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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   05/13/19  (291)
CSLG is one of the only poasters who actually made it as a lawyer.    05/19/19  (1)
So many men to fuck so little time    05/19/19  (5)
Delusional former Reagan advisor: "GOP will win 45+ states!"    05/19/19  (46)
Most detailed AIDS map ever created (NPR)    05/19/19  (21)
"How can I be patient zero twice? The math doesn't work out" (Peterman)    05/19/19  (12)
just sold my wife and kid out, nazi's tossed her in the oven made $600k (CSLG    05/19/19  (4)
Had a great date last night    05/19/19  (2)
How mentally ill do you have to be to actually care about striving    05/19/19  (17)
wife in hospital, might miscarry. btw free weed, get my app, just made $600K (CS    05/19/19  (5)
EPAH is your half nigger kid still trans?    05/19/19  (12)
Protip: XO Bernie will BEAT bitch HILARY for NOMINATION    05/19/19  (2)
Daily Reminder for Retardicons: Trump Will Never be POTUS    05/19/19  (62)
"The future must NOT belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam" - Soetoro    05/19/19  (18)
Idris Elba: “Objection, dis nigga up here talkin like he think he white.”    05/19/19  (22)
Download my personal injury app (CSLG)    05/19/19  (63)
I cannot wait for Trump's concession speech    05/19/19  (134)
Black Women in Chicago, Getting Things Done: How rest of the US can follow (NYT    05/19/19  (19)
Women’s bodies just kind of shoot out at the sides? What do you call that?    05/19/19  (1)
McDonalds will soap off your burger before cooking if you ask    05/19/19  (23)
im legit nigger shocked i havent outted myself after spending >15 years on xo    05/19/19  (6)
Is learning foreign languages flame    05/19/19  (28)
Mussolini Masters Official Thread #tennis    05/19/19  (44)
I'm an unscrupulous degenerate kike but here's free stuff so please like me    05/19/19  (2)
Free Weed June 15 from 1-5pm (CSLG)    05/19/19  (7)
Best movie I've seen this year: Cat Shit One    05/19/19  (70)
Female here. Women SUPPORT Hillary over Bill's affairs.    05/19/19  (7)
hey spaceporn I'm gonna get ur little boy!    05/19/19  (2)
Hey tsinah, i have an idea for you.    05/19/19  (7)
conservahero here. will actively campaign for hillary over trump if needed    05/19/19  (2)
PredictIt ranks Hillary over Trump    05/19/19  (3)
I'll probably vote Hillary over Trump if she promises student debt relief    05/19/19  (4)
spaceprawn!! kid acting arr gritchy af u been up in him fuckhawr again!!??    05/19/19  (1)
Best chance for GOP is to vote Hillary over Trump    05/19/19  (49)
CSLG personal injury app is 180    05/19/19  (5)
Five Families    05/19/19  (17)
Refugee neighbor: "I killed your daughter because she wore jeans. Ur welcome."    05/19/19  (61)
Downloaded CSLG app; ten mins later my gf texted to say leaving me for chandler    05/19/19  (1)
President-Elect Hillary Diane Rehm Clinton    05/19/19  (3)
President-Elect Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton    05/19/19  (2)
ELECT HILLARY because she is a symbol of, and will bring back, the 90's    05/19/19  (2)
President elect Hillary Clinton will address the nation in 10 mi    05/19/19  (3)
"Bachelorette" this season is RED STATE AS FUCK    05/19/19  (5)
Jeb Bush on the phone w/ rsf's dad: "we've got another job for your people"    05/19/19  (48)
"This Is Just Getting Dumber and Weirder: America, 2006-2026"    05/19/19  (1)
Officially going MGTOW: more complaining about chicks (SAD)    05/19/19  (50)
China and Islam will be the biggest pains in the ass of the 21st Century    05/19/19  (19)
I poasted JOHNSMEYER's poem on Reddit.....LJL at this comment    05/19/19  (52)
Has anyone inspired by CSLG made money besides chandler and Kenny?    05/19/19  (14)
Skinny ethnic guys with fat prole white girlfriends.    05/19/19  (5)
some backstabbing xo bro just posted CSLG's entire shitlaw course @ youtube (lin    05/19/19  (11)
18 year old kid poses as doctor. This is hilarity.    05/19/19  (20)
tamerlane - who is this foreign weirdo?    05/19/19  (58)
here comes the Jew York Times with the heavy-handed 'holocaust' guilt trip    05/19/19  (18)
DBG ignoring PDDG getting railed by swarthy Indian bros to defend CSLG    05/19/19  (1)
is cslg prole    05/19/19  (8)
Let's be honest, DBG was a shitty ultra-kike poster who we're better off without    05/19/19  (21)
To be a top 10% white male with an advanced degree u need to make $279k    05/19/19  (5)
tranny gf lamenting how she will never pee from her butt like a real girl    05/19/19  (8)
How long until we go from cartoon world ---> Harrison Bergeron universe?    05/19/19  (3)
Trump signs pledge to run as Republican    05/19/19  (8)
Guy I've been paying to clean up poop in backyard just realized I had no pets    05/19/19  (15)
What is the xo credited Taco Bell order?    05/19/19  (21)
Is 7`` small    05/19/19  (1)
lmao you know that spaceporn had the whole west wing series on DVD    05/19/19  (1)
"But you said initiation involves a prick..." (disappointed new Capo Peterman)    05/19/19  (1)
Do you TRUMPFAGS realize you're going to elect Hillary?    05/19/19  (45)
The entire Azn HR Cunt Saga--links to all threads--(Chilmata)    05/19/19  (34)
6'3" aspie HYPS prole gettin crushed in early 30s    05/19/19  (27)
Black student changes name to "Nigga", gets white prof suspended for saying it    05/19/19  (57)
Summon: Thunder Collins    05/19/19  (3)
I imagine Dupa looking like Silent Bob.    05/19/19  (1)
Just bought 300 shares of TSLA @321. This will be the next AMZN.    05/19/19  (38)
180 Peggy Noonan op-ed on the Trump support    05/19/19  (83)
My Brother Sam Is Gay    05/19/19  (5)
I'm already mentally bumping anti-Trump threads on election night    05/19/19  (11)
This dishwasher chick is blowing my mind    05/19/19  (45)
Johnsmeyer w/ headset mic in HS gym: "anything can be a meme. see this apple?    05/19/19  (88)
My girlfriend got me in a headlock that was almost impossible to get out of    05/19/19  (73)
Post ITT and I will give you a GROCERY STORE hypo (shadowpoasting)    05/19/19  (61)
Holy fuck - Chainlink (LINK) mooning again. Buy now or stay poor    05/19/19  (21)
we're electing trump. deal with it.    05/19/19  (38)
Posting here makes it hard to post on other forums    05/19/19  (45)
Do you think McCain ever sucked a VC guard's dick in hopes of getting released?    05/19/19  (25)
Justin Amash with a despicable Caesarean betrayal.    05/19/19  (10)
"We now project that Donald J. Trump has won 442 electoral votes and the preside    05/19/19  (87)
Made my son write “I am not a cuck” 500 times    05/19/19  (3)
do u ever wake up and find little pieces of evidence of going completely insane    05/19/19  (7)
2019 biopic on pepito undercover work for israel winning best picture    05/19/19  (1)
1 summertime weekend fling w/ organic HS gf > 5 yrs of shrew courtship (DTP)    05/19/19  (2)
how is French civic life so VIBRANT    05/19/19  (1)
tropical disturbance sighted    05/19/19  (1)
Susan Hennessey (Author), Benjamin Wittes (Author) making a Trump hit book    05/19/19  (1)
long, vivid dreams about magical australians and their wish-granting kangaroos    05/19/19  (2)
between XO TRUMP and the AUTISM ALERT, azn megapoasters have no chance    05/19/19  (6)
Honestly cannot tell if TRUMPmos are trolling us    05/19/19  (42)
Reminder: Absolute birthright citizenship is LIB FLAME    05/19/19  (35)
Craft Beer | Draft Beer | Major Depressive Disorder    05/19/19  (2)
Real Talk: 2016 election is going to be a layup for the Democrats    05/19/19  (18)
Semi-Regular Reminder: Hillary Clinton will be the next POTUS.    05/19/19  (13)
Pelosi and Schumer team up to leave Trump red faced and absolutely hum    05/19/19  (1)
Nos. 44 and 45 broke the mold. What does that mean for the future of the preside    05/19/19  (1)
moonman is actually pretty cr    05/19/19  (7)
gonna get a ford ranger and put a 5.0 in it and none of you sodomites can stop m    05/19/19  (7)
I hate dogs, pickup trucks, other things too    05/19/19  (4)
if you were australian u could be getting paid 2 say weird shit like "drongo" r    05/19/19  (2)
Let’s see Paul Allen’s Internet Catholic girlfriend    05/19/19  (2)
My trans*- pupper doggo just got her first doggo dilator!    05/19/19  (22)
Think I'm going to watch Rio Bravo tonight or tomorrow bros    05/19/19  (14)
he was a kike, but he was ARE kike    05/19/19  (18)
HBS to add “Fraud Concealment” to core curriculum (HBR)    05/19/19  (1)
Pepito is a 5'6 obese Mexican with a Nazi tattoo on his forehead    05/19/19  (47)
so glad pepito is megaposting again, we've needed his "insight"    05/19/19  (3)
2002 was 27 years ago    05/19/19  (41)
BS " I can have children in mid 30s" *gives birth to kid with downs syndrome*    05/19/19  (3)
bump this thread when trump loses to jeb or hillary    05/19/19  (12)
Why aren't liberals as focused on INEQUALITY OF ABILITY    05/19/19  (23)
Is huffpo still relegating TRUMP to their "entertainment section"?    05/19/19  (16)
Does huff post still have TRUMP relegated to the entertainment section    05/19/19  (4)
Are whites the only group into nature and outdoor adventures?    05/19/19  (48)
You're an idiot if you don't think Trump will run 3rd party    05/19/19  (28)
Bump this thread if you want Trump to be are fuhrer    05/19/19  (9)
Conservative Australian prime minister wins election in a populist surge    05/19/19  (65)
Chandler BMI tracking thread    05/19/19  (9)
OOP Programming is 180. Is this what programming is like in the Real World    05/19/19  (4)
lmao at what a fucking FAGGOT charlie brown tp is    05/19/19  (1)
In 1980 reptiles won every county in CA except Yolo, Alameda and SF County    05/19/19  (10)
tsinah contact me by COB today or I am going to wreck u w FL bar 2morrowa    05/19/19  (5)
Landlord wants $9500 to replace 600 SQ ft of hardwood    05/19/19  (35)
jfc my upstairs neighbor is about to drive me out of here -- new guy every night    05/19/19  (2)
Willie Geist just announced his MTF transition on Sunday Today    05/19/19  (1)
Japanese BBW porn is insanely 180 as fuck    05/19/19  (11)
XO Poll: Are 34-35 year old women OLD    05/19/19  (96)
dtp has beautiful fob azn girls professing love for him. u poast    05/19/19  (5)
Damn, this place seems dead    05/19/19  (7)
Oct. 26, 2019, Astros complete World Series sweep over Dodgers    05/19/19  (5)
[Serious] Anyone else feel like they don't belong in the US?    05/19/19  (111)
Listen to some 90s skate punk. Makes you realize how BS law is.    05/19/19  (10)
I think I bumped into Spaceporn. He’s a bartender on weekends. Took a pic (pic    05/19/19  (10)
*tsinah flipping the 1 back to a zero* on his days wo threatening someone calend    05/19/19  (30)
lulzy how the moniker freeze exposed charlie brown as the comma shitmod    05/19/19  (8)
Jeb *claims* he's a conservative. Why did he increase fees for pet snake owners?    05/19/19  (13)
Trump on death bed: "I love you all. By the way, Jeb is really weak, just pathet    05/19/19  (35)
TSINAH approaches table of free danishes w/ bag open, brow sweating    05/19/19  (9)
Haha Norwood is just a number    05/19/19  (1)
"Throw in an intentional tweet typo to throw them off" (Trump's Twitter consulta    05/19/19  (2)
"but the quds forces" he lisped    05/19/19  (14)
Why do so many men put women on a pedestal?    05/19/19  (18)
Trumpmos, explain why you hate illegals so much?    05/19/19  (263)

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