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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/12/18  (214)
Guy charged w/HATE CRIMES for putting up FLYERS - how is this constitutional?    12/13/18  (38)
evan39 goes to the basketball court (pic)    12/13/18  (44)
How Meng Wanzhou’s Arrest Might Backfire [Bloomberg]    12/13/18  (41)
Hannity is literally retarded    12/13/18  (1)
ITT-you rate me as a poster and I rate you, irrespective of how you rated me.    12/13/18  (1)
What is the most unprestigious sports team?    12/13/18  (107)
The Black Students’ Organization demands that the University pursue disciplina    12/13/18  (24)
This racist paramedic hates some people; he needs to be fired (WaPo)    12/13/18  (39)
Libs, if Nazis walked really far to get to France would it still be an invasion?    12/13/18  (5)
If ur a single guy and don't own an Air Fryer, ur literally insane    12/13/18  (69)
Amazon worker at Orlando facility stole customers' items & sent them empty boxes    12/13/18  (5)
What is Cohen being sentenced for?    12/13/18  (53)
Can never remember going to a doctor and having a health problem resolved    12/13/18  (74)
50 hours into a WATER ONLY FAST. Taking Q's.    12/13/18  (34)
the sound of 20 million incels thumping against an evolutionary wall    12/13/18  (2)
good king wenceslas but its BP braving the snow to pwn “communty acct”    12/13/18  (28)
TRUMP works 14 hours on Wed after Pelosi THERMONUCLEAR destruction    12/13/18  (6)
1998 Academy Awards had 57 million viewers.    12/13/18  (1)
Sending a $100k demand letter tomorrow with 12/24 deadline    12/13/18  (2)
business idea: XO but only backspace threads and replies    12/13/18  (5)
backspace rate this sign in front of an episcopal church    12/13/18  (4)
when libs attack people's 'manhood'...    12/13/18  (16)
Mohammed Don't Surf    12/13/18  (3)
Run auntie run as fast as u can u cannot escape the CHOCOBAR man    12/13/18  (5)
Those envelops at HW funeral had code word for imminent alien attack of Earth    12/13/18  (1)
MEGACHURCH pastor buys wife $200K LAMBO SUV #lawman8    12/13/18  (44)
"Excuse me, sir, I--" *briefcase full of exit bags spills open*    12/13/18  (4)
no, srsly. how STUPID are you that you think 'the wall' makes any difference?    12/13/18  (13)
Crazy bitch RT Reporter stands on RUNWAY as RUSSIAN Bomber lands in Venezuela    12/13/18  (1)
Youtube channel surveys Korean attitudes toward military service    12/13/18  (40)
Insane army dood in pickup truck took 20 mins at Mickey D's drive thru    12/13/18  (1)
Taking Kenny and Chandler to Fogo De Chao (CSLG)    12/13/18  (59)
Boy Scouts Considering Bankruptcy    12/13/18  (67)
rate this Ann Coulter retweet    12/13/18  (2)
Hypo: A single 40 year old white male becomes POTUS. What type of women can he    12/13/18  (6)
Is ETH stuck in the 80s?    12/13/18  (5)
is there a better dance song than Show Me Love by Robin S    12/13/18  (1)
What's going to happen when dem politicians are all AA minorities?    12/13/18  (19)
Anyone ever taken PEP?    12/13/18  (1)
Buy a Tesla 3 before year end?    12/13/18  (11)
Rather be: famous -1- actor -2- NFL QB -3- politician -4- biz man -5- scholar    12/13/18  (32)
60 years ago, 'Mika' would have been lobotomized by now    12/13/18  (2)
Poll: What day does the Mueller Report drop?    12/13/18  (41)
Metalbros: what do you think of this video?    12/13/18  (1)
Should I get an extended 2 yr bumper to bumper warranty for $2k    12/13/18  (9)
will beat the ever living fuck out of these poasters during the Luis fight    12/13/18  (9)
remember when spaceporn went insane and committed defamation against kenny?    12/13/18  (1)
if this Time Cycles chart is accurate ETH will dump until 12/31    12/13/18  (6)
pop in a juul pod fag    12/13/18  (2)
Rate this selection from a newspaper editorial from July 1867:    12/13/18  (5)
support at 100 is bedrock    12/13/18  (5)
Thoughts on smoking??    12/13/18  (21)
Someone explain the sjw “I feel unsafe” meme    12/13/18  (1)
Odd ca$e! Very intere$ting! Off to pig 🐽 pig 🐷 pig 🐖 farm has u go!    12/13/18  (82)
seems like there is NO WAY crypto could crash further. time to go all in?    12/13/18  (4)
Libs stamp feet and sue any male-only organization out of existence?    12/13/18  (1)
Ukraine has an Asian Prime Minister in 2005-6    12/13/18  (5)
Conference call simulator    12/13/18  (5)
plan to open "THe diarrhea butt fart school of law"    12/13/18  (4)
*slips on Lib-Vision VR helmet* 'Oh wow, look at all the women/children @ border    12/13/18  (1)
Krampusnacht bawling, vomiting dal, screaming Wakanda Forever at 8pm showing    12/13/18  (13)
Twitter should display tweets as tiles, not stack them in a vertical column    12/13/18  (4)
How would Obama have reacted to caravan    12/13/18  (11)
Eth hanging out in 80s = acceptance of price, get ready for 50s!!    12/13/18  (1)
really, really want to hear Trump at rally over-enunciating 'Butt Boy'    12/13/18  (2)
*John Cusack voice* Robert fucking Mueller    12/13/18  (2)
minimum net worth to live the tommy t lifestyle?    12/13/18  (38)
Incoming NY Attorney General: I will use office to harass the President and his    12/13/18  (19)
dat 1:30 am call from a blocked phone #    12/13/18  (1)
So muler is a big failure just like before ?    12/13/18  (3)
signing off biglaw emails "Wakanda forever," credited?    12/13/18  (4)
white woman goes crazy on subway, assaults azn woman (video)    12/13/18  (8)
deleted post-credits scene where ancient wakandan scientists invent shampoo    12/13/18  (1)
Crazy Mika, folks. She called him my... 'BUTTBOY'-- *angles head*-- ay-yi-yi    12/13/18  (1)
Witch hunt!    12/13/18  (1)
Tranny here, taking Q's, SERIOUS ONLY    12/13/18  (30)
Trump is going to wind up like Pinochet or Marcos dodging prosecutors into old a    12/13/18  (7)
Just finished day 2 of no drink.    12/13/18  (1)
Jews have the right idea in keeping their traditions alive w/ *irony*    12/13/18  (3)
@KamalaHarris f we want to live in a world that looks more like Wakanda, the fir    12/13/18  (52)
Dating a dickgirl and mutually fingering each other's prostates    12/13/18  (7)
Women on dating sites are all fat, ugly, even crippled    12/13/18  (6)
So South Africa should be "Wakanda" in 10 years or so, right libs?    12/13/18  (11)
skinnyfat xo poaster equidistant between disney dickgirl porn, ranting on autoad    12/13/18  (7)
Sesame Street adds homeless character    12/13/18  (7)
Flynn sentencing judge DEMANDS to see 302s    12/13/18  (1)
180 gay porn site idea: Chads and Dads    12/13/18  (1)
trump is going to lose the gop nomination and run as a 3rd party candidate    12/13/18  (5)
rate these trannies!    12/13/18  (3)
New band name: Syndrome of a Down    12/13/18  (1)
How can pro basketball players be so bad at basketball?    12/13/18  (39)
Dat tweet was stole    12/13/18  (1)
Christmasify your monikers ITT    12/13/18  (18)
*JJC wheezing, sword in chest* "was i... fratty" *tears run down doodikoff's che    12/13/18  (36)
whites NEED their own homeland, leave everyone else in 'Hamilton' dreamworld    12/13/18  (8)
"BUTT BOY"    12/13/18  (1)
SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT on why I didnt serve in the military ITT!    12/13/18  (26)
nyuug has been constantly and ruthlessly mocked on here for over a decade    12/13/18  (9)
Just BAREBACKED another 19 year old girl + she swallowed my cum. Pics ITT    12/13/18  (20)
Dads Helping Dads    12/13/18  (2)
evan39 gets his asshole fucked by niggers    12/13/18  (6)
i'll be lost in love and havin some fun with my cynical girl    12/13/18  (17)
Reminder: The Beatles recorded all their albums and RETIRED as a band by age 26    12/13/18  (10)
In bed about to fall asleep. Should I brush my teeth?    12/13/18  (4)
Grampa, what was it like watching Harold Baines play?    12/13/18  (5)
Adria Rae cumshot compilation - video    12/13/18  (2)
Riptide (1984) intro    12/13/18  (2)
How did Japan go from alpha AF samurai culture to anime today?    12/13/18  (19)
luisian bed death    12/13/18  (17)
imagine being a black man having to deal with these black bitches    12/13/18  (1)
lo at nocoiner fags pretending most crypto investors still didn't pwn them    12/13/18  (7)
Oh, so now the PRESIDENT is not allowed to break the law?!?!    12/13/18  (2)
Rate this Battlefield 5 ad with Trevor Noah    12/13/18  (3)
YOU'RE OLD AS DIRT: Recent pic of Miley Cyrus    12/13/18  (1)
Recent pic of Carly Rae Jepsen    12/13/18  (5)
I have dramatically cut contact w/ every person I have ever known at some point    12/13/18  (11)
ranchcel    12/13/18  (1)
Im Brock, a Japanese Pokmon trainer *briefcase full of cocoa butter falls    12/13/18  (3)
Cohen flipping (link)    12/13/18  (39)
Rate the climate data for the biggest town on the Great Bear Lake:    12/13/18  (1)
My NBA bets today: Celtics over Wizards, Detroit over Charlotte, Kings over Wolv    12/13/18  (21)
Just a friendly reminder to not engage with that slant eyed mentally ill GOOK    12/13/18  (8)
180 new anime coming out this year (story is 180)    12/13/18  (11)
can we enter a COMPACT to entirely IGNORE nyuug?    12/13/18  (252)
just call me ass "crypto" faggot    12/12/18  (4)
Client has son who is second gen wealthy (inherited). Dumb as rocks.    12/12/18  (4)
Discuss Changes in Biglaw Past Decade    12/12/18  (274)
just realized Dems are going 2 take power 2020s recession and we're fucked    12/12/18  (2)
My son wants to be an anime dickgirl (XO 2030    12/12/18  (18)
Why the fuck is Assange still a free man? He should be in supermax by now    12/12/18  (14)
Would need crypto to DOUBLE to go from 99% down to 98% down (DTP)    12/12/18  (5)
let me be clear. yoshi uh is a boy dinosaur but uh he shit eggs out his uh pussy    12/12/18  (79)
Are there any youtube videos of people legit smoking DMT?    12/12/18  (17)
Corp Slave here taking QS    12/12/18  (13)
whites should be killing spics and nigs in the streets tbh fam    12/12/18  (2)
AssFaggot rating posters itt    12/12/18  (121)
Cocaine Turtle waving in Mike Pence like a third base coach, "Go! Go! Go!"    12/12/18  (2)
"twink" or "tranny" in title = guaranteed 100+ post thread    12/12/18  (5)
Moody mid-tempo 90's grunge ballads like River of Deceit    12/12/18  (5)
can we throw nyuug and are reptile in a cage together and have them kill each ot    12/12/18  (2)
Best city in entire mid-atlantic is Frederick, Maryland. hth.    12/12/18  (5)
Anti semitic NY board of attempts to force Hasidic Jews to educate they're kids    12/12/18  (2)
one glass of lemonade has five pounds of sugar    12/12/18  (36)
trump gently kissing every lib on forehead while tucking them into bed    12/12/18  (4)
A Daily Reminder to Save Money for retirement    12/12/18  (82)
Mueller extends immunity to all brave Americans willing to testify against Trump    12/12/18  (2)
McRib is gone... we lost McRib    12/12/18  (3)
A Comparative 3-Factor Analysis of WGWAG In China, Japan, and Korea    12/12/18  (31)
So libs will use “arrests” and “indictments” to overturn democratic elec    12/12/18  (1)

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