21/17  (39)
colt and spack to star in harold and kumar remake    11/21/17  (8)
If ur not buying TWX ur insane    11/21/17  (36)
For the last fucking time if your not downloading grindr rn you are INSANE    11/21/17  (7)
"hey, sorry we got separated at that bar last night. so where'd you end up? haha    11/21/17  (24)
tommy t, paulie p, rasqie, spack    11/21/17  (1)
lil "colt"    11/21/17  (2)
An epistle to the Gentiles: Who Cares If Harvey Weinstein Is Jewish?    11/21/17  (17)
Act of Valor is a 180^180 movie    11/21/17  (2)
Asked PDDJ To Make Sure Her Prole Goy Grandma Won't Send "MERRY CHRISTMAS" Card    11/21/17  (71)
HELP: I want to make a vid of 2016 HER clips set to Johnny Cash "HURT"    11/21/17  (2)
Iran Supreme Leader mocks Longhorn Network, whole parliament laughs (link    11/21/17  (1)
Natalie Portman: I Got Raeped On Everything I Ever Worked On    11/21/17  (47)
36 former SNL Orange Julius girls release statement defending Roy Moore (link)    11/21/17  (2)
Have only been single a few months since was 17. How badly did I fuck up?    11/21/17  (1)
My policy of avoiding all contact w/ women at work is being proven right    11/21/17  (4)
Charlie Rose seems to have a cr life    11/21/17  (25)
chandler let's go live in the middle east, fuck it    11/21/17  (1)
Max Wittek Mitch Mustain Matt Cassell Matt Leinart Matt Barkley Max Browne    11/21/17  (7)
Dilemma: Youre' dracula but all the humans around you have AIDS    11/21/17  (4)
Reminder: Chilmata lives in San Diego, TX not San Diego, CA    11/21/17  (1)
Barron Trump sitting in the Oval Office, BARRED THE FUCK OUT    11/21/17  (5)
#metoo (man o' war)    11/21/17  (1)
Good time Charlie Manson's got the blues    11/21/17  (1)
Just wrote my representative and senators re: net neutrality. you should too    11/21/17  (2)
XO Protip: Latch on to random old idiosyncratic failed forcememe & force harder    11/21/17  (1)
Irony of DBG's prole-Goy threading is that he's clearly a prole-as-fuck-Jew.    11/21/17  (2)
Make lawyering great again    11/21/17  (10)
/!\ Malia fucking white chads at Harvard /!\    11/21/17  (118)
*DESTROYS anti-asian AA* * BANS asians from the USA*    11/21/17  (8)
Holdup: wants to snuggle cuddle and fuck womyn: want your $ & victim status    11/21/17  (1)
that feeling of betrayal when your mentor comes on to you    11/21/17  (1)
Holdup crying lightly, "when are these bois going to see the light!"    11/21/17  (2)
U aint download grindr yet homie ljl its da shyt no crazy bitches on dhere mayne    11/21/17  (2)
so wearing a loose-fitting robe in your own home is now frontpage news    11/21/17  (2)
Senate bill raises taxes on 73% of households making $30k - $100k. Mark Wohlers?    11/21/17  (26)
Bro let me put you on to this app grindr, none of this divorce rape hysteria shi    11/21/17  (1)
"What you in for?" "Retro rape determination, you?" "Same"    11/21/17  (1)
Is this Harvard AA story an actual big deal or just posturing by Trump?    11/21/17  (1)
This mom got shamed for breastfeeding at Disneyland, and her response was epic    11/21/17  (5)
Just woke up from 72 year coma,Germany flourishing in year 84 of 1000 year Reich    11/21/17  (1)
With all these pervy celebs, nobody talks about ISIS torture anymore.    11/21/17  (2)
craterfaced fat spic ted cruz    11/21/17  (4)
All I Want for Hanukkah Is Jew!    11/21/17  (1)
PDDJ's Prole Goy Grandma Sent "MERRY CHRISTMAS" CARD. Huge Fight Ensued.    11/21/17  (73)
honiara and Cowboys and Franzens fingering each other's loose assholes    11/21/17  (1)
Jesus I didn't know Mueller was such a stud when he was young    11/21/17  (22)
i was born in the 1990s, grew up in the 1990s-early 2000s.    11/21/17  (13)
here's the thing about peterman and doobs    11/21/17  (162)
Predictit: Will Zuckerberg run for POTUS in 2020? Yes-24%    11/21/17  (1)
Obama - ruins Libya, Egypt and nearly gives Syria to ISIS. Trump: frees Rhodesia    11/21/17  (6)
Rate this Rhodes Scholar and her IPA tits boyfriend:    11/21/17  (10)
Just realized that MPM will be skewed this year because of Group 2    11/21/17  (3)
Know any lawyer who quit law to get MBA?    11/21/17  (21)
ITT, rating poasters as out-of-context scenes/openings from animes    11/21/17  (11)
*prints something out* *walks to printer* *someone already took what u printed*    11/21/17  (6)
"And he's practical mom, especially with money. We're really saving!"    11/21/17  (1)
Glenn Thrush committing suicide in bathtub to Magnetic Fields' '69 Love Songs'    11/21/17  (1)
Is Bill O'Reilly secretly orchestrating the sexual harassment hysteria?    11/21/17  (3)
why are women in professional occupations irritating and insufferable    11/21/17  (3)
Let's just give Harvard to the Azns, Columbia to Jews, Yale to gays,    11/21/17  (7)
Great political threads guys. Goof stuff. Loving these.    11/21/17  (1)
*shamelessly throws my panties at mpa*    11/21/17  (70)
Odd historical fact: Saddam Hussein was given key to the City of Detroit, MI    11/21/17  (1)
Vegas might ban cars from the strip    11/21/17  (3)
Books I've ready this Fall    11/21/17  (3)
REMINDER: President Nazi-manchild-in-chief literally gets into twitter fights    11/21/17  (4)
Does Mr. Jinx have a throwaway anus    11/21/17  (1)
New rules coming #tennis    11/21/17  (11)
Vox: age of consent needs to be raised to 20s    11/21/17  (163)
Charlie Rose suspended by CBS after 8 women accuse him of sexual harassment    11/21/17  (10)
Why do corporate workers say "I'm sorry I missed the mark" when apologizing    11/21/17  (7)
Op-Ed about Life in 2030 (link)    11/21/17  (1)
Lob Friend Returned 5 Overheads In A Row In Match Last Night #tennis    11/21/17  (5)
Does Mr. Jinx have a throwaway email    11/21/17  (5)

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