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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
Trump finally says it: Democrats WANT illegal immigration.    06/19/18  (46)
Plaintiff's lawyers get ITT to make $$$    06/19/18  (30)
bird: chirping as you release it onto island of concrete statues to live out its    06/19/18  (3)
How long would you last if you were dropped off in the 1300's?    06/19/18  (84)
Lib HQ: "Here's what we're going to be upset about today." Libs: "Understood."    06/19/18  (6)
how proud are bort libs to know terms like "quisling" and "kompromat"?    06/19/18  (4)
"And such were the dirtbikes of The Poaster, tamer of raccoons."    06/19/18  (7)
any reason not to buy Mace dual "pistols" ($99)? (link)    06/19/18  (2)
lulzy Krugman oped crying about how Trump went after global capitalism    06/19/18  (1)
Drew and Discharged my Concealed .357 Magnum Today    06/19/18  (29)
Reasons not to killself    06/19/18  (17)
POLAND vs SENEGAL official thread~~~    06/19/18  (14)
At dinner with other G7 leaders, Trump defended Russia, bashed Ukraine    06/19/18  (7)
animeboi appreciation thread    06/19/18  (1)
JUICE fresh JUICEEEEEEEE JUICEEEE fukkkk TRUMPPPPPPP fukkkk CUMSKINS juiceeeeeee    06/19/18  (23)
Should Statutes of Limitations for Rape Be Abolished? Across the country, (nyt)    06/19/18  (9)
So wait, is TT actually unhinged about fruit juice? I thought he was talking $$$    06/19/18  (1)
Comey report has whole section on FRESH JUICE    06/19/18  (16)
So Stock market is basically flat in 2018 because Trump is a retard?    06/19/18  (24)
Trying to get wife pregnant. HELP ME (with advice, not cum).    06/19/18  (107)
Fuck yeah nembutal on its way!    06/19/18  (6)
Heartwarming: lib reunites baby with dad in solitary confinement cell    06/19/18  (1)
2d cousin: puling as you drag her to the butcher's block for infamy against the    06/19/18  (1)
Japan beats Colombia!!!!! LOL! Hope no colombians get murdered over this    06/19/18  (1)
libs want children jailed with their criminal parents?    06/19/18  (6)
Married 4 new girls this past weekend (15 girls total in Feb) taking ?s (BYUUG)    06/19/18  (118)
The ability to produce CHEAP FRESH JUICE is what society should be judged on    06/19/18  (30)
Rate this pic of my mom and me from 1975    06/19/18  (56)
So letting Stephen Miller dictate policy was a bad idea? Go figure.    06/19/18  (87)
"ima fuck his ass now" PN unbuckling belt, standing over knocked the FUCK out TT    06/19/18  (88)
Couple's FB fundraiser for migrants is getting $4K/minute (((GUESS RELIGION)))    06/19/18  (1)
TT ranting to Bangkok concierge how Trump tariffs prevented him from luxury suit    06/19/18  (3)
I like to watch soccer just to watch the big bulges flopping around    06/19/18  (1)
*Chip tp sucking Chris Hayes' clitdick in DC Union Station bathroom stall*    06/19/18  (8)
2nd cousin: Im not at all loose ;) Shrew TT: FUCK AMERIKKKA JUICEJUICEJUICE    06/19/18  (2)
Sucked a nigger's penis. What a fucking Faggot.    06/19/18  (1)
The 32 World Cup Teams Ranked By How The Size of Their "Attack" ;) (CNN, LINK)    06/19/18  (1)
AmeriKKKa and JUICE were 180 memes    06/19/18  (1)
Watching "Stick It"... again    06/19/18  (5)
Sideline Ref Cuck raises flag to call offside as 3 bulls run 2 spread eagle wife    06/19/18  (1)
Is Ted Cruz's proposal cucking or 4D chess to get everything patriots want?    06/19/18  (14)
Wife cheated and is pregnant. Need advice.    06/19/18  (29)
reminder: ameriKKKan Instagram models fuck dogs in dubai    06/19/18  (9)
What is this thing hidden next to the load-bearing backslash? (pic)    06/19/18  (6)
Important reminder about Trump and Russia    06/19/18  (74)
TT ur life sucks bc your shitskin parents thought u had a shot at being white    06/19/18  (1)
good, reasonably objective backgrounder on children/border thing?    06/19/18  (24)
Heather Locklear Beats Up Her Parents, Tries To Killself    06/19/18  (7)
Obama will be DONE HERE as a result of the wiretaps    06/19/18  (700)
6/19 Halle / Queens Spoilers #tennis    06/19/18  (3)
Moar like Anthony Bourdain't    06/19/18  (1)
do shitlawyers dream of nig voicemails?    06/19/18  (11)
paying exorbitant sums of money to replace your ethnicity with ugly brown ppl    06/19/18  (2)
Hillary Clinton BREAKS SILENCE on Child Illegal Immigrant issue on CNN    06/19/18  (9)
I used to be sympathetic to illegal immigrants    06/19/18  (13)
Just donated to RAICES    06/19/18  (1)
How to deal with nosehair?    06/19/18  (19)
I'm seriously disgusted by the poasters who've been hating on wmtp lately.    06/19/18  (5)
TRUMP: The US will not be a migrant camp. Not on my watch.    06/19/18  (52)
Reading XO poasts and listening to "Fight Song" is 180    06/19/18  (2)
DeBlasio is redpilling my shitlib Asian friends    06/19/18  (16)
JFC, 9-2 window to wait for aircon repair people    06/19/18  (75)
The cr side hustle is making prosthetic eyeballs and teeth    06/19/18  (7)
Letter from the ABA on forced separations of immigrants    06/19/18  (52)
Not a "feelings" guy, is it normal to open borders after seeing sad pics of chil    06/19/18  (2)
easy to buy cheap land in eastern USSR/siberia?    06/19/18  (1)
It's weird to watch an obvious propaganda campaign deployed in real-time    06/19/18  (50)
Rate this 32 year old MBB consultant shrew    06/19/18  (40)
At what point did television become a tool for mass brainwashing?    06/19/18  (5)
Is there any chance the child separation shit negatively impacts Trump?    06/19/18  (29)
Protip: Russia has Kompromat on Trump    06/19/18  (338)
Current top 10 World Economies by Purchasing Power Parity (in USD)    06/19/18  (10)
Does XO Federer Pass Connors' 109 Titles? #ironside    06/19/18  (17)
I just bought ten more shares of AMZN. Will it be at 3000 by Christmas?    06/19/18  (2)
deus vult what is the latest word on the <<<raccoon>>> question    06/19/18  (2)
After talking to Charlie tp yesterday I realized that humanity is doomed,    06/19/18  (32)
Serious q for libs: should policy be based on impact on cute family members?    06/19/18  (9)
Mighty Trump has even gotten harvard to turn on gooks. 180    06/19/18  (1)
Boomer bosses are all in a shitty mood because the market is tanking this mornin    06/19/18  (3)
*licks Peterman's asshole* "Hmm, tastes like traif"    06/19/18  (1)
Sexy Jewess MILF Fashion Blogger has baby will be skinny in matter of weeks #DBG    06/19/18  (13)
Google reviewer: Skadden wanted too much lettuce; spaceporn that's a law firm!    06/19/18  (1)
Cunts    06/19/18  (1)
Fox news watchers lamenting "propaganda TV"    06/19/18  (91)
Inglorious Bastards opening is criminally overrated    06/19/18  (10)
Ultraortho Rabbi: Barney Greengrass "Is As Treyf As A Pig" #ironside    06/19/18  (3)
Anthony Bourdain dead from suspected overdose (CNN)    06/19/18  (288)
any of u bros carry mace? is gel or mist better    06/19/18  (7)
The ideal candidate will have extensive experience listening 2 nig voicemails    06/19/18  (12)
CL takes yuge loan against case-then bitches about what she pockets at settlemen    06/19/18  (4)
Chi cop known as "nig whisperer" mediates gang disputes between various factions    06/19/18  (5)
tumblr of 40something milfs wearing their old high school cheerleading outfits    06/19/18  (1)
IG re Strzok: relentless biased comments, no proof of bias    06/19/18  (64)
I don't get it. How are the suburbs not soul-crushingly boring?    06/19/18  (51)
World Cup attracts the HOTTEST harem in the world    06/19/18  (54)
Man charters helicopter, impersonates General to impress married woman    06/19/18  (3)
We only know about this "child separation" thing because we watch the (((news)))    06/19/18  (1)
ur old: sarc is now a jag rear admiral    06/19/18  (4)
Born flame I practiced for three years before partner let me hear nig voicemails    06/19/18  (4)
What's the best way to post an unsearchable resume online?    06/19/18  (4)
Libs who claim to be against open borders are LYING (proof inside)    06/19/18  (8)
I'm back. But I still don't like any of you. (Edinburgh)    06/19/18  (3)
LFO's "Summer Girls" was a hilariously bad song    06/19/18  (7)
yall xoers need to take a minute to recognize Juneteenth    06/19/18  (7)
My GF just asked me what Behold A Pale Horse is about    06/19/18  (5)
XO Trumpmos have a lot in common with brainless BOOMERS    06/19/18  (4)
Edinburgh    06/19/18  (3)
remember the outrage over "shithole countries"? anyone?    06/19/18  (5)
Tyler Cowen: Stop sending anyone to prison because that breaks up families too    06/19/18  (7)
Xos Bourdain death prediction threads stuns 4chan. Now they want to poast (link    06/19/18  (96)
We must always arrest people coming into our Country illegally. Of the 12,000    06/19/18  (7)
girl lies about being raped. fined 200 pounds for ruining guy's life    06/19/18  (6)
Am I the only one getting these "Congratulations! Amazon.com User!" popups?    06/19/18  (4)
ur old: sarc now has 7 wives    06/19/18  (1)
*computer freezes**may need to restart**programs are running**are you sure you w    06/19/18  (25)
If I drink 1/2 bottle of red wine/night, am I an alcoholic?    06/19/18  (62)
an AMERIKKKA is DET, juicejuicejuicecece    06/19/18  (6)
Krajicek: Djoker More Complete Than Dr Federer #tennis    06/19/18  (1)
Jews: civilized, assimilated, get holocausted. Muslims: violent, crazy, celebrat    06/19/18  (134)
randomly generated moniker I just saw: "National gay wizard security agent"    06/19/18  (2)
Thinking of paying some rappers to drop "gay wizard" in some songs    06/19/18  (21)
"Don't wash your dick," RSF said as I set down my gym bag.    06/19/18  (127)
Hey spaceporn, they really should call it FAUX News amirite    06/19/18  (1)
Apologies (Edinburgh)    06/19/18  (39)
Hilarious how badly libs have fucked up on this immigration issue.    06/19/18  (2)
RAICES Texas is cleaning UP this week    06/19/18  (1)
I've got that megapoaster megapoaster madness.mp3    06/19/18  (4)
*Saul of Tarsus singing 1877CARS4KIDS as he writes up Jesus character*    06/19/18  (76)
Gucci Mane vs Lewandowski coming up, should be good!    06/19/18  (1)
"askav! time for bed!" "still waiting on that link to your best work, mom!"    06/19/18  (9)
Buddy works at sleazy hedge fund. Pursue jerb?    06/19/18  (10)
Family separation is Trumps Katrina moment    06/19/18  (55)
bain capital to acquire cheerleading outfit maker    06/19/18  (1)
Ottawa NHL team's best player and wife were being harassed by teammate's gf    06/19/18  (9)
xo matteo salvini to expel foreign gypies from italy    06/19/18  (4)
"Welcome to my harem," NYUUG mumbled as 2 girls boarded his Korea Tours rickshaw    06/19/18  (10)
Kris Kobach defended his voter law himself - you won't believe what happens next    06/19/18  (1)
What's the end game with the libs move on the child separation policy?    06/19/18  (37)
nyuugel to concrete bird: "welcome to my harem"    06/19/18  (44)
Italy completely has the EU by the balls and it's hilarious    06/19/18  (19)
Askav's Mom: Is he trying to do the flossy dance? Dad: No, he's still autistic    06/19/18  (7)
Trumpmos: explain how your life has improved since Nov. 2016    06/19/18  (28)
50% of FB posts: Repubs agree with separation! Other 50%: Trump losing Repubs!    06/19/18  (1)
Goalkeeper Boom diving arms stiff at sides saving a penalty in WC final    06/19/18  (1)
"Just another bitch in my harem" (askav explaining away mom's note in lunch bag)    06/19/18  (2)
Weighted blanket made out of dicks (free shipping)    06/19/18  (3)
Facebook drama over the immigrant kids is 180    06/19/18  (12)

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