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STICKY: New account requests   04/09/18  (203)
Today could be a very mentally ill posting day for me (DTP)    04/21/18  (12)
Korean woman in USA more likely to marry HANDSOME than Korean. Explain, nyuug    04/21/18  (13)
liberals are smarter than conservatives and have more sex    04/21/18  (3)
So many college students are just fragile, anxiety-ridden basket cases    04/21/18  (4)
GQ declares 21 novels you dont need ro read. Spoiler alert: all by white males    04/21/18  (249)
Rate this video of MELANIA looking sexy    04/21/18  (18)
the bible? nah, fuck that shit. not relevant.    04/21/18  (11)
Are there any liberals on this board? If so post ITT    04/21/18  (22)
a recent lateral just failed the bar    04/21/18  (4)
If you actually read WLMAS screeds, it is evident that he is the dumbest person    04/21/18  (42)
poor angry white men elected a supply side neocon OH WHAT A SHAKE UP    04/21/18  (1)
late antique christians: dont read ovid it will corrupt you; modern libs: don't    04/21/18  (1)
Whole squad full of fucking billers, I'm a biller too.    04/21/18  (1)
sp here. at bar. burger order in. martini in hand. fiddle and banjo live.    04/21/18  (10)
THIS. CHAD. IS. ON. FIIIIREEEEEEE. (Jilted Shrew GF)    04/21/18  (1)
Its all bullshit. all of it.    04/21/18  (1)
I enjoy eating at McDonalds.    04/21/18  (11)
Stunningly hot law prof Nancy Leong gets kidnapped, almost raped by Uber driver    04/21/18  (290)
Why are all 5 living former POTI snubbing Trump at Texas A&M fundraiser?    04/21/18  (3)
Starting my all out war and rampage on XO will be fun!    04/21/18  (1)
Avici? Really go kill yourselves and glad this no name loser is dead    04/21/18  (1)
if u had told me 18 years ago that now i would be    04/21/18  (63)
Rate this elementary school review    04/21/18  (3)
WLMAS making DMX "ruff" and "growl" noises as he megaspams anti-Trump shit    04/21/18  (33)
Do most NGOs have 'Take Your Niece With You to Work Day' policies?    04/21/18  (2)
On Saturdays I clean my room b/c the Son of Man, Jordan Peterson, tells me so    04/21/18  (1)
The Secret Sax Slavery of Alex Mack    04/21/18  (1)
lib logic of damning the original thing, lauding its imitation    04/21/18  (3)
Know anyone who quit jerb and hiked entire PCT/AT?    04/21/18  (5)
revivalists - wish i knew u plays as u cry about avicii in a mountain meadow    04/21/18  (2)
Didn't capitalize the letter "b" when writing about blacks. Firm wants to fire    04/21/18  (2)
u'll nevr forget where u were when avicii died    04/21/18  (12)
if ur dream house isn't in cleveland idk what to tell u    04/21/18  (17)
Law teens in firm copy room, leaning against big vibrating copier    04/21/18  (3)
{*}{*}{*}{*} AVICII MEMORIAL SHRINE ITT {*}{*}{*}{*}    04/21/18  (14)
"I'll just drink my way out of this!" (WLMAS in a giant tub of liquid feces)    04/21/18  (2)
Halford feat. Sam Smith, "OH WON'T YOU STIIIIIM WITH ME!"    04/21/18  (2)
Serious thread: should I go to AA?    04/21/18  (221)
alcoholic fatherless nigger tp    04/21/18  (4)
Avicii dead at 28    04/21/18  (63)
Damn Daddy loving me until I learn to love myself    04/21/18  (6)
"Don't worry, there's plenty more gay shit coming up!" *audience roars approval*    04/21/18  (15)
"No Mom, I haven't lost my virginity yet. As soon as Trump is impeached."    04/21/18  (7)
Who cares about America? Its a joke where any 65iq tard can be on top    04/21/18  (6)
Guns Rise To Record High as Top Problem (Gallup poll)    04/21/18  (22)
There's not enough cum. (bloodacre in a jacuzzi bath with ALL cum, no water)    04/21/18  (85)
How delicious is cum? The drink    04/21/18  (4)
Your 911 operator: Aint nobody got time for this. For real.    04/21/18  (7)
*tremolo picks JCMs CLITCOCK with a Dunlop Big Stubby pick*    04/21/18  (1)
Electrical engineers: how do you make a touchscreen?    04/21/18  (13)
Getting drunk watching Mueller feast on appetizers    04/21/18  (2)
spackler, can u play rate these timberland x stussy boots?    04/21/18  (2)
WLMAS is the best current poaster    04/21/18  (6)
Teen slowly suffocated by back seat of Honda. Called 911 dispatch didnt do shit.    04/21/18  (63)
Dicks from My Fathers    04/21/18  (9)
(WLMAS on his 310th day of 'Bereavement': 'I rarely post on weekdays')    04/21/18  (3)
How delicious is Coke? The drink    04/21/18  (15)
Allan Bloom's 'Closing of the American Mind' more relevant than ever    04/21/18  (1)
Why do libs insist on continuing to live? It's really annoying    04/21/18  (1)
3rd world Russia, overrun by stray dogs/cats, starts Big CULL before World Cup    04/21/18  (2)
Carl Spackler, M.S.W.    04/21/18  (5)
Rate this law teen from University of Texas (pic)    04/21/18  (8)
We have a good stable of alcoholics right now: muscadine, dr. thunder, WLMAS, dr    04/21/18  (17)
"Just give me the Carl Spackler" I lisped to my hair stylist.    04/21/18  (9)
white people need to take their football (western civilization) and go home    04/21/18  (1)
Pretty cool god knew birth control would turn women into pigs, said "no!"    04/21/18  (61)
New chess game where black goes first sells 3.2 million sets in first hour (link    04/21/18  (1)
The thing about WLMAS, y'see....he's completely fucking retarded.    04/21/18  (1)
Ok I figured it out. WLMAS = Michael Moore It all makes sense now    04/21/18  (7)
white heterosexuals are the only humans capable of empathy    04/21/18  (4)
Holy fuck, WLMAS (autistic black doobs quotemo) is spazzing the fuck out    04/21/18  (14)
What's a "law teen" exactly?    04/21/18  (1)
Spaceporn uses exclamation points more than any other poster    04/21/18  (5)
cop gets kicked, falls to ground paralyzed    04/21/18  (2)
Shakespeare and the whole fuckboi canon need to go.    04/21/18  (1)
Shitlibs don't call cops on homeless man waving knife, he kills man    04/21/18  (7)
Lol at fag Clevelanders trying to infiltrate this Nebraska Husker bort.    04/21/18  (1)
Jordan Person is the archetypal White Man    04/21/18  (1)
talking w some arabic bastard on the soccer field now    04/21/18  (3)
im still laughing at female, african american, and chicano lit. ty bluesmoke    04/21/18  (4)
Man sitting with 5 y.o. daughter in lap at restaurant stabbed to death by Jamal    04/21/18  (6)
Chomsky dead    04/21/18  (7)
What does it mean to look 'Midwestern'?    04/21/18  (9)
Holy shit - troll-looking parodies of humans torture, kill Vietnam vet in Cali:    04/21/18  (11)
Teen crushed to death by car seat - another freak accident    04/21/18  (1)
MLB the show 07    04/21/18  (17)
It's a little strange that xo still exists and even thrives    04/21/18  (29)
Boomers embrace van life.... $75,000 van life    04/21/18  (2)
Oscar we la Hoya extorted for $2 mil over sex tape involving kitchen utensils    04/21/18  (3)
WLMAS, JJC, and Obeezy    04/21/18  (11)
This Smallville actress sex cult thing is still completely insane to me    04/21/18  (27)
Got cucked by my neighbor last night    04/21/18  (1)
PSA: Trump "staffing" fictional 2020 campaign = desperate witness tampering    04/21/18  (13)
Any CA Corporate Securities MFEs here?    04/21/18  (3)
My dad turned down a spot to do PhD EECS at Stanford to work    04/21/18  (1)
hey boner police - can you please compliment urself and bump it with 40 alts?    04/21/18  (2)
Schopenhauer exposes the college $cam    04/21/18  (15)
The bumps of WLMAS's Mueller threads will blot out the sun!    04/21/18  (6)
99% of this country is not 'woke' and are brainwashed    04/21/18  (1)
xo is a haven of sanity, screamed the mentally ill autist clitdicks    04/21/18  (13)
Giannis Antetokounmpo...wtf. look atthis guy    04/21/18  (17)
Wlmas your father may not appreciate you but I do    04/21/18  (2)
What is your SHOE size?    04/21/18  (7)
Rate this Brooklyn Law Professor    04/21/18  (25)
possible to lose ~50 pounds in 2 months?    04/21/18  (2)
Amanda Bynes single-handedly disproving lol white women (sorry NOWAGS)    04/21/18  (42)
Why do irish age like shit?    04/21/18  (89)
millenial truck driver exposes truckstop showers in youtube video    04/21/18  (1)
What does it mean to look 'Southern'?    04/21/18  (11)
evan39 wounded in "beer aisle putsch"    04/21/18  (12)
Scherzer embarrasses Kershaw. When will libs admit he's better?    04/21/18  (1)
Starbucks To Open Express Lane For Non-Whites    04/21/18  (9)
When did degree collecting start becoming a thing?    04/21/18  (7)
Rosentwig - Hiraeth    04/21/18  (3)
Starbucks announces all POCs will get free coffee in May    04/21/18  (1)
Gun control movement based on protesting at school on Saturday over skipping cla    04/21/18  (1)
Real talk: I've noticed Southerners look inbred and many are morbidly obese    04/21/18  (1)
are reptile, why do you troll for the USSR? putin as the new czar, restoring the    04/21/18  (7)
Lol at Kellyanne Conway's solution to Trump's impotence re Rosenstein/Mueller    04/21/18  (3)
I'm moving back to midwest w/in 1 mile of where I grew up    04/21/18  (11)
Retard Trump: "Cohen won't 'flip' on me," implying there's something to flip abt    04/21/18  (8)
Shrew bragging about her 5 degrees    04/21/18  (1)
Another day, another brand new Communist warship joins the fleet    04/21/18  (4)
Rate this law teen from Florida Coastal (pic)    04/21/18  (15)
xo 2017 is Consuela, lawman8, clown penis/Jared Kushner, WLMAS. JFC    04/21/18  (34)
Wlmas I want u to sneak out of ur farmhouse to make out with me behind the barn    04/21/18  (2)
metaphysics is gay whats your IQ    04/21/18  (1)
Reminder: lawyers/doctors are just middling to dumb IQ grinders    04/21/18  (2)
Alcoholic WLMAS is going to get his ASS FUCKED by the state bar    04/21/18  (11)
Rate this black model    04/21/18  (5)
Imagine WLMAS as one of your IRL bros    04/21/18  (50)
Any of you bros watch the Danger Mouse cartoon growing up?    04/21/18  (3)
JJC | PN | UVT | Steroid Balls | WLMAS | LJL at xo    04/21/18  (4)
Vnesheconombank    04/21/18  (4)
Does your GF/wife ever wear "fuck me" boots?    04/21/18  (62)
biglawyer here, describing my budget for my first yr of biglaw    04/21/18  (28)
GC has coined many insidious terms, but none moreso than, "disposable income"    04/21/18  (10)
Oh fuck bros, Jordan Peterson will be on Bill Maher on 4/20    04/21/18  (28)
2nd cousin: ungh. Shrew gf: NGO    04/21/18  (3)
Pride goeth before a fall    04/21/18  (2)
ITT: Ways in which women waste $$ because of stupidity or physical weakness    04/21/18  (147)
Sad truth: even if collusion occurred, FBI is not competent enough to uncover    04/21/18  (59)
I pwnd deadbeat benzo btw how to get on welfare? (TSINAH    04/21/18  (5)
Is biglaw like mad men    04/21/18  (14)
boner_police's ass cheeks jiggling like jello as I play them like bongo drums    04/21/18  (5)
When a shrew says she works for an "NGO", what is this code for?    04/21/18  (14)
Im cool, edgy, and 14 years old. Here are my thots (boner police)    04/21/18  (24)
Mass killers should start using gas    04/21/18  (1)
even nigs & spics don't read "Chicano/afam lit" lol    04/21/18  (6)
Are hero Tomi Lahren confuses milquetoast with milk toast.    04/21/18  (6)

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