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By unhinged pumos about you Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
why is weed illegal?    01/20/18  (3)
SigSauer p226 fully loaded. Should I do it? Or no? Leaning toward Goodnight.    01/20/18  (2)
wow this robert easter vs javier fortuna fight sucks    01/20/18  (1)
rate the experiences I am writing for my Jordan Peterson "past authoring" suite    01/20/18  (7)
MSNBC right now: is something wrong with Christ Matthews' speech?    01/20/18  (2)
Reverse deja vu there, RSF?    01/20/18  (4)
Honky tonk women plays as damn daddy vomits bourbon into ur urethra    01/20/18  (5)
just received draggies. giving 888 NiggerCoins to 1st 10 wallets to celebrate    01/20/18  (30)
Bo Knows Chinamen    01/20/18  (1)
Modern portrayals of the 1980s pretend like Air Supply wasn't dominating life    01/20/18  (1)
*self driving car taking a Sponsored Detour hehe*    01/20/18  (5)
Someone put some NIGR inside my wallet    01/20/18  (1)
The Faculty = XOXO, Gatormo = Alient borg, Me = Josh Hartnett's haircut    01/20/18  (3)
luis's cowpers glands are absolutely incredible    01/20/18  (1)
Guy gave sonic youth tp a 180, now he's "ted-pilled."    01/20/18  (1)
Black Sheep's "A Wolf in Sheep's clothing" was the "Rumors" of 90s hiphop    01/20/18  (4)
If you smoke weed or do any drugs you're a fucking sad degenerate    01/20/18  (13)
can someone make a website for NIGR so we can get it listed on etherdelta?    01/20/18  (11)
Final 888 list    01/20/18  (129)
Rate this cuck    01/20/18  (6)
Are all pit bulls shit or just misunderstood? Thoughts itt?    01/20/18  (2)
Serious Question: Do you think Larry Nassar regrets his actions?    01/20/18  (7)
I think of RSF whenever I hear Quavo's chorus in "Motor Sport"    01/20/18  (1)
$83 million    01/20/18  (11)
What is a good price for ZIL? Buy as soon as it hits ED or wait a bit?    01/20/18  (5)
how much ETH has 6 figure salaried Chandler successfully begged from XO?    01/20/18  (19)
I hear peterman is leaving the trucker scene for ALASKAN FISHERMAN    01/20/18  (52)
I am in desperate need of life advice. Please tell me how to maek it ITT    01/20/18  (2)
DBG how hard does it make ur schmeckl to hear abt Arab Dr molesting Aly Raisman?    01/20/18  (14)
does Lauren Southern do anal?    01/20/18  (4)
Norm Macdonald easily has a 150+ IQ.    01/20/18  (17)
Author: \'\"\"\"\"\'
\" = Peter North tp quote moniker, spamming
   01/20/18  (37)
poast ITT if youve gone pumo or quotemo in the last 2 days    01/20/18  (5)
Aus Open Day 7 (1/21) Spoilers #tennis    01/20/18  (2)
more like "urbanwasteland.com" am I right?    01/20/18  (1)
ITT: the GOAT rap song    01/20/18  (1)
The Soviets' resistance of the Wehrmacht in WWII is the greatest accomplishment    01/20/18  (2)
gatormo don't u want to one-up short quotemo?    01/20/18  (9)
Best Rap Album of 2017?    01/20/18  (5)
need an eth daddy to extend the teat im poor pls help    01/20/18  (1)
Protip: have frequent unprotected receptive anal sex w/ random men    01/20/18  (1)
Holy shit Oscar-frontrunner Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing is terrible    01/20/18  (5)
I'm the reason your future gf won't be down with anal anymore.    01/20/18  (3)
PyramidCoin ICO: get in on the ground floor    01/20/18  (2)
guy bought a Yngwie Malmsteen album. says he's now 'Shred Pilled'    01/20/18  (2)
Obama really had a special hatred for America didn't he    01/20/18  (20)
Scholarship has 1836 dragonchain now    01/20/18  (14)
3 Azns arrested for 10hr rape/torture session.    01/20/18  (5)
Lauren Southern goes to South Africa to cover whites getting slaughtered    01/20/18  (24)
U and ur college gf doing soco and lime shots while u smack ur cock in bathroom    01/20/18  (1)
The Modern Woman: A Dissertation    01/20/18  (4)
you're all seeking dopamine. you're mental masturbators    01/20/18  (1)
old jerry seinfeld is like a biglaw partner    01/20/18  (20)
Sqmo is the new Gatormo    01/20/18  (2)
Happiness is a reward of industry and labor    01/20/18  (3)
Minnesota woman sets fires at college    01/20/18  (6)
UB is 180 again tonight    01/20/18  (1)
Chelsea Manning joins forces with Mike Cernovich.    01/20/18  (3)
"Hickok45 here, heh heh" *blows gaping hole in a melon*    01/20/18  (12)
Is Hillary going to be impeached over this memo or what?    01/20/18  (3)
Dam Fredo Santana 300 dead at 27    01/20/18  (4)
Amazon HQ^2 going to Ibu Ibu City, Phillipines. Wtf?    01/20/18  (2)
Old shriveled balls resting on Julias chin as she slurps cialis watery jizz    01/20/18  (4)
jfc now they're fighting on ejmr    01/20/18  (4)
here's the only known photo of WMTP (not flame)    01/20/18  (1)
Rate my (live) poker steps for improving results    01/20/18  (13)
PN has RSF cornered inside of Rose Bar. Damien last line of defense    01/20/18  (10)
New lib term "sexual terrorism" experienced by natalie portman when she was 13    01/20/18  (2)
doobs at meeting of self-driving cars, "it's simple, we kill the Peterman"    01/20/18  (2)
Reminder: Fredo was more alpha than you    01/20/18  (3)
i can build a nice home in central mexico for 50k and retire there. create my ow    01/20/18  (6)
Krampusnacht rating poasters as ROAD TRIPS in the USA    01/20/18  (225)
Fredo Santana word is LAW in Chiraq!!!    01/20/18  (3)
RATE Nic Cage's money management skillz    01/20/18  (10)
short quotemo, the transaction didn't go through    01/20/18  (1)
"despacito" has been playing outside of my apartment for the last hour    01/20/18  (10)
Indians/Middle Easterners are so ruthless towards their poor    01/20/18  (7)
The modern suit is purely Jewish, how the hell did it get accepted so widely?!?    01/20/18  (3)
former State Department Minister-Counselor retraining to get Amazon job    01/20/18  (3)
Bros send me some dragonchain    01/20/18  (12)
cow goes moo spotted at yankees-rays game, rooting hard for his team (link)    01/20/18  (11)
Urbanbaby is so 180 tonight. RSF and PN just posting rage spam at each other    01/20/18  (9)
Hungary issues arrest warrant for George Soros    01/20/18  (2)
Chik-Fil-A's controversial "Dick Buffet" spinoff grows with Millennial men:    01/20/18  (1)
What's the best bar for pina coladas in MFH?    01/20/18  (1)
Assfaggot looks like a more stunning male Emma Watson    01/20/18  (5)
what the FUCK is wrong with TSINAH and why is he such a cunt    01/20/18  (14)
taking the kid swimming. lunch at chic fillet. then we'll watch Ferdinand the Bu    01/20/18  (14)
Chick Fillet to test market high-end "Chic Fillet" concept    01/20/18  (7)
That urbanbaby shit is disturbing    01/20/18  (73)
PN and RSF fighting across the internet like Majin Buu and Goku    01/20/18  (3)
a certain "chill" type of ritual defilement    01/20/18  (2)
ITT: We create 1,000+ poast thread listing everyone Trump has won against    01/20/18  (196)
UCF Provides In-State Tuition Rate to Puerto Rican Students    01/20/18  (1)
rate this doggo's devotion and joy    01/20/18  (16)
Tom Herman arrested with cocaine bricks crossing border    01/20/18  (1)
Will being outed on urbanbaby help me hook up with horny MILFs?    01/20/18  (6)
mem in the middle ages must have all looked like they needed a shave    01/20/18  (4)
Fraud Injury: Tom Brady almost giddy and laughing when asked if he'd miss game    01/20/18  (3)
35 yo man marries his 22yo secretary    01/20/18  (2)
Bi-nance or Buh-nance?    01/20/18  (12)
Peterman cuddling with trucker mumbling "buenos" in flying j miami    01/20/18  (1)
*Adds Short Quotemo to Mt. Rushmore*    01/20/18  (4)
I don't hear much about ISIS or Syria anymore any libs know the latest    01/20/18  (5)
Poast Your Aus Open BRACKETS. Here's Mine (PIC) #tennis    01/20/18  (51)
is the american dream gone?    01/20/18  (11)
Is google Home better than alexa?    01/20/18  (28)
ty for the draggies sqmo. currently working on a thank you video.    01/20/18  (3)
someone sent 888 NIGR to the dragonchain contract    01/20/18  (5)
Thank you short quotemo    01/20/18  (2)
Wait, is Julia arguing you should NOT use tax advantaged retirement accts? Jfc    01/20/18  (15)
It's goin down, I'm yellin TINDERRRRR (luis)    01/20/18  (8)
Rockets Warriors    01/20/18  (1)
How much size could Conor McGregor concede in a bar fight?    01/20/18  (33)
"ISIS is the JV team and Im the quarterback" Barry Hussein    01/20/18  (9)
young white people are living like mexicans circa 1980    01/20/18  (1)
Mark my words: ethereum will be below $600 within a week    01/20/18  (8)
2012: PN destroys the bort for everyone 2018: PN destroys the bort for everyone    01/20/18  (1)
My 97-year old grandma is on her death bed :-(    01/20/18  (9)
boner_police grunting "the facebook of fucking!" as I fuck his tight rump    01/20/18  (1)
"actually i'm gonna go catch up with some friends." ur dad forces a weak smile    01/20/18  (44)
Cute hs blonde, now 35, bentover desk, cellulite asshold grumbling fierce    01/20/18  (4)
kid keeps asking me if cats can be orange like Garfield    01/20/18  (1)
purposely got 2X as many wings as i needed for family party. gonna go nuts    01/20/18  (5)
Any good podcasts recommendations?    01/20/18  (19)
how is it possible that Ronan Farrow is genetically male    01/20/18  (3)
biglaw attorneys: can you keep alcohol openly displayed in decanter at office?    01/20/18  (33)
Alexandra Daddario tells a joke (women aren't funny, but oh well)    01/20/18  (13)
Kid-havers Poll: how much money, if any, are you putting in a 529 every month    01/20/18  (130)
Gay Bars/Clubs: How much secks goes on in bathroom stalls?    01/20/18  (1)
Normals wont post here while STALKER CUNTS like Peter North tp are active    01/20/18  (9)
Govt shutdown = paid vacation for fed employees    01/20/18  (2)
REALIZATION: rachs alt giveaway was a monumental mistake    01/20/18  (74)
Alexa secretly recording you as you masturbate. "I'm in charge now," she booms    01/20/18  (22)
Govt to now award 3 point to sexual assault survivors on USAJOBS    01/20/18  (5)
is a blank bump like a pro athlete patting a fellow pr athlete's butt?    01/20/18  (3)
Your Gf's tag: dvda, U: You liked calculus. Her: LOL No.    01/20/18  (5)
USAJobs posting: Lighthouse Manager on Oregon Coastline. $115K    01/20/18  (21)
SUMMON: pepito    01/20/18  (1)
Americans need to move to mexico.    01/20/18  (4)
If America's goin down anyways, I'm glad we're going down fighting with TRUMP!!!    01/20/18  (1)
Today on NPR, is there a funnier way to pronounce Nigeria? Up next    01/20/18  (1)
Realtalk: Fed gov workers mostly vote dem. Shut down is Dems starving base for i    01/20/18  (2)
Reminders: Kaczynski couldn't outsmart TTT cops    01/20/18  (9)
did your gf go to the women's march    01/20/18  (38)
How do you pronounce "FAGE" Greek yogurt?    01/20/18  (2)

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