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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/12/18  (214)
per the Changes to Biglaw thread: is 30 minutes to respond a long time?    12/12/18  (1)
Birth control addled milennial chicks with perfectly rectangular bodies (pics)    12/12/18  (86)
ITT we list QUALITY brands and products which stand out in DURABILITY and VALUE    12/12/18  (104)
Someone willingly typed "Dupa" into the change username screen and hit submit    12/12/18  (1)
ITT: I rank the L.A. neighborhoods    12/12/18  (39)
famous songs with actually brilliant lyrics    12/12/18  (114)
GTH donating kids' Xmas gift money to ACLU, Doctors Without Borders    12/12/18  (9)
Earl post any pics recently    12/12/18  (19)
What is the most unprestigious sports team?    12/12/18  (84)
Niggerthreaders unite!!!    12/12/18  (32)
I think GTH is losing it. He's far too deep into XO these days    12/12/18  (8)
ATL: Paul Weiss promoting white people to partner is NOT OK    12/12/18  (15)
Here are my top 5 poasters of the year for 2018    12/12/18  (2)
MEGACHURCH pastor buys wife $200K LAMBO SUV #lawman8    12/12/18  (7)
Lol at these so called men who took bullets for chicks during vegas shooting    12/12/18  (1)
Rate me - 10 weeks post op (no tranny), 6'3 192 pounds    12/12/18  (27)
16 year old virgin wins trip to Sex Island hooker orgy with unlimited sex    12/12/18  (27)
Oh fortuitous brain eating amoeba    12/12/18  (3)
*Clutches Monkey's Paw* "I wish TT would return!"    12/12/18  (10)
What are the biggest backwaters in the US?    12/12/18  (20)
Smash Ultimate 12/12 megathread    12/12/18  (1)
this is golden age of xo    12/12/18  (24)
FF7 FPS 12/11 megathread    12/12/18  (5)
tommy turd is ruining every thread again...    12/12/18  (26)
Jfc just got AMOG'd by Chad Basement Virgin Pumo at XO party    12/12/18  (3)
Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper) has quite a nice bottom    12/12/18  (17)
poast ITT to cheer when ETH breaks $81 low on GDAX    12/12/18  (3)
which US city name is most at odds with its namesake?    12/12/18  (60)
Jfc just got AMOG'd by Chad at Xmas party    12/12/18  (8)
MY NAME IS EARL (FRAUD).    12/12/18  (1)
Doing a Kenneth Cole marathon tonight (earl)    12/12/18  (1)
Doing a Cole Hammels marathon tonight (David Fraud)    12/12/18  (2)
Libs force Oregon to remove Nativity scene from public park (link)    12/12/18  (1)
theory: women are bringing on civilizational destruction to experience rape agai    12/12/18  (12)
mr. jinx suing Bangkok private hospital after another missed pregnancy    12/12/18  (1)
/! First confirmed EBOLA case in GERMANY /!    12/12/18  (2)
Just settled case for 160k. Highest settlement yet.    12/12/18  (53)
CA Congressman Ted Lieu: I'd love to regulate content of speech (link)    12/12/18  (1)
I'm lifting weights in here, so take off all your clothes    12/12/18  (61)
Trump furious about getting embarrassed by Schumer    12/12/18  (28)
What fundamentally "broke" you? What was the point of no return?    12/12/18  (75)
Doing a Cole Hauser marathon tonight (David Morse)    12/12/18  (1)
Holy shit nyuug “speaks Korean at a 1st grade level”    12/12/18  (288)
If you wanna go a get a stim from me, turtleback in the nude with the big Ds    12/12/18  (8)
Pelosi to Trump: "So how did my ASS taste you stupid RETARD?"    12/12/18  (36)
Theory: diesel/luis will be balls deep in my stormdrain shitpipe by mid 2019    12/12/18  (1)
lol remember when it was revealed that TMF and TT were run by a mentally ill fem    12/12/18  (1)
Guy at greatful dead cover band show hired me to be gc 4 his startup (chilmata)    12/12/18  (10)
Told tinder date we are last generation to have to work and maybe last to die    12/12/18  (26)
Anybody else remember credit score flaming on XO for biglaw background checks?    12/12/18  (1)
NYT Tiny Love Stories    12/12/18  (3)
Got AMOGed by rainmaker today, calling in sick to biglaw tomorrow    12/12/18  (3)
SUICIDE and OBESITY rates decline under TRUMP! MAGA MAGA MAGA!!!!!    12/12/18  (5)
Thick hard mucus filling and choking your airways    12/12/18  (3)
How long into post-apocalypse before whole world is a Road Warrior rape bonanza?    12/12/18  (3)
Sports Illustrated features Christine Blasey Ford    12/12/18  (6)
Gonna go SARGING with the bros for thirsty Thursday tomorrow    12/12/18  (2)
Mike Pence: And for those reasons, I cannot, in good faith, pardon Donald J. Tru    12/12/18  (38)
why the FUCK did Cohen not just turn on everyone to avoid jail time?    12/12/18  (40)
Drafted indemnity Clause while peaking in quarter of shrooms (chilm    12/12/18  (2)
My NBA bets today: Celtics over Wizards, Detroit over Charlotte, Kings over Wolv    12/12/18  (1)
What is the most sickening example of GC?    12/12/18  (50)
The Official IFNB Songbook    12/12/18  (279)
Pelosi to Trump: "Turn over, I want to finish in your MOUTH you stupid slut"    12/12/18  (1)
Modern “America” is such absolute fraud shit it’s beyond sad    12/12/18  (2)
I NEVER write “thanks” in emails unless clearly appropriate    12/12/18  (8)
What other creepy American regions would be good for True Detective    12/12/18  (166)
lol the hotel gave me room 120 (chilmata)    12/12/18  (2)
Participated in "National wear your karate outfit to work day" today bros (chilm    12/12/18  (1)
Still "slow playing" things with Azn HR cunt. Visited her at hospice today bros    12/12/18  (20)
Should Luka Doncic win the MVP Award?    12/12/18  (18)
Children of Ted [NYMag]    12/12/18  (25)
rating 180 posters 120 and 120 posters 180    12/12/18  (7)
put up hitler flyers, get charged with felony hate crime    12/12/18  (2)
*catfishing chatbot starts hissing when u refuse to send nudes*    12/12/18  (1)
If ur a single guy and don't own an Air Fryer, ur literally insane    12/12/18  (24)
Rate the alphaness of this guy who was both SEAL Team 6 and Delta Force    12/12/18  (1)
Q for LL/tenant mastermen    12/12/18  (11)
Reese Witherspoon's 18 y/o daughter dressed like Sk8r Boi era Avril Lavigne (pic    12/12/18  (5)
bloodacre, I've been listening to Trey's acoustic shows    12/12/18  (1)
Yo MND, when are you going to lick your husbands butthole?    12/12/18  (7)
kinda bullshit they don't do an AP/coach's poll after Army/Navy this year    12/12/18  (6)
It's a good thing Luis lost all his money. Here's why. (DTP)    12/12/18  (19)
7-11: "Why are you jerking off!?" Bloodacre: "Uh, you said thank you cum again."    12/12/18  (1)
Why do libs hate DC movies? They worship MCU like they do Obama    12/12/18  (3)
"I will wait, I will wait, for food" (bloodacre on banjo)    12/12/18  (4)
Share this anecdote about Julian Castro with every shitlib u know    12/12/18  (8)
The American Republic [1776-2021] was the era of American civilization beginning    12/12/18  (1)
Cohen: 3 years in jail; Trump: $300k from a porn start / prostitute    12/12/18  (15)
Lol, libs trolling xoMichael Cohen over Hillary prison tweet (link)    12/12/18  (3)
Pence was such a mincing fucking faggot in that debate earlier today jfc    12/12/18  (23)
Rate Aaron Rodgers' reaction to a fan insulting his twink frame (link)    12/12/18  (20)
What is the most prestigious sports team?    12/12/18  (86)
xo Gavin on Nightline last night    12/12/18  (19)
Shitlawyers chase ambulances. The ambulances come to CSLG. That's the difference    12/12/18  (2)
libs point-and-splutter at xo Ann Coulter pointing out nature of Lib Coalition    12/12/18  (4)
We need to figure out what went wrong. Stop by my office. Thx    12/12/18  (2)
Holy shit, just realized that the title of movie "Drive" has dual meanings    12/12/18  (5)
I finally got a chance to review. Lot of edits needed before we send to client.    12/12/18  (1)
The client is asking for this ASAP. Send me what you have and stop by my office.    12/12/18  (3)
Mid probation review - boomer said I'm doing "fine"    12/12/18  (2)
why has chandler had 2 trials and kenny 0? if kenny the "brains" 4 motion practi    12/12/18  (10)
1 blank bump = 1 letter in support of TRUMP SHUTTING DOWN GOVT FOR THE WALL.    12/12/18  (8)
Rate this bass player ITT    12/12/18  (7)
today is the anniversary of my black lab's death    12/12/18  (30)
REPORT: Whites are SUICIDING 4X as much as MEXICANS:    12/12/18  (5)
Is it normal for Asian women at work to cat noises and dance around all day as    12/12/18  (6)
Ty Cobb and Marge Schott, XO's Patron Baseball Saints    12/12/18  (3)
Libs on FB are outraged over Trump's rollback of Michelle O's school lunch progr    12/12/18  (1)
XO Theresa May lives to fight another day    12/12/18  (7)
right = sociopaths = criminal types    12/12/18  (2)
How can pro basketball players be so bad at basketball?    12/12/18  (32)
*Do Not Get Married**Do Not Get Married**Cannot Stress Enough*    12/12/18  (150)
Sam Kinison on gays    12/12/18  (3)
What were the top 3 movies of 2018 in your opinion?    12/12/18  (9)
Are you bros more luisian or tommyturdskinian?    12/12/18  (14)
XO petition to ban DTP et al next bull market for good    12/12/18  (36)
wow those two elederly Jews really put Trump in his place    12/12/18  (15)
180 cruel irony that chill Luis is located right in heart of Silicon Valley (DTP    12/12/18  (19)
article decimating Gary V hustlefag culture (link)    12/12/18  (1)
A list of the worst all time xoxo posters    12/12/18  (9)
People who freak out about “spoilers” are universally low IQ.    12/12/18  (5)
you're so gay i bet you thought this flame was about you you're so gayyyy    12/12/18  (1)
United States v. AutoAdmit.com    12/12/18  (9)
Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge is nigger    12/12/18  (4)
Time traveller Rowan angrily confronting FATCEPS after Egypt tri    12/12/18  (28)
walmart and target are only companies whose customer retention increases Q1->Q3    12/12/18  (1)
A cross border data migration was performed    12/12/18  (2)
Prince Ali scene but it's Krampus rolling through Agrabah in his 2018 honda CR-V    12/12/18  (53)
Deep State is so incredibly mind-blowingly perplexed that Trump is 100% clean    12/12/18  (30)
when libs attack people's 'manhood'...    12/12/18  (15)
Strip down completely nude for chiropractic adjustment, cr?    12/12/18  (3)
i'm going to pin down assfaggot and lick his cute penis until he giggles cum    12/12/18  (6)
How does Trump "directly oppress people of color"?    12/12/18  (5)
Taking Qs BRIEFLY before going to RAGE in Helsinki    12/12/18  (51)
julian, the physicist kid at columbia, alex jones interview (link)    12/12/18  (11)
Brandless under FEMALE CEO has lowest customer retention among peers    12/12/18  (1)
Too many women in my workplace: Endless gossiping & complaining    12/12/18  (6)
I am a Baby Aryan, Not a Jewish or sectarian, I have no plans to marry, An Ape o    12/12/18  (6)
getting bored at work, not enough feminine gossip and complaining    12/12/18  (1)
PSA: Beware of So We Looked At The Data - he wants your personal info    12/12/18  (20)
clearly married south african chick just sent me her number via IG jfc women    12/12/18  (10)
what's fortawesome.com and what's its connection to xo?    12/12/18  (1)
xo Ann Coulter destroys Michael Cohen    12/12/18  (1)
Rate this xo poaster from Columbia (video)    12/12/18  (138)
so this "Black Wall Street" in Tulsa is a complete shitlib myth?    12/12/18  (6)

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