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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
Netflix reports shitty subscriber growth, down 14% AH    07/16/18  (68)
It is okay to be openly communist now    07/16/18  (13)
Gallup: Trump approval falls to lowest on record; lowest % going right direction    07/16/18  (9)
I don't see any reasons not to start rounding up libs/throwing in labor camps    07/16/18  (3)
I never understood the weird hatred for Obama    07/16/18  (15)
I want Tiger Woods to win another fucking Major already    07/16/18  (4)
Anyone have a good FORMULA to regain motivation to get work done?    07/16/18  (26)
110 IQ international affairs vaginas in Tina Fey glasses: TRUMP IS BEING PLAYED!    07/16/18  (6)
Fat prole on "inner tubes" in local rives    07/16/18  (33)
AMAZON IS DOWN    07/16/18  (26)
Do you rate Raheem Sterling?    07/16/18  (2)
Putin PWND Trump at Helsinki    07/16/18  (10)
How much house to buy on 600k HHI in a T1 city?    07/16/18  (80)
rsf.exe is seeking approval    07/16/18  (45)
GC "correcting" luis back to 40 more years of wageslavery    07/16/18  (76)
Trump approval rating being dragged down by child immigrant stories (link)    07/16/18  (17)
Interesting that Drudge isn't carrying water for Trump on Russia anymore    07/16/18  (2)
What happens with Russia after Trump? JFC    07/16/18  (2)
Appeaser-In-Chief Blames America First, Calls America Foolish and Stupid    07/16/18  (57)
LIBS please rate this timeline on US-Russia collusion    07/16/18  (19)
Gateway Arch is the shittiest national park in the national park system    07/16/18  (12)
Is SF poop problem exaggerated? SF poasters ONLY please chime in    07/16/18  (11)
BREAKING: another racism scandal at HARVARD    07/16/18  (8)
Russians must enjoy having their leader fellated by ours    07/16/18  (1)
this is the night mail crossing the border    07/16/18  (1)
cherry coke | marlboro reds | bleach    07/16/18  (1)
There is now a narrative that losing weight is UNHEALTHY for you (DTP)    07/16/18  (3)
Have noticed almost all my department copied my signature block    07/16/18  (7)
Trump criticized partisan, lying hacks who have delegitimized FBI? TRAITOR!!!    07/16/18  (1)
"Pigouvian Tax and Market Structure." Teen Vogue 125, no. 3 (May 2018): 713-760.    07/16/18  (10)
New Jersey (one of richest states) may have NO GOP Congressmen after 2018    07/16/18  (1)
carping vaginas and buttplugged Anderson Coopers critiquing Trump's realpolitik    07/16/18  (1)
I find liberal, above average looking women like Katy Tur intoxicating    07/16/18  (2)
unsolved mysteries was a great show    07/16/18  (3)
Best U.S. cities at these income levels    07/16/18  (4)
So my shitlib friends are freaking out because Trump apologized for America?    07/16/18  (29)
havent used my dick in months now    07/16/18  (2)
Stranger Things 3! (hehe)    07/16/18  (1)
Tucker: Mexico is hacking our election by packing the electorate    07/16/18  (2)
Muhammad reports great subscriber growth, up in year 14 AH    07/16/18  (3)
should i kill myself after work tmrw?    07/16/18  (23)
The comparisons to Trump's Charlotteville press conference are dumb ...    07/16/18  (8)
Is Florida as trashy as it seems?    07/16/18  (52)
could really use some cocaine right now    07/16/18  (9)
triple cheeseburger | dunhill internationals | enema of the state    07/16/18  (5)
is Florida full of bogans?    07/16/18  (1)
i'm truly loving & savoring the lib freakout today    07/16/18  (17)
American guy: "I deadlift 400 lb, so I can be attracted to my 400 lb wife" (DTP)    07/16/18  (6)
Next 3 weeks are the worst of the sporttt calendar    07/16/18  (12)
XOXO trumpmos lose all credibility with putin summit response    07/16/18  (118)
CNN just said we should "turn in" any Russians we know for potential spying    07/16/18  (4)
MAGA is now BOFR    07/16/18  (1)
Cillizza: The most stunning and shameful moment of the Trump presidency - link    07/16/18  (3)
Millennial reporters are a disaster    07/16/18  (37)
How did media and politicians ALL settle on the word "disgraceful" for Helsinki?    07/16/18  (3)
my cleaning lady asked me to borrow $400    07/16/18  (102)
American male explains troubles in coping with querulous FAT WIFE (DTP)    07/16/18  (15)
DNC chairman on hot mic: any way we can resurrect Joseph McCarthy?    07/16/18  (1)
was Nixon called Maos bitch for visiting China?    07/16/18  (49)
were any of you greedy WestLaw points PiGS in school?    07/16/18  (2)
Coinbase Says It Has Green Light to List Coins Deemed Securities    07/16/18  (2)
Jew stands behind Grey Alien --> 2nd jew --> Putin --> Trump eating cheeseburger    07/16/18  (1)
Sacha Baron Cohen gets Republicans to endorse arming preschoolers    07/16/18  (45)
Test drove the Subaru Outback and Honda CRV this weekend    07/16/18  (36)
Mary-Kate Olsen is married to some ugly Jewish Banker    07/16/18  (18)
Why didn't Trump condemn Russia for interfering in our election?    07/16/18  (1)
Trumptards, can we at least agree that we need a civil war?    07/16/18  (11)
Hollywood to remake Soul Man with Alexis Ren as the female protagonist (PIC)    07/16/18  (4)
Trump: "I will put world peace ahead of politics" Libs: "How dare u!"    07/16/18  (1)
CiCi Bellis sunbathing in a bikini, Jim_Kelly MAF #DBG #tennis    07/16/18  (1)
Post UNHINGED lib reactions to Trump/Putin summit (twitter, FB etc) ITT    07/16/18  (9)
Obeezy should hold off on ending it all until Trumpslide 2020    07/16/18  (5)
Fuck Amazons website    07/16/18  (1)
Mia Khalifa used to be fat AF    07/16/18  (16)
Rate this autistic chad (xo daily mail)    07/16/18  (2)
Tried to buy Instapot on Amazon but site was down, now unavial. Any lawyers here    07/16/18  (3)
$5,000 for a firm website?    07/16/18  (18)
Putin Claims U.S. Intelligence Agents Funneled $400 Million To Clinton Campaign    07/16/18  (9)
Autistic Chad's response to ur GF's question: 9.5204 inches or 24.18 centimeters    07/16/18  (5)
i what way will the American 'deep state' act to prevent a Trump presidency?    07/16/18  (18)
AUTOADMIT: The most prestigious neoconservative discussion board in the world.    07/16/18  (1)
Honestly feel bad for Putin. Having to hold off a crazy USA and false allegation    07/16/18  (1)
can't remember the last time we've had this many libs out of the woodworkat once    07/16/18  (2)
I have 10 grand invested in Baozun Inc. Shrewd or decadent?    07/16/18  (3)
*doobs using his IU law degree to dominate the truck stop handjob market*    07/16/18  (18)
LOL that Lindsey Graham has been kissing up to Trump lately    07/16/18  (1)
Met a truly alpha orthopedic surgeon today    07/16/18  (64)
Russia makes groundbreaking contribution to study of evolutionary biology    07/16/18  (2)
i can basically tell you the origin of every xo meme since 2004    07/16/18  (535)
What did Trump get out of this press conference?    07/16/18  (56)
Northwest Chicago suburbs    07/16/18  (12)
Autistic Chad blowing balloons with his condom after he fucks your GF    07/16/18  (12)
My gf thinks I'm gay because I sucked off a few frat bros during rush week    07/16/18  (20)
   07/16/18  (3)
"Racist Myths of 'Aggressive Nature' Keep Thousands of Pitbulls in Shelters" (NY    07/16/18  (1)
Ironside, Do You Remember The Hallo Berlin Cart?    07/16/18  (12)
ITT - one of the best 1960s Japanese Samurai movies ever made - Harakiri    07/16/18  (6)
sharklasers's (correct possessive form, fyi) diamond hard "peterman 5"    07/16/18  (5)
Boomer crashing plane in2 ur kids schoolbus as "Taking Care of Business" plays    07/16/18  (88)
I'm like Paul Newman in 'The Verdict', except w/ Cherry Coke Zero not alcohol    07/16/18  (1)
Thoughts on Swedish death metal?    07/16/18  (1)
"hehe pwnd those stupid libs" *drives bus off bridge as libs shriek*    07/16/18  (1)
Leif Dautch (Yale, Harvard Law, Cravath) Running for SF DA    07/16/18  (3)
RATE Justice Sotomayor's future law clerk    07/16/18  (76)
I deposit 1MM into TDA. XO Trades it. (with proof)    07/16/18  (59)
Luis, fully nude in banana republic dressing room snapchatting sharklasers    07/16/18  (21)
deftones- change (in the house of flies) playing as sharklasers stares at mirror    07/16/18  (4)
Russian gun rights activist Maria Butina arrested by FBI    07/16/18  (4)
ITT: The complete Q&A libs are latching onto for Russian fauxrage    07/16/18  (74)
sharklasers in bike shorts, lecturing you about the mind-muscle connection    07/16/18  (2)
Its either nuclear war or America surrenders to russia - trumptards    07/16/18  (4)
*professor automatically using gender neutral pronouns for sharklasers*    07/16/18  (10)
Putin, take the wheel - we trust you!    07/16/18  (1)
*Rudolph hooking his mom's corpse up to a car battery*    07/16/18  (16)
woke lib jews triggered by jewish supremacism. #DBG    07/16/18  (5)
Hypo: Putin does have a video of Trump fucking prostitutes. What result?    07/16/18  (4)
Californias Mortgage Fraud A judge says the state misused settlement cash to fi    07/16/18  (1)
American fats see weight loss as an unnatural chore they need REASONS to do (DTP    07/16/18  (5)
"be here now" mouthed boner police's hold in alan watts voice as u tripped balls    07/16/18  (1)
Norwegian police with guns call themselves Delta Force    07/16/18  (2)
My maid has a tighter cunt than my secretary    07/16/18  (1)
deadlifting makes me insanely horny for fat 5s.    07/16/18  (7)
biglaw lives matter working remote from Rumbleponies batting practice    07/16/18  (3)
Holy shit, rach just told me he disabled the "cancel" button for all the Libs    07/16/18  (3)
colt firing 2 belt-fed machine guns while I suck his dick to keep him awake    07/16/18  (82)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discusses Israel/Palestine.    07/16/18  (78)
I am a 26yo man with a mental age of a 14yo    07/16/18  (12)
You're telling me reckless neocons and America Last libs are 'upset'?    07/16/18  (9)
ITT we name the 3 best street foods    07/16/18  (10)
/*\ /*\ dailystormer reveals candidate who worked with guccifer 2.0 /*\ /*\    07/16/18  (20)
Trump working hard to win the communist vote    07/16/18  (1)
next stop on Obeezy's "I bet I can fit the whole thing in" tour?    07/16/18  (4)
i prefer peace to war, so i say kudos to President Trump    07/16/18  (1)
She came dancing across the water, Ocasio-Cortez.. what a killer    07/16/18  (2)
American guys obssess over "Deadlift" to get big enough for US women (DTP)    07/16/18  (1)
MAGA! he lisped, as Trump powerbottoms for America's enemies    07/16/18  (3)
Libs, can u honestly say that the country is worse today than 2 yrs ago?    07/16/18  (3)
*Mexico waving in millions of mongrels like 3rd bs coach* But Russ    07/16/18  (1)
So DBG couldn't watch Nadal lose b/c he can't press the On button on Saturday?    07/16/18  (3)
Why would 2 Susman Godfrey partners quit law to travel the world?    07/16/18  (52)
Loaves From All Over: World's Oldest Bread (14,500 Yrs Old) Found In NE Jordan    07/16/18  (1)
Can I retract my Trump vote? Wish I'd realized he's truly Putin's bitch earlier    07/16/18  (8)
Latham Chairman Career Ended by Sexting    07/16/18  (74)
who the fuck is this "froodfrood" cumfarter? lmao    07/16/18  (9)
rate the conduct of Presiding Judge of Texas Criminal Appeals Ct    07/16/18  (8)
Do Trumptards actually think that a POTUS meeting w Putin is a "normal"    07/16/18  (7)
nelson ahead of scott in florida senate poll, bredesen ahead of blackburn    07/16/18  (6)
New SF mayor: there is more shit on streets than Ive ever seen (link)    07/16/18  (2)

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