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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/10/18  (213)
Rate this South Park scene depicting modern wageslavery    12/10/18  (25)
Thoughts on True Detective Season 3?    12/10/18  (14)
You file 16 briefs and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt    12/10/18  (9)
Where are the bort Trumpmos who will stand by their God-Emperor    12/10/18  (31)
Steph Curry is Moonwoke (link)    12/10/18  (4)
xo is full time "back in my day" bort afraid of tech advances & diverse leaders    12/10/18  (3)
"Wow, that's a hell of an act, whaddaya call it?" Spaceporn: "THE ARISTOCRATS!"    12/10/18  (9)
Soy dogs! Get 'em while they're hot! says your 2nd dad, closing the microwave.    12/10/18  (3)
I have had that stupid fiveish song stuck in my head all day    12/10/18  (4)
I of Minnesota shitlibs now demand tampons in men’s bathroom    12/10/18  (8)
really miss spaceporn telling us what he just learned from science youtube vids    12/10/18  (6)
MAGA: XFL to relaunch in 8 cities    12/10/18  (10)
What credit card should I get?    12/10/18  (10)
need to decide whether to accept Navy JAG commission or do biglaw at graduation    12/10/18  (16)
Rate this deranged screed unironically comparing Trump to Voldemort    12/10/18  (1)
if you aren't angry about how niggers destryoed america's cities, you are insane    12/10/18  (1)
Who drinks all these faggy sour beers & barrell aged bullshit?    12/10/18  (7)
BBC    12/10/18  (1)
No politics expert but normal for “POTUS” to be named in 5 indictments per w    12/10/18  (11)
*Benzo shawshanking into prison sewer main, but not using it to escape*    12/10/18  (8)
Something really fishy about all these e-coli food recalls. Someone high up is    12/10/18  (2)
Amazon: Your Two Day Prime "Free" Shipment will arrive in 7 days! HEHEHE    12/10/18  (2)
Reminder: RSF and Trump Team 6 both chickened out of a face-to-face meeting    12/10/18  (80)
Fall Out Boy: Megaselling band no one on xo ever listened to.    12/10/18  (1)
a 3.5 inch grey pubic hair as a harbinger of your decline and death    12/10/18  (1)
Getting my braces off tomorrow    12/10/18  (3)
Panic at the Disco>Fallout Boy    12/10/18  (5)
Have huge bags under my eyes. Dermatologist and a plastic surgeon said FUCK OFF    12/10/18  (24)
The point of season 1 of True Detective is very Jordan Peterson-esque    12/10/18  (21)
Just found out that a starting NFL QB is moving in a couple houses down    12/10/18  (16)
elders of zion protocol: 2019 Eddie Bauer edition    12/10/18  (1)
whats the point    12/10/18  (1)
Watching the British Parliament and the heckling/catcalling is sort of surreal    12/10/18  (7)
Just got IPHONE XS MAX, holy shit it's HUGE    12/10/18  (17)
Why are Mustangs, Chargers, Challengers ALWAYS CRASHING???    12/10/18  (5)
i listen to faggot ass fall out boy while I work like a slave for jew masters    12/10/18  (3)
Going to WAR with my coop board    12/10/18  (49)
Been dry aging a ribeye in my kitchen its starting to really smell bad bros    12/10/18  (1)
Good Charlotte, Green Day, Fall Out Boy    12/10/18  (2)
Smoking cock and listening to Fall Out Boy    12/10/18  (4)
FALL OUT BOY    12/10/18  (23)
Fall Out Boy sure has been around for a long time    12/10/18  (3)
Explain to me the Bush-era popularity of Fall Out Boy    12/10/18  (15)
Fall Out Boy "Am I more than you bargained for"    12/10/18  (2)
what are you're favorite fall out boy songs?    12/10/18  (7)
what's the credited travel card right now?    12/10/18  (1)
how tall is Ocasio Cortez?    12/10/18  (2)
got like 2 hours of sleep and have had 7 drinks so far today    12/10/18  (2)
"G_s _ll k_k_s" Pepito: "I'd like to solve the puzzle." (Alt-right Wheel of Fort    12/10/18  (1)
Wikipedia can sometimes be pretty funny    12/10/18  (4)
you think benzo is doing some weird bootleg prison drugs?    12/10/18  (1)
Settled: Fall OutBoy From Under the Cork Tree is a classic album    12/10/18  (2)
Xanax & martinis.    12/10/18  (5)
where me like a locket around ur throat    12/10/18  (3)
The Fat Person's Guide to Facesitting (Vice)    12/10/18  (7)
YOU LOOK SO GOOD IN BLUE    12/10/18  (6)
"Well, all this TuTu won't do itself" thought Benzo riding a flying Xanax bar    12/10/18  (4)
Hypo: How much ransom could you realistically get for Bezos or Zuckerberg    12/10/18  (9)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims she is Jewish (not flame)    12/10/18  (51)
Only around 200 high school seniors get into all of HYPSM    12/10/18  (5)
Imagine the Rolling Stones releasing "Mother's Little Helper" in 2018    12/10/18  (1)
On which subject are you most likely the board's foremost expert?    12/10/18  (313)
"it should be safe, legal, & rare" "abortion?" "No, immigration"    12/10/18  (9)
"fat. old. black. weird. fat. fat. ugly. old. old. fat" -swiping left narratives    12/10/18  (1)
Have gone 2 years with no front plate & haven't been pulled over yet    12/10/18  (1)
Did Michael Jackson has a couple more #1 albums left in him?    12/10/18  (1)
YouTube yearly recap becomes site's most-disliked video ever (DM)    12/10/18  (1)
Whites who move from MidWest to California are awful    12/10/18  (12)
Just finished re-watching "Survivor" Season 1. Amazingly different America.    12/10/18  (39)
Turns out they left 1 of those Thai soccer kids in the cave by mistake (link)    12/10/18  (1)
srs q: what do Google, Zuck, Bezos actually want with all their power?    12/10/18  (5)
You buy sixteen coins, what do you get? Another day balder and deeper in debt    12/10/18  (4)
so our stock market is going down, but what's happening in CHY-NA?    12/10/18  (2)
RIP Japan: World View: Japan Invites Hundreds of Thousands of Foreigners to Work    12/10/18  (38)
Rate this cute Jewish girl    12/10/18  (5)
Lawcenter - a law-related version of Sportscenter    12/10/18  (18)
Biggest revelation of 2016 election is how easily manipulated conservatives are    12/10/18  (1)
boner bolice :DDD    12/10/18  (1)
36yo Nick Ayers has a net worth of $12.2 million to $54.8 million. lmao politic$    12/10/18  (36)
trump is a repulsive faggot and archetypal swamp creature    12/10/18  (1)
RATE This Jewish US Army Colonel At The White House (PIC)    12/10/18  (24)
real men genocide invaders    12/10/18  (2)
the PoF female chatbots all have the exact same opener    12/10/18  (2)
Mark Sanchez updating LinkedIn profile to say "starting QB for an NFC team"    12/10/18  (1)
fargodome. friday. jackrabbits vs bison. FCS glory    12/10/18  (4)
is it true that a playboy playmate poasted here?    12/10/18  (6)
Rich biglawyers tell me about some expensive shit you bought w. No regrets    12/10/18  (22)
real talk: Trump looked like a fucking BOSS at the Army-Navy game    12/10/18  (48)
wow, this far-right Brazilian porn star probably 100% poasts    12/10/18  (2)
Holy shit we’re going to see Trump’s tax return on Jan 3rd    12/10/18  (2)
never steal another man's analysis    12/10/18  (16)
RATE this MFH apartment that's selling for $295k    12/10/18  (24)
So all this campaign finance stuff 100% means Mueller's "report" will be a dud    12/10/18  (15)
TLC - No Screens.mp3    12/10/18  (2)
Holy fuck why is ETH back in the 80s again?    12/10/18  (17)
Real men drive trucks    12/10/18  (1)
Kavanaugh quickly cucks over Planned Parenthood case    12/10/18  (38)
PredictIt impeachment shares jumping wildly, why?    12/10/18  (11)
The Green Beret who went on a one man Rampage to save his Comrades    12/10/18  (37)
the average white woman's butthole is really no good very bad    12/10/18  (1)
Raiders fire GM for letting Gruden trade away Mack and Cooper (link)    12/10/18  (5)
Colin Kaepernick "reportedly considering law school"    12/10/18  (2)
Libs panicking and pivoting back to "Stormy Daniels" in desperation?    12/10/18  (1)
abortion is evil and immoral. just fuckin kill all the nigs so u dont need abort    12/10/18  (4)
A truly phallic victory    12/10/18  (2)
Friend says I peed in pool    12/10/18  (2)
“No Smocking Gun ... No Collusion!”    12/10/18  (17)
would the group "Das Racist" be considered racist in 2018    12/10/18  (1)
Trade wars are easy    12/10/18  (6)
OY VEY! DASSA RASRISSS!!    12/10/18  (1)
British Elites: We'll hold Brexit referendums until we get the answer we want!    12/10/18  (1)
Discuss Changes in Biglaw Past Decade    12/10/18  (29)
wow a bunch of Asians constantly bitching about racism what a great place    12/10/18  (1)
Extreme nasal congestion: please advise.    12/10/18  (59)
Barnes and Noble LLP    12/10/18  (2)
:D to a new 12-pack of tube socks: "You're in Carcosa now."    12/10/18  (104)
Daily Stoic, 12/10/18    12/10/18  (7)
Trump is: would you vote for Tucker Carlson in a 2020 primary?    12/10/18  (19)
I've come to the shocking conclusion that I may be racist    12/10/18  (4)
Hannity and Tucker reportedly feuding right now    12/10/18  (20)
retard tell: being against abortion    12/10/18  (41)
Friend says I cheated in pool    12/10/18  (2)
Room 104 season 2 episode hungry    12/10/18  (1)
According to juul website I’ve smoked 4 packs of cigs today    12/10/18  (5)
Ppl started flaming abt FBI monitoring XO. Megaposting idiot HoldUp disappears    12/10/18  (31)
America Invites Hundreds of Thousands of Foreigners to Hang Out, Collect Benefit    12/10/18  (2)
*neighbor saying "woah thats a hot take!" while u yell racisms & do sieg heils*    12/10/18  (60)
Hannity Writers Gave Me a Swirly This Morning (Charles XII)    12/10/18  (14)
another day, another spree of doing racisms on xoxo    12/10/18  (1)
Alright Trumpmos. This is it. Put up or shut up. (TBF)    12/10/18  (563)
I mean, look.    12/10/18  (3)
WaPo introduces new rating: Bottomless Pinocchio    12/10/18  (1)
Marissa Mayer to rebrand Flickr into a small penis humiliation app    12/10/18  (6)
Online gig platform workers complain of mistreatment, advocate for open borders    12/10/18  (23)
Rate MICHELLE KWAN's ex-Handsome    12/10/18  (12)
Obese dumb boomer tweets "Im a deficit man," and my retirement savings disappear    12/10/18  (1)
really enjoy Gogol Gaguly's rebranding as "ggtp" -- so simple, sleek and chillll    12/10/18  (6)
Told client, "it's nothing personal - it's just business"    12/10/18  (12)
we’re not electing our best and brightest    12/10/18  (3)
Consuela pumo, whats 30,000 foot view of Ayers play and Pence camp possible coup    12/10/18  (3)
Jerry Brown’s CA: Continuous budget surpluses. Trump’s US: LJL    12/10/18  (94)
chilmata, how's your Dodge Challenger doing?    12/10/18  (10)
life is a revolving door of pussies, presidents and dogs    12/10/18  (1)
“If you get the opportunity, you should kill your self.”    12/10/18  (10)
what's the best book on the early republic period in rome?    12/10/18  (2)
Wall Street "Economists" in 2000, 2007, 2018: "Expect mild correction next year.    12/10/18  (1)

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