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Real talk: people who recline their seats on planes are utter fucking proles and    01/22/18  (49)
Libs self immolate as pussy hat marcher reveals uncomfortable truth.    01/22/18  (45)
Chelsea Manning joins forces with Mike Cernovich.    01/22/18  (21)
Getting close to applying a wrench to my forearm.    01/22/18  (112)
XO British Airways Bans Reclining On Short-Haul Flights    01/22/18  (3)
Aus Open Day 8 (1/22) Spoilers #tennis    01/22/18  (44)
Guaranteed 3-5x cryptocoin in 4 weeks itt    01/22/18  (33)
I refuse to watch Stranger Things on principle    01/22/18  (2)
the sinister "Hehe" is one of the greatest all time xoxo memes    01/22/18  (13)
Daily Stoic, 1/22/18    01/22/18  (3)
post pics of the borderline/minimum level for clinical obesity in genetic female    01/22/18  (6)
Daddy, I wish to live as a bird does. RSF's Dad: finish your JD    01/22/18  (87)
Super Bowl Betting Thread    01/22/18  (8)
Women aged 28, 30, 24, 43 pose in bikinis together    01/22/18  (5)
LJFL @ xo taking the side of my Faggot Turdshit dad w/o knowing any of the FACTS    01/22/18  (89)
Bernie Madoff sees ETH news flash on prison TV: "haha holy shit"    01/22/18  (101)
Cliffs on RSF meltdown?    01/22/18  (75)
PN to RSF, LtDan, charlie brown + alts: "now youse cant leave"    01/22/18  (14)
this world is unfathomably beautiful    01/22/18  (3)
What % of population is aware that Catholics, Jews and Muslims worship Saturn?    01/22/18  (4)
Does xo make you mentally ill? Or does mental illness make you like xo? Or is it    01/22/18  (1)
Steve Bannon is back in his bosss good graces [NY Mag]    01/22/18  (18)
xo Tacitus on the Jews ( incl. Saturn reference)    01/22/18  (16)
hoep twins is doing ok    01/22/18  (1)
holy shit, tamerlane is back and posting as "Talk to Your Kids About Negritos"    01/22/18  (13)
just took #1 best thickest, longest shit of my life, taking q's for 4 minutes    01/22/18  (21)
A sinister looking oil painting of Halford winking at your son    01/22/18  (6)
Reminder: Mexican immigrants in SoCal literally don't NEED to speak English    01/22/18  (4)
why do people think the term beaner offends me when i actually like eating beans    01/22/18  (1)
HAHA SO RANDOM! *jumps on BBC*    01/22/18  (124)
Ben Carson 13th in line for Presidency, Betsy DeVos 15th    01/22/18  (13)
A message for all the disingenuous peoples of Europe    01/22/18  (1)
Serious point (RSF)    01/22/18  (69)
I lol heartily at your bitterness (RSF)    01/22/18  (397)
List of Asian Taunts Collected for Posterity (With help from JBD    01/22/18  (41)
Orange County is ready to clear out the Santa Ana riverbed homeless encampment.    01/22/18  (12)
Got drunk and pissed on 'you-know-who's' grave last night. Sup DORKS?    01/22/18  (3)
Read a book as a child, about a kid surviving in wilderness, living inside tree    01/22/18  (17)
Belicheat should have all "wins" vacated and put in prison for life all money    01/22/18  (4)
Hang the DJ was the only good episode of S4 Black Mirror    01/22/18  (6)
Getting full ride to law school doing biglaw and Bickel and Brewer in TX cr?    01/22/18  (3)
WMTP w/ a chopstick in each nostril, barking like a walrus while I fuck his ass    01/22/18  (104)
Shitting on monikers (even obsessively) is okay, outing info is not okay.    01/22/18  (12)
How much do the "consulting" practices at biglaw firms like Bickel & Brewer make    01/22/18  (2)
lmao, NYUUG got outed by the Japanese media    01/22/18  (11)
Reminder: Only RSF & his fagbois/obvious alts claim UB spammer is Peter North    01/22/18  (19)
Xo Lindsey Graham just destroyed Stephen Miller    01/22/18  (75)
A message for all the indigenous peoples of Europe    01/22/18  (4)
"the clean white glory of truth" = front runner for "biggest faggot of 2018"    01/22/18  (15)
what is the pt of microsoft's gay as fuck "app store"?    01/22/18  (3)
is it still suicide if u hire a deepweb hitman to kill you???    01/22/18  (7)
rate this pakistani chick    01/22/18  (1)
THE 156 LSAT JUGGERNAUT    01/22/18  (9)
Fuck this: E! News berating Alison Brie about her in-law James Franco's allegati    01/22/18  (1)
Trump and DEMS have pushed me hard right - Would have supported DACA    01/22/18  (2)
XO James Woods on the Women's March    01/22/18  (11)
How much would you pay to watch PN and RSF battle to death in the Coliseum?    01/22/18  (22)
"you just might be a goyim"    01/22/18  (61)
OY BUY THE DIP, MOSHE    01/22/18  (2)
How odd is it that a single Jew whispering in POTUS ear may be the last line of    01/22/18  (8)
"Print the Tethies!"    01/22/18  (7)
Imagine all the Bantus...    01/22/18  (2)
Gucci    01/22/18  (5)
Liberal woman moves to Haiti, get rapes by black man, blames white men    01/22/18  (5)
Meet Ms. Sweden!    01/22/18  (5)
Went on 2 dates, she ghosted. Next month she apologizes    01/22/18  (30)
Feel like I need to do a DEEP SOAK - fasting, no booze, lots of water    01/22/18  (1)
should I buy an F-150 Raptor?    01/22/18  (42)
Have no idea wtf is on TV anymore    01/22/18  (13)
Dr David Duke ENDS modern liberal women in a single tweet    01/22/18  (21)
Onion Article Profiles Numerous Xo Poasters in Thoughtful, Reasoned Screed    01/22/18  (1)
rate this picture depicting 90% of XO NOWAGs    01/22/18  (2)
People don't make jokes about how Judge Crater is still missing anymore    01/22/18  (1)
Sephiroth's sword stabbing ur childhood crush like CHADCOCK & adulthood crush    01/22/18  (12)
TINYCHAT TONIGHT    01/22/18  (16)
need charlesxii to rank the star wars films as norwood levels + hair creams    01/22/18  (2)
Any poasters willing to share their GF/Wives?    01/22/18  (2)
How much money would you pay to disfigure Brady and Belicheat?    01/22/18  (2)
Buy VEN immediately    01/22/18  (197)
Do you think Belicheat and Brady have had buttsex?    01/22/18  (2)
Watchmen scratching "Gucci" onto a Truvada pill with a used syringe    01/22/18  (108)
biglaw attorneys: can you keep alcohol openly displayed in decanter at office?    01/22/18  (43)
Looking for God. How to become conservative Catholic or Orthodox bro?    01/22/18  (26)
"indian aunty"    01/22/18  (1)
Gently rocking Uncle Pradeep is reading J. R. Kipling poem to Tommy in his lap.    01/22/18  (16)
Trump's America: Two Army Captains Do FAGGOT Marriage At WEST POINT    01/22/18  (25)
Hope the eagles cripple Brady for life jags robbed more cheating    01/22/18  (1)
Do I have a "dadbod" stomach? (NSFW pic)    01/22/18  (41)
Haha sorry again about last night. I think I've been masturbating too often lol    01/22/18  (23)
Chelsea Manning joins forces with Mr. Jinx    01/22/18  (2)
Taking black seed oil now.    01/22/18  (30)
anyone here actually WANT to be on a jury?    01/22/18  (54)
They want to touch me and rip my clothes off me I'm so hot.    01/22/18  (3)
Anything more alpha than shamelessly taking shirtless photos of your fat gut    01/22/18  (6)
34 years old. Obese. Just got my first tattoo. Taking questions ITT.    01/22/18  (20)
60's: biggest social and cultural change in U.S. of any decade    01/22/18  (2)
Holdup    01/22/18  (6)
"I'm a stable genius!" Said the unstable retard    01/22/18  (7)
*sharklasers riding bike against traffic w no hands, browsing Grindr*    01/22/18  (11)
Dreezy is a talented female rapper from Chicago. Cute too.    01/22/18  (2)
new 7/11 has growing wall of shoplifters behind counter. all are black.    01/22/18  (1)
Watch the SNL Trump Sketch That Broke the Premise of SNL    01/22/18  (42)
lawman whenever you look up your name next, watchmen is a fucking muslim    01/22/18  (3)
Chelsea Manning: Carousel of Chad cock ,paid to give talks...You: purell at desk    01/22/18  (8)
RATE what this Bumble shrew said to me the night after one night stand    01/22/18  (22)
"Commercials" have gone overboard with social engineering and propaganda    01/22/18  (4)
Reverse deja vu there, RSF?    01/22/18  (13)
haha sorry about that, but to be fair, we've been married for 5 years and you    01/22/18  (4)
"But how do we prove Trump sucks?" "Let's shutdown govt over illegal Mexicans!"    01/22/18  (13)
"The Atlantic" is completely insane    01/22/18  (2)
Is San Francisco a good place to spend a week?    01/22/18  (14)
The thing about the cryptos and honestly most investing: you need $$$$ upfront    01/22/18  (14)
YNY: Fired Engineer Damore Sues Google For Discrimination Against White Male Con    01/22/18  (242)
echo echo echo    01/22/18  (1)
it's good + healthy to end every week by dwelling on the pointlessness of it all    01/22/18  (1)
Life hack: if ur gf is texting BS hit her with dat "lol I guess so. I guess so"    01/22/18  (9)
unspoken truth: the load-bearing slash failed us today    01/22/18  (3)
Lol @ steroid balls playing PN and RSF like puppets    01/22/18  (3)
I think its wrong for Dems to care more about illegal immigrants than Americans    01/22/18  (5)
Tide really turned against RSF. Sad    01/22/18  (21)
I think it's wrong that Democrats want to shut down the govt to protect illegals    01/22/18  (7)
haha sorry about this, i have a cold and i guess sudafed is a vasoconstrictor    01/22/18  (1)
so Dem position is to hold government hostage for illegals?    01/22/18  (36)
really craving a nice pot-roast meal right now    01/22/18  (1)
REMINDER: with nazis in charge, the US will no longer take care of its own    01/22/18  (12)
In an alternate universe, an xo lawyer grows up in a quiet midwest town    01/22/18  (6)
Ljl at Trumptards from shithole states    01/22/18  (13)
Weirdest moment for Bush presidency: Shoes thrown at him. Trump Pres: Every.Day.    01/22/18  (32)
Ljl at Trumptards. Even Bannon realizes what a Russian puppet moron Trump is    01/22/18  (4)
Obamandias - a poem    01/22/18  (41)
BITCHMADE Trump keeping Iran deal in place    01/22/18  (11)
The world in the future will remember Trump for 1. Fall of America 2. Idiocy 3.    01/22/18  (7)
Top 4 of the 10 largest banks in the world are now (((Chinese)))    01/22/18  (14)
REMINDER: Bannon, alt right leader and Trump's former #2 confirmed Russian ties    01/22/18  (10)
Chief of Staff: "Wall is a stupid fucking idea and we will never complete it"    01/22/18  (4)
Trump: Presidency analogous to Homer Simpson: Stone Cutters    01/22/18  (7)
is Trump sabotaging 'negotiations' to hang 'obstruction' tag on Dems in mid-term    01/22/18  (1)
'Your Pussy Hat' a poem    01/22/18  (10)
Vladmir Putin says Kim Jong Un is winning against Trump    01/22/18  (5)
Can't wait until UrbanBaby moms take their arguments to XO    01/22/18  (57)
REMINDER: President Nazi-manchild-in-chief literally gets into twitter fights    01/22/18  (16)
Trump & Tard followers: "America First!" *Dissolves US Primacy throughout world*    01/22/18  (13)
Outdoorsiness peaked in the 90s    01/22/18  (45)
Harvard now majority non-white    01/22/18  (39)
Just looked outside. Not a Trumptard in sight    01/22/18  (4)
Young Women Are Using A.D.H.D. Drugs in Greater Numbers, C.D.C. Reports    01/22/18  (2)
Bros, what slow cookers do you have? and what are their pros/cons?    01/22/18  (17)

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