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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/10/18  (213)
how would Macron do on Tinder?    12/11/18  (7)
120 aspect of 'anti-thot' mentality : near impossible to scam incels on MMOs    12/11/18  (9)
Single women above age 30 must be desperate af    12/11/18  (20)
LOL Tumblr bans porn starting on Dec 17th. RIP Tumblr 2007-2018    12/11/18  (27)
when times get dark the "scholarship" moniker returns in a blaze of light    12/11/18  (1)
'Telly' from Kids is now a Biglaw partner    12/11/18  (1)
stuck forever as a scholarshipalt    12/11/18  (7)
princel    12/11/18  (4)
thesis: non-ironical traditionalism antithesis: non-traditional ironicalness    12/11/18  (1)
New job wants me to take a drug test    12/11/18  (27)
wtf happened in the last 30 years how is this possible    12/11/18  (8)
holy shit, another EDGY netflix/HBO tv show about white ppl being degenerate?    12/11/18  (5)
Holy shit nyuug “speaks Korean at a 1st grade level”    12/11/18  (202)
Biglawn    12/11/18  (1)
Discuss Changes in Biglaw Past Decade    12/11/18  (54)
Do you have a friend who tells you sex stories?    12/11/18  (26)
xo NYT: "Transgender Girlfriends 'Trendy, Affordable Option" for Modern Men (lin    12/11/18  (41)
*buries millennia of genetic development into a squat mayan*    12/11/18  (8)
when you unpack the logic behind libs' 'stormy daniels' POV, it's sick    12/11/18  (1)
Trump is cucking to big banks on consumer issues - SAD!    12/11/18  (5)
Is Trump the most famous person in the world?    12/11/18  (25)
would you recommend the novel 'The Pig Man'?    12/11/18  (2)
Who's this "fscknut" queer?    12/11/18  (2)
Trump tells his supporters “remember the 2nd amendment” in case of impeachme    12/11/18  (2)
Jorge Washington    12/11/18  (1)
coen brothers new netflix western "ballad of buster scruggs" cr?    12/11/18  (75)
Intense day on xo for luisposters    12/11/18  (78)
the sole purpose of the '1st Amendment' is to ridicule Christianity    12/11/18  (1)
why is DTP going so hard at Luis?    12/11/18  (4)
Rach, is there any way we can larger font sizes for NIGGERTHREADS?    12/11/18  (13)
Countries XO thinks are shit but a wealthy, strong, regional powers: 1. Mexico    12/11/18  (75)
Official December Feud Ending Thread    12/11/18  (1)
"oklahoma" sooners: QB1 WR1 RB1 & coach1 all from texas    12/11/18  (1)
'Ok, buddy, go out for long bomb...' *wings football at back of your head*    12/11/18  (1)
180 cruel irony that chill Luis is located right in heart of Silicon Valley (DTP    12/11/18  (10)
Thoughts on the Seiko SKX007    12/11/18  (18)
last year's OU team had a heisman QB1 & heisman backup QB    12/11/18  (2)
"I will wait, I will wait, for food" (bloodacre on banjo)    12/11/18  (1)
What is the GOAT atypical antidepressant    12/11/18  (5)
"luis": A Cautionary Tale About Grotesque Avarice    12/11/18  (1)
Dumb fuck in my uber line or whatever texting friend about ETH 3 mos ago "LONG T    12/11/18  (1)
How could Ivanka go for such a milksop like Jared    12/11/18  (2)
A coin's value plunged, a "Chillness" was expunged    12/11/18  (3)
what would you do if you were luis at this point?    12/11/18  (45)
44 former senators urge Little Marco and co. to grow a sack and defend democracy    12/11/18  (24)
I can't wait to tell a bunch of 36 year old bald jewish lawyers about this    12/11/18  (27)
State firm size, years practicing, and how much you will make this year.    12/11/18  (5)
BREAKING NEWS: New typo emerges from Presidential Twitter Account, Linguists fur    12/11/18  (1)
BABY RUBIO    12/11/18  (1)
Selfish Asshole Brought Booze To Shabbat Dinner For Only Him & Host To Enjoy    12/11/18  (108)
Chandler Trial #2 Day 3 - Closing Arguments (CSLG)    12/11/18  (38)
If Trump must go away in cuffs for Kushner to get pwnd so be it    12/11/18  (1)
bump this thread if u r 4 luis    12/11/18  (39)
Trumps best path to political survival is straight total war invasion of China    12/11/18  (2)
FUTURE/PAST : Christmas at Crystal Valley Mall (vaporwave)    12/11/18  (4)
one of life's paradoxes: comprehending motives of chaotic/retarded ppl is harder    12/11/18  (2)
why do olds and faggots try to forcememe Nas as some GOAT POTUS rapper ?    12/11/18  (1)
Would you vote for Tucker over Trump?    12/11/18  (31)
If I have a dash cam can I report asshole drivers to the cops?    12/11/18  (2)
I can't. My milk teeth.    12/11/18  (1)
it's weird how your teeth are the same teeth you've had since age 7    12/11/18  (1)
DOOBS! Here comes the DOOBS! Ready or not, here cum the boys    12/11/18  (1)
'Spencer's Mountain' (1963)    12/11/18  (1)
I of Minnesota shitlibs now demand tampons in men’s bathroom    12/11/18  (15)
"...I understand and respect your tradition, but MY family history is MY history    12/11/18  (1)
What would it take for YOU to become actively violent in the streets?    12/11/18  (27)
So Russians talked to Trump campaign but not Dem party/academia for past 50yrs?    12/11/18  (5)
if you're not excited about the Lion King remake you are dead inside    12/11/18  (59)
Tucker defended 'populist' John Edwards tonight    12/11/18  (3)
the level of methodical planning by James Alex Fields is breathtaking    12/11/18  (1)
"LaMarcus" aka Jin Park (born Chaim Rosenfeld) best known as Tom Brady superfan    12/11/18  (5)
Yale Law -> Kellog Huber -> Poker    12/11/18  (2)
How Meng Wanzhou’s Arrest Might Backfire [Bloomberg]    12/11/18  (15)
Mentally ill losers wasting their lives on xoxo    12/11/18  (8)
Can barely function in the winter due to insufficient daylight    12/11/18  (23)
Acting offended is a cheap way to gain the moral high ground    12/11/18  (2)
Any lawyers here want to explain the Charlottesville murder 1 conviction?    12/11/18  (107)
I was for luis before I was against him.    12/11/18  (1)
HOUSE RENO BROS - How $$ to raise the roof and add a story?    12/11/18  (15)
severe unmanageable depression    12/11/18  (7)
criminal genius James Alex Fields    12/11/18  (1)
'I want to use your mouth as a latrine...'    12/11/18  (2)
holy shit, "Soetoro" is available as a custom plate in FL    12/11/18  (1)
Washington Redskins change their name to the Washington Woke    12/11/18  (1)
RealTalk: beating the piss out of ur dad is alpha as fuck; TT never had a fight    12/11/18  (124)
1st degree murderer James Fields premeditated murder for months    12/11/18  (1)
Wellbutrin v Remeron v Zoloft?    12/11/18  (5)
Did pn nuke the thread where he calls out tt for never beating up his dad    12/11/18  (3)
Countries that are Safe and also SJW Free?    12/11/18  (28)
December 11, 2018. The day that nyuug got po boy'd    12/11/18  (1)
lol @ these pajama commercials w/ women dancing around in pajamas    12/11/18  (2)
went out with a tranny -- IOW, I had a Broad-Man Date    12/11/18  (2)
Life sized human po boy pulling unconscious colt from his burning car    12/11/18  (13)
me and colt opening a szechuan po' boy shop in Houston    12/11/18  (2)
The point of season 1 of True Detective is very Jordan Peterson-esque    12/11/18  (26)
Rathe this thin WOC teen with a big fat ass SFW    12/11/18  (9)
So nobody's going to discuss how big a cuck Kavanaugh turned out to be?    12/11/18  (24)
Family pet falls through ice.    12/11/18  (2)
LOL LOL you think ur not depressed, let me tell u    12/11/18  (3)
retard tell: being against abortion    12/11/18  (43)
Crazy fact, there r only 13 states even REMOTELY competitive in '20 election    12/11/18  (2)
ETH is almost abandonware now. Will probably drop below $100 by December.    12/11/18  (56)
What would it take for YOU to become actively violent in the sheets?    12/11/18  (1)
Who run the lots? DOOBS. Who run the lots? DOOBS.    12/11/18  (2)
Absolutely devastating tweet about bubbles that popped    12/11/18  (13)
Action packed 6-0 Monday Night Football game with two NFC powerhouses    12/11/18  (12)
BURN IT ALL DOWN    12/11/18  (1)
Glimpse of America: read sad proles bitch about cheapo auto loans    12/11/18  (1)
So is Paris even worth visiting at all now?    12/11/18  (125)
What are you getting your WIFE/GF for XMAS?    12/11/18  (55)
Trannies, we indulge you b/c we're kind and don't want to provoke your suicide    12/11/18  (7)
never seen anything like media Trump insanity    12/11/18  (4)
Genetically Modified Now Female Taking Q's    12/11/18  (30)
there is NO DEBATE: LeBron is GOAT    12/10/18  (2)
Truvada commercial tranny did a nude photoshoot in 2016    12/10/18  (9)
Cop shot in NYC - by ANOTHER COP:    12/10/18  (1)
why don't people like Bezos just retire?    12/10/18  (12)
Rate this South Park scene depicting modern wageslavery    12/10/18  (41)
I need to stop getting blackout drunk and having sex with short Jewesses.    12/10/18  (2)
best suburbs of Philly, Baltimore, and DC?    12/10/18  (1)
Lawyers, When Do You Use "Mr. ___" Instead Of First Name In Email    12/10/18  (29)
I can't change my moniker which makes me DEPRESSED    12/10/18  (3)
How much fun is it being a lawyer in San Fernando and representing BigPr0n Stars    12/10/18  (1)
Changes In Brain Scans Seen After A Single Season Of IFNB Competition    12/10/18  (1)
Interesting story from a former SS trooper - link    12/10/18  (14)
GC's putting depression juice in public water stream    12/10/18  (1)
lets try restoring crypto's value via using magic    12/10/18  (6)
Changes In Brain Scans Seen After A Single Day of xo Poasting For Young Poasters    12/10/18  (1)
depression juices slowly taking over your brain    12/10/18  (2)
Can u spell XRP?    12/10/18  (2)
Changes In Brain Scans Seen After A Single Season Of Football For Young Players    12/10/18  (17)
Planning to bang this bookish, busty librarian type off SA    12/10/18  (39)
Chinese people look like Lego figures    12/10/18  (2)
share your bar exam advice (california)    12/10/18  (15)
xo2008- most prestigious sportscar to cop? / xo2018- how to sex tranny pre-op?    12/10/18  (5)
now I've reached that age, I've tried to do all those things the best I can    12/10/18  (1)
No Chicago equivalent of NYC’s worst people    12/10/18  (10)
Ariande Grande looks like an inbred Mayan anorexic    12/10/18  (15)
What are some underrated SOUPS with MEAT?    12/10/18  (36)
How many Trump campaign bros will be in jail in 2019?    12/10/18  (1)
RATE this racist gif    12/10/18  (1)
NFL officiating has been insane this year - completely different game vs October    12/10/18  (1)
which xo2018 post is more likely not flame: post-op tranny or HVAC guy?    12/10/18  (1)
someone stop the planet, i want to get off    12/10/18  (1)
Rate this actress    12/10/18  (4)
ITT: I quote a post from 2006 and a post from 2018    12/10/18  (34)
Happy auntie! Pipe is arrive, do not resist or Love will not be "So Nice" haha!    12/10/18  (2)
How do guys like Dan Bilzerian avoid getting babbypwned by their harem?    12/10/18  (5)
If the Cohen/Trump campaign violence allegations are true, I disavow Trump.    12/10/18  (9)

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