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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/12/19  (255)
Kamala Harris's father calls her a "travesty" & disavows    02/21/19  (9)
Poast a controversial music opinion    02/21/19  (15)
How embarrassed is Nike over the Zion Williamson show rip?    02/21/19  (13)
My autocomplete for New Thread field has some truly heinous titles    02/21/19  (1)
I forget we had a president who most Americans like and respected not long ago    02/21/19  (14)
Mueller wraps up report with 0 indictments.    02/21/19  (32)
DOW DOWN -600 WHY DIDNT WE LISTEN TO JULIA    02/21/19  (87)
Hot mom arrested for posting video of blacks fighting at her son's school    02/21/19  (70)
Prole Tell: Using the subject line on poasts.    02/21/19  (3)
Kamala's dad = the new Malik Obama?    02/21/19  (1)
"So, your internet friend you set me up with doesn't seem artistic at all..."    02/21/19  (2)
Apple says Russia behind bad iPhone sales    02/21/19  (2)
fake letter is Jussie Smollett's potentially biggest problem    02/21/19  (1)
Is Jussie more crazy or more stupid? This is driving me nuts    02/21/19  (16)
$5 trillion to send every black to Africa with $100K in cash. Yay or nay?    02/21/19  (11)
I cringe when I hear "a streamlined approach" or "cast a wide net"    02/21/19  (1)
Any useful phrases that CANNOT be said in English?    02/21/19  (19)
Just Realized Duke Star Named Zion Wasn't What I Thought    02/21/19  (2)
Libs: RUSSIA behind attacks on Kamala and Pocahontas    02/21/19  (3)
"ur a dumb kike." "let's take an IQ test." "Uh um well IQ isn't real"    02/21/19  (17)
Have any poasters ever taken a human life?    02/21/19  (3)
Tucker Carlson gets torn the fuck up and loses his shit in unaired interview    02/21/19  (66)
Kamala Harris = Meghan Markle. Dumb Half-Nig, Estranged Dad, Fucked Way To Power    02/21/19  (4)
Jim "Barbara" Boeheim "Bush"    02/21/19  (1)
10:1 odds against Clinton running in 2020 on predict it. Free money??    02/21/19  (13)
Racist Trumpmo twerp gets wrecked by alpha lib on Berkeley campus    02/21/19  (16)
New POLL: Trump continues to be in statistical TIE with HILARY    02/21/19  (8)
gun to your head: afghan war ends in 2019 or 100,000 afghans in america    02/21/19  (44)
hey guys GARFIELD here with an important message    02/21/19  (28)
Has a truly great album been released in the last decade?    02/21/19  (114)
Henry Aaron is amazing, said Henry Aaron posting as Voodoo Child    02/21/19  (19)
True Detective s4 will be set in Humboldt county    02/21/19  (6)
The Smollett debacle must be really hard for LathamTouchedMe to take    02/21/19  (14)
Variety: Amy Schumer, Kathy Griffin Cast in 'Back to the Future' Reboot    02/21/19  (12)
explain 3 star hotels that are priced the same as 4 star hotels in the same area    02/21/19  (11)
IBM artificial intelligence bring used to develop food flavorings for fats    02/21/19  (6)
Bryce Harper asks if Phillies willing to move to another city    02/21/19  (2)
A thread of a thousand poasts begins with a single blank bump    02/21/19  (25)
Oh fortuitous Syracuse basketball coach!    02/21/19  (4)
Harper signs with Phillies 10 years 310 milllion    02/21/19  (24)
Boeheim killed some guy last night    02/21/19  (6)
Xo has been calling massive layoffs and ITE pt2 for almost a decade    02/21/19  (1)
What's up with biglaw partners these days wearing tactical pants and using milit    02/21/19  (2)
Describe rock climbing gyms and the people who regularly go to them    02/21/19  (39)
Back to the Future reboot featuring all female cast in the works    02/21/19  (16)
Cartoon World: Martina Navratilova criticized for Trans in Sports comment    02/21/19  (14)
"LOL turns out they're sending over 'Deal Team Six.'" {ashen-fac    02/21/19  (73)
Van Jones: Smollett is the modern day jackie robinson?    02/21/19  (6)
The shitpoasting rolled in over xo like a dense, impenetrable orange fog    02/21/19  (6)
Layoffs coming from all sides, you heard it here first guys    02/21/19  (26)
What are some cr Get Up Kids songs?    02/21/19  (12)
So Fox News just refuses to air segments if guests make legitimate criticisms?    02/21/19  (11)
"We should build bridges, not walls," said Pope Francis, balls deep in a boysass    02/21/19  (2)
Girlfriend just admitted to cheating on me with her golden retriever.    02/21/19  (1)
🤣 Smollet Paid Nigerian Bros $3,500 BY CHECK LOL 🤣    02/21/19  (8)
Uh oh! New MAGA HATE CRIME in SAN FRANCISCO    02/21/19  (10)
True Detective is, fundamentally, about castration    02/21/19  (8)
spaceporn, his wife, and adopted kid screaming at each other in 3 diff languages    02/21/19  (5)
"Travel" is for Jews because they're constantly being kicked out of countries.    02/21/19  (1)
Why do dogs bark ALL THE TIME but wolves almost never do?    02/21/19  (8)
Economy will be a lot weaker in 2020    02/21/19  (7)
MiGachurch    02/21/19  (2)
tfw no catholic liberal atheist gf    02/21/19  (1)
True Detective s1 came out of nowhere, captivated a nation    02/21/19  (1)
Early reactions to Captain Marvel are overwhelmingly positive (link)    02/21/19  (54)
Netflix Doc "Abducted in Plain Sight"    02/21/19  (5)
piece of advice. stay away from this guy. give him a wiiiiide berth. a reaallll    02/21/19  (3)
Reminder: Truman Capote said you cant teach yourself how to write good    02/21/19  (12)
TMF    02/21/19  (1)
do cats jump?    02/21/19  (1)
LOL @ the official Trump/Pence website's 404 error page    02/21/19  (4)
ISIS bride attorney claims Trump pushing test case for birthright citizenship    02/21/19  (20)
And how will you be honoring Black History Month?    02/21/19  (1)
STAY WOKE FAM    02/21/19  (1)
Successful Indian tech bro marries a white doctor: NYT Wedding    02/21/19  (69)
Shitcons: any movement on RBG death?    02/21/19  (32)
Why didnt teenagers ever invent their own language, like in Clockwork Orange?    02/21/19  (6)
Thoughts on Big Chungus?    02/21/19  (1)
Alex Honnold just fell off a 900' cliff in Utah.    02/21/19  (8)
DOOBS getting HONKY BONKY off dat CHINCHILLA JUICE    02/21/19  (167)
Millenial decimates Gen X managers in the workplace    02/21/19  (43)
Rate Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as a farter.    02/21/19  (17)
Kamala Harris: Anti Lynching legislation should be our TOP PRIORITY    02/21/19  (51)
Justice for Victims of Lynching Act of 2018 ( Sponsor: Sen. Harris, Kamala D)    02/21/19  (6)
Kamala Harris: Smollet attack was an ATTEMPTED MODERN DAY LYNCHING!    02/21/19  (6)
Cory Booker: Smollet attack WAS A MODERN DAY LYNCHING!    02/21/19  (3)
RBG: Alive. Mueller Inquiry: Ongoing. Wall: Stymied. Amnesty: Granted.    02/21/19  (1)
Senate passes Kamala's anti lynching law, in honor of Smollett (link)    02/21/19  (11)
Pope Francis: "listen to the cry of the little ones." Priests: "I'm hard"    02/21/19  (3)
Most 1600 part of the old College Board was using SAT scores as lingo    02/21/19  (2)
So Smollett filed a false police report and people are pissed at the media?    02/21/19  (2)
China's "social credit" system crackdown: Millions banned from flights/trains    02/21/19  (54)
FLACCID penis size should not matter    02/21/19  (5)
Team of doctors spend hundreds of hours making male (barely) lactate    02/21/19  (3)
Is there even one pic of Roger Stone and Trump together?    02/21/19  (3)
If u dont feel like working, here is 11 minutes of Norm Macdonald OJ jokes    02/21/19  (1)
Studio behind Empire: “considering our options.”    02/21/19  (5)
The more I argued with them, the better I came to know their dialectic.    02/21/19  (1)
Made it through first round of interviews at Google    02/21/19  (72)
So Smollett had a history of making false statements to police?    02/21/19  (3)
Millenials on average make 40k    02/21/19  (38)
LathamTouchedMe seems like a pretty smart dude    02/21/19  (1)
Have you dreamed today?    02/21/19  (73)
Rate these female lawyers' online dating profiles (pics)    02/21/19  (16)
Rate this 1997 promo by Bret Hart bashing America and praising Canada    02/21/19  (1)
Smollett hoax is a devastating blow to libs chances in 2020    02/21/19  (95)
Someone hacked my okcupid account, changed my email address and password    02/21/19  (10)
Tumblr of petite Latinas struggling with iPhone XS Max against ear crossing quad    02/21/19  (6)
Does anyone other than Trump like Jared Kushner?    02/21/19  (4)
Describe these NJ Towns    02/21/19  (13)
Lmao at this Don Jr tweet    02/21/19  (23)
So tired of libs screeching about -isms and -phobias    02/21/19  (2)
COMPILE the most unhinged responses to the #JUSSIEHOAX itt    02/21/19  (1)
lol Matt Whitaker is going to jail    02/21/19  (21)
POLL: Are you Jewish?    02/21/19  (13)
"Is that a...sea anemone...?" Peterman: "Nah, it's my butthole...told u its bad"    02/21/19  (1)
MSM completely ignoring Kamala's dad slamming her for pandering identity politic    02/21/19  (7)
Reminder: If you aren't white, you deserve to die.    02/21/19  (10)
So we went from Michelle Pfeifer Catwoman to Brie Larson dressed like a rooster?    02/21/19  (2)
AOC used a PAC to launder payments to her boyfriend    02/21/19  (127)
Just ordered my full limit (6) of Captain Marvel 6th scale sculptures.    02/21/19  (1)
Damon & Bale's "Ford v. Ferrari" - Yet Another Tale of White v. White (Variety)    02/21/19  (3)
Amazing how pacified whites are that they put up with open hostility and subvers    02/21/19  (1)
Kamala Harris now attacking Beto for open borders retardation    02/21/19  (2)
haven't changed clothes in almost a month, nobody has said shit    02/21/19  (3)
Libs: Smollett's actions caused by income inequality    02/21/19  (1)
Henry Aaron and Voodoo Child attacking Obeezy like two Doinks attacking Crush    02/21/19  (1)
Confession: Never hired an escort. Am I missing out by not hiring a TOP TIER 1?    02/21/19  (65)
uh oh Trump just retweet a neo-nazi account lol    02/21/19  (12)
2020 should be winnable for Dems, but you can see the self-pwn from a mile away    02/21/19  (42)
Libs are determined to destroy America at all costs    02/21/19  (2)
CPD cucked out, saying Smollett did this to increase his salary. BULLSHIT    02/21/19  (1)
one night in BIG RODS and the WORLD'S your OYSTER    02/21/19  (86)
The very short, tummy bloated lawshrews of Skadden Arps.    02/21/19  (2)
Obama POTUS library won't house official records and will be run privately    02/21/19  (11)
10 reasons why Jon Arbuckle is a closeted white supremacist    02/21/19  (2)
80s/90s kids: grew up with time honored cartoons and shows. Kids today: Blippi    02/21/19  (39)
Nastiest place I ever took a shit was a pizza place in Trenton, NJ    02/21/19  (11)
(Friends theme) I'll Lift Bare for You    02/21/19  (13)
Smollett reportedly used shoestring licorice for noose (link)    02/21/19  (1)
jon    02/21/19  (1)
Libs: 16 year old kid looks wrong at Indian: he must die! Grown man fakes hate    02/21/19  (1)
Homosexuality is a disease caused by an excess of comfort    02/21/19  (3)
the Shabbos Cat    02/21/19  (1)
Nothing has changed since 1999 just went downhill    02/21/19  (19)
Lifestyles of the rich and socialist: Bernie Sanders has 3 houses, make$ million    02/21/19  (1)

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