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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/13/18  (215)
2nd cousin: Ill put that in my ass ;) shrew gf: logs in as WLMAS    12/13/18  (61)
Guy charged w/HATE CRIMES for putting up FLYERS - how is this constitutional?    12/13/18  (67)
lol remember when it was revealed that TMF and TT were run by a mentally ill fem    12/13/18  (9)
Youtube channel surveys Korean attitudes toward military service    12/13/18  (45)
16 year old virgin wins trip to Sex Island hooker orgy with unlimited sex    12/13/18  (45)
xo Jose Canseco enters the fray to be Trump's Chief of Staff    12/13/18  (1)
Flynn sentencing judge DEMANDS to see 302s    12/13/18  (3)
strange realization: fucking women in the ass always disgusted me    12/13/18  (1)
Trump and his children will be hounded by prosecutors for decades 😂 😂    12/13/18  (3)
Spaniards make like $30K/year if that but live to be 90 and are happy    12/13/18  (30)
What is the most sickening example of GC?    12/13/18  (83)
Christmas War report: told 2 cashiers who said "Happy Holidays" to shut the fuc    12/13/18  (1)
Holy shit at this DHS memo re: WALL    12/13/18  (2)
So all this campaign finance stuff 100% means Mueller's "report" will be a dud    12/13/18  (17)
Discuss Changes in Biglaw Past Decade    12/13/18  (275)
NY Mag unleases long SCREED agaimst Azns for hoarding elite school spots in NYC:    12/13/18  (12)
Petition to consider TT an honorary BIRDSHIT    12/13/18  (12)
SHITLAW statistics: my non-DINDU clients get 37% more on average in SETTLEMENT    12/13/18  (10)
Giant industrial wire spool falls off truck & ruins Holocaust Museum class trip    12/13/18  (8)
Man builds real-life fairytale house in the woods (disturbing twist):    12/13/18  (9)
Asians and whites must unite against brown menace, and white-ish Latinos can hel    12/13/18  (8)
rachmiel sucks, fixing xo shouldn't take more than a day    12/13/18  (3)
Giuliani says Mueller is wrapping up investigation    12/13/18  (9)
cucks are like boxers who let the decision go to the paid off judges    12/13/18  (1)
Yo MND, when are you going to lick your husbands butthole?    12/13/18  (9)
So PRC plan to enslave world involves pumping estrogen into plastic, exporting    12/13/18  (6)
Dupa literally means "ass" in Polish, as in Bloodacre is a real dupa    12/13/18  (1)
Daily Stoic, 12/13/18    12/13/18  (3)
9 year old black girl in AL suicides after being constantly bullied about race    12/13/18  (92)
This racist paramedic hates some people; he needs to be fired (WaPo)    12/13/18  (58)
China will never have the cultural cache or "soft power" of the US    12/13/18  (25)
wow those two elederly Jews really put Trump in his place    12/13/18  (16)
If you hire aides for elderly parents, use Russians, not Jamaicans    12/13/18  (1)
this is golden age of xo    12/13/18  (29)
Cohen: 3 years in jail; Trump: $300k from a porn start / prostitute    12/13/18  (16)
"Dupa" is Romanian for "Butt Boy"    12/13/18  (2)
Incoming NY Attorney General: I will use office to harass the President and his    12/13/18  (23)
Victor Davis Hanson performing as 'Doc Brown' at Universal Studios Hollywood    12/13/18  (3)
Think I'm going to purchase the Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th Edition    12/13/18  (7)
Trump is going to wind up like Pinochet or Marcos dodging prosecutors into old a    12/13/18  (11)
How comprehensive are background checks?    12/13/18  (3)
Bail reform advocate arrested on way to Dem gala for driving stolen car    12/13/18  (6)
Boy Scouts Considering Bankruptcy    12/13/18  (75)
Lib scientists discover "Asian Privilege" in wake of school controversy    12/13/18  (3)
ITT we list QUALITY brands and products which stand out in DURABILITY and VALUE    12/13/18  (140)
Strange how obsessed whites are with black skin    12/13/18  (5)
Gonna need TommyT to explain this vid of Hilldawg and Kerry dancing to Bollywood    12/13/18  (4)
Waiters officially pushed out of poop & drug infested San Francisco    12/13/18  (2)
James Alex Fields needed Mark O'Meara    12/13/18  (3)
Going to WAR with my coop board    12/13/18  (169)
Whatever happened to the Balkan/Russian trolls HoldUp and backspace?    12/13/18  (11)
Trump furious about getting embarrassed by Schumer    12/13/18  (31)
BREAKING: CSLG and chandler disbarred for fraud. Kenny spared cuz he has no work    12/13/18  (5)
Liftin' Nudely / 59th Street Gym Song - Paul Simon and Art COCKfunkle    12/13/18  (3)
Lol no seriously tho what the fuck does Kenny “do” @ the xo law firm    12/13/18  (5)
What did AMI (National Enquirer publisher) give feds for non-prosecution deal    12/13/18  (4)
nothing beats finding out a drug addict acquaintance has died    12/13/18  (3)
Capital lashing out that millennial labor isn't bootlicking eagerly enough.    12/13/18  (14)
How many miles do u walk ur dogdood per day on avg?    12/13/18  (8)
Touching: Perrod unloads 6 cumloads on 7 y/o boy with Leukemia    12/13/18  (182)
why has chandler had 2 trials and kenny 0? if kenny the "brains" 4 motion practi    12/13/18  (11)
Oh, so now the PRESIDENT is not allowed to break the law?!?!    12/13/18  (12)
AVOCADO smoothies are surprisingly 180 CREDITED --- shrews don't know    12/13/18  (13)
I'm lifting weights in here, so take off all your clothes    12/13/18  (69)
Giuliani hopes to bring Mueller probe to end within a couple weeks.    12/13/18  (19)
ATL: Paul Weiss promoting white people to partner is NOT OK    12/13/18  (28)
Mueller: Princeton '66, Marine Lt rifle platoon '68. What does he think of TRUMP    12/13/18  (58)
What is the most unprestigious sports team?    12/13/18  (112)
Crazy bitch RT Reporter stands on RUNWAY as RUSSIAN Bomber lands in Venezuela    12/13/18  (5)
Uh has anyone done a thread on the mega-cuck story in the NYT yet?    12/13/18  (113)
Anti semitic NY board of attempts to force Hasidic Jews to educate they're kids    12/13/18  (3)
cr to put your kids through gender segregated Catholic schools?    12/13/18  (3)
50 hours into a WATER ONLY FAST. Taking Q's.    12/13/18  (36)
flip flop prole in first class    12/13/18  (21)
Luis browses Redfin, I browse cabin blueprints    12/13/18  (1)
Reminder: Cohen went to Cooley Law    12/13/18  (4)
Pelosi, Mika comments yesterday make point: 'feminism' abt emasculation, not 'eq    12/13/18  (2)
Republicans need to change them campaign finance laws for Trump ASAP    12/13/18  (1)
I'm glad that Michael Cohen was punished for his crimes    12/13/18  (1)
Congress asks Google CEO why word "idiot" returns Donald Trump photo    12/13/18  (2)
looks like someone reported Julia's "podcast earnings" to the IRS    12/13/18  (3)
Superhero Idea: Niggerman    12/13/18  (4)
so there was an LA meetup recently?    12/13/18  (2)
is it really THAT much to ask for wealthy retirement by age 40?    12/13/18  (4)
it is pretty telling that despite the moniker freeze liberal posters are still    12/13/18  (1)
searching for NIGGERman    12/13/18  (2)
man o war sucking cum out of ur purple head w/ his niggerlips    12/13/18  (16)
what would you think of guy who brags 'i only order daiquiris w/ top shelf rum'    12/13/18  (4)
diarrheal auras    12/13/18  (1)
"cool runnings" coming to broadway in 2020 (link)    12/13/18  (2)
Taking Qs BRIEFLY before going to RAGE in Helsinki    12/13/18  (57)
lol @ roasties getting grilled by the IRS    12/13/18  (1)
backspace rate this sign in front of an episcopal church    12/13/18  (5)
Autism Weaponized by Maladaptive Perfectionists- the XOXO Biglaw Tale    12/13/18  (5)
did anyone see Ted Cruz's 'WALL Act' to make Mexicans pay for Wall?    12/13/18  (1)
Ariande Grande looks like an inbred Mayan anorexic    12/13/18  (68)
plan to open "THe diarrhea butt fart school of law"    12/13/18  (7)
Well shit - early-80's nude photoshoot of Zizek and Gilles Deleuze released:    12/13/18  (1)
Per the great boart's mandate, take this quiz and poast score.    12/13/18  (92)
justice-involved individuals, minor attracted persons, undocumented citizens    12/13/18  (2)
Any actual niggers on here?    12/13/18  (10)
bump this thread when you have diarrhea    12/13/18  (13)
Good morning XOXO! Arise Wagecucks, raging Trumpcucks & self-loathing Libcucks!    12/13/18  (2)
Taking Kenny and Chandler to Fogo De Chao (CSLG)    12/13/18  (66)
Wagecucking, we're wagecucking, we're a Keurig machine    12/13/18  (8)
*fills GF's Neti Pot w/ warm, stagnant, amoeba-filled lake water*    12/13/18  (9)
The Daily Humiliation of lawman8    12/13/18  (75)
How would Obama have reacted to caravan    12/13/18  (12)
From 3 AM to 4:45 AM, I run this shithole    12/13/18  (6)
i'll trade you 2 toupee petermans for a norwood 3 peterman    12/13/18  (2)
French protester yells "Macron sux nigger dick" live on BBC (channel)    12/13/18  (8)
1998 Academy Awards had 57 million viewers.    12/13/18  (2)
US GUN DEATHS drop as less GUN CONTROL works! Fuck Libs!    12/13/18  (11)
what's it like to be gay, retarded, AND autistic?    12/13/18  (1)
there is a comic book hero called xo man o' war    12/13/18  (4)
Daddy Yankee - Dupa.mp3    12/13/18  (1)
Dupafest    12/13/18  (1)
America doesn't have a gun problem; it has a black people problem    12/13/18  (65)
can’t kick a bitch out fast enough after i cum jfc shut your fucking mouth cun    12/13/18  (1)
Litmus test for good posters is grasp of the whokebian aesthetic    12/13/18  (30)
180 ALPHA as furk how SCHUMER didn't even look at TRUMP's ugly face    12/13/18  (1)
Rate this guy's first day out of jail    12/13/18  (3)
WSJ: Baby Boomers are the "loneliest generation"    12/13/18  (68)
love it when certain "chill" middle managers forget what they said to you    12/13/18  (2)
胡科比    12/13/18  (2)
bpd tp taking q's for the next 15 min.    12/13/18  (1)
Gf is needy and requires too much attention    12/13/18  (8)
so sick of shitlibs playing the "adult-in-the-room" card to avoid substance    12/13/18  (3)
who wants to fight me for money?    12/13/18  (1)
libs point-and-splutter at xo Ann Coulter pointing out nature of Lib Coalition    12/13/18  (6)
모든 아시아 인 대학살    12/13/18  (1)
who is kenilworth tp, seems chill    12/13/18  (8)
Holy shit nyuug “speaks Korean at a 1st grade level”    12/13/18  (293)
Crazy Rich Asians is actually a good movie    12/13/18  (33)
Dupa: The People's Buttboy    12/13/18  (1)
Drinking myself to death    12/13/18  (6)
Drumpf indicted on charges of Willful Defiance of Deep State, Xenophobia    12/13/18  (1)
Nurse: "What do you want to name your daughter, sir?" Bloodacre: "Dupa Lipa."    12/13/18  (1)
Rate this "Grant a Wish" video    12/13/18  (1)
Bloodacre "Dupa" Dupachenko    12/13/18  (10)
Someone willingly typed "Dupa" into the change username screen and hit submit    12/13/18  (8)
How Meng Wanzhou’s Arrest Might Backfire [Bloomberg]    12/13/18  (43)
I have no friends. No women in my life. People instinctively avoid me.    12/13/18  (53)
"I actually call him Adolf Drumpler" "haha so funny 🤣 so, drinks tonight?"    12/13/18  (1)
wholly shit Watchmen is uglier than i ever imagined - circus freak level    12/13/18  (1)
Daily reminder: watchmen is lurking as we speak. He's reading this thread along    12/13/18  (5)
Watchmen 24-hr WATCH (post here)    12/13/18  (15)
Real talk: I would suck RSF's cock if he offered me $1M and so would u    12/13/18  (3)
Can never remember going to a doctor and having a health problem resolved    12/13/18  (98)

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